Seductive Weaponry

Sitting in city squares
in a time of springlike air
filled with fragrant alluring pastimes
our worlds mellowed
in friendship so melodic

One saw the seductive weaponry
that she had acquired in life
saw the unobtrusive crossing of lithesome legs
tentative touch of graceful fingers on the arm
coy tilts of a flippant head
casually tossed tresses unfurled 

One watched it
both near and afar
truly a life scholar’s gourmet delight
observing the subtle unwitting wiles
so often employed injudiciously 
credulously innocent
lacking guile
while songbirds fluttered
under billowing clouds
waiting to burst with rain
accepting crumbs
from delicate fingertips

The perfect holiday
from mundane days
often passed
watching the armaments
obliviously trained upon this poor soul or that
who was expeditiously
tossed aside
in utter surprise 
without true shame or fault
as one more shuffled away
and the summer heat tempered

Clever enough 
knowing enough
to enjoy
and still not tumble ‘neath temptations
of honeyed bounty

Surprised enough
upon noting the
continued bursts of fire
rounding upon oneself
so often now and then
with total artlessness
blameless and shy

when gold and scarlet and brown of fall
trembled down around us
in the squares of glad fondness
accepting one was taken prisoner
under enchantment
enraptured with the seductive weaponry
of naivete  
of earnest quiet battle
surrendered myself to emotions and techniques
taut and free

Our worlds mellowed
and melded 
with a touch and a sigh

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