The Pro-Wrestler and His Valet

Dave Bennett was a British pro-wrestler. He recently made the big move and started to wrestle for a major wrestling promotion in the United States. When he first arrived on the scene in America during the tryouts, he struck up a close friendship with a fellow wrestler, which didn’t go unnoticed amongst the trainers at the academy. Being that, this chemistry he had with Alicia Cortez was so perfectly evident between them.

Alicia Cortez was a female American pro-wrestler, originally from Puerto Rico. When she first arrived for the tryouts, she immediately hit it off with Dave Bennett when they first met. This was pretty much obvious and didn’t go unnoticed between the trainers. That it was decided between senior management, that they would be paired up when they made their eventual debuts.

They appeared down in the developmental promotion for a few months. Where they proved such a hit with the fans, they would eventually get called up to the promotion’s main roster. After being called up they made their debut as a heal.

Their music hit and they made their way to the ring. Alicia accompanied Dave to the ring, as his valet or manager. For the characters they portrayed, they pretended to be lovers. As villainous characters during their promo, they berated both the crowd and Dave’s opponent as being inferior.

His opponent finally had enough and his music hit, eventually, he made way to the ring. The bell rang to signal the start of the match. The match went back and forth between both wrestlers for approximately five minutes, until Dave Bennett hit his Bennett’s plunge finisher a modified fireman’s carry cutter, for the one, two three to win the match.

Dave and Alicia celebrated together before they headed to the back. Once back in the locker rooms, where they embraced and gave each other a hug, their lips met and they kissed passionately. They thought it was best to lock the locker room door, they didn’t want to get disturbed by anyone who tried to enter.

His attention finally on Alicia and they kissed passionately once more. She dropped to her knees and hooked her fingers into his wrestling trunks. She bit her lip, at the anticipation of what was about to become and revealed his more than ample sized cock.

Wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly stroked. Her tongue licked up the side of the shaft and gave his cock head a soft kiss, she parted her lips and took the head into her mouth. He moaned, with her mouth and tongue worked his cock. He stopped her before, she had a chance to make him cum.

He picked her up, carried her over to the couch and laid her down. He softly kissed down her body, he unhooked her bra and revealed her perky 34C breasts. He groped and socked, while moans escaped her lips. Slowly kissed his way down her and hocked her panties, pulled them down her soft silky legs and caught sight of her perfectly shaven mound.

His tongue ran through her slit, which sent shivers right through her slender frame. She moaned when his tongue parted her soft pussy lips. He worked his tongue deep inside her pussy, which made her moan even louder. She came hard on his tongue, he lapped up her fluids when they gushed towards.

She mustered three words “Please fuck me.” He got on top of her and they kissed passionately once again, she tasted herself on his lips. His cock probed against her wet and slick pussy, he pressed the cock against her opening, without any resistance he slipped right in. She moaned and gasped for air when his hardness stretched out her insides.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in deeper. With each hard thrust into her, he made her moan loudly which echoed throughout the entire locker rooms. They hoped no one would hear them while they fucked. Dave used every inch of his cock and shaft to stretch Alicia’s pussy and rub against her G-spot.

She moaned rather loudly and was fairly vocal when she neared to her climax and orgasm. They kissed passionately to try and muffled her moans. Which worked a charm and hopefully prevented anyone from outside hearing them.

Their bodies moved in sync, while they met each other’s thrusts. They both neared closer to their mutual ecstasy, electrical signals of pure ecstasy rushed throughout Alicia’s petite frame when she came hard. Her body bucked and spasmed underneath Dave, her vaginal muscles gripped his shaft hard.

Dave could feel his balls tighten and drew closer to his own release. The tight grip of her pussy on his cock when she came was all he could take, he exploded and coated deep inside her pussy with his seed. Her vaginal muscles milked every last drop of cum from his shaft and balls.

They collapsed into a heap on the couch from their passionate lovemaking and finally came down from their mutual high. They passionately kissed, while Dave’s fingers ran through her soft silky hair. They held each other in their arms for what seemed like an eternity, but only an hour in reality.

Finally, they were able to tear themselves apart and get changed. They left the locker room to the hall full of cheers, they knew they had been busted and they didn’t care one bit. They carried on by and walked past everyone to the car that waited for them, they headed back to the hotel for a further night of sex and passion.

At the time when Dave first came to the United States, he didn’t know what was in store for him. But now knows what the American dream meant to him, that he has met his future in Alicia Cortez.

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