Entering the sauna, Charlene encountered two strangers – male, college age like herself, each naked except for a towel across his lap. Tommy, her roommate, and Blake, their across the hall neighbor, were close behind. Blake engaged the strangers, “I figured you guys were long gone.”

“Nope, still here, across the parking lot,” one of them replied.

“Third floor front, if I recall. Some halacious parties there.” Blake switched to introductions. “Paul, Roger, you know Tommy, of course, and the eye candy is Tommy’s roommate, Charlene.”

“Roommate?” Roger asked, eyebrows raised.

“That’s what she says, but with the view you have of their front window, I suspect you know different.”

Charlene picked up on Blake’s remark, but knew the guys would be more interested in what was under her towel. She raised her left leg, planting its foot on the same level as her buttocks. The towel split as it slid up, leaving her leg mostly exposed. Roger, concluding that Charlene was wearing nothing under the towel, choked and failed to answer. His roommate, Paul, although likewise excited at reaching a similar conclusion, still managed to stammer an explanation, “Don’t condemn us for liking to look –she is the one that leaves the drapes open.”

Tommy jumped in, “He is right Blake, if Charlene didn’t want to be seen, she could close the drapes.”

Charlene offered no quarrel with her boyfriend’s assesment. With eyes locked on Roger and Paul, her lips curled mischieviously as her left foot dropped to the level below. Tugging the towel upward, she exposed her thighs and left only an inch or so of the towel covering the vee between them. Enjoying the excitement she was causing beneath their towels, Charlene commented, “I think you guys like looking,”

“Uh yeah, that’s for sure,” Roger confirmed, licking his lips.

“Please, don’t forget your old friends,” pleaded Blake, grabbing hold of the pulsating bulge in his towel.

Charlene stood, allowing the towel to slowly unravel from her body, until only the very front of her, breasts to pussy, remained covered. Turning to Blake, she stuck out her tongue and gave him the finger. Then sitting down, and as if unaware of her nearly naked state, she sheepishly allowed, “I suppose I could be more careful about how I’m dressed, especially when near that window.”

“Uh well…” Paul stammered, “we do think that how you’ve been dressing, is just fine, don’t we Roger?” Roger nodded convincingly.

Charlene pursed her lips and grinned at the apparent concern that she might begin wearing more clothes. Making it clear that such was not the case, Charlene loosened the towel, letting it slip lower, briefly exposing her nipples before quickly grabbing hold of it and dropping face down on the bench, her breasts hidden in the folds of the towel. A tiny bit of the towel remained between her legs, but otherwise she was bare – the sides of her breasts, her legs and entire backside exposed. “I would bet then…” Charlene said, continuing her tease of Roger and Paul, “… that you like it best when I’m not wearing a lot.”

Does a bear shit in the woods?” Roger responded rhetorically.

Charlene raised her upper body while drawing her arm back, preventing Roger and Paul from seeing much more than an expanse of bare skin. Tommy and Blake, however, sitting next to her, were not similarly blocked from the exciting view. Casting a quick glance in Tommy’s direction, confirming that he was still okay with things, Charlene grabbed the towel and clutched it to her breasts while rolling up onto her left side, her right leg covering the spot between her legs, while her right arm and towel continued to shield the bulk of her breasts from view. She smiled broadly, checking out the towels opposite her, confirming that her audience was also enjoying themselves. Addressing Roger and Paul, she suggestively asked, “Ever seen me topless?”.

“Uhhh yeah,” Paul admitted.

Tommy editorialized, “But from across the parking lot, the view wouldn’t have been all that great.”

Roger managed to get out, “Uhm, well…” as he turned to Paul for guidance.

Blake understood immediately. “Binoculars?” he asked, “Or a telescope?”

Paul and Roger looked at each other without saying anything. Charlene guessed, “A telescope, right?”

“Yes,” Paul admitted sheepishly. Charlene straightened up, the towel still covering the essentials, but not much more. Paul’s eyes widened as he added, “But this is way better.”

“So why is it better?” asked Charlene, pulling her legs up and sitting on them in a wide open vee, holding one end of the towel to her breasts while the rest of it bunched up between her legs.

Paul got tongue-tied as he watched Charlene reduce the pile of towel between her legs to a much smaller amount, barely sufficient to keep things in the ‘R’ category. Roger did, however, try to explain. “Not sure,” he began. “Just seems more personal, you talking to us and such – it’s fun.”

Charlene agreed, “Yeah, it is fun.”

Tommy was sitting at the opposite end of the lower bench, his legs stretched out in Charlene’s direction, lightly brushing the front of his towel, enjoying his girlfriend’s teasing. “You are having fun showing off your hot body, aren’t you?” he surmised.

Charlene warmed to the charge. “How could I not be having fun? I’m surrounded by four guys in skimpy towels… cocks hard and twitching… trying to get a look at my bare tits and a peak at my pussy.” She paused. “But… speaking of hot, ” Charlene said, wiping her brow, “This body’s had enough sauna – time for a shower.” To a chorus of groans, she secured the towel around herself and made for the door. Turning and allowing the towel to slip some, she announced, “After the shower, I’ll need to brush my hair.” With a growing smile, she added, “By then, it should be dark enough to use the front window as a mirror.”



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