Chapter 3



The games between Lexi, Beth, and their husbands went on for a month. Their sexual encounters were almost daily and their weekends were being filled with sex. Lexi knew she should be satisfied with the amount and variety of sex she was having with her husband, but she craved more. She’d once heard a porn star say, “The more sex you have; the more you want.” Lexi believed the saying to be true.

One day when Beth’s husband was out of town, she spent the afternoon with Lexi putting together a plan of action. Both women had taken the afternoon off from work, not only using their time together to renew their long sexual relationship but to decide the best way to move forward. This was going to be their first step into expanding their sexual playground.

Lexi felt very confident their plan would work. She had been preparing Charlie for a month and felt sure he would react as expected. She and Beth were prepared when Charlie arrived home from work.

As soon as he walked in the family room, Lexi jumped up pretending to be anxious if not frightened. “Charlie,” she gasped, “You’re home early.”

“I’m not early,” he said dryly.

“I was visiting with Beth and lost track of time,” she muttered. “I’m sorry, Charlie.”

Charlie frowned and seemed to glare at Beth.

“What’s the matter?” Beth asked.

Just as she’d practiced, Lexi blurted out, “This morning Charlie told me to be naked when he got home. I was supposed to be on my knees and masturbating, ready to blow him.”

“And why aren’t you in the required position?” Charlie growled.

“Maybe I should leave,” Beth said as she stood.

“No,” Charlie said holding up his hand. “Perhaps my wife needs a witness to her punishment so she doesn’t disobey me again.”

“Not in front of Beth!” Lexi cried.

“I think in front of Beth will be perfect,” he said as he put down his briefcase and took off his jacket.

When he turned away, Lexi smiled at Beth and winked. Charlie had done as she predicted.

Charlie walked to the couch and sat on the middle cushion. “Get over here, Lexi,” he demanded. Then looking at Beth, he said, “You can sit in the chair,” and pointed.

Lexi ambled toward her husband, whimpering, “Don’t embarrass me in front of Beth.”

“If you didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of Beth you should have sent her home sooner and been ready for me when I got home.”

“Are you going to spank me right now?” she mumbled.

“You bet your sweet ass I am. Now get your clothes off,” Charlie demanded.

“Maybe I should just leave,” Beth said again.

“Sit down!” Charlie shouted.

Beth hesitated before sitting, trying to make it look like she didn’t know what was going to happen.

Turning back to Lexi, Charlie shouted, “Get your clothes off before I rip them off!”

Sitting back in her chair, Beth enjoyed watching Lexi strip down in front of her husband. When she was naked, she crossed her arms over her breasts as if to hide them from Beth.

Charlie took Lexi by the arm and pulled her down and across his knees. “This is what happens when you misbehave,” he said as he slapped the palm of his hand against her beautifully rounded butt. “When I give you an order I expect it to be done just as I’ve said,” he said slapping her again.

Lexi began to cry as his hand slapped against her ass over and over.

Beth became concerned her dear friend was getting more of a beating than she had expected. However, she noticed the cries began to turn to moans and whimpers. As her pale white ass started to become bright pink, Beth could tell Lexi was enjoying it. She could see Lexi squeezing her own nipples. The look on Lexi’s face was pleasure, not pain. And to Beth’s amazement, Lexi clearly had an orgasm, leaving a wet spot on Charlie’s slacks.

Charlie pushed Lexi onto the floor and stood up in front of her.

Beth watched as Lexi clawed at her husband’s trousers, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his slacks and boxers. Lexi immediately licked the end of Charlie’s stiff cock before she swallowed half of it.

As Lexi’s head bobbed up and back, Charlie took off his shirt and tossed it aside. He had almost forgotten Beth was in the room. Seeing his wife’s friend move, he looked to see Beth was watching Lexi and touching her own breasts. The woman was naturally getting excited watching Lexi suck his cock.

“Come over here,” Charlie commanded Beth. “You like watching my whore suck my dick. Come over here so you can get a better view.”

Beth stood and slowly moved to Charlie’s side, pretending to be mesmerized by what she was watching.

When she was beside Charlie, he put his hand on her face and turned it to look at him. “My slut wife says she will do anything I want her to do. What I want her to do now is to eat your pussy. How does that sound, Beth?”

“Really, Charlie,” she mumbled, trying her best not to smile. “I don’t think…”

“Sure you do,” he said as he began unbuttoning her blouse. “I could see you watching her and rubbing your own tits. Get your clothes off and sit down on the couch.”

Beth continued to act like she was shy, but was, in fact, getting excited. The idea of Lexi’s tongue between her legs and Charlie watching was giving her quite a buzz. When she was naked, Beth sat on the couch.

Charlie grabbed a handful of his wife’s hair and pulled her mouth off of his cock. “Now let’s get your slut mouth on something else.” He pushed Lexi in front of Beth.

“Charlie,” Lexi pleaded. “You don’t really want me to do oral on Beth?”

“That’s exactly what you’re gonna do,” he said as he bent down and slapped her ass again. “Now do it.”

Still, on her knees, Lexi put her hands on Beth’s knees and pushed them apart. As she did, Beth scooted forward a bit, pushing her pussy toward Lexi’s mouth.

Charlie couldn’t see it, but Lexi smiled at Beth before she ran her tongue the length of her friend’s slit.

Lexi seemed to hesitate, so Charlie slapped her ass again. “Get your tongue in her pussy and make her enjoy it!” he told his wife.

When Beth’s head fell back against the cushions, and she groaned, Charlie began to study the woman’s body. He had known Beth since the time he met Lexi. Charlie had always thought of her as pretty but never paid much attention to her body. Now as she sat on his couch naked with her legs spread, he could see she was every bit as beautiful as Lexi. Her body was almost perfect, and there was no doubt she was enjoying what Lexi was doing.

The two women were making a lot of noise that led Charlie to believe they were both in heaven. Dropping to his knees behind Lexi, he moved her legs apart and sank his steel-like cock into his wife’s dripping wet pussy. He immediately began deep, hard strokes.

Lexi looked up at Beth, showing her own face was covered with her friend’s own juices. “You smell so fucking good,” Lexi whispered. “What could be better than your pussy on my face and his big hard cock in me?”

Before Beth could say anything, Charlie slapped Lexi’s ass saying, “Now I want you two sluts to trade places.”

Without discussion, Lexi sat on the couch and spread her legs apart. Beth moved into the position Lexi had been in earlier and quickly put her mouth between her friend’s legs. Without giving the situation enough thought, Charlie studied Beth’s ass for thirty seconds before he moved up behind her and pushed his cock into her tight, hot pussy.

Beth lifted her head, speaking loudly. “Oh my god, your husband has his thick cock in my pussy.”

“It’s big, isn’t it?” Lexi said with a smile.

“Bob is not going to be pleased,” Beth said loud enough for Charlie to hear over the grunts he was making.

“Make her cum, Charlie,” Lexi told her husband as she twisted her friend’s nipples. “Fuck her hard, baby. Make her remember your delicious cock.”

Filling her hands with Beth’s blonde hair, Lexi pulled her friend’s face back against her hairless sex. “You like a big cock filling your pussy, Beth?” she growled. “I’ll bet you’d like it in your ass too. Wouldn’t you, you fucking whore?”

“I am a whore,” Beth groaned. “I’m a whore that’s gonna cum. Oh, fuck!”

Charlie pulled his cock out of Beth and watched her body tremble in orgasm. He looked up to see Lexi was having an orgasm at the same time. Charlie stood and took both women by the hair, pulled them to their feet, and marched them down the hallway to his bedroom.

Once in the room, Charlie pushed Beth down on the bed so she was on her back. He smacked Lexi on her ass and directed her to press her pussy into Beth’s face. Charlie walked around behind his wife and pushed her down on Beth so the two women were in a ‘69’ position. Within seconds both women were tongue deep in the other’s sex.

He watched the two women and stroked his stiff cock. The lust-filled women were groaning and growling, the smell of their desire filling the bedroom. Feeling his need to cum, he buried his cock in his wife’s throbbing pussy, pushed it deep, and released a torrent of hot semen. When he pulled out, Charlie stood back to watch the white fluid flow out of Lexi’s opening and fall onto Beth’s face. Charlie watched in amazement as Beth moved to take his semen in her mouth, using her tongue to get every bit of it. Charlie whispered, “Fuck me,” as he saw the women have almost simultaneous orgasms.

Walking back to the other side of the bed, Charlie pushed his still rigid cock into Beth’s pussy, feeling it tighten around his shaft. He pulled his cock out and put it in Lexi’s mouth. “You like the way her pussy tastes?” he said as he pulled on his wife’s hair.

“Yes,” Lexi said with a crooked smile. “But it tastes better on your cock.”

Charlie crawled onto the bed, and the two naked women curled up on either side of him.

“Thank you for sharing your husband with me,” Beth said to her friend.

“I didn’t exactly share him,” Lexi replied as she leaned over her husband’s chest. “It was more like he pulled you in and you were more than happy to be taken.”

“I guess I’m just a slut,” Beth said with a smile. She wrapped her hand around Charlie’s softening cock. “I hope you’ll share him with me again. Your husband knows how to use this.”

“My husband makes all of the decisions in this house,” Lexi told Beth. “If he wants to fuck you again, he will. I have nothing to say about it.”

“What do you say, Charlie?” Beth asked as she pulled on his cock. “Are you gonna want more of me?”

“I don’t know,” Charlie replied with a smile. “I might just want to watch the two of you go after each other. I didn’t know my wife liked eating pussy.”

“I didn’t know I did,” Lexi said with her fingers crossed to cover her lie. “But I wouldn’t mind doing it again.”

Charlie reached down to grab a handful of Beth’s ass cheek. “Do you like anal?”

Beth pretended to be embarrassed. “It’s not something I’ve done often, but I have enjoyed it when I’ve done it.”

“You two girls have fantastic asses,” Charlie told them. “My Lexi screams like a wild woman when I take her ass.”

Still pretending, Beth looked across Charlie’s chest at her friend. “Lexi, you never told me you liked a cock in your ass.”

“It just happened for the first time a few weeks ago,” Lexi said continuing the pretense for her husband’s benefit. “I bought a butt plug and tried it on. Charlie decided he needed some of my ass and just took it.”

Still holding Charlie’s cock, Beth asked, “Do you mind if I put his cock in my mouth?”

“Ask Charlie,” Lexi said with a shrug. “He makes all of the sexual decisions.”

“Well, Charlie?” Beth asked.

“If you get it hard again, you’ll have to ride it,” he replied with a grin.

“I’ll take that as a challenge,” Beth said with a giggle as she placed herself between Charlie’s legs. “It’s such a beautiful big cock.” As she licked it, Beth asked Lexi, “Why haven’t you shared him with me before? It would just be the kind of thing a girlfriend should do.”

It didn’t take long for Charlie’s rod to get stiff again. It was pretty clear to him that Beth had some excellent oral skills. He also liked the way she played with his balls.

Still grinning, Beth got up and straddled Charlie. She pressed the head of his cock to her pussy and slowly lowered herself on it until she was completely filled. “Fuck,” she drew out in a long word. “I love this dick!”

“Show me how much you love it,” Charlie said as he reached up to take her breasts in his hands.

Beth began to slowly slide up and down his cock, coating it with her fluids. After a minute she picked up speed. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the sensations between her legs.

“Put a finger in her ass,” Charlie told Lexi. “Let’s see how she reacts to that.”

To Charlie’s surprise, Lexi didn’t put her fingers in her mouth to wet them. She got up on her knees and buried two fingers in her pussy to coat them with his cum from just a few minutes ago. Once her fingers were slimy, she put her hand around Beth and quickly inserted one finger and then a second in her friend’s puckered opening.

“Oh fuck!” Beth cried out as she began moving faster.

“I see you like something up your ass,” Charlie told her as pinched her nipples.

Beth’s eyes were closed, and she only nodded her head as she continued to fuck herself on Charlie’s stiff cock.

Quite suddenly, Beth pulled up off of Charlie’s cock, repositioned herself, and put the head against her rosebud. Her anal ring gave way, and his wet cock slipped into her ass.

“Oh fuck!” Beth screamed. “Your goddamned cock is so fucking big in my ass! I love it! It’s so fucking good!” She pressed until Charlie was balls deep and then began rocking back and forth while screaming, “Fuck my ass!”

Charlie stayed fairly still as he was mesmerized by sight of his cock disappearing and re-appearing from Beth’s gorgeous ass. He watched her breasts heave up and down, and she bounced on his cock. Another surprise came when his wife began vigorously rubbing Beth’s clit. Except for the superb feeling of his cock sliding through Beth’s tight, hot ass, he felt like a bystander as he watched the show.

It all came to a crashing conclusion when Beth was jolted with a massive orgasm which caused her to squirt all over Charlie’s chest. Her body shook, and tears rolled down her cheeks. She sobbed and whimpered, but her words were unintelligible. The sobs soon turned to laughter as she lay down on Charlie’s chest, still holding his cock in her ass.

“That was just unbelievable,” she finally said. “I’ve never squirted before. It was terrifying and astonishing at the same time.”

Charlie was startled when his wife grabbed her friend and pulled her off his body. When Beth collapsed on her back beside him, Lexi straddled her husband, putting his cock head to her anal opening. “It’s my turn now!” she said forcefully and took his cock just as Beth had.

Again Charlie had a show to watch. He could see his wife wasn’t particularly interested in him at the moment. She was only concerned with the joy of fucking her ass with his dick. Charlie thought, “This is pure hedonism at its perfect best.” But it got better when Beth sat up and began fingering Lexi’s unfilled pussy and rubbing Lexi’s clit.

He wasn’t thinking of himself, but Charlie suddenly became aware he was about to explode in his wife’s ass. He didn’t have time to consider pulling out or anything else, because he went off like a rocket, firing bolt after bolt of hot jizz into the depths of his wife’s ass.

Now with her ass filled with his cum, Lexi slid up and down his cock with oil-like ease. Before Charlie’s cock could deflate, Lexi came to orgasm much like Beth’s. Lexi’s body shook as she ejaculated fluid all over Charlie’s chest. There was even some of her juice on his lips and chin. He licked it and was surprised at the taste.

Two minutes later the two women were again lying naked on each side of Charlie. The smell of sex in the room was so thick it could have been cut with a knife. All he could hear was heavy breathing.

Two more minutes passed before Charlie heard Beth whisper, “Thank you, Charlie.”

Lexi was next. “Thank you for spanking me in front of Beth, baby. I’m sorry I was bad, but I’m grateful for my punishment. It was heavenly.”

Charlie slipped off the bed, holding his hands out to the women. “I suggest we take a shower and then get something to drink. Our shower is large enough to hold all three of us at the same time.”

Beth stood beside Charlie, putting her arm around his to steady herself. “Were you thinking of starting again or sending me home?”

“I haven’t decided what happens next, but I’m not planning on sending you home. Bob is out of town, and you have no need to be in a rush.”

Several minutes later the women were sitting in the family room, each of them wearing one of Charlie’s shirts and nothing else. They were both holding a glass of white wine and wondering what might happen next.

Charlie came into the room with a glass of scotch. He had put on a pair of shorts. “Let’s do a little recap,” Charlie offered. “I rather enjoyed having two women. How did you enjoy sharing a man?”

“I thought it was awesome,” Lexi admitted. “There were so many different parts to touch, suck and lick.”

Beth decided to tell a big lie, knowing Lexi would not say a word. “It’s the first time I’ve ever had what you might call group sex. I found it quite delicious. I enjoyed having Lexi’s tongue between my legs, and I found her quite tasty.” She grinned at Charlie. “I’ll bet you enjoyed watching us go at each other.”

“You obviously aren’t a woman shy about tasting cum,” he told her.

“That’s something Bob taught me when we first married,” she explained to Charlie. “I can’t say I liked it at first, but it’s what you might call a ‘developed’ taste. I found I especially enjoyed the thrill of making a man cum with my mouth.”

“I’d be very pleased to give you such a thrill,” Charlie said with a grin.

Lexi sat quietly wanting to laugh at the outrageous lies her friend was telling. She knew Beth had been sucking cock and swallowing cum since she was a junior in high school. But Lexi had to admire her friend’s ability to be so untrue yet appear so honest.

“I know this sounds just totally sluttish,” Beth told Charlie, “But I enjoy your cock in my mouth. I’m actually getting an excited feeling in my stomach just thinking about it.” She turned to Lexi. “I’ll bet you just love sucking his cock.”

“Oh yeah. I love it,” Lexi said with a wink at Beth which Charlie couldn’t see. “When you do it you’d better be ready. Charlie makes a lot of cum.”

“Really,” Beth sighed. “Oh, how wonderful.”

“I think you’re going to have to invite Beth back again, Lexi,” Charlie suggested. “I think she enjoyed herself enough to come again.”

“Are you kidding?” Beth blurted out. “This was just so unbelievably good. I would just love to do it again.” Beth stopped and looked thoughtful. “There is one thing we have to consider.”

“What’s that?” Lexi asked, knowing Beth was setting up the next part of their plan.

“To be truthful, I’m going to have to tell Bob about this,” Beth said. “I don’t think he’ll be too happy about it. To the best of my knowledge, he’s never cheated on me, and I’ve certainly never cheated on him. But you two are just so close to us, I don’t feel like it’s cheating.”

“You really need to tell him?” Charlie asked.

“Absolutely,” Beth replied. “We are very open. He even tells me when he has lustful thoughts about other women. Any number of times he’s commented on how sexy Lexi is and has wondered how good a lover she would be. That’s just how honest we’ve been with each other.”

“So, how can you appease Bob and allow us to get together again?” Charlie asked.

Beth appeared to be in deep thought for a long moment. Looking up, she smiled. “Lexi and I can do with Bob just what we did with you. Then he couldn’t complain because he’d been a part of it.”

“Would that work?” Lexi asked.

“Oh yes, I think so,” Beth said excitedly. “Bob’s wanted you for just ages. If he thought he could have sex with you and I didn’t complain, he’d do it in a second.”

“What do you think, baby?” Lexi asked her husband. “Would you be willing to let me go to their bed so we could keep Beth in ours?”

Charlie seemed to be in deep thought while the girls were anxiously awaiting his decision. The next step in their grand plan was opening up before them.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Charlie finally said. “It’s only fair Bob has the same opportunity with my wife that I had with his. And, it’s not cheating if I give my permission.” Charlie stood and walked to his wife. “Lexi, honey. Can you do this? Are you willing to have sex with another man for my benefit?”

Out of the corner of her eye, Lexi could see Beth was covering her mouth so as not to laugh out loud. Giving her husband a thoughtful look, she answered, “Yes, Charlie. You know I’d do anything for you.”

“Then it’s settled,” Charlie said to Beth with a pleased look on his face. “You work out the details and Lexi will be ready when you are.”

“And then maybe our threesome can be a regular event?” Beth asked as she reached out and ran her fingers across the front of Charlie’s shorts. What she didn’t mention to Charlie was the likelihood the threesome with Bob would also probably become a regular event. She also knew Charlie wasn’t thinking past his stiffening cock.

Beth pulled down Charlie’s shorts allowing his growing unit to jump out at her face. Moving to the edge of the cushion, Beth wrapped her fingers around his cock. She looked up at Charlie saying, “I think I need to find a way to thank you for entertaining me this afternoon.” Taking the head of his member in her mouth, Beth ran her tongue around it.

“I think you’ve found an excellent way to thank me,” Charlie told her, and he put his fingers into her hair. “Lexi, honey,” he said to his wife. “I think Beth’s pussy may need some of your special attention. Why don’t you take her shirt off and see if you can help her out.”

Grinning at her husband, Lexi stood, took off the shirt she was wearing before removing one from Beth. She moved so she could suck one of Beth’s nipples into her mouth before slipping two fingers into her friend’s pussy.

It took Beth a little over five minutes to get Charlie off. She squeezed his balls with one hand while the other stroked a large quantity of semen into her mouth. Charlie growled with pleasure, appreciating Beth’s great oral skills. As soon as Charlie backed away, Lexi covered Beth’s mouth with her own. The two women shared the load of cum in Beth’s mouth as Charlie watched.

“This is just amazing,” Charlie thought to himself. “I would never have imagined something like this would ever happen with Lexi.”

“I really have to go,” Beth said as she began looking for her clothes on the floor. “When Bob’s traveling he always calls me. I don’t want to miss his call or make him suspicious.”

Once she had her clothes on, Beth kissed Lexi and Charlie, promising to see them again soon. “I’ll call you when I have things arranged for us to seduce Bob.” She laughed and said, “He’ll never know what hit him.”

When they heard the front door close, Lexi and Charlie were still standing in the family room naked. Lexi put her arms around her husband and hugged him. “I guess I should thank you for punishing me in front of Beth. It seemed to work out quite well.”

Holding his wife’s face in his hands, Charlie said, “In just a few short weeks you’ve turned into a beautiful, lust filled creature, making my dreams come true. I’ve never been happier.”

Lexi smiled at her husband hoping she looked like she appreciated his comments. But Lexi was thinking, “Hold on to your shorts, mister. You have no idea what’s ahead for you and how thrilled your horny wife is going to be.”

“It’s a little too early to go to bed,” he said with a grin. “What would you like to do to kill some time?”

“I thought it would be a lot of fun to ride your face,” Lexi whispered acting as if she was embarrassed to say such a thing.

“What an excellent suggestion,” Charlie said as he took Lexi’s hand, leading her toward their bedroom. “And maybe after that, you can amuse me with your new toys.”


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