It was eight in the morning on an overcast day in late March. Chloe came downstairs, a denim jacket draped over her arm and flower print dress. She looked just as beautiful as the first day I met her, thirty years ago today. Her long brown tresses bounced with each step, as she came toward me. I noticed the first three buttons were left undone, and I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  

We are both in our early fifties and today we celebrated our anniversary. As I opened the door, her hand reached out and gently slapped my butt. She was giggling on the way to the car as I came up from behind and gave her butt a delicate squeeze. I held the door to my 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Impala Convertible and she slipped in. The lack of a console between the passenger and driver made for a few interesting times while driving.

“Looks like it could rain, Billy.”

“Yeah, so where’s your umbrella?” I said as we drove off, knowing full well what she would say.

“Billy Parsons, you know full well that your golf umbrella is always in your car,” she said, and slid over, putting her hand on my thigh.

We stopped for breakfast at Chef Klaus, a quaint cafe with German ambience. She ordered a Denver Omelette with Texas toast and I ordered a Chef Klaus skillet with Texas toast. Both of us had decaf coffee.

“Where are we going, honey?” she asked before taking a sip of coffee.

“I’m taking you to a place we both love and visited on our first date and later, out to dinner,” I replied, before taking a sip of coffee.

“Let me guess, Starved Rock State Park and dinner at The Chop House.” 

“Right you are, my dear.”

After a delicious breakfast, we headed off, taking the scenic route. She titillated the hell out of me as her hands caressed my body. The warmth of her mouth as she kissed my ear, neck and cheek was making it difficult to drive. To this day, I do not know how we didn’t end up in a ditch. By the time we reached the park, two hours later I was putty in her hands. Before getting out of the car, I reached out to touch her, “Now, now Billy, you have to wait,” she said, pushing my hand away, as she giggled. The kind of giggle that told me she was up to something.

I got out of the car and grabbed the umbrella from the back, then went around to open the door for Chloe. It was then that I noticed her white bobby socks and her black/white saddle shoes as she stepped from the car. From the parking lot, we decided on the two-mile trail that would take us along the Illinois river. As we walked, she became a bit frisky, brushing her hand across the front of my jeans and squeezing my butt. I was only too happy to play along, lightly slapping her butt and then squeezing those firm cheeks as we kissed. When we reached the viewing platform, the view of the Illinois river was breathtaking. I was standing behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her against me.

As we stood there, looking down at the river, I let my hands explore the familiar curves of her body. Her head fell back on my shoulder as I caressed her breast. She began to grind her hips against the hardness inside my jeans and using my other hand, pressed her dress against her mound. I was pleased to discover she had decided to forgo any undergarments. I kissed my way up her neck and upon reaching her ear, gently sucked the lobe between my lips. 

“Mmm, don’t stop, dear,” she purred, putting her hands over mine.

We continued arousing each other for several more minutes and then I abruptly stopped. As I stepped back, she turned and that’s when it started to drizzle hard enough to get us a little wet before I was able to get the umbrella opened. We both ducked under it and continued on, unable to keep our hands off one another. 

During the hike back, we came across a waterfall and saw a variety of birds. We even caught sight of a white tail deer. By the time we arrived at the outdoor seating area, both of us were quite wet from the rain being blown in all directions. Fortunately, it was beginning to let up. I stopped; Chloe had that unmistakable mischievous smile as she pulled me to her.

Taking the umbrella, she whispered in my ear, “Fuck me.”

With our bodies pressed together, I reached down and opened my fly. She hooked her left leg around my right leg as I pulled out my erect cock. My fingers unbuttoned her jacket and I slid one arm around her back for support. Reaching down with my free hand, I hiked up her dress and wrapped my hand around my cock. With knees slightly bent, I pushed my hips forward and my cock entered the warmth of her sex. We both moaned, not caring if anyone heard or was watching.

As I kept thrusting my hips back and forth, my hand undid the last four buttons of her dress and found the firm mound as we passionately kissed. After a few minutes, we both cried out, “I’M CUUMMIINNGG!” We both felt my sperm splash against the fleshy walls of her pussy. With each load filling her, she squeezed my cock as our orgasms ripped through our bodies. We held each other as we recovered, then straightened ourselves out and continued to the parking lot.

“I can’t believe we did that, Billy. It was hot!” she said, holding my hand.

“That was hot sweetie, you are so wicked,” I replied, letting go of her hand and wrapping my arm around her waist.

Nearing our car, we heard the distinct sound of someone moaning in pleasure. We quickly looked around and saw a woman in a car, topless and bouncing up and down. The couple looked to be in their mid-sixties. They looked at us and smiled. She mouthed, “Thank you.” 

“Well, honey, someone was watching us,” I said, holding the door open as Chloe got in.

As we headed home, she pulled out her favorite bullet vibrator from her purse and masturbated as I glanced over intermittently, while I drove. After she recovered from her orgasm, she rubbed the toy across my lips. I licked up the sweet nectar as she moved the stainless steel back and forth over my mouth. The rest of the drive, she kept teasing me, stroking and sucking my cock, bringing me to the edge. 

Arriving home, we made a dash to the bedroom, taking off our clothes on the way. Once there, Chloe dropped to her knees and swallowed my erection down to the base. Not able to hold back from all the teasing in the car, I came in a torrent, flooding her mouth to overflowing. I helped her up, pulled her to me and gave her a sensual kiss. We then headed to the shower and got ready for dinner.


The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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