I am homeless.

No, don’t worry. I don’t live under a bridge, at least not yet.

I am homeless by choice. I don’t have a home because I don’t want it any other way. In modern language you would call me a digital nomad. I like to think of myself as an adventurous young man who calls the world his home.

The decision to leave the safe harbor of my home country was the best decision I have ever made. This decision forced me to grow on so many different levels.

I turned “living life” into my personal major, spent quality time with myself, and experienced more in one year than the majority of people experience in their whole life. I am thankful for every adventure, but I am most thankful for the lessons that traveling the world has taught me.

I learned a lot about friendship, responsibility, sovereignty and about relationships.

I learned so much about relationships, and in the process of learning I lost my heart to a woman who is the one safe harbor that I don’t intend to leave…

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1. Language is only a barrier in your mind.

I embarked on my journey knowing that I would meet some incredibly wonderful women along the way. Nevertheless, I was scared.

No, I wasn’t scared of holding a conversation. I already considered myself an expert in this field. I was scared of the language barrier. I was constantly wondering if it was possible to have a meaningful conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the same language. This thought drove me insane.

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