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Reann was in her thirties when she realized she had a very odd fetish. She discovered it literally by accident surfing porn sites. She came across a video that just entranced her into watching what was happening to the girl in the scene. Without even realizing it, she had her hand on her pussy, rubbing it. Before long, she had two fingers buried deep inside herself, quickly working herself to a powerful orgasm, all the while continuing to watch the girl in the scene. It was after the video ended, she realized what she had done while watching, and it was then she decided she had to try it.

She asked her husband if he would be interested in trying it with her or at least doing it to her. He was flabbergasted and shouted it was gross and she was sick for even thinking about it!

Well, that didn’t stop her from thinking about it or fantasying about it. She started to look for chat rooms that covered the topic she was dying to try. She found plenty and surfed around in each one until she found a group that made her feel comfortable. They were easy to chat with and share fantasies with. As she got to know them, she discovered they all frequented a local club called, ‘Club Excite.’ She asked them about it and the more she learned the more she became intrigued. So, it wasn’t long before she became a member and as they say, ‘The rest is history!’

She had been a member at the club for almost two years now and went as often as she could to have her fantasy fulfilled by her friends and sometimes by strangers depending on her mood and level of bravery each time. The only regret she had, was she kept this entirely secret from her husband of thirteen years. He just would not understand.

Luckily for Reann, it was going to be club night soon. She had an itch begging to be wetted down.

Tonya, several months after starting work at Club Excite.

Tonya showed up at work on Saturday night like normal, with Kevin dropping her off. They had become quite close. He was usually her ride to and from work. Sometimes they’d even share her bed together but they had never tried to tie each other down in any kind of commitment. It was a friendly friendship with extra benefits on occasion for both.

The club had been updating their wardrobe for the employees and tonight Tonya was wearing one of the new dresses. It had short sleeves with a body-hugging upper half and a skirt that flared out. Tonya loved the dress except for one fact, she felt her ass was always bare. The skirt barely came to mid-thigh and bending over to deliver drinks, for sure showed her ass every time. She thought to herself, No damn wonder I go home horny every night.

She chucked her stuff in her locker and walked out to the bar. As usual, the bar staff was already on hand preparing the stuff for the evening crowd. Standing there she was chatting up one of the bartenders she liked and had her eye on to take home sometime, a girl has needs after all.

That was when Lissa walked up to her and said, “Tonya, you’ve worked out great here and was so glad to hear about your new place.”

Lissa was referring to the condo that Tonya was house sitting. She had a professor that was teaching in England for two years and had been sympathetic to her whole problem with school. He offered to let her stay in his condo while he was away. Since he was leaving at the end of the semester it worked out great. She vacated her dorm room and moved into his spare bedroom the same day.

Things had been looking up for her a lot lately. The money she made working at the club allowed her to pay for school and do pretty much anything she wanted. Then throw in the bonus of her friends she met while working there, she couldn’t be happier at the moment.

Tonya replied, “Thank you, Lissa, I’m really enjoying it here.”

“Well, then I have a favor to ask then. One of the second-floor girls is sick and can’t come in tonight. I was hoping you’d cover it for me. Of course, you’ll get paid the extra they do and your normal tips. It’s pretty easy up there most of the time.”

“Lissa, I’d be happy to but I’m not sure what they do honestly.”

“Oh, mostly the same thing you do down here. They deliver drinks as requested by the guests using the rooms. Pick up empties as you do and after they leave. The cleaning staff takes care of the rest. Honestly, the hardest part for you might be the shocking things you see tonight. Most of our guests will order drinks and don’t care what you see them doing. Some of it can be pretty shocking even for me sometimes, but as long as it is consensual and basically safe, we provide a place for them to do it.”

Lissa went on and explained the bar arrangements and what to do if somebody tried to get grabby with her. After all, she wasn’t on the menu while working. When she had finished, she led Tonya to the elevator and took her up to meet the bartender on duty. Tonya was rather surprised that he was a pretty big guy unlike the ones downstairs. She thought he must be her back up in case of trouble.

After all the introductions were completed, Lissa left Tonya to get settled in for the night.

Reann at the club.

Reann arrived at the club around 9 pm that same Saturday night. It had taken her almost three weeks to work out having this night to herself. She couldn’t wait to enjoy it to the fullest.

As she walked through the club she looked around to see if she saw anybody familiar. When she first started coming here it didn’t take long to figure out who enjoyed her same fetish. Surprisingly more people than she thought. She noted Rob was here, but he was strictly a sex guy and not into her fetish. He tried to hit on her at first, but they came to an understanding about why she was there and what she wanted. She wasn’t there to cheat on her husband in the traditional sense. She just wanted to feed her need for her fetish.

She saw a few other men and women that she knew either shared her fetish or at least would partake in it to please her. They saw her as well, and she knew the word amongst the group would spread that she was here. She was satisfied that she would get her needs met tonight even if there wasn’t anybody new to drain.

Walking over to the elevator she waved her bracelet in front of the scanner and the door opened right away. She stepped in and hit the second-floor button. Being a member for almost two years now, she had access to the third floor as well, but she had only ever been on the third floor once. What she wanted and needed was on the second.

The elevator slid open and Reann was greeted by Tonya.

“Hi, my name is Tonya and I’ll be your hostess on the second floor tonight. Please let me know if you need a drink or anything else.”

“Thank you, Tonya, I’m Reann. Where is Katelin tonight if I may ask?”

“She called off sick so Lissa asked me to fill in for her tonight.”

“Sorry to hear that. I have a reservation at nine thirty for the white room. Is it available yet? I’d like to change and get comfortable before the fun begins.”

Tonya had no idea what the white room was but looked at the little tablet she had been given. Scanning down through the list she saw the white room with a large bold R in front of it and Reann behind it. It also noted the time, 9:30 pm to 3 am in bold type.

“Yes mam, it appears to be ready for you. Let me show you the way.”

Reann chuckled to herself so Tonya couldn’t hear. She knew the way to the white room all too well. She had spent many an hour in there since becoming a member. It was uniquely suited for her type of fetish.

Tonya got to the door of the white room and stepped aside so Reann could scan her bracelet. By doing that, it showed Reann had taken the room per her reservation and she would be billed accordingly. What Tonya didn’t know is that by the end of the night, the room will have been paid for many times over, leaving Reann’s account at the club very healthy.

Reann opened the door and Tonya stepped up to finished opening it. She stood aside and held it for Reann to enter carrying a small duffel with her. As they entered Tonya could see the room was actually divided into three spaces. One was a small changing area with shelves and hooks. The second was a what looked like a viewing area that had soft padded footstools to sit on. It was divided from the third area by a large floor to ceiling window. Looking into the third area, Tonya realized it was done in white tile. It and the viewing room were close to the same size, both being about eight-foot square.

Tonya spent a few minutes really studying the tiled room and saw shower heads along the back wall, a toilet behind a low privacy wall, several padded stools along one wall and what struck her the most was the window in the viewing room, it was actually a one-way mirror. She assumed it was to view this room without being seen. It didn’t take her long to picture this was a room for playing in the water but in reality, it was going to be used for far more tonight.

Reann brought Tonya out of her wondering thoughts by say, “Tonya, could you please give me a hand?”

Tonya replied, “Sure, what can I do to help?”

Turning towards Reann, she saw her standing there naked. Tonya took her in from head to toe. She was just over five feet tall, skin that looked like well-creamed coffee, long dark hair pulled into a ponytail, a cute face and wandering further down, breasts that looked to be about 38C, a waist the tapered to narrow hips. Tonya could just make out the top of her slit hidden by a little tuff of dark hair. Her legs were muscular and toned from what Tonya thought to be running since she herself had those same type of legs.

Walking over to the padded stools in the shower room, Reann indicated she needed help arranging two of them together in the center of the room. She and Tonya got two of them arranged to her liking and she said thank you to Tonya. She did this the whole time being naked and not seeming to care that Tonya was there with her.

Tonya asked, “Anything else before I go?”

“Please place this in the rules holder on the door,” Reann said, handing Tonya a laminated page.

Tonya quickly glanced at it and saw it was a short list of rules to follow if you visited the room while Reann was here. The top thing on the list clearly stated no intercourse of any kind will be allowed. The rest were rather normal, just listing some of the dos and don’ts. She slid it into the holder as she left the room. Looking back one more time at Reann settling on to one of the padded stools as the door closed.

Tonya’s night

Lissa had not been wrong about the being shocked part. There were two gentlemen and one woman in one of the rooms. They had ordered a bottle of champagne to be delivered. Tonya took it down to the room and knocked. She heard a muffled come in, so she opened the door and walked in. To her shock, the woman was straddling one guy as the other had her bent forward fucking her in the ass. She was panting and moaning from the men’s effort.

The guy on bottom leaned his head around to look at Tonya and said, “Just sit it anywhere, we’ll get to it.” Before turning his attention back to the woman’s tits.

Tonya sat the champagne bucket on a table and made her way out quickly, to the sounds of the woman moaning she was cumming again.

Another delivery had her delivering to a room with a couple in it. She thought how bad could this be. She knocked and was told to enter. She saw the man reclining in a leather chair with the woman’s face buried in his crotch. It was obvious she was sucking his cock as her head bobbed up down.

As she was walking across the room to place the tray on a table the man asked, “Would you please hand me a glass before you go?”

Tonya sat the tray down and picked up one of the glasses she had brought. She walked over to him and handed to him. She couldn’t help looking down at the woman working away on his cock.

She lifted her head allowing his cock to slip out and asked, “Would you like some before going?” holding his hard cock, pointing it at her.

Tonya just paused briefly staring at what must have been a good eight inches of cock on display before saying, “Sorry, I can’t, club rules.” She hurried on out before changing her damn mind.

There was a delivery call from the view area in Reann’s room. She picked up the tray with a drink on it from the bartender and walked down the hall. Since it was the viewing area, she went right on in only to find Rob sitting there. He was in his usual casual attire of slacks and polo shirt.

“Did you order the drink, sir?” Tonya inquired.  

“Yes, I did Tonya and I keep telling you to call me Rob.”

“Sorry Rob, just habit to say sir to everybody.”

“Well by now, I would hope I’m not just anybody.”

Tonya chuckled at that comment. No, Rob wasn’t just anybody to her. She didn’t know why but he always left a huge tip for her. It was usually enough to double her normal tips each night.

He looked up at her and asked, “Would you like to stay and watch?”

Tonya turned to stare at the one-way window. She saw Reann laying on her back with a woman standing over her peeing on her breasts as the guy stood by stroking his cock. She could see another person with their head buried between Reann’s legs working on her pussy.

Tonya was a bit mesmerized by the whole scene. She had never seen somebody urinate on someone else. As she watched, the guy who had been stroking his cock moved over until he was right at the top of Reann’s head. He then unleashed several long spurts of cum that landed on her neck and across her face, including her open mouth before he was finished. He just slipped his cock back in his pants and left.

The woman straddling her, moved until she was kneeling next to her. She bent over and started using her tongue to lick the cum off of Reann’s neck and face. At the same time, whoever was working over her pussy must have found that perfect place. Reann arched her back and clamped her legs around that head, cumming hard as she moaned out before finally collapsing back down onto her back. It was then the head lifted and she saw it was a woman named Kim that she had seen around the club. She had short blond hair like a man’s cut.


Rob could see how mesmerized Tonya had gotten watching the scene in front of her. He could literally smell her excitement tonight. He figured working the second floor had to be torture. He knew first hand what she must have walked into and seen tonight.

Tonya was so intent on the action she didn’t feel Rob move his hand to her ass at first. When she did, she only looked down at him with eyes burning with lust before turning back to the window. He took her not stopping him as a good sign to move further.

It wasn’t long before he was moving his hand up her bare inner thigh. He knew he wouldn’t encounter any panties. Everybody knew the girls didn’t wear any. He kept slowly moving his hand upwards until the side of his fingers made contact with the edge of her pussy. He was expecting her to move away from him but she stayed there and even spread her legs a bit.

Rob quickly took a peek at the window and saw two guys had joined the blonde with Reann. The one guy was feeding his dick down Reann’s throat as the other was fucking the blonde hard from behind as she laid across Reann’s stomach.

Seeing Tonya was still watching intently, he cupped her pussy in his hand, working his fingers until he had her clit under two of them. Rob started stroking her clit with two fingers as he moved his hand back forth across her pussy. He was rewarded with a low moan for his efforts.

He slid two fingers into her and started pumping in and out of her, varying his pace with each thrust. She was moaning softly the whole time. He felt her shift and was expecting her to finally pull away, but all she did was move her hand to her clit. She was teasing her clit now as he fingered her pussy harder. He felt her getting wetter by the second and her moans were increasing in both length and volume. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she was cumming for him.

Another quick glance through the window showed the guy who had been fucking the blond unloading his cum all over Reann’s stomach. The guy that had been stuffing her throat was now pissing all over her face and tits with long streams of his golden liquid.

As if on cue, Tonya let out a loud moan and clamped her legs together as she came all over Rob’s hand. Rob felt the rush of her fluids run across his hand and some trickle down his arm until it dropped from his elbow to the floor. Tonya held him tight for a good minute before loosening up. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and ran his tongue around them. He thought she tasted good.

Tonya, starting to relax realized what just happened and turned to Rob. A look of disbelief and embarrassment clouded her features. Rob just stared back at her, letting her come to grips with what just happened. After all, she wasn’t his first.

Suddenly she blurted out she needed to go and dashed out the door. Rob assumed probably to find a restroom because he knew she was soaked from her pussy to her knees in her own juices.

Reann’s night comes to an end

Reann was getting tired but had two of her favorite playmates with her right now. Jeremy was about six foot and built like a linebacker in the NFL. His wife Lindsay was about Reann’s height but was a little overweight. She carried it well and her large tits looked great on her.

They were on the stools together with the two women in a sixty-nine and Jeremy fucking his wife’s ass right over the top of Reann. She loved the nasty view and would love the juices afterward. She ran her tongue over Jeremy’s balls and then along Lindsay’s puffy pussy until finishing at her clit. She was just kept working her tongue along both of them.

She reached up and cupped Jeremy’s balls, coaxing him to cum sooner. As she was working Jeremy, she had pushed three fingers into Lindsay’s open pussy and was banging away at her as well. Then it all came together at once. Jeremy started cumming, quickly pulling from his wife’s asshole and depositing his cum all over Reann’s face. Lindsay followed quickly after, squirting a huge load as well into Reann’s face. Yet the night wasn’t done yet. Jeremy moved closer to Reann and Lindsay stood straddling her. They both let loose with long flowing streams of urine covering Reann from head to pussy.

Reann laid there and enjoyed the warmth of their urine running over her. Why she liked being a filthy piss and cum covered bitch was something her husband just wouldn’t understand.

Jeremy and Lindsay left after only a little bit longer. Reann got up and ran her hands over her body feeling the different layers of piss smeared cum. Her hair was matted with cum and her pussy was raw from being eaten out so many times. She wasn’t a lesbian or really even considered herself bi but she would let them do whatever they wanted to her to get what she wanted short of having intercourse with a man.

She headed for one of the shower heads to get cleaned up before heading to her motel. She never went home after her play time here at the club.

Tonya’s night comes to a close

After what happened with Rob in the room where Reann was, she avoided it as much as she could. She had seen Rob leave earlier with the short haired blond she had seen with Reann. She still wasn’t sure what happened in there. She knew physically but not mentally. She was just glad the rest of her night went well.

She was checking the rooms for empty bottles, buckets, and glasses when Reann came out of her room. She stopped to tell her good night.

“Good night Reann. I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

“Always do Tonya but I also heard you had a little enjoyment watching as well,” Reann said with a wink afterward as she strolled to the elevator.

She was just finishing up at the bar when Lissa walked up to her.

Tonya thought to herself, Oh shit, this can’t be good.

“How where things tonight with your first time on the second floor?”

“It went good. A little shocking at some of the things people do up here though.”

“I’m sure, especially if you are watching Reann have fun and getting fingered to orgasm by Rob at the same time,” Lissa said with a little smile.

“I’m so sorry Lissa. I don’t know how that happened, and it won’t happen again I promise,” Tonya said in a pleading tone.

“Honey, I’m not mad or upset with you. Hell, Katelin usually orgasms two or three times a night. You can’t work up here and not be perpetually horny all night. Just don’t get involved with the customer’s fantasies. If you got any fantasies, let Kevin take care of them.”

Again, Tonya’s jaw dropped, almost hitting the floor.

Lissa seeing the stunned look smiled and said, “Dear, I keep tabs on my favorite employees.” With that, Lissa turned on her heel walked off.

Tonya finished went down to grab her bag out of the locker. As she approached, she saw the envelope taped to the front. That would be her tip statement, like all the other girls, she had them direct deposited each night, no more checks to deal with. She grabbed it and opened the locker to grab her bag.

She stood there for a minute holding the envelope. She normally would wait until she was home to open it, but she was curious to see how well she did in tips working the second floor. Opening it, she slid the paper out and saw the total and just about dropped it on the floor. The total read three thousand dollars. She was staring at thinking that can’t be right and started reading down through the tally of tips. She saw there was a couple that had added extra to their tips, but she stopped reading at the last two. Rob had added a thousand-dollar tip and Reann had added another thousand-dollar tip.

She thought to herself, HOLY SHIT! Maybe I need to work on the second floor more often.

This was by far more than she had ever made in tips.

She tucked the page into her bag and went outside to catch her cab. She knew Kevin would be waiting for her and he was going to get the fuck of his life tonight because she was so horny.

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