Are you in an unhappy marriage?

You’re enough of a realist to expect some down days and the occasional heated arguments. None of those are on your favorites list, but they wouldn’t qualify your marriage as “unhappy,” either.

Being in an unhappy marriage for several years takes a different toll.

Believe it or not, fighting isn’t necessarily a bad thing in marriage. It’s “why” and “how” you battle things out that matter.

Couples who understand this aren’t afraid of a little heat, because they know it can help bring about positive change.

In a happy and healthy marriage, fighting doesn’t imply a loss of respect or compassion. There are still rules to abide by to protect a relationship.

But this isn’t what an unhappy marriage looks like.

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Unhappy marriages are unique in their own way.

In an unhappy marriage, you may not remember the last fight you and your spouse had — or any fight that had any rules of engagement.

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