Play Me Like a Lady
RocketHarding & MoanJett

I couldn’t believe I scored a Drix Hemi concert ticket! And a floor seat! It was late notice, but I knew exactly what to wear. I pulled out my black leather zipper front bustier, my best pair of tight jeans and my sexy high heel black suede ankle boots.  Nervously fumbling around, I attempted makeup but knew I would sweat most of it off before the show was half over anyway. I did my best to start out presentable by straightening my long brown hair adding a diagonal side part. A glance in the mirror confirmed I could get ready in record time when necessary.

It felt exhilarating to dance and wiggle my way through the crowd to claim my spot at the front of the stage during the opening number.  There was an art to this feat. You had to move with the crowd in a nonthreatening way yet slyly promote yourself forward. I was a woman alone, looking pretty hot if I dare say, so men and some women were mostly accommodating to let me wrangle in front of them.  I liked to show my gratitude by giving them a nice smile and a chance to press against my swaying curvy ass for a moment before I moved further.

Then, he appeared, in all his glory!  Dressed simply in black jeans and a black t-shirt, his beautiful long flowing blonde hair caressing his sexy lean muscular body.  His head bowed over the guitar with his boyish grin shining through. A legend. A sexy music God. When he said “Welcome Minneapolis,” I heard “Welcome Mindy” and my mind was off and running.

I listened intently to the fluid notes and intricate harmonies produced by his fingertips and felt the same soothing vibrations traveling up the inside of my thighs. The Fuzz-Face laying obediently on the stage floor created a sweet frizzy texture that raised goosebumps on my tingling skin. His legs pumped a wah and vigorously influenced piercing screams while my hips rotated with each syrupy swoosh of his Roto-Vibe.

Occasionally, he’d run his hand along the contours of the glossy Stratocaster body and give the neck a firm twist, producing a low descending moan from his massive stack. Most intriguing was the way he controlled the vibrato arm of his flexible instrument—moving up and down with a firm grasp, sliding his palm along its surface, pressing with demanding force and slowly reducing the pressure to release an exultant howl from his submissive playmate. Sigh.  What he does to me!

By the time he finished his third encore, I was wet inside and out.  I was hot and sweaty from dancing and there was a fire between my shaking legs.  I looked up longingly onto the stage into his beautiful blue eyes and mouthed “Drix, please!”  I was desperate. In that moment, he pointed down… at me. I almost fainted. Just a quick point and then he turned abruptly to exit the stage and the lights came up and I felt the shock of stepping back into the real world.

Suddenly, I was pushed with the crowd toward the exit.  Dizzy with excitement, my mind was racing with images of his fingers moving and his tongue slipping in and out as he bared down on his instrument.  Before I could slip back away from reality, I was crushed by the crowd and couldn’t catch my breath. I closed my eyes tightly and miracuously felt someone’s hand on the small of my back gently pushing me forward.  I moved with the crowd but kept my eyes tightly closed. Then, I felt a cool gush of air as if a door opened. Where was I? I opened my eyes and I couldn’t believe it. I was standing in front of him.

“There you are!” he exclaimed. “Are you experienced?”

I stared in awe.

“Well, I am,” he sweetly proclaimed with that grin.  “Uh, let me prove it to you.”

He reached out and slowly unzipped my bustier as he tilted his head and came in for a slow, passionate kiss.  I felt the rough calluses of his left fingers delicately playing melodic scales along my sensitive skin first up the side of my body and then across my nipples which responded quickly by getting hard.

“Play me Drix, play me,” I moaned, finally able to get something out of my stunned mouth.

His talented fingers moved to my jeans and quickly unzipped them and slid them down along with my panties so I could easily step out.  I watched in awe as he pulled off his t-shirt and removed his own jeans and boxers. My eyes settled on his one instrument I had not seen before and it was truly beautiful.  I’m sure my mouth was hanging open which may or may not have been attractive! He wrestled me to one side of the room, though I didn’t put up a fight, and pressed my back against the wall and his body firmly against mine.

Drix spread my legs with strong hands and wiggled his body between them. His cock stretched the skin of my eager vagina. He entered me slowly at first then gradually increased the pace of his lustful thrust. His thick shaft felt bold as love when my pussy spread all along his watchtower. Our bodies rocked together and I grabbed his firm ass and let my fingers caress his anus.  I wanted to feel him explode inside me. Our passion deepened and his breath reminded me of the beautiful love songs he played for me that night.

My mind was drifting… drifting back…

“You love that Drix music, don’t you babe. Wow! Did I interrupt something? You look hot!”

“Everyone loves Drix!” I said to my surprised husband who just found me in the bed, bottom half naked, knees up, legs spread, bustier unzipped with my fingers busy pleasuring myself.  

“Get your sweet ass in bed,” I shouted over my favorite Drix set blaring. “I’m super horny.”







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