This is a serial story.
The first episode is titled “Eve at the Foshay”
This second is “Eve Walks and Talks in the Garden”
The third is “Eve Explains, Listens, and Leaves the Garden”
The fourth is “Eve Flees and Finds a Different Garden”
The fifth is “Eve in the Marital Garden”
This is the sixth entry “Eve Enters the Extramarital Garden”

Oh, God. What if Tim is right?

The phrase blazed within Eve’s head as Caesar thrust inside.

Six days earlier Eve chose to eat an apple from the tree of extramarital sex. John Bull offered Caesar Antonio Alexander; she picked him from a short list of men John recommended.

Tim’s tender and engaging participation supported Caesar’s seduction and penetration of Eve. The two men melted her objections earlier and she left a wet mess in the sheets underneath her as evidence; Eve’s extramarital deflowering had begun.

Tim was right, Eve knew it. The longer Caesar was inside her, the more certain she was.

One of Caesar’s arms was now underneath her head, cupping her into his neck and broad shoulder. The other arm wrapped around and underneath her waist, his finger pressed against her anus. He pumped himself inside. She was compressed by him and encompassed by all things Caesar.

Enveloped, cocooned, shielded, sheltered. Eve felt safe in his arms.

The swollen and thickened part of Caesar moved inside her. He was sturdy, unyielding, pleasurable, penetrating, Eve gasped as Caesar adjusted his weight and pushed more of his penetrant into her.

She was small in Caesar’s universe. His six-foot-five-inch frame enwrapped her and she was swaddled by it. She lay snug in his warmth. He was above her, around her, inside her. It was surreal that he held the whole of her sensations within the cocoon of his body.

A cocoon with a penetrant. Eve’s sexual universe expanded with each inch that moved deeper within. None of the romance novels she’d read ever captured the feelings she was having with Caesar inside her. For the silkiness of Caesar, for the allure of him, for the penetration of him, for these reasons and for Tim’s acceptance of him, Eve came undone.

Her bonds of fidelity may have been knotted by Tim ten years earlier but they were shredded tonight by the Caesar between her legs. His manhood insisted she be pleasured so she stopped resisting. She melded into Caesar’s thrusts, his moans, his pace. She merged with him until both of them became one sexual being devoted to Caesar’s release.

Well-traveled men like Caesar discover unexplored places inside women who’ve experienced few lovers. Caesar found Eve’s virgin places, planted his flag, and staked his extramarital claim to parts of her that Tim never found in ten years of marriage.

Tingles spread through Eve. A flush spread across her chest into her face and into her abdomen. Her desire for Caesar and her desire to cum was growing rapidly. She didn’t think anymore; she couldn’t think at all. Her body wrenched, twisted, flexed, and configured itself to extract the utmost pleasure from the Caesar inside.

Her fingers clutched Caesar’s back; she scratched him as she pulled him closer against her skin. Eve’s mouth opened and she oooh-ed the most sensuous sounds imaginable. Expelling every atom of air from her lungs, Eve followed with an interminable and elongated “yes-s-s-s”. Sucking in another breath, a protracted “oh, f—uck me-e” rolled pleasantly out of her and across the room to Tim.

Eve’s verbal response to Caesar’s incursion surprised Tim. He’d been worried Eve might screw her emotions down tight and completely resist tonight’s experience. Given her previous reaction to wife sharing and to his masturbation in camera, Tim was tempering his enthusiasm in case things didn’t go well. Given her new reaction, Tim smiled more broadly. Eve was going to cum.

Eve flushed heavier; her face and shoulders reddened. Ceasar penetrated deeper. She gasped with each thrust and bore down on him. The Ceasar inside was taking control; penetrating, conquering. Caesar claimed a temporal right of ownership over her.

Eve’s body then stiffened. All of it. Paralyzed in the moment, Eve extracted every possible sensation; every touchpoint between her body and his was intense pleasure. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Unintelligible sounds came from her throat. Deep, inside sounds, guttural sounds; sounds she never heard before; sounds her husband couldn’t believe came from her.

She tightened again on the conqueror inside.

Eve was wet for Caesar. Wet for his pleasure; wet for his seed. Her feral desire awaited only a flood from his testicles, the fluid of Caesar, to release the tension her body held; held in expectation of his imminent release.

Caesar grunted and pushed deeper into her cavity. He pressed the tip of himself against her cervix.

This was the moment for Tim. He cupped Caesar’s testicles. Placing a finger and thumb on each side of Caesar’s shaft, Tim tugged once and that one tug caused the testicles and cock he held to pulse. Caesar spurted into Eve.

Eve felt it, too. Her orgasm exploded deep inside. Pushing its way to the surface, Eve clamped down again on the dark shaft; his first pulse was followed by a second.

Her orgasm spread outward; from the birth canal, Caesar occupied to her thighs to her feet to her toes. The orgasm curled her toes just as her legs, her anus, and vulva spasmed with pleasure.

Her orgasm spread upward through her torso into her nipples, hardening them into flint-like points. Her eyes shuddered in their sockets; a low moaning, growling, grunting sound escaped as her body wrenched in pleasure.

Eve’s body convulsed beneath Caesar. Heaving and bucking violently, the contractions consumed her. Animal moans came out of her. The virgin places Caesar had discovered flooded her with pleasure. Her extramarital deflowering was complete if not yet over.

Caesar spurted more fluid and sperma. Each of her contractions moved his thick fluid deeper into her sexual canal. She accepted every pulse, every twitch, every spurt that came from him. She shuddered with each pulse.

Her climax exploded in her mind, too. The magnificence of her orgasm stupefied her.

Eve squealed and stuttered. “Tim?…shit…oh, shit…Tim?…Oh, god, I…I…shit…Tim…Best…oh,shit…best…” Eve’s body shuddered with every breath she took.

She heard Tim ask if she was alright. She squeaked ‘yes’. She tried to speak more but the shuddering and the paroxysm prevented it.

“I’m…fine,” she finally squeaked an octave higher than normal…and the act of speaking triggered another full body shudder. Eve moaned something unintelligible.

Tim watched wide-eyed as Eve climaxed in a way she never had with him. He’d never given her a full body orgasm like this; she’d never vocalized any climax with him as much as she did with this one with Caesar. Her body trembled. He reached to touch her arm.

“Don’t.” Eve squeaked, then sobbed. “Not yet.” Eve clutched Caesar to prevent him from moving. “Don’t move.”

With each spasm of hers, Caesar’s dick moved inside and caused her to jerk again. Her body clenched and released in ever diminishing spasms until she came down from the paroxysm that held her in its grip.

“Best…ever…” Eve’s voice strained to be normal and failed. She turned her head to Tim and squeaked again.

“Oh, god. Tim. I’m so fucking hot. Feel like I’m on fire.”

Eve placed her arms around Caesar’s neck and kissed him like a lover; her kiss was filled with all the tenderness and love she could manage. Caesar kissed her deeply and said, “This was good, Eve.”

Tim smiled. He’d shared the pleasures of Eve with another man. He could not be happier.

He’d shared his wife Eve with Caesar Antonio Alexander and she had the best sexual experience of her life. He helped and he thought it was awesome. Tim felt connected to both Caesar and to Eve.

Tim looked over at John Bull behind the camera. John had recorded everything. Tim had the widest smile on his face. He was still holding Caesar’s cock and testicles in his hand as Eve was giving Caesar a soulful kiss.

For the first time since the evening began, John spoke.

“Any more in there, Tim?”

Tim shifted the fingers of his hand slightly and milked the remaining fluid in Caesar’s cock into Eve. This was the best night ever as far as he was concerned. He had shared his wife with another man and now the other man knew Eve was special.

Eve held Caesar’s face tenderly. She kissed him intimately a second time. As her wedding ring and Caesar’s perspiration sparkled in the bedroom light, Eve knew Tim had been right.

(to be continued)


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