Not everyone is going to be keen on foreplay, but it’s actually very important when it comes to sex.

Whatever it may be that tickles your fancy under the sheets, fumbling beforehand can promise far more pleasure in the bedroom.

So for Daily Star Online’s sex tip of the week with Ann Summers, we bring you a saucy hack which will change your lives forever.

To set the tone for even better foreplay, honing your skills in mutual masturbation can make a huge difference.

In fact, it just sets you up for an irresistible sex session with your lucky partner.

Ann Summers suggests adding plenty of lube before romping.

Lubrication is important for making your hands glide over your body.

And without it, masturbation can feel uncomfortable (and for some, it can even be painful).

Lubing up increases pleasure sensations and gets the body prepared for intercourse too.

Ann Summers recommends using its Liquid Satin Multi Lube, which will help masturbation to go much more smoothly.

A 250ml bottle of the stuff will set you back £12 and if you hurry you’ll be able to benefit from the buy one get one half price deal too.

Couple kissing
Couples will go wild during foreplay by adding more lube

Senior manager at Ann Summers, Laura Whittaker told Daily Star Online: “Masturbating might be something we don’t think about as an important part of sex, just a little warm-up before getting to the real action, but this couldn’t be more wrong.

“Good foreplay leads to even better sex, so brushing up on your skills for the perfect masturbation can help send your partner into ecstasy and get things off to a very hot start.

“One great way to improve your technique is to use lube, so you can slide over his penis with great ease, making sure you stimulate all those nerve endings at the same time.

“Our Liquid Satin Multi Lube will make things really smooth and take your masturbation game to new levels. Just give yourself a helping hand and make your foreplay great.”

Ann Summers sexperts aren’t the only ones to gush about the benefits of lube in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, Nadia Bokody gushed over the products in a YouTube video.

She said: “Lubrication is the most important part of having pleasurable sex for women.

“If lubrication isn’t used sex is going to be abrasive and downright painful.”

Nadia recommends using a “pea sized” amount of lube to be “instantly lubricated”.

She added: “If you feel like you’re drying out after a while, add another pea-sized dollop to your finger and add it back down to your genitals.”

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