Hello readers, Just a note to say that this chapter begins the incest part of the story. But it is treated lovingly and tenderly so I hope you wil continue reading the rest of the story!

Tommy and Connie enjoyed their new-found relationship very much over the next couple of months. Tommy began working at his new job with Advanced Technologies Inc. and Mr. Hamilton was very pleased with Tommy’s work ethic and enthusiasm. He could see almost immediately that Tommy was going to be an asset to the company. Connie, too, got a promotion at the bank, becoming that branch’s permanent New Accounts director. No more standing at the teller line for hours a day – she had a desk and was able to sit at work. And the money was better too, with a sizable raise in pay!

Everything was working out for the pair and Barbara, Tommy’s mother was doing well too. She was very pleased that Tommy and Connie had gotten so close. Despite their difference in age, both seemed genuinely happy and for Barbara, that was all that mattered.

Still, Barbara couldn’t help but feel a bit blue when she looked at her own situation. The thirty-eight-year-old divorcee had not been on a date in a long time and it had been even longer since she had slept with a man. Connie and Tommy had been very kind in not talking about their sexual adventures around her, but she still knew that they were having them whether they talked about it or not. And she was envious of the happy couple. Not jealous as in angry and vengeful, but envious; wishing she could have what they had.

Her fretfulness and hopelessness grew as time went on. She tried to throw her attention into her work, hoping to distract herself from what everyone else was getting and just care for those in her charge, but that only worked while she was at work and not all that well there either. She kept getting patients with boyfriends or girlfriends, husbands or wives. Seems she could not escape this torment that beset her.

One day she was sitting at home alone, feeling sorry for herself when she saw Connie outside checking her mailbox. “Connie, want to come over for some coffee or something?” Barbara called out.

“Sure let me put this is the house and I’ll be right over!” Connie said, waving her mail over her head.

A few minutes later Connie was sitting at the table as Barbara brought them both a cup of coffee.

“Connie I wanted to talk to you while Tommy is at work. I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Barbara started.

“What’s wrong, Barb honey?” Connie said.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to talk about. I mean I don’t want to be a wet towel for you and Tommy. I really love that the two of you have found each other. But… oh, I don’t know! I’m just so confused and frustrated and mixed up anymore!” Barbara said, exasperated.

“Okay Barbara, slow down a minute and just tell me what the problem is. Then we will talk about how to fix it and what we can do to make things easier. Now just calmly explain the problem,” Connie said.

“The problem Connie is that I need a man!” Barbara said, “I am a thirty-eight-year-old divorced woman who hasn’t even kissed a man in so long I can’t remember what it feels like! Much less had one between my legs! I need a man… I need to feel wanted, loved, and be made love to! Dammit, I am horny as fuck and need to get laid!” Barbara said, nearly in tears now.

“Have you tried dating services? Going out to singles bars? How about dating one of those gorgeous doctors you are surrounded by all the time?” Connie asked.

“Connie I have tried all those and more. I’ve acted helpless in the grocery store, I even placed an ad on an Internet bulletin board for singles trying to hook up. I didn’t use my real name and I used a throwaway email address to keep the kooks and whackos from finding me, but none of that worked. The few ‘bites’ I got were things I wouldn’t give my worst enemy!” Barbara said.

“I see. Well, when was the last time that you had a good cum? Forgive my bluntness, but this is girl talk and we are friends,” Connie said.

“Oh, that’s fine, hon. I appreciate being able to talk frankly and openly with you. Well, the last time I had a real good cum was that time I came home to find you and Tommy in his room. Watching you two while I masturbated made me cum so hard I couldn’t stand up!” Barbara said blushing a little.

“Oh yeah, I remember! To be honest, it was kind of exciting for me too – seeing you peeking in on us, watching us, was quite a turn on for me as well!

“Well, as I remember, Tommy was a little less than ‘turned on’!” Barbara said.

“Maybe at first – he was more afraid that he was in trouble, though!” Connie giggled.

“Well, I did tell him when he started getting interested in girls that I didn’t want any girls in his room. I guess I should have specified women too!” Barbara laughed.

The girls continued to talk for another hour or so until Barbara had to get dinner started for her and Tommy. Talking to Connie helped some, but Barbara knew that it was just a temporary reprieve. The problem still existed and the blues would soon return.

It was a few days after Barbara and Connie talked when Barbara came home from work and things reached a turning point. Barbara had had an early shift that day, and when she came home Tommy was nowhere to be found. She thought at first he had not come home from work, or maybe he was at Connie’s house. So she went ahead and changed her clothes and then took her dirty uniform in to put it in the laundry basket in the bathroom. She opened the door to hear the shower running. She saw Tommy taking a shower – he had come home from work and was taking a shower before dinner.

Barbara was about to shut the door and sneak out before she was spotted. But then Tommy turned slightly and she saw her son in all his glory. Tommy was not the little eight-year-old boy she remembered! She looked at his well-developed body… all that working out for the football team had paid huge dividends!

Tommy was in great shape and as her eyes traveled over his wet well-sculpted body, she saw something that made her gasp so loud she thought she’d surely get caught. She got an eyeful of Tommy’s eight-inch cock in a semi-erect state. Barbara couldn’t help staring at the beautiful specimen of manhood. She subconsciously licked her lips as she watched him shower and her mind began to conjure up all sorts of naughty, twisted ideas… things a mother ought not to think about her son!

Barbara watched as her son showered… watching as he unwittingly displayed himself for her. Barbara didn’t want to admit it to herself, but she was getting wet watching him like this. Her pussy, long inactive, stirred to life and begin tingling. Her hand went up her belly, sliding up under her t-shirt and she began toying with the nipple and playing with her tit. She bit her lip to hold back the soft moan that had worked its way up her throat and was threatening to expose her.

After a few precious moments, her mind came back flashing a warning that she had better get out of there before she was caught. Regretfully, she slunk back out of the bathroom, careful not to make any sound, and then went into the kitchen to start dinner.

That night as Barbara lay in bed trying to go to sleep, her mind flashed back to Tommy in the shower. She recalled mental images she had of him, images she had seen of him in the shower. Images of him fucking Connie. Thoughts about his hard cock and cumming for her was all Barbara needed for motivation. She quickly kicked off the bed covers and pushed them aside. She needed to touch herself, to imagine him touching her.

Barbara’s hands roamed over her breasts, stopping only long enough to pinch her nipples to full erection. She parted her long legs and her fingers began to tickle her aching clit, while slowly opening her pussy lips. She felt the hot wetness and thought of having her son’s tongue in place of her fingers. She visualized him, his face buried against her pussy, licking and kissing her. Barbara imagined she could feel him gently sucking her clit. She replaced her fingers with her favorite vibrator, loving the way it hummed over it.

As she worked the vibe directly on her throbbing clit, Barbara thought of his tongue, his lips covering her sex. She imagined him pressing his tongue down hard onto her clit and she pressed her vibe onto the perfect spot. She recalled the things he’d said to Connie that day she watched the two of them and imagined him saying them to her, treating her like a slut and talking dirty to her.

Barbara’s excitement grew and she began softly moaning. She heard herself moaning aloud as if he were there to hear her. The thought of moaning her need to him aroused her even more. Her eyes closed tightly as she created a wonderful fantasy scene for them. All the while, the buzzing vibe on her clit was bringing her closer and closer to sweet release. She screamed his name into her pillow just as she felt the warm rush of cum escape.

Barbara rolled onto her stomach and closed her eyes, trying now to go to sleep. However, her mind began to wander and soon another scene began to appear…

An innocent kiss between mother and child, a gentle affectionate touch, that was all it took. They both wanted each other madly at that moment. She felt his hands as they maneuvered over her naked, trembling body. Gently, he took her breasts into his hands as his body slowly slid down hers. She could feel his breath as his face neared her dripping pussy. Her body was his for the taking and he knew it. He always knows that he can ignite the kind of passion in her that she longs for.

His tongue, wet and warm, caressed her creamy thighs as she wrapped her legs loosely around his neck and rested them on his back. His tongue flicked over her clit as his finger traced the outer lines of her pussy lips. Slowly, he slid one finger inside her wet hole. She pushed down hard onto his tongue and his fingers. He was delving his finger deeply inside of her, first just one, then it was followed by another. He was giving her the most wonderful sensations. But, she needed more than his fingers. She placed her hands on his face and pulled him away from her clit, saying, “I want your cock in my pussy, baby, now.”

That’s all it took. He quickly shifted himself and she took hold of his cock and guided it into her wet, slippery pussy. The rush she felt as he thrust his cock into her was incredible. She had never felt such an indescribable rush. His cock opened her long dormant pussy and breathed life back into her. Her body, responding as it always did to him, arched up to meet him. She placed her legs against his chest as he held her thighs. Barbara squeezed her pussy muscles together, tightening her grip around his cock and milking him with her pussy. Looking up at him, she could see the pleasure expressed on his face. She loved the way his cock felt inside of her, completely hard, full and thick as his balls slammed against her ass.

Their bodies melded into one as the perfect rhythm was set. Over and over, he pushed deeply inside of her and then pulled almost out. Each time with more force, each time he caused her body to want even more. Barbara felt his hardness plunge into her one last time, she sensed that his orgasm was there. His eyes were clenched shut, his head was tilted back as he released his cum into her. His body shook, his hands dug into her thighs, pinning her firmly in place.

Once his body relaxed a little, he pulled his cock out and began to rub it against her sex. Her legs still pressed onto his chest, opened more for him. As he rubbed his cock up and down her drooling slit, he began to stiffen again. He pushed her pussy lips open with his cock and pressed it hard against her clit. He held his cock with one hand and began slapping it against her clit. A little harder and faster each time. Barbara loved hearing the sounds it made as he slapped her wet clit.

With each touch, her clit grew larger, swelling to the point that it was protruding enough to be clearly visible. Barbara’s hands grabbed her legs and she arched up to meet him, screaming that she was cumming. He lowered her legs to either side and rested on top of her. Barbara loved the feeling of him on her, the weight of his body pressing down, possessing her. They stayed like that for some time and then he raised his head up to kiss her and sweetly said “Good night.”

The next day Tommy was gone to work by the time Barbara woke up. Barbara was glad too because she was torn about her dreams the previous night. She knew that she shouldn’t be having sexual thoughts like that about her son, but there was a part of her that was extremely excited and turned on by the idea of this young, virile, handsome man living in her house. And she wanted him… God forgive her, she wanted him badly!

Barbara sat at the table eating breakfast and trying to resolve the battle within her. She tried to push down the part of her that wanted him on and in her. She tried to ignore her own womanly needs and desires. But they were just too strong. It had been too long since she felt the comfort of a man and too long since she had been loved by one. After a bit, she pulled herself together and decided that housework would help take her mind off things. Maybe if she did the housewife/mother stuff, she would feel more like one and these dirty thoughts would fade away.

Of course, it didn’t work. While doing laundry, she picked up the underwear he was wearing yesterday before his shower. She brought it to her nose and deeply inhaled the musky scent that still remained. A soft audible moan escaped her lips as she realized that she could not escape this desire she had. She could feel her pussy dampening as she stood there with his underwear in her hands imagining the cock that it once contained.

“Oh my God!” Barbara cried aloud and she fell to the floor sobbing uncontrollably. After a good cry, Barbara got up and resumed her housework. Her pitiful love life aside, she had laundry to do and cleaning to get done. Later, there would be dinner to get ready. Barbara had just finished vacuuming and was about to start dinner when Tommy came home from work.

“Hi Mom I’m home!” he called from the front door as he came inside.

“I’m in the kitchen honey!” Barbara called back. Tommy came into the kitchen and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek. “So how was work today?” she asked.

“It was fine. I am working on upgrading some computers with some new programs and it’s going pretty fast. I think Mr. Hamilton is liking my work!” he said.

“That’s great, sweetheart. Now go wash up, dinner will be ready in a little bit,” she said. Tommy went off to wash up and then he came back to help set the table. When dinner was ready Barbara put it on the table and they sat down to eat.

As they ate, Tommy glanced at his mother several times. “Mom is something wrong?” he asked. Barbara had tried to hide the emotional upheaval she was experiencing inside her, but apparently, she hadn’t hidden it well enough.

“No hon, nothing is wrong. It’s just been a long day and I’m tired,” she said. She didn’t like lying to her son; they had always been able to talk to each other openly and honestly. That was what she loved most about their relationship. Many a night they had spent just sitting and talking. But this was a subject she didn’t know that she could share. If Tommy knew how she really felt about him, would he still respect her? Would he even still love her? She couldn’t bear it if he didn’t look at her with the same adoring eyes he had always had. If he suddenly thought less of her, because of her depraved sexual ideas, it would kill her.

“Are you sure?” Tommy asked.

“Yes dear. I’ll be okay. I just need to rest is all,” she said.

“You work too hard Mom. I can’t wait till I get better at my job and start earning more money, so you can take it easy. I want to take care of you for a change,” he said.

Barbara smiled, “You do enough honey, believe me. You help me a lot around here, and you help me by making me not have to worry about you. A lot of mother’s don’t have that luxury!”

The pair finished dinner and Tommy helped clear the table. They sat down to watch their favorite TV show together. “I’m going to go over to Connie’s for a little bit before bedtime, Mom,” Tommy said.

“Okay hon, I’m just going to do a couple of things around here then. Maybe I’ll go to bed early, I don’t know,” Barbara said.

Tommy headed over to Connie’s and Barbara got up and made sure that the dishwasher was going and that the house was closed up for the evening. She left the front door open for Tommy to come back in but she went around to make sure the back door was locked and all the windows were secure.

Barbara was sitting on the sofa watching TV when she looked up at the clock. It was getting pretty late and although she had the next day off, she thought Tommy might have to work. Maybe he just lost track of time or something, but she decided that she should go over and see if he was coming home or not.

Barbara walked over to Connie’s house and knocked on the door. She waited for several moments but got no answer so she went on in to find Tommy. She walked through the house not finding anyone until she came to the bedrooms.

She stood at the door of the bedroom listening for a couple of moments to the sounds of the two of them fucking. Her mind went back to the last time when she caught them in Tommy’s room. It was such a hot scene and masturbating as she watched them, Barbara hadn’t cum that hard in a very long time.

Barbara cautiously opened the bedroom door, wondering what she would see this time. This time it was Tommy on his back with Connie riding him like a rodeo star. She was facing him and he had two handfuls of her magnificent tits in his hands as she bounced happily on his hard thick cock.

“Oh god!” she exclaimed, “I’m so full, baby! Your big cock is stretching my pussy so good! Yess, that’s it, shove your big cock deep in my slutty cunt!”

Connie ground her pussy in small circles in his lap pressing herself down as hard as she could to get the maximum length inside her. She rocked forward and back rubbing her aching clit on his hardness and sending her mind reeling.

Barbara stood there watching the two as they fucked and her hand once again found its way down under her panties. She was wet once more as well and her fingers began playing over her dripping, neglected pussy. The door slowly opened a little further on its own, but Barbara was too engrossed in the action to notice.

Connie was enjoying her ride on Tommy’s meatpole and from the cries and moans her best friend was uttering, he was giving as good as he got. Connie was clawing at her tits, pulling at her nipples like she wanted to tear them off. Her back was arched and her head was flopping around like a bobble-head toy.

Barbara was really enjoying this voyeuristic show and decided to make herself cum as she watched her son fucking her best friend. She slowly slid her finger between her hot and juicy cunt lips. She teased her clit, rubbing it as it got hard and then plunged the finger deep into her buttery pussy. She withdrew her finger and rubbed her clit some more with her juice-soaked finger. Barbara stuck her middle finger back into her cunt and began pumping. Just as she’d anticipated, her lust raged stronger than ever.

“Oh God, Tommy! Yes! Yes, finger my clit!” Connie screamed when Tommy moved a hand down to rub her clit with his thumb, “Oh I’m going to cum! Please baby, just a little more, Please make me cum! I’m almost there, lover!”

Then with a great cry of unbridled passion, Connie let loose erupting in an orgasm that shook her to the core and caused her to scream her joy to the rafters. Tommy kept thrusting upwards while playing with her clit, drawing out the exquisite agony for her. Finally, she had no escape but to fall off him onto the bed beside him.

At the same time that Connie erupted, Barbara also lost her ability to restrain her own orgasm and she bit her lip as the waves of self-induced pleasure crashed headlong into her. Barbara had already been horny and the peep show had only exacerbated her condition. Her orgasm hit with the power of a Mack truck and she fell against the door as her legs gave way, making a hellish racket and causing Tommy and Connie to jump up with fright.

Barbara quickly tucked back out of sight and tried to make a getaway before she was found out, but it was too late. Connie rolled out of bed and caught up to Barbara just as she was about to turn the corner into the living room and run out the door.

“Barbara wait!” Connie said chasing after her.

“Oh Connie, I’m so sorry! I-I was just coming to tell Tommy it was getting late and…” Barbara said quickly.

“Shh! It’s okay honey! C’mon,” Connie said taking her hand. She walked Barbara back into the bedroom where Tommy was now sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“Come join us, Barbara,” Connie said.

“I-I can’t! It isn’t right… I mean…” Barbara said.

“It’s okay, Mom. I know that you want to. And we want you to as well. I know it’s been hard for you… not having anyone. And I’ve felt bad sometimes because Connie and I have each other. Mom, I love you. Let me help make it easier for you. Let me show you how much I love you,” Tommy said.

“I… I… oh God, Tommy! Baby, please don’t, I’m your mother for God’s sake”, she said.

Then his hand moved to her stomach, slipping up under her shirt a bit, and he began lightly stroking her skin. His unexpected touch caused her to gasp and suck in her stomach quickly.

Barbara’s entire sexuality screamed for his touch. The desire she felt caused a throbbing in her body. She could feel her resistance waning as her gaze kept falling to Tommy’s extremely hard cock. Damn, he had just finished fucking Connie not five minutes ago and here it was jerking stiffly like a dog restrained on a leash.

“Tommy, sit back to the bed and watch me, baby, I’ll let you I promise. W-we… c-can’t touch baby,” Barbara said unconvincingly. She felt as though her heart was going to pound its way out of her chest and her clit throbbed in anticipation of his hand moving lower.

“No, I need to touch you, Mom. I need to make you feel loved. I need to make you feel like a woman. I know you miss being with a man. You haven’t even dated in so long. Come over here and let me – let us – make you feel the way you should feel. I want to show you the happiness and love that you have missed. I need to show you. Please,” Tommy said. The agony of his need was apparent in his voice. Knowing any man needed her as badly as he did would turn have turned her on but to hear her son express his desire for her in this way…

She didn’t get the chance to respond to his entreaty. As he spoke, his hand moved lower and his fingers trailed over her panty-clad pussy. Barbara turned her head sideways, not wanting to look at his face even as her hips lifted to him, searching for the touch she so badly needed to quiet the constant pulsing at her clit. Her mind might still be resisting, but her body had already conceded the fight. Barbara could see and feel his love for her in the way he lightly caressed her as his fingertips examined her body. She knew her inhibitions to this act were waning…

It was then that Barbara’s hand fell to push his away, but instead, she found her fingers gripping his thick hot meaty dick. She felt a wave of submission course through her as she groaned and her fingers tightened on his cock and pulled at him. His cock felt so hard and each time her fingers tightened on him, it stiffly jerked its desire to be embedded inside her now screaming pussy.

Barbara tried to will her hand to leave him, but just then he rolled atop her, his body spread her thighs and his lips found hers and he kissed her. The thrill of his mother’s hand on his young cock had instilled the courage he needed to act. What she had meant to discourage, had instead moved him to act suddenly and brazenly. His lips on her own coupled with the feel of his thick hard dick mashing her clit had Barbara moaning her complete subjugation to his will.

Barbara put her arms around him as his hips began a slow grinding motion that had his meaty cock rolling against her engorged and needy clit. Her response was automatic as her feet pressed flat on the bed and her hips lifted her pussy to his pressured grinding.

“Baby, if you don’t want to do this we can stop, you must think I’m a horrible mother,” Barbara said. She was afraid that her selfish, sexual need had alienated her son, allowing her hunger for sex to strip him of his love for her. She choked and tears began running down her cheeks as she held him close saying, “God, I’m sorry Tommy… I should have been stronger, should have stopped this long ago.”

“Mom,” he said as his lips left hers, “I..I want to make love to you…to…to make you feel better. I love you so much, Mom.”

“Baby just do whatever you want to and you’ll please me. Don’t be afraid, if it enters your mind then just do it. I know you love me so there isn’t anything you can do to me that I won’t love sweetie. Just let it go baby and enjoy me just like you enjoy Connie here. I have seen how you talk to her and the things you do. I want that, baby, I want you to do all those things to me. I want to be your slut baby, I want to be your whore along with Connie. Please, can I be your fuckslut too? You can make me do anything you want to, I promise I’ll love it.”

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