Pam continues getting involved in various activities at camp. Gerry begins to find himself fascinated by watching his wife and others. Her tolerance for pain surprises him.

Several of the men that had been watching the male sub struggling had left when the pipe started getting moved around. Even Gerry had started to walk away, but Pam just stood there watching, so after the sub got off the pipe, he turned around and went back. The man then looked over at Pam and Gerry.

“Wanna try it, little missy? If it’s ok with your Master there, of course.”

Gerry looked at Pam then nodded.

“Uhm, could I?”

“Could you what?”

“Could I try it please, Sir?”

“That’s better. Take off that thong, spread your legs and bend over. With or without the plug?”

“Whatever you wish, Sir.”

“With or without the strokes?”

“Please, Sir. With the strokes.”

He pulled another plug from a bag and poured some lube over it, and then dripped some into her crack. It was not quite as big as the one he had used on the other girl, but it was still good sized. He pushed it in with a single thrust.


“That will earn you two extra strokes.”

“Yes, Sir”

He gave her fourteen strokes in rapid succession, followed by the pussy flogging. Pam bit her lip to keep from blurting out again. She stayed in that position until he told her to stand up. Pam still had her wrist cuffs on so the two men picked her up and the Master hooked her wrists up. When she hit the pipe as they let go, pain shot through her. Her lips and clit were incredibly sensitive.

As the girl had, she struggled to rise off the pipe but kept hitting it, the pipe was slick from the lube and as he pushed the pipe back and forth, it was rubbing against her clit. She was getting extremely turned on. A few minutes passed and Pam was still riding the pipe.

“Well now, aren’t you the tough one. Most don’t last more than a minute or two. Maybe we need to up the ante.”

“Yes, Sir. If you desire it.”

He whispered something to Gerry who nodded to him. One of the men walked up behind Pam and attached something around the pipe not far behind her. As he pushed the switch, the pipe began vibrating. He pushed another button, and the intensity increased.

“Ohh fuuuck!”

Gerry and the crowd that had gathered around watched as Pam’s body jerked when the orgasm hit. She bounced up and down on the pipe uncontrolled which just added to the pain and pleasure and extended the orgasm. Wave after wave hit her until her body finally sagged down. The man turned off the vibrations; then they quickly picked her up and got her off the pipe. Someone brought over a chair and they sat her down; someone else handed her a bottle of Gatorade.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Gerry picked up her thong and after a minute or so, he lifted each foot and slipped it on, then helped her stand up. She bent over and he removed the plug, then he pulled the thong up the rest of the way.

“Make sure you drink that whole bottle of juice.”

‘Yes, Sir.”

“You ok to walk, babe?”

“I’m a little shaky, but I’ll be fine in a minute. Let’s go cool off in the pool for a bit. My ass and pussy are still a bit warm.”

“Okay, babe.”

They headed to the pool where Pam took off her thong and bra, then removed the collar and cuffs and jumped into the pool. Gerry hesitated, then took off his shorts and tank top and since he had gone commando, was now naked as well. He jumped in next to Pam and kissed her. She grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times, feeling him react immediately.

“It’s too bad they don’t allow sex in the pool .cause I would really love you to fuck me right now. That device was such a turn on! And judging by your reaction, it seems you got turned on too.”

“Well, there is a small grassy area right over there partially blocked by that fence. They did say only the pool and hot tub were off limits.”

Pam looked over and then walked to the stairs out of the pool. She headed to the spot Gerry had indicated. He quickly followed her, getting hard as he walked. She lay down on the grass and raised her legs. Gerry got down on his knees and put her legs over his shoulders and plunged into her. He fucked her hard and fast and it wasn’t long before they both came. They looked around and it seemed like no one was even paying attention.

Then they noticed one girl looking at them and realized it was the other sub from Mistress Candace’s class. As soon as she saw they had seen her, she looked down, but then looked up again. Since she seemed to have something to say, they signaled for her to come over as they uncoupled.

The girl walked over and bowed her head, her hands held behind her back.

“Please forgive me for intruding. I hope I did not interrupt. I tried to wait until it appeared you were done.”

“You are fine. Now, what is it you want… uhm?”

“My name is Kristen and after the class, I talked to Mistress Candace about something. You were wonderful in the class Ma’am, and Mistress told me you used to be one of her pets. We talked a bit about you and, well… this is kind of hard for me to say.”

“Just say it, Kristen.”

“Well, Mistress gave me permission to service you, and of course your Master as well. I would be honored if you allowed me to clean both of you.”

“It would please my Mistress very much if you let me do this. You see, I am quite shy and rarely talk to people. Other than when my Mistress uses me for some of the demonstrations, I usually avoid doing anything in public. She wants to use me for more sex demonstrations but I have resisted, so she wants me to become more comfortable doing things with others watching. So she suggested that I ask permission to service you in some way but left it to me to figure out how. So I am asking if I may I clean both of you, please Sir and Ma’am?”

“Mistress Candace knows I would not turn down a request from her, so you may clean me.”

“Sir, may I please clean you as well. I can make it quite pleasurable for you. I am skilled in the art of fellatio as well as cunnilingus.”

Gerry nodded his approval.

“If we can, may we move to the pool deck where more people can see me? I have been instructed to be as visible as possible.”

The three of them walked over to the chai on which they had left their clothing where Kristen sat down in one of the chairs and Gerry stood in front of her. She began by taking his balls in her hand and licking every inch of the top, then lifting them up and cleaning the underside all the way to his ass. Pam could see his cock twitching and get hard again.

She then took his member into her mouth and sucked on it, then released it and licked the underside slowly from base to tip, then took it into her mouth again. She repeated this until he was hard. Then she cleaned all around his genital area while continuing to stroke his cock with her hand.

Periodically, she would take his cock back into her mouth and moved her head back and forth until she had his full length in her mouth. Gerry was not shaved, but that did not seem to bother Kristen in the least. Once she was satisfied there was not a drop of semen anywhere, she started the blow job in earnest. Gerry put his hands on her head and was guiding her head until her lips were touching the skin on his abdomen.

Pam could actually see the impression of the end of his cock in her neck with each thrust. Kirsten reached between his legs and slipped a finger into his ass. The action pushed him over the edge and Gerry moaned loudly as he released his load down her throat. Pam did not see one drop of jizz escape her lips. As she slowly pulled her head back, her tongue licked every last speck from him.

“Now Ma’am, if you will lie down on the lounge chair, I will clean you as well.”

Pam laid back in the lounge and spread her legs open. Kristen put down a towel as the wooden deck was quite hot, then knelt down in front of her. She placed her hands under each cheek and raised Pam’s hips slightly. Starting at Pam’s rosebud, she licked upward to her pussy, getting the semen that had seeped out. Then she worked her way up her slit, licking all around her outer lips and working her way inward. She used her tongue to lap up all the combined juices, getting her tongue inside Pam’s pussy deeper than it seemed possible.

Her mouth then covered her opening as she sucked deeply getting more juices. Her tongue slid slowly up to her clit where she flicked it in and out, just teasing the tip. She pushed two fingers deep inside Pam and twisted them around, then pulled them out and licked them clean. Kristen repeated that move until she was sure she had gotten every bit of jizz out, then replaced the two fingers back inside again. This time she found her g-spot and massaged it while sucking Pam’s clit into her mouth. She tugged at it with her teeth while her tongue once again teased the tip of her clit. Pam’s hips were moving in rhythm with Kristen’s fingers and tongue and she was quietly moaning.

Pam was so close, but she was also just enjoying the feeling. Kirsten seemed to be able to keep her at the edge without changing her pace or stopping. Finally, she began using her tongue full force on Pam’s clit until Pam could no longer stop the orgasm that hit her like a ton of bricks. Her hips raised off the chair several inches as her body shook and spasmed. When Kirsten stopped licking she told Pam to turn over.

As soon as she was on her stomach, she pushed three fingers back into Pam’s pussy which resulted in the orgasm starting right up again. Then she licked up and down her crack and all over her cheeks, cleaning them as well. Kirsten stiffened her tongue and used it to fuck her ass.

The entire time, her fingers were doing magic things in Pam’s cunt, keeping her in an extended orgasm. After a couple of minutes, she stopped and gave her fingers one more lick. Pam collapsed on the lounge chair trying to catch her breath and waiting for her heartbeat to return to normal.

“I hope you are both satisfied with my performance. I must go report to my Mistress that I have completed my task. If you were pleased, I would be quite grateful if you would let her know how I did.”

Before they could answer, Kristen got up and walked away. Pam lay there until she finally noticed Gerry had gone back in the pool and she joined him there.

“I don’t know about you, daddy, but that was fucking awesome!”

“It really was, babe.”

They stayed in the pool for another twenty minutes or so, then got out of the pool and dressed. Gerry decided he was going to go back to the campsite and start the ribs. Pam wanted to go watch a couple of demos on fire play and shibari. They each went off in opposite directions. Pam was interested in both activities. While her Master had often tied her up, it was mostly just to restrain her; Shibari was an art form.

She had never really tried fire play but was curious about it. Both events were being held at the same time right near the outdoor suspension cage. Suspending someone using Shibari techniques was time-consuming, so she could easily watch and listen to the fire play narration while keeping an eye on the progress of the suspension.

The fire play involved two different types, fire play where a tiny amount of a flammable gel was applied directly to the skin then lit. It only burned a few seconds, then a cloth was thrown over it. This was done repeatedly on the volunteer until most of his back and buttocks had been covered. His skin was red, but there were no blisters. Then the demonstrator applied a salve to the skin and he was sent on his way.

He was replaced on the table by a woman who also lay face down. The demonstrator explained how the glass jars were heated, then placed on the skin quickly, where the skin was drawn up into the jar. He explained this technique was used in Chinese and other Asian medicine to relax the muscles and draw out toxins. He showed how pushing down on the skin right at the rim of the jar released the pressure and the jar just lifted off. Then he explained that it could also be used as a torture technique simply by dragging the jar across the skin quickly.

He said the pressure is not released, so the skin is pulled along into the jar as it moved. As he was explaining this, he grabbed one of the jars suddenly and dragged it clear across her back. She yelped and immediately a thick red welt appeared.

He had also put a couple of jars on her butt, one on each cheek. He grabbed both jars and yanked them off very quickly. She yelped again and where the jars had been, there were now two perfect circles with the skin raised into a very red bump. He said that’s what happens if you don’t release the pressure first.

After both demos were over, Pam headed back to the campsite where Gerry said the ribs were nearly ready. He had opened a bottle of wine for her and poured her a glass. She first grabbed a bottle of cold water and downed that. When the ribs were ready, Gerry took them off the grill and cut into each individual bone.

He had also heated up a can of corn and split that into two bowls. He had made two full slabs and they ate one whole slab and a bit of the second one. Pam wrapped the leftover ribs in aluminum foil, then put that in a ziplock bag and stuck them in the cooler. Gerry cleaned up the rest of the dinner mess and they sat down to relax a bit before going to check out the hot tub.

When it started getting dark, they threw some beer into the small cooler with some ice, grabbed a couple of towels and headed over to the hot tub. There were already a number of people there when they arrived, but it was a good sized tub. They stripped off their clothes and stepped in.

They introduced themselves to several people and started up some conversations. A couple of the women asked Pam about her experience on the torture pipe. There were a few other newbies in the tub, but most had been to at least one other camp before. Most everyone was naked, but there were a few with at least bottoms on.

“We weren’t quite sure what to expect, and I am amazed at what I have seen so far. All sorts of people in all shapes and sizes. And the variety of costumes and clothing or lack thereof is quite interesting. And no one seems to care. Pam is much more into the lifestyle than I am and has been trying to get me a bit more involved.”

“That is the whole point of camp. It allows people to be and do what they want without judgment of any sort.”

“Well, it has certainly been a different kind of experience so far and not a bad one. I had my doubts about if I would just end up spending most of my time at out campsite while Pam was off doing things, so I have really surprised myself. I am actually enjoying this and even learning a thing or two.”


to be continued…

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