I’d been fantasizing about my day off for weeks, planning what I would wear and what naughty things I would get up to, home alone for the whole day. I hadn’t jerked off in days as I wanted everything to feel that much more sensitive when I finally did touch myself.

I woke up early and jumped straight into the shower, shaving my legs and arms, then rinsing myself off with soapy shower gel until I could feel the smoothness of my skin all over. After wrapping the towel around my chest and waist, I ran into the bedroom and began pulling out all the clothes I’d been desperately waiting to wear. 

The first item I pulled out was a sexy black floral lace crisscross Basque with garter straps. I slowly pulled the lingerie up my legs and over my tight ass, feeling the lace pull and stretch against my smooth shaven skin as it tightly gripped my body. I then stuffed two breast forms into the bra section, adjusting them to achieve the perfect cleavage shape on my chest.

Walking over to the bedside vanity mirror, I donned my favorite long brown curly side parted wig, which slightly covers half of my face, giving me a seductive but slutty look. After applying some eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss, I added a little blusher to soften my complexion. 

Satisfied that I looked genuinely feminine, I reached for some sheer lace top black stockings and began slowly rolling them up and over my smooth legs, reveling in the feeling as they clung to my skin. I couldn’t help but stop to rub my hands over my stockings, feeling a tiny trickle of cum drip out my clitty.

I’d recently bought a cute pair of pump platform heels that I couldn’t wait to try on. I trembled as I slipped them on one by one, admiring how sexy I looked as I stood up noticing how my posture appeared so much more feminine. Again, my clitty began to leak a little more in anticipation.

The next item I just couldn’t wait to try on was a short, tight strappy satin red party dress that shimmered in the light. I carefully stepped into the dress and pulled it over my ass and over my fake tits, shaking with delight as it clung to my body. I looked back in the mirror and barely realized myself.

Stood before me, was a seductive horny slut. I realized I wasn’t wearing any panties so I quickly found a tiny black g-string thong which I slid up over my stockings, tucking my soft clitty into, before pulling the dress back down to conceal it. I waltzed out of the bedroom and into the living room, enjoying my new found femininity.

It was at this very moment that I heard a knock at the door! Who the fuck was it? I thought to myself. I wasn’t expecting any visitors. I quietly crept down the hallway, hearing my heels clicking on the floor, trying my best not to make too much noise. I put my eye to the peephole in the door to see who it was impatiently knocking at my door.

Shit. I thought. It was my landlord! Of course, he would pick this day of all days to do a random inspection of the property. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t think straight. What was I going to do? He continued to knock on the door. I could just not answer it, I thought. 

“Hello! Are you home?” he shouted through the door. “I need to check the gas, it’s an emergency! If you’re in there, can you let me know, I need to come in.”

I panicked and stupidly tried to run back to the bedroom to change, somehow managing to trip and fall. 

“Ok, I’m coming in,” he called out.

I froze on the floor as the door swung open, revealing my slutty outfit, the tops of my stockings and suspenders exposed under my dress. He looked down, stunned at first, not recognizing who I was. 

“Are you ok, honey?” he asked. “Let me help you up.”

Reaching out for my hand, I clung onto him as he pulled me up onto my feet and into his arms. As I steadied myself in my heels, he brushed the hair out of my face, instantly realizing who it was stood before him, dressed like a girl.

“Oh damn!” he exclaimed. “Wow, I never would have guessed, not in a million years! You look…” He paused. “You look fine, girl!”

I blushed and didn’t respond.

“No seriously! You look sexy as fuck!”

“Thanks,” I replied softly.

“So, I need to check the gas pipes, do you mind?” he asked.

“Umm, of course not, please go ahead.” I whimpered back. He made his way down the hall, looking back a few times, his mouth a gaze, quite clearly checking me out.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked.

“Yes please, baby,” he said.

His words made me feel cute and sexy as I strutted my way over to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of wine and filling two glasses. As I finished pouring the second glass, he came back quite happy with himself.  

“All good now.”

I passed him a glass which he downed quickly. I finished my drink and poured another. He kept looking at legs and ass, his eyes wild with excitement.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I can’t stop looking at you. You’re just so fucking hot!”

I noticed a bulge growing in his pants which made me blush and I could see I was turning him on. I couldn’t tell if it was the wine or the fact that I hadn’t cum in days, but I started to feel really horny.

He gulped down his glass of wine and gestured for another. As I leaned over to pour him another glass of wine he grabbed my ass and squeezed it tightly. I couldn’t believe what was happening and just giggled as he smiled at me and winked.

“I’m sorry but you are just too fucking cute and you’re making my cock hard as fuck! Please let me pleasure you, I’d do anything to please you.” There was a sincerity in his voice that made me feel relaxed.

“Ok,” I replied softly.

His eyes lit up and he span me around, gently pushing me against the kitchen top and lifting my tight dress up over my ass. I bent over as he slid my thong to the side exposing my pink virgin hole. He crouched down between my legs and began to slowly lick my boy pussy, frantically lashing his tongue up and down with passionate strokes.

“Oh yes!” I moaned, slowly losing control of my inhibitions. “Lick my pussy, daddy.”

He wildly started to lick and suck my boy pussy faster, making me shake in my heels and let out another girly moan. He grabbed my ass and buried his tongue deeper into my hole making me dribble pre-cum into my black lace thong.

After a few more minutes of orgasmic pleasure, he rose to his feet and ripped off his shirt and pants. I teetered around in my heels mesmerized as he pulled off his briefs, unleashing a beautiful smooth uncut cock. His body was surprisingly toned and his stomach was ripped.

I stared at his naked body for a few seconds, taking my time to take it all in. I’d never seen a real cock this close before and it turned me on more than I thought. He must have noticed because he just looked back at me, raising his arms behind his head and proudly thrust his cock out towards me.

I kneeled down before him, staring up as I slowly wrapped my hands around his hard cock, gently pulling back his foreskin to reveal a sexy smooth pink head. My mouth watered at the sight off his dick and I started to tentatively lick the tip, slowly jerking him off as he groaned.

“Can I suck it?” I whispered seductively.

He stared down at me, a look of delight and eagerness in his eyes. “Yes! Oh please yes, suck my cock, you sexy girl!”

I sank my mouth over his bell end feeling the softness of his penis with my tongue as I devoured his cock. I could feel his skin on my lips as I explored the sensation. Curiously sucking on his stiff cock while I jerked him off and caressed his balls at the same time.

‘That feels so fucking good!” he said, breathlessly.

I moaned and just stared back up at him, maintaining eye contact as I sucked his cock faster, slobbering up and down as I drooled over his entire length. He gently held onto the back of my head and eased his cock in and out of my mouth, talking dirty to me as he fucked my face. 

“Oh baby, you suck so good. I love it. What a good little cock sucker you are. You’re so fucking hot. Look at you, sucking like a pro!”

After several minutes of intense mouth fucking, he pulled his cock out and pulled me back up onto my feet.

“I wanna fuck you so bad!” he said, “Do you have a condom?”

I nodded and grabbed his hand, leading him down the hall towards the bedroom. I glanced back over my shoulder, and noticed how entranced he was, staring at my ass as I wiggled along in my high heels. As we entered the room and ushered him onto the bed. He lay down on his back, his cock standing to attention.

I pulled a condom out of my bedside drawer and laid down beside him, tearing open the packet and pulling out the rubber before easing it over the tip and rolling it down his shaft.  His eyes were like two red hot balls of fire as he waited patiently in anticipation. I stood up off the bed and started to remove my dress, slowly sliding it down over my Basque, wiggling as I stretched it over my ass and down my legs. 

As it fell to the floor, his cock trembled slightly and his jaw dropped at the sight of my lingerie and stockings.

“You are so fucking sexy, babe. I wanna fuck you so bad!”

He reached out for me and helped me onto the bed. I lifted my leg over him and straddled myself a few inches over his hard cock, locking eyes with him for a moment.

“I’ve never done this before, not with a real man,” I said sheepishly.

He smiled and replied, “We can take it slow, baby, I’ll be gentle.”

His hands tenderly gripped my hips as he wrapped his fingers around my garter straps, holding me tightly in mid-air. I reached down and guided his penis closer to my boy pussy, moving him nearer to my gaping hole. I knew what to do, I’d practised this many times with my vibrating dildo.

I closed my eyes, pulled my thong to the side and slowly lowered myself onto his cock, feeling the sensation of pure bliss as he slid deep inside me, my hands pressing against his hard pecs as I began to ride him softly. 

“Oh fuck!” he moaned in a deep and slow tone, “You feel incredible.”

My ass began to loosen as I gradually began riding his cock, bouncing on top of him while he grabbed my ass tightly, digging his fingers into my cheeks.

“Oh yes, daddy, fuck me!” I squeaked in a sissy high pitch voice, “Fuck me harder.”

The feeling began to make me climax as he pumped his cock deeper into my ass, grabbing my hips and moaning in pleasure. My soft clitty began to rub against my thong and I could feel it oozing into the lacy garment.

He noticed my climax and quickly pushed me off him onto my back, leaping up and burying his head between my legs to suck on my tiny clit. I screamed in pleasure as he sucked my clitty into his warm mouth, feeling my whole body start to tremble. I clawed at the bed sheets and groaned as I began to feel some more pre-cum ooze out.

“Fuck me again! I want to feel you cum inside me,” I pleaded.

He lept to his knees, lifting my legs up over his shoulders and pressed his cock between my ass. His cock slid in easily as he started pounding it harder and faster into my ass, biting at my stockings.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He grunted, my heels clicking together behind his head.

I could feel my g-spot throb as my clitty trickled and leaked cum all over my pretty Basque. His muscles pulsed and his pecs flexed, sweat ran off his chest and down between his legs as his cock slid in and out of my hole. 

“I’m gonna cum!” he yelled, as if it was a surprise to him.

“Yes, baby, cum inside me,” I pleaded, “Cum inside my sissy ass.”

His whole body shook and his arms weakened as he thrust himself as deep as he could into my ass. I grabbed his butt cheeks and dug my fingernails into him as he filled me with his cock, the condom bursting with his hot sticky load.

“Fuck, fuck.” he groaned as he collapsed on top of me, his cock vibrating inside, shooting the last few drops of cum.

“Oh yes, daddy, was that good?” I asked inquisitively.

He stopped and stared at me lovingly, pausing to catch his breath,

“Oh yes, baby girl, that was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

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