Abigail Learns a Hard Lesson

Even as she pushes open the door to the club she can’t quite believe what she is doing. How else will she prove anything to those bitches, she is not a little girl and she is just as daring as them. Moving out the front door and around the side of the building to the back by the stage door. The band’s bus is parked in the back lot.

They are always telling me I am too immature or childish to be in their group but this will show them. I turned 17 and no one even noticed, they will notice me now. I am standing at the stage door of The Eclipse, the biggest bar in town. Tonight is one of those clubs concerts that ‘Knothead’ plays in little bars and tonight they are here. Tonight, I fuck a rock star.

I dress like I always see the other girls dress. I have a very short skirt, from my little sister and a halter top that barely covers my tits. Wearing a pair of four-inch heels and my little black purse and completing the look, no bra or panties. That should do it.

I finally muster the courage and knock on the door. When it opens there is a long haired tattooed man standing in the opening. He peers down at me from the top of three steps. I can hear the band and know they are about to end the show.

“What the fuck you after little girl?” thunders from him.

“I am here for Eddie, he asked me to come to the stage door,” is my shakey reply.

The monster just smiles and says, “Hell yeah come on in, they are just about done.”

I make my way up to the stage entrance and through the open door. He closes the door behind me and turns my way.

“So you must be tonight’s toy. I am always amazed at what they bring back for the after show party. You are a lucky girl, they love to share,” he laughs.

“So you do understand the deal here, right? I mean you want the band you have to… earn it,” slithers from his mouth.

I may be young and naive but not stupid, I knew what he was shooting at and dammit, I wanted to be with the popular girls so, I had no choice. I sit back on a bundle of unfolded boxes at the back of the room.

“So when I finish I get to see Eddie, to be with Eddie?” I ask.

“Of course, that’s how it works. It is my job to see if you are good enough for a star,” he hisses as he walks to me, undoing his belt.

When he gets close he drops his jeans and pulls his cock from that stupid slit in his tighty whiteys. “Yeah, you get to earn this backstage pass,” he chuckles.

He grabs my hand and puts it on his short fat cock. I wrap my fingers around that cock and stroke, somehow managing not to vomit at the smell. At that same time, he pushes up my little skirt and sees my bare pussy. His fat dirty fingers grab at me and poke me like it is the first time he has ever touched one.

As much to keep his hands off me as to get things over with, I slip down off the boxes and kneel in front of him. I know I am not going to like this. I lean forward and lick his member, feeling him quickly grow in my hand. I open my mouth and let the thing slip between my lips. It tastes just like he smells. I am sure he takes the gagging as a sign he is just too big. Hollering about the big dick he pumps his hips as his little beef slides in and out of my wide open mouth. I could not even bear to close my lips. I pump with my hand to try to hurry his orgasm.

I hear the band finish the last song and say goodnight from the stage. Hoping this will be over soon and I will get handed off to Eddie.

As I am thinking about Eddie’s hands taking control of my body and making me the woman I wanna be. This oaf, that is lucky enough to have his cock in my mouth, grabs my hair and wrist, yanks me up to my feet and then tosses me on the pile of boxes behind us. Then I feel him push that short pole into my pussy and pump. I am amazed that my pussy immediately felt on fire and needed to be touched. I am floored that this dirty ass fat man has me ready to cum. He looks into my eyes and rubs my clit hard and fast as his little dick fills the first half of my pussy.

I don’t know if it is the moment or the thoughts of Eddie being inside me soon or even the doorman that was pumping me like it was a race but I needed to cum so damn much. All I could think about was cummin. He pumps harder and harder, I throw my head back and am about to let out a scream for my own orgasm when the beast in front of me pulls out and gives a couple of little squirts onto the floor beneath us, turns and walks away. He walks back and out the stage door and leaves it wide open for anyone to see me.

“Hey, hey, what the fuck where are you going?” I jump up and pull down my dress, looking for my purse and shoes yelling at the doorman to come back. “When do I get to meet Eddie?”

As I pick up my things, I look out the door in time to see the band’s bus pulling away and turning out of the parking lot.


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