Tommy looked up from the television as his girlfriend entered the room. Giving her a quick scan, he remarked, “I wasn’t expecting you to be wearing so much.”

“What? Shirt and panties? Not like I’m dressed for the mall,” she replied crisply.

“Well that’s for sure,” he acknowledged, continuing to study his scantily clad roommate.

“I even left a few of the buttons undone,” Charlene added cheerily.

“Right. But downstairs you said something about brushing your hair out.”

“Uh huh… and of course, you are thinking I’m going to be sitting in the window, wearing even less.”

“That thought did cross my mind,” Tommy allowed, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Especially since you did hint at that to a couple of our neighbors. Did I misunderstand?”

“Uh, not completely…” Charlene replied, then attempting to explain, added, “But, what I am wearing right now, is also what I was intending to wear while brushing my hair. More importantly though -” She paused, then much less assertively, continued, “I am remembering that when that guy Dave showed up at the cabin down on Canyon Lake, that you weren’t all that approving of me showing off… least not until after he’d left.”

“You mean Dave Waddell? You are absolutely right – that guy is a pig! My god, if you gave him even the slightest encouragement, he’d expect you to suck his cock in the middle of Main Street. On the other hand, you love showing off, and if no one’s getting out of line, I love it, too!”

“So you do like it when I’m in the window then?”

“Oh yeah, especially when you don’t have so much on.”

“Well, we’ll see about that, but for now, the shirt stays on.” Charlene turned and walked in the direction of the window, undoing the shirt’s remaining buttons as she went. At the window, instead of getting up onto the ledge as she normally did when brushing her hair, she simply stood facing it.

“You were right, Roger, she is at the window.”

“She showing her tits yet?”

“Nope, just standing there, brushing her hair. She’s got a shirt on… and it is unbuttoned – but all I can see is a lot of skin.”

“Shorts, or what?”

“Panties, looks like – pretty skimpy, too.”

“Sounds hot! Lemme see.”

Paul peeked at his watch, then reluctantly stepped back from the telescope. But before Roger could get his eye to the eye-piece, the power went out. “Fuck,” he screeched as the window on the other side of the parking lot disappeared in the darkness.

“I think that just ended the hairbrushing,” Charlene groused.

“You still at the window,” Tommy asked as he got up from his chair.

“Of course, and I’m not going anywhere either – not in the dark, anyway. Where are you?”

“Right behind you,” Tommy answered, his arms encircling Charlene’s waist.

“Oh yeah, that does feel nice,” Charlene cooed. “You got just five seconds before those hands better start wandering.”

“Do I have to waste a whole five seconds?” Tommy asked rhetorically as his hands began to move. Blowing his hot breath into Charlene’s ear, he observed, “So, you like being played with at the window.”

“Uh huh. Especially with no lights on – not likely the neighbors can see much.”

“Damn, and just when it was my turn,” Roger said while squinting his eyes, desperate for a glimpse of anything.

“There is a full moon,” Peter reminded. “Ought to be able to see something.”

“Uh huh, yeah, you’re right, I can make her out. She’s still standing in front of the window.” Continuing the play-by-play, Roger intoned, “Interesting, looks like her boyfriend might be getting into the act too. Holy shit! He’s playing with her tits!”

“I wanna see,” Peter demanded.

“Fuck you,” Roger hollered, his eye still glued to the telescope. “Still my turn. Get the binoculars if you want to watch.”

“You don’t really need this shirt, do you?” Tommy prodded, his fingers tweaking Charlene’s nipples.

“Uh no, I guess not,” Charlene allowed, grinding her panty covered butt against Tommy’s cock, arms back, making it easier for him to remove her shirt.

“The moon is kind of bright tonight. I could close the drapes if you want,” Tommy teased.

Charlene’s breathing was picking up. “You think someone might be watching?” she asked, hoping for an affirmative answer.

The heat was building in Tommy, too. “I can’t tell for sure, but it is possible,” he replied, his hands sliding downward in the direction of Charlene’s panties.

Thrusting her hips forward, encouraging Tommy’s fingers, Charlene struggled to ask, “Uh… If someone is watching… you think they can see anything?”

Tommy was a bit more in control, but not a lot. “They probably can’t tell how hard your nipples are,” His hands grasped the sides of Charlene’s panties. “But they will be able to see me taking these off you.”

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Peter said, getting louder as he stared through the binoculars, “He’s got her panties off!”

The power came back on. “And he’s finger-fucking her,” Roger added raucously.

“Jesus!” Charlene screeched in response to the blast of light, then spun around, locking her hands around Tommy’s neck, his hands glomming onto her naked backside. Charlene grabbed at Tommy’s t-shirt, yanking it over his head, then lavished kisses down his bare torso in the direction of his belt buckle.

“Pull the drapes shut,” she commanded, undoing his belt.

“You watching this, Paul? She’s going down on him.”

“Take the binoculars,” Paul insisted, “My turn on the telescope and I’m going to watch.” As he pressed against the eye-piece, focusing on the apartment across the way, the draperies snapped shut. “What the fuck?” he screamed.

“How come you want the drapes closed?” Tommy asked as Charlene reached for his zipper.

“I’m not ready, yet, to have the neighbors watch me suck your cock.”



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