I called Janet and told her I would pick her up in a couple of minutes. I had been going out with her for five months, yet I didn’t want to have anything serious with her. I had gotten divorced two years before, and I didn’t really feel like establishing any kind of commitment with anyone.

Janet and I had decided to go to a swingers’ club downtown. A week ago, after fucking her, we talked about sex fantasies, and she said she wanted to go to this kind of place. I was happy to hear that because that would mean having sex with another girl, just randomly.

Eight minutes later, I got to her place. Janet got into my car, and I drove off. She wore a black dress with a deep neckline that allowed me to see part of her big tits. The club was near her apartment, so I just had to drive half a mile. When we got there, we left the car in the club’s parking lot and went in. The first thing I noticed in this place was this narrow dim hall that led to the reception desk, where a nice smiling girl would greet us. At the reception, they explained the rules of the place, gave us some bathrobes, and told us to go to the dressing rooms.

We went there, took off our clothes, left them in the lockers, put on the bathrobes, and went to the main area. It was huge, and there were some couples having drinks while others were dancing. In the background, you could hear some techno music, not so loud, thank goodness. Some people were with their partners, without clothes, and on the other side of the room, there were two couples having sex close to each other. At the reception desk, they had told us there were some rooms on the first and second floors, and a pool area.

I went for a drink, and when I was at the bar, someone tapped my back. I turned around and I saw her: Monica, my ex-wife. She was wearing one of those bathrobes. Surprised, I asked her what she was doing there. She said she was there with her husband.

“Wow! I didn’t know you had gotten married again,” I managed to say.

“Yeah, a year ago. He’s a nice guy. He… Hey… Who are you with?” she asked.

I pointed at Janet. Monica looked at her and asked me who she was.

“Just a friend, you know. Say, I didn’t know you liked this kind of thing. I mean, we never…”

“I know… Things just happen, right? Hey, would you like to?”

“What?” I asked her as I didn’t understand what she meant.

“Switch partners? I think my husband will like your friend.”

I didn’t know what to say. She looked at me and slowly flashed her boobs. Her round 32C boobs still looked good.

“Okay,” I said.

She nodded and told me not to say anything about us having been married. She walked away and talked to her husband. I grabbed my drink and went back to talk to Janet.

A couple of minutes later they came to us. Monica did the talking. Janet liked the guy, a tall bald guy with big muscles, the kind of guy you would see riding a Harley-Davidson. We all agreed on switching partners, so we moved to a room upstairs. When we entered the room, there were some naked couples having sex. The room was kind of big, and it had some large sofas and mattresses.

We moved to a big couch that was not being used, and Monica’s husband was the first one to take the initiative. He grabbed Janet, removed her bathrobe and started to touch her big boobs. Monica looked at me. I got closer, opened her bathrobe and grabbed her hips. I caressed her softly while she moved her hand and got hold of my cock. I immediately got an erection as she rubbed it back and forth.

I moved my hand around her hips and ass and then grabbed her boobs. I slid my fingers around her big nipples and made them stiff. She put her lips close to mine and began kissing me. It was weird to kiss her again, but I must admit I was enjoying that.

Monica got on her knees and licked the tip of my cock. It felt good. Then she put it inside her mouth and sucked it. That’s something she was good at–sucking dick. I put my hands on her boobs, rubbed them, and pressed her hard nipples. Next to us, Monica’s husband had already begun fucking my friend.

After two minutes, I told Monica to stand up. I touched her pussy, which was so wet on the outside. I rubbed her clit and then fingered her for a minute or so. It was so wet, as if she hadn’t been fucked in a while. After that, I held her hand and made her lie down on the couch. I got on top of her and put my dick inside. She moaned. I moved slowly initially. She moaned and hissed.

While I fucked her, I grabbed her ass and remembered how much she liked to feel my fingers inside her asshole, so I introduced my right middle finger into her anus. She screamed. I moved faster and faster, still holding her tits in my hand. I licked them and she moaned once again. She really enjoyed my licking her boobs.

I stopped, got my dick out of her pussy and penetrated her again. I repeated that action like six times, and whenever my dick got inside her cunt, she whined. That sound aroused me more and more. Then, she grabbed my balls, introduced my dick into her pussy, and kept holding my testicles. She rubbed them and moved them as if they were marbles. She looked at her husband every now and then, who was busy filling my friend’s pussy.

At that moment the atmosphere in the club was just crazy. Some couples had gotten around us and were also fucking. Some guy even got closer and touched Monica’s boobs, something she seemed to enjoy.

Then, Monica told me to get off her. We stood up, I got behind her, hugged her and penetrated her again. Next to us, Monica’s husband was sitting on a couch while Janet sat on top of him. I could tell she enjoyed being fucked by the big guy.

Some minutes later, Monica told me to lie down on the couch. She grabbed my cock, moved it a couple of times, and went down on me again. Damn, she knew how to suck cock. Her husband got closer with Janet and slammed Monica’s ass. Monica grabbed his cock and rubbed it while she sucked mine. Janet put her pussy on my mouth and I licked it.

Then, Monica got on top of me and put my dick inside her cunt again. Her husband took Janet, made her face the wall and fucked her from behind. Monica moved her right arm behind her back, got hold of my balls again, and began to play with them. While she bounced on top of me, I touched her boobs, over and over again. I really liked them. I moved them to the sides and then up and down as if I was playing with an anti-stress ball. I loved to see how they bounced. Monica moved faster and faster and I could feel how her breathing accelerated.

I grabbed her ass and balanced my body to fuck her harder. She screamed aloud. I heard Janet scream. I moved my head back and saw how Janet’s tits bounced fast. This guy was fucking her really hard.

I introduced my finger into Monica’s asshole again. She hissed and moved her body backwards. She groaned while my finger got deep into her anus, deeper and deeper until she came. She moved to my side and moaned while her legs shook. I made her lie face down and fingered her ass. Then, I took my dick and penetrated her again. I moved faster and faster until I came too.

I got my dick out of her pussy and let all my sperm wash her back. I kissed her neck while she touched my balls again. Monica’s husband got close to us again and put his wet dick into Monica’s mouth. He moved back and forth for a couple of seconds until he came too.

I stood up and hugged Janet while I watched Monica’s mouth fill with sperm. Janet and I sat down on a couch close to where they were, and I kissed her tits. On the other couch, Monica looked at me. She winked at me while she searched for her husband’s cock with her right hand.


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