The Projectionist: A Valentine’s Gift

I had one of the best high school jobs as a movie theatre projectionist. Don’t get me wrong, though. There was stress involved, and the nights were long, as I was on the closing shift and had to stay until the last movie ended. But it was great! I could complete my homework, sleep, read a book and occasionally spy on people.


On a particularly uneventful Valentine’s Day, I participated in my first voyeuristic act. It was still early, but the auditorium was slowly getting filled. I initially scanned the auditorium before cleaning the projector when I noticed a college-aged gal with her hand down her man’s sweatpants! 


Should I bust them?


A great bulge instantly grew in my pants, seeking immediate release.


How awkward would that be to bust them with my cock rudely pointing at them?!


Convincing myself to watch, I quickly cleaned the projector and threaded the 35-millimeter film as quickly as I could. We still had five minutes until showtime, but I wanted to watch!


Her gripping stroke was small and slow, likely to avoid detection. They were three rows from the top, but I had the best view in the house. The house lights were still on and paying guests continued to enter the row where the naughty couple discreetly played.


Being a projectionist required a certain type of sick and twisted mind. It was lonely in the projection booth and usually one would work in near dark conditions, or red light conditions, as to prevent white light from entering the auditorium. And management? They usually left projectionists alone, as they had their own shit show to deal with downstairs. I had a partner up in the projection booth with me, but she would control the other side, rarely having time to interact with me unless we ran into each during dead time between movie rounds or in the main auditorium projection booths.


My manager had already left for the day, so the projection booth was mine for the viewing. I pulled my swelled cock out and started stroking, matching her cautious speed. The college-aged guy moved the bag of popcorn over his left leg to prevent anyone in the row on his left side from seeing. I could not help but imagine being in his shoes (as I was a virgin at the time of viewing this). His left hand holding the bag of popcorn, he landed a huge handful of popcorn in his mouth with his right hand, clearly enjoying his own “show”. I never saw her face, directly, but her features would show when she nervously looked from side to side, revealing a very cute face. Her dark brown hair looked freshly washed and straightened. 


My favorite look on a woman! What I would do to grab that hair behind her head and discipline her for being so fucking naughty!


I jumped to reality when the projector alarm went off, notifying me to start the projector. As I pressed the start button and adjusted the picture framing for the screen, I saw her pull his cock out. The lights had already dimmed and she was working his thick cock much faster now. I mimicked her motions. 


Up, down and around. Up down and around.


My body heat was rising as I was nearing ejaculation. 


Her head went down in a hurry, and I saw him toss his head back, as his right hand plunged her head further down his cock. I saw her upper body heave, either from a gag reflex or a massive load choking her out. He must have been “right there” because she was only down for a few seconds. She sat up and reached for the soda as he tucked his cock away. 


Good girl, you naughty bitch!


I milked my iron hard cock, squeezing hard from the base to the head of my shaft as a fast stream of hot jizz forcefully erupted from me. I was usually good at containing my sticky messes, though not this time. Between a dry spell and this sexy scene, I managed to coat the port glass window with my baby batter.


Happy Valentine’s Day, I thought as I carefully cleaned my mess up.


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