Most people do not think Bigfoot exists but I am living proof that they do but I will get to that later in the story. First off let me introduce myself. I am Camellia McIntyre but my friends call me Cami. I am twenty-five years old and been married to Professor Morgan McIntyre who teaches Archaeology at the University of New Mexico. He has taken a sabbatical over the summer to partake in an archaeology dig in Peru, South America for three months and I decided to go with him. We had just been married six months so this was like a delayed honeymoon for us. I know it is not a romantic location for a honeymoon but I didn’t care as long as I was with Morgan.

We had to take a puddle jumper from the main airport in Peru to get to the dig site. This is a small airplane that is kind of cramped with smaller seats, not a lot of leg room, or much storage and takes people to remote areas. When we arrived it was just turning dusk so we were immediately shown to our tent and told to rest up for the next day. While my husband worked on the dig all I did was sit in camp and vegetate but the nights made up for the lonely days. There was something romantic about fucking under mosquito netting with the sounds of wild jungle animals sounding off in the background.

We did get to take some small hikes into the jungle for sightseeing on Sundays when everyone took a break. There was even a waterfall where we always took our baths. Morgan and I found a small secluded spot where we could make love in the water or under the waterfall. Although we roughed it, so to speak, it was a honeymoon that I will never forget. On our last day, there were reports coming in that we could be in for several days of rain. We either had to leave that day or stay another week. I was all for extending our stay another week as I was not fond of the idea of flying in a puddle jumper and getting caught in a possible thunderstorm but I was outvoted by my husband and a couple of his student archeologists who were going back on the same plane as us.

On the day we were to leave I had a bad feeling about this and had always listened to my ‘gut feelings’ but Morgan just laughed at me. He called them stupid. We took off early morning, the skies grey and kind of ominous looking. I again tried to reason with the three of them but it did no good. We were halfway over the mountain when it started to rain, then came the thunder and lightning causing the small puddle jumper to quiver and shake from the furious storm.

I was praying and looking out the window when I saw a flash and hear the pilot start shouting, “Mayday! Mayday! Our right engine has been hit by lightning. I am not sure we can make it to the airport. Going to descend and try to find a place to land. Mayday this is Flight 609.”

I looked over at my husband, grabbed his hand, and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too Cami but we are not going to crash.”

Suddenly the plane jerked, turned sideways and started to descend faster than I knew it should. I thought to myself, ‘at least I am with the man I love.’

I leaned toward my husband, gave him what I figured was the last hug and deep kiss. We sat holding each other tight as the plane descended toward the Andes Mountains. I looked over and saw the two students, although both male, were holding hands, fear in their eyes. Then everything went blank as the plane clipped one of the peaks, finally coming to rest against the side of the mountain, totally invisible to see from the sky and almost impossible to hike too…even if the May Day got out and rescuers came looking for the wreckage and possible survivors.


I slowly opened one eye but the other refused to open as if it had something on it or in it to prevent it opening. I tried to sit up but could not move. I did manage to wiggle my fingers and toes so I knew I was not paralyzed but was not sure of the damage I had sustained. All I knew is that my entire body was screaming out in pain if I even twitched a finger or toe.

“Morgan” I called out weakly but got no answer. “Andy, Sam, Jim,” but heard nothing from the two students or the pilot. ‘Oh my God, am I the only survivor? How do I get out of here? I wonder if the radio is working.’ I thought to myself as more unanswered questions kept coming to my mind but no answers. Then it hit me, it didn’t matter if the radio worked or not because I could not move to reach it. ‘God, why did you not take me too? Why did you leave me alive only to die a slow horrible death being eaten by wild animals?’

I knew that the first thing that I needed to do was see if I could move, and how bad I was hurt, and check on the others to see if they were dead or too hurt to answer me. I very slowly tried to move my arms and then my legs but it was as if something was pinning me to the ground or I was stuck somehow. As I tried to move, I screamed out in sheer pain. Suddenly I heard a rustle in the bushes. The first thought in my mind was some jungle cat smelled the blood and was coming to investigate. To my shocked surprise what actually emerged from the jungle was not at all what I expected. I blinked my eyes several times, figuring that I was delirious or hallucinating but no matter how many times I blinked my eyes it was still there.

The something was what men and women have been trying to find for years, chasing leads and trying to dispel the myth that they do exist. Standing in front of me was a Bigfoot. It, as I was not sure if it was male or female, stood at least eight foot tall, was covered from head to toe in coarse brown hair and sort of looked like the Chewbacca character from those Star Wars movies. I could not move and feared my life was about to end.

To my surprise, it came toward me and dropped down to one knee and said, “My name is Atheus; I am a male and a hunter. Please lie still. You have a piece of the wing on your chest and you may be seriously hurt. I see a pilot and will check on him.”

Shocked that he could talk I managed to stammer out, “There are three others beside the pilot but I don’t know where they are,” trying to turn her head to see if she could see Morgan.

He walked away to look for the others and when he came back I could not tell by his facial expressions if they were dead or not. “I am sorry but they are all dead.”

At that news, I started to cry, wondering why God spared me and how I managed to get thrown out as I was buckled in like all the rest. Unsure what to do Atheus just stood there watching me.

“Can we bury them?” I sobbed. “I don’t want them to be food for the jungle animals.”

“My village is just three miles from here. If you promise to lie still and not move, I will go and get two of my friends to help me bury them but first let me move that piece of the plane. Just lie still until I check you out.

“Thank you Atheus. And by the way, my name is Camellia McIntyre but just call me Cami.”

Nodding his head, he reached down and slowly removed the piece of wing off my chest. When I took a deep breath it felt like my chest was being used as a target for throwing knives. I forced myself not to cry out in pain. I took a deep breath and struggled to sit up. Atheus put a hand on my shoulder keeping me flat.

“Stay still until I get back. You could have damage to your chest or back.”

I gave a weak nod and he took off back through the jungle at a run. I laid there and cried some more, saying my final goodbyes to my husband, the pilot, and the two students. I knew when I got back to civilization it was going to be hard on their families to understand why I was spared but I had no answer. Only God knew why I was spared. I wanted to crawl over to the plane and hold and kiss Morgan one last time but I had made a promise to lie still so I did. Maybe I could do it before they buried him.

After what seemed like an eternity to me but had only been thirty minutes Atheus returned with two of his friends along with an older Bigfoot that was wearing a necklace of what appeared to be claws.

“Atheus, may I please hold and kiss my husband one more time before you bury him?” I asked as the others looked at me in wonderment.

“I think it is best you do not,”

“But why can I not do this?” I demanded. “I have a right.”

Atheus scratched his chest, and then his ass, trying to figure out what to say, “He…was…decapitated what looks like a branch or something that came in the front of the window. So were the pilot and the two others.”

I was in shock, trying to figure out why I had not suffered the same fate when we were all sitting together. All I knew is that I was thrown out of the plane somehow and landed up with the wing on my chest. Suddenly it hit me and I screamed and screamed for several minutes until the older one touched me gently on the shoulders saying sternly. “Quiet woman; stop that infernal noise now. I command you or we will leave you. It will soon be feeding time.”

I immediately stopped, looking into his dark eyes. “How did I escape the same fate? I was sitting beside my husband.”

“I am not sure,” Atheus told me. “When I was checking the plane it appears that your side was ripped off and you were apparently sucked out. Your seat belt was snapped. But I am not really sure. You are alive and that is what matters. Now, my two friends, Baliss and Euro will help me bury them. Chief Raganaw will take you back to the village to be attended to. Is there anything you want from the plane?”

“My luggage, which is two bags marked with the tag Cami. Thank you.”

As Euro slowly helped me to my feet, my left leg gave out. I would have fallen back to the ground if not for Euro’s support. I was not sure how I was going to make it to their village on a bum leg but the dilemma was solved when the older one, who was the chief reached down and scooped me up in his arms as if I weighed nothing and started at a slow walk back to the village.

As we walked slowly through the jungle, I wondered how he knew where to go as there was no visible path. I thought to myself, ‘My friends are not going to believe that I was rescued by Bigfoot and that there is a village of them somewhere in the mountains. I wonder if there were other civilizations of Bigfoot.’

When we reached their village, I could now see that the Bigfoot was built basically the same as we humans with the exception of all being over seven feet tall. Like most mammals the women had several small tits; four to be exact. Suddenly it hit me, ‘I wonder what size cock size the males had. Would they be equal to humans or be much, much larger.’ I knew these thoughts were inappropriate when your husband has just died and is at this time being buried but you cannot control what thoughts appear in your head and when.

Chief Raganaw carried me into the hut where there was a female Bigfoot waiting beside an animal pelt spread out on some twigs. He gently laid me down and left.

She smiled at me and said softly, “Relax, my name is Athena. I am the chief’s sister and will take care of you. Now let’s get you out of those things covering your body.”

“They are called clothes,” I explained as I tried to tug off my shoes. “And my name is Cami,” not bothering to give her my full name.

“Let me,” as she gently undressed me until I was as naked as the day I was born.

Athena checked me over from head to toe and front to back. Aside from some scratches, cuts, bruises that were starting to appear on my side, chest, and back, and my ankle not supporting my weight, I was pretty lucky considering what I went through. I continued to sit there, my mind on the past few hours and then the chief walked back into the hut. I quickly looked around to find something to cover myself as the only man ever to see me totally naked was my husband.

“Do not cover your tits and pussy. I want to see what my human woman looks like,” the chief ordered. “What do they call you?”

“What the hell are you talking about? I was my husband’s woman; I just lost him and will be no other man’s not now or ever.” I yelled at him not giving him my name.

“Her name is Cami,” Athena broke in.

“Your husband is dead. I need a woman and you will be it. I had a dream vision of our Fire God sending me a woman with reddish hair like the color of the rays of a fire.” he said as he fondled my hair, and then squatted down to touch the hair on my pussy. “Your name is no longer Cami but you are now known as Fire Ray.”

I automatically smacked his hand and made to get up, forgetting that I had a bad wheel, so to speak.

“Brother, please, she needs a few days of rest and to grieve. Then you can make her your woman.” Athena told her brother putting her hand on his shoulder.

“Alright, I will give her a week and then I will make her my woman. She will bear me many sons,” and with that, he stood up and walked out.

I just sat there in shock, my mouth opened, as I tried to take everything that had just transpired but it was so much – the thunderstorm, the plane crash, my being the only survivor, the others dying a horrific death, and now a Bigfoot wanted me as his woman. ‘What kind of fucking nightmare was I in? Please God, let me wake up now and find my husband, students, and pilot alive, that the plane has not crashed, and we are still at the dig site or safely at the airport.’

I closed my eyes, laid back down, and counted to fifty in my mind. When opened my eyes I could see that it was not a nightmare, that everything was real. was a fucking widow after only nine months of marriage. looked down and saw Athena wrapping my ankle with what appeared to be some slimy leaves, then some type of skin. She took my clothes and headed out the door with them

“Hey!” I called after her, “where are you going with my clothes. I am naked here. I need my clothes,” but she ignored me and continued on her way.

She came back in a few minutes later with a bowl of stew full of unidentified meat, carrots, and potatoes in thick rich brown gravy, handing it to me. I wanted to ask what the meat was but decided it was best that I not do so. I just hoped that they were not cannibals but decided if they were they would have probably killed and barbequed me. Taking a small bite I found it quite tasty and soon I had finished it.

“Would you like some more?” Athena asked

“No thank you,” I told her. “I would like to rest. Do you have a blanket I can cover up with?”

“It is still warm so you do not need one,” she stated as she took the bowl and left.

I looked around for a blanket or some type of covering but could see nothing. I lay down and covered my body the best I could with my arms, making sure my legs were together. When I woke the hunt was in total darkness. I could hear over to the side the soft breathing of whom I assumed was Athena but was not sure. I started to call out to her but decided not to disturb her. Soon sleep overtook me again. The next time I woke up I could smell something good cooking on a fire but was unsure where the smell was coming from.

Athena came in and said, “Glad to see you are awake. Do you need relief?”

It took me a minute to understand what she was referring too and then I said, “Yes, please.”

Athena helped me up and let me lean on her as she led me about a half mile out of the village to a small group of huts, the American version of an outhouse. This was a luxury to me because at the dig site we hiked out to a specified area and did our business. After I was done, she took me back to the hut and brought me breakfast.

For the rest of the week, Athena helped me walk until near the end I was able to start hobbling around on my own using a type of cane/crutch that Atheus had made for me. I was still upset with him for not bringing my suitcases as I asked but I was slowly getting used to being nude, especially after the chief burned the clothes I was wearing the day of the plane crash. On Sunday, one week after the plane crash Chief Raganaw paid me a visit late that afternoon.

I automatically tried to cover myself even though I had been walking around the village naked for a week.

“Is she healed?” he asked his sister. “Done grieving and ready for my cock?”

“Yes Raganaw, she is ready,” as she quietly stepped back so he could take me by the arm and lead me to the council area.

I planted my feet on the hard dirt floor and said, “Hold it a fucking minute you two. I am grateful for all you have done for me since the plane crash but I would like to get back to civilization. Can you take me to the edge and I will find the rest of the way by myself. give my promise that I will not lead anyone to your village. And besides, most humans think Bigfoots do not exist so they would not believe me if told them.”

“No, you are my woman. It was told me by….”

“By the fucking Fire Gods. Yeah, I heard the bullshit a week ago, and that is what it is. Bullshit! Now excuse me, I am going to find my way back to civilization since it is apparent you are not.”

With that, they both started to laugh with Athena saying, “You will be dead within twenty-four hours. No weapons, no food, no clothing. You will be a walking meal for any of the predators.”

I realized that what she said was the truth but I would rather be dead than fucked by a Bigfoot with a dick of who-knew-what-size because of their fur covering it and their balls. They were both looking at me, waiting to see what I had to say.

As Athena started to say something the chief held up his hand and said, “Okay, I will give you a choice Fire Ray. You become my woman or you become a whore to my right-hand men Atheus, Baliss, and Euro. I will be back in ten minutes.”

“My name is Cami, not Fire Ray!” I screamed after him.

“Fire Ray calm down and think reasonably. You should choose Raganaw and be happy with your lot. You are at least alive.” Athena suggested.

“Why should I choose him over the other three?” I asked angrily “All I want is to go home. Is that too much to ask for?”

“You would be a whore to three men but with Raganaw you would be his wife,” explained Athena ignoring my comment about wanting to go home.

“His wife…but I have just lost my husband! I am not ready to remarry,” I said but thinking, ‘especially not to a Bigfoot.’

Athena just shook her head and walked out of her hut, leaving me alone. A few minutes later the chief walked in and stood there, waiting for my answer.

“Chief Raganaw, I have something to confess,” I began, “I cannot have babies. Something is wrong with my insides that prevent me from becoming pregnant. I cannot give you the children you want.”

“You could be wrong,” he stated. “We will see. Your dead husband may have had dead sperm.”

I eyed him up and down, trying to decide whether it would be better to have three hairy cocks or just one. After a few minutes, I said, “I do not wish to marry you or be a whore. I just want to go home.”

“Then I will decide for you. You will be my woman, the Fire God has spoken.”

Chief Raganaw took me by the hand and led me out to the council area, picked up some type of horn and blew it three times. I kept trying to drag my heels but to no avail. Within minutes the entire village had gathered. Athena walked up and handed her brother something, but I could not see what it was.

“Thank you for gathering here so quickly. This is a special day for me. I had a vision that the Fire God would send me a wife with reddish hair and he has done so. Her name is Fire Ray and today she becomes my wife.” Chief Raganaw said as he turned to me and placed a necklace around my neck containing one claw. “This was my mother’s given to her by my father on their wedding day and I now give it to you. We are now married.”

I knew then that was what Athena had handed him and that it was the same as a ring to us humans. The entire village then erupted into loud hoots, howls, and clapping. Before I could react or say anything Chief Raganaw slung me over his shoulder, carrying me to his hut. As he set me on my feet, I looked around, noticing that it was not much different from Athena’s. I could also see that she had been busy while the chief and I were talking. There were several large candles set in holders around the hut that were lit and it appeared that there were two fresh robes on his bed of leaves.

I felt his hairy hand gently touch my tit and I snapped by slapping his hand and jerking away from him. He looked at me and reached for me again. I stepped back again. The next time he didn’t just reach but grabbed my tits, pinching both nipples hard

You are my wife, you will submit to me,” Raganaw stated angrily.

“Your cock will split my pussy in half!” I screamed even though I had not seen it as I moved away.

To my surprise he started to laugh, then reached down in front of him and pulled out his cock from the mass of hair covering it, showing it to me. Flaccid it must have been at least seven-inches and heaven only knows how big it would be fully erect. Morgan was only six-inches fully erect and sometimes it was a tight fit.

I studied it from a distance and realized that it looked just like a human cock and it was cut, which surprised me. ‘Apparently, Bigfoot men and women were like humans in regards to their cocks and tits even though they had four of them. can only imagine what their pussy looks like to accommodate that big of a cock,’ I thought to myself.

“Do you want to touch it Fire Ray?” he asked lightly stroking it. “It spits and shoots but does not bite.”

I gave out a small laugh but refused to touch it. “Where do I sleep Raganaw?”

“On my bed of course, because that is where my wife sleeps.”

“Ah…Raganaw…ah…we cannot do anything tonight?”

“And why not?” he asked studying me closely.

“It…is that time of the month.”

Raganaw looked at me with a puzzled look, and then nodded his head, saying, “You are lying.”

“I am not”

“If you were you would have a diaper on,” he said. “Bigfoot women wear them during that time of the month. “

Racking my brain, I remembered now seeing a few women wearing some type of contraption and had been wondering why. Now I knew and wished I had asked Athena about them when I had the chance.

Suddenly he reached out and grabbed my arms yanking me toward him. Looking down he leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking on it hard. I could not help but start to laugh as the hair on his body was ticking me. It felt strange. Raganaw looked up at me and then reached down to touch my pussy, his one finger feeling like my husband’s cock when it was flaccid as he pushed it inside of me. I tried to pull away but his grip was too tight.

“You may laugh but your pussy is wet Fire Ray. It is getting itself ready for my cock,” which he took in his other hand and rubbed it on my sex slit after removing his finger.

Without thinking I gave him a shove backward. Caught off guard, Raganaw lost his balance and fell on the floor with a big thump. Seizing my chance I took off at a run, not sure where I was going but it was going to be anywhere but here. Raganaw jumped up and charged after me giving out several angry howls, which brought many of the other Bigfoots out of their huts. Seeing me race by with their chief on my heels they joined in the howls and hoots. Although they making the noise in fun all it did was to anger their chief even more.

It was getting dark by then and I was having a hard time seeing where I was going as I raced toward the cover of the jungle, not caring at the time that I could be a meal for a predator. Just as I reached the edge of the village, I tripped over a tree root and fell flat on my face, re-twisting my ankle again. I tried to get up and hobble off but Raganaw snatched me by the hair and pulled me toward him. Throwing me over his shoulder he carried me back to the council area where there was always a fire kept burning. Grabbing the horn, he blew it once, and then went over to where there were some upright tree stumps. He stood there, holding me tightly by my hair, waiting for the village to assemble again but this time only the men were present.

“Men of my village tonight you are witness to my wife disobeying me and you all hooted and howled. I did not appreciate it. You know Bigfoot women were brought up to obey their husbands but apparently, human women were not. She needs to be trained as we train our children. Normally our children are trained in private but I feel I need to start her training in front of all of my men. I need to show every man that I will train her starting tonight and what happens for her disobedience.”

Chief Raganaw sat down on one of the upturned tree stumps, yanking me by the hair across his hairy legs, his cock pressing against my pussy. I tried to wiggle off his lap but all I succeeded in doing was causing his cock to become harder. I could not believe that I was about to be spanked… and by a Bigfoot at that. When his hand hit my ass I shrieked loudly. Although I had never been spanked or hit with a thick wooden paddle I could only imagine that it felt like this. He delivered three more and by this time my pussy was dripping from the friction of his cock rubbing against it and my ass felt like it was on fire.

He stood me up and held on to my arm. When he got to his feet his cock was as hard as a rock and about eight to eight and a half inches long “Now she will get this,” Raganaw said as he waggled his hard cock for the men to see, which earned just howls this time. He slung me over his shoulder and headed for his hut as the men dispersed to theirs to satisfy their own lust from watching Fire Ray being trained.

Raganaw was holding me around the bottom of my legs so he took his other hand and wiggled a finger between my legs and started to finger fuck my pussy all the way back to his hut. I tried to fight the feelings he was causing but with no success. ‘Damn, I want that cock stretching my pussy,’ I thought to myself, ashamed to admit it to myself.

When we arrived in his hut, he shut the door and dropped the bar across it, making it hard for anyone to get in or out. I braced myself to be thrown on the fur pelts covering the bed but Raganaw gently laid me down in the middle. Placing his hand on my stomach to prevent me from moving, Raganaw knelt above my head, his cock oozing precum, right above my mouth.

“I eat your pussy and you suck and lick my cock, and then we fuck.”

Raganaw lowered himself down until his cock was brushing his precum on my lips. Automatically I licked my lips, shocked to find that his precum tasted no different than Morgan’s did. I could not believe I was about to do this but I found my hands encircling his thick shaft stroking it as my tongue licked the head, earning a soft howl from Raganaw.

At the same time, he had spread my legs wide and was licking my sex slit, his hair once again tickling my body, this time my thighs. I forced myself to concentrate on his cock and the pleasurable feelings he was causing in my pussy. Morgan and I engaged in oral sex but what Raganaw was doing to me was unlike anything I had ever felt. It could be that his tongue felt like it was three times larger than Morgan’s with a rough feeling, like a cat’s tongue. Parting my pussy lips he touched my clit with the tip of his tongue, almost causing me to jump off the fur pelts as my juices flowed.

I turned my attention back to his cock, searching with one of my hands through his fur for his balls, which I figured he had to have to make the precum. When I found them I was stunned to find that they were the size of a tennis ball and one filled my hand completely. I took my other hand and cupped his other ball while using my lips to suck and lick his cock, taking as much of him in as I could. As I was sucking and licking his cock, his hair started to brush against my nose, causing me to sneeze several times.

Raganaw began to finger fuck me with one, then two fingers as he stretched me to accept his cock, while gently sucking my clit. I could feel my orgasm building up in my core as his administrations set every nerve ending on fire. I began to breathe heavier, my ass wiggling all over the fur pelts. He began to lick and suck harder on my clit, finger fucking me faster until it felt like my inner core had exploded into a million pieces, causing me to pull his cock from my mouth and scream as a rainbow of colors flashed before my eyes.

As I was coming down from my orgasmic high, Raganaw flipped me over and had me on my knees, my ass in the air. At first, I thought he was going to fuck my ass but then I felt his cock pushing against my pussy. He pushed just the tip in and began to slowly fuck me, his long arms enabling him to reach under me and grabbed my nipples, rubbing them between his fingers. I raised myself up on my elbows, giving him better access, pinching and pulling them, sending waves of pleasure down to my pussy.

Slowly he inserted more of his cock in my pussy and moved one of his hands down to my clit. By this time I was on the verge of climaxing again. My pussy tightened on his cock, juices flowing, as my body spasmed like I was having a seizure, another intense orgasm tearing through my body. By this time, I was covered in sweat and I thought there was no more left in me – but I was wrong.

Raganaw continued to tease my nipples and clit as he slowly fucked me, half of his cock inside of me from what I could judge. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out, flipping me on my back again. As he guided his cock inside he leaned forward and started to suck hard on my nipples, alternating between them. My legs were halfway up his chest, almost bending me in half.

His finger went back to my clit, rubbing it as he drove his cock deep inside of me, making me shriek in a combination of pleasure and pain. His thick cock stretched me wide. Raganaw started out slow but as he neared his orgasm his strokes became harder and deeper. Much to my amazement, I felt another orgasm building, something that had never happened to me before. Just as I reached the peak and tumbled over the other side, Raganaw became very stiff, howled so loud I expected the rest of the village that was not sleeping to join in but there were no howls back. I could feel him shooting jets after jets of cum deep into my body, my own body twitching from another orgasm. Raganaw pumped a few more times, my pussy gripping his shaft drawing out the last of his cum, and then he pulled out, rolling over to lie beside me on the pelts.

“Fire Ray is a good cock sucker and fuck,” Raganaw stated as he rose up and kissed me, his tongue seeking entrance into my mouth.

When his tongue entered my mouth, my tongue felt so small compared to his. We kissed and tongue fucked for several minutes, then he laid back.

“Rest and then we fuck again in an hour.”


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