Chapter 9


“Tonight was full of surprises,” Lexi told Charlie as they were driving home.

“Isn’t it the truth,” Charlie replied with a grin. “First, the adult theater was nice. I expected something seedy and stinky, but it was clean and smelled fresh. Then to meet Jenny and Steve… there was a big bonus.”

“Her apartment was spectacular,” Lexi sighed. “I can’t imagine how much she spent on the furnishings, not to mention how much the apartment set her back.”

“I don’t think you saw the bathroom in her master bedroom. Not only was it big, but there was also a small sauna in it.”

“How was she in bed?”

Charlie was expecting the question to come up sooner or later. “Let’s just say Jenny is a star. The woman loves sex in all of its forms. There isn’t anything she won’t do, and there isn’t anything she doesn’t like. Jenny is completely uninhibited. While I was watching Bob fuck her, I thought she could have made a bundle in the porn business.”

“Jenny has an exceptional body,” Lexi mused.

“I like what Steve said when he suggested it would be a long time before we would see such beauty on one bed.” Charlie reached his hand to touch Lexi’s bare leg. “Jenny is a beautiful woman, but she’s got nothing on you, babe. You are just as beautiful, if not more so.”

“You liar,” Lexi said with a laugh. “You don’t have to be sweet to me to get in my pants.”

“You don’t have any pants on!” he laughed.

“That’s true,” she said as she pulled his hand up between her legs. “Maybe you’d like to stop in some parking lot and fuck like we did when we were dating.”

Charlie moved his fingers to feel her wetness. “Have I ever told you I like the way you use the word fuck? It just sounds sexy coming out of your mouth.”

“I know you like to hear me say it when we’re having sex,” she said in her low, sexy voice.

“Yes, I do,” he replied with a grin. “I get a shot of adrenalin when you tell me to fuck you harder or faster.”

“What you really like is for me to beg you to fuck my ass.”

“True,” he said with a big smile. “I can’t believe I waited so long to introduce you to anal sex. You seem to enjoy it.”

“You are a stupid bastard,” she laughed. “I would have been happy to give you my ass back when we were dating if you’d just said you wanted it.”

“Did Steve get in your ass tonight?”

“Yes,” Lexi confessed. “Beth kept telling him I loved a cock in my ass. I was in doggie position. While he was fucking me, Beth started fingering my ass, and you know what happens when you start that.”

“Indeed I do,” Charlie laughed. “You started cussing and sounding like a bitch in heat.”

“That’s what happened.”

“And you enjoyed it?”

“You know I did,” Lexi said as she spread her legs wider so Charlie’s fingers could get inside her.

They drove in silence for several minutes. Charlie seemed to be rooted in thought. At a traffic light, he turned to Lexi. “I was thinking about that porn film we saw tonight,” Charlie told her. “Why don’t we make our own?”

“What? Do you mean film us having sex?”

“Sure. Why not?” Charlie said, obviously liking the idea. “You can write us a script and then we’d act it out. We could put our video camera on a tripod or get Beth to film us the next time she’s over. Don’t you think it would be fun to watch us together rather than porn stars?”

“How would I write a script?” she asked.

Charlie was getting into the idea. “You could write out a situation for us to act out. Like I could be a plumber working under the sink, and you could unzip my pants and give me a BJ. Then we’d fuck on the floor or on the countertop. Or, we could just film ourselves having sex in the bed. I think it would be fun.”

“Would you want to film Beth and me playing together?”

“Sure. How could filming the two of you together not be great?”

What Charlie didn’t know was Beth and Lexi had already discussed the idea of filming their lovemaking adventures. Once again she had managed to direct her husband toward something she wanted to do. This was just too easy.

“You are in charge, Charlie. If that’s what you want to do, I’ll be there with you.”


Just a few nights later, Bob was out of town on business and Beth went to Charlie and Lexi’s home for a visit. The three of them had been together so many different times now the whole thing had become routine. Beth would arrive wearing little or nothing. They would jump in their large bed and have various forms of sex for about an hour. They would stop to rest and eat dinner before going back to bed for another hour of sex.

This night’s visit would be different. Of course, Lexi had already filled Beth in on what would happen, but she let Charlie believe he was in charge.

Beth arrived a few minutes past 6:00, letting herself in through the garage door. She walked into the family room wearing a light zipped jacket which hit her mid-thigh. She turned to face Charlie sitting in his big chair holding a video camera.

Lexi stepped up behind her, reached around and unzipped the jacket to reveal Beth was only wearing a bra and panties. Her lingerie was black and sheer, hiding nothing from Charlie’s camera. From behind, Lexi put her arms around Beth and took her full, round breasts in hand.

“I love your tits,” Lexi said as she squeezed them.

“I love for you to touch them,” Beth replied, seemingly not interested in why Charlie was filming her.

“I hope you’re horny tonight,” Lexi whispered as she unhooked Beth’s bra. “Charlie has been teasing me for the past hour. He was filming me masturbating, but wouldn’t let me cum.”

Moving around in front of Beth, Lexi dropped to her knees, putting her hand between Beth’s legs. “Your panties are wet,” Lexi said as she moved her hand back and forth.

“Of course they are,” Beth said with her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of Lexi’s touch. “I always get excited when I’m coming over here to play with you two.”

Lexi pulled Beth’s panties down a few inches before pushing a finger into Beth’s pussy. “Oh yes,” Lexi gushed. “You’re dripping wet.”

Leaning forward, Lexi gently kissed Beth’s belly, her lips moving slowly downward. When her mouth reached Beth’s hairless slit, Lexi’s tongue snaked out to find Beth’s clit. As her finger moved in and out of Beth’s pussy, her tongue played with her friend’s nub.

Beth’s head went back while her fingers burrowed into Lexi’s hair. “Damn, it feels so good,” Beth groaned.

Getting out of his chair, Charlie walked slowly toward the women, his camera focused on Lexi’s face. He gracefully moved behind Beth, bending low so he could film Lexi’s hand fingering Beth. Charlie also saw Lexi was frigging herself as she licked and fingered Beth. The view of Beth’s ass, her legs wide and Lexi on the other side was stimulating Charlie. He thought he could have an orgasm by just touching his cock. These two women were HOT!

Lexi stood and gently kissed Beth’s lips. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said as she took Beth’s hand. “I want to taste your sweet pussy before I cum on your tongue.”

The camera followed them as they walked down the hall.

Entering the room, Beth noticed a tripod set up at the foot of the bed but said nothing about it. She stretched out on the sheet while Lexi walked to the other side, and lay down in the opposite direction. The two women rolled together, quickly putting their faces between each other’s legs.

The camera moved to film them from different angles. The cameraman was almost overwhelmed by the sounds and smells which filled the room. The women were devouring each other. Their lips, tongues, and fingers furiously working to bring them to total bliss. Charlie had to drop his pants because he was so aroused his cock felt restricted by his clothing. It was so hard it was painful.

Charlie stepped back, expanding the view of the camera as their cries reached a crescendo of orgasm. They seemed to have attained nirvana at the same instant. He kept the camera filming as both women fell still in exhaustion. The camera’s microphone picked up the sounds of their heavy breathing. Charlie zoomed in on Beth’s face, showing her eyes closed and her mouth covered with Lexi’s fluids.

After mounting the camera on the tripod, Charlie rolled the women apart so they lay on their backs. He eased down beside Lexi, took her face in his hands, and kissed her. Like Beth, Lexi’s mouth was covered with juices that Charlie could taste. He had been with Beth enough to recognize her particular flavor.

This kissing soon brought Lexi back to life. She put her arms around her husband’s neck as their tongues did the tango. Lexi rolled over a bit and felt his steel hard cock press into her belly. “Yes,” she gasped, and she grasped his manhood, feeling the slippery pre-cum all over its head. “This is what I need, baby,” she growled at Charlie. “I need you to fuck me, Charlie.”

“Say it again,” he whispered as he twisted her nipple.

“Fuck me, Charlie!” she said again louder. “I want you to fuck me like the whore I am. Give it to me!”

As he rolled on top of her, Lexi wrapped her legs around Charlie’s waist and pulled him into her. “Yes,” she cried out as he sunk into her wetness. “Give me your big dick and fuck me hard!”

Beth slipped off the bed. Taking the camera in hand, she began moving around the couple locked in frantic sex. She found one location particularly appealing when she got the camera between their legs and could see his cock sliding in and out. His member was shining with the fluids covering his skin.

An idea popped into Beth’s mind. She moved the tripod and remounted the camera. Opening a nightstand drawer, Beth found the tube of lube they used for anal sex, opened it, and applied a generous amount on her finger. Then getting on the bed where she would be in the camera shot, Beth pushed the lube covered finger into Charlie’s ass, found his prostate, and massaged it.

Charlie’s reaction was swift. In a matter of thirty seconds, he pulled out of Lexi, grabbed his cock and began shooting string after string of hot, white spunk over her chest. When he fell on his back beside his wife, Beth could see Lexi was covered in semen.

She leaned down beside her friend to run a finger through the still warm fluid. Scooping it up, Beth put her finger into Lexi’s mouth, before she collected more cum and put it in her own mouth. Beth sucked on her thumb and smiled. “Damn, Charlie, but your spunk is good!” she laughed.

Charlie gave her a weak smile. “It’s always available when you want it.”

Beth got off the bed, once again repositioning the camera. She moved around to Charlie’s side of the bed, got on her knees, and straddled his face. “You cock is soft, but your tongue is always hard.” Beth lowered herself down until she felt his tongue touching her sex. “That’s it, Charlie,” she cooed. “Make me cum with your tongue, and then you can fuck me with your big dick.”

Looking up, Beth saw Lexi had picked up the camera to get a close-up of Beth rubbing her pussy across Charlie’s mouth. Beth reached out to run a finger through the semen still on Lexi’s chest. Rubbing the finger under her nose, her nostrils were filled with the aroma of his cum. It was a smell which always aroused her.

Once Beth reached her climax, she moved off of Charlie’s face, and Lexi mounted up. Once again the camera had a new operator. Beth shifted the camera around until she could hear Lexi nearing her orgasm. Putting the camera back on the tripod, Beth moved down to take Charlie’s cock in her mouth. She had noticed he was recharged and his unit was getting stiff again.

When Lexi cried out in her orgasm, Beth moved to the edge of the bed on her hands and knees. “Now, fuck me, Charlie. Give it to me. I want it hard.” The smell of his cum was still strong under her nose. Beth was not acting now. She was begging to be taken and feel filled by his big cock.

“It will be my pleasure,” Charlie said as he stood beside the bed behind her. He slapped one of her ass cheeks and then the other. “You like to be spanked, don’t you Beth,” he growled as he thrust his cock into her. Grabbing her hips, Charlie needed no warm up. He began pounding her at once, occasionally pulling out to slap her cheeks again before diving back in for more.

Having just recovered for one massive orgasm, Charlie’s cock was still a little numb. He knew Beth was going to get all she wanted and then some. It only took a little over four minutes for Beth to reach another orgasm, but Charlie didn’t stop. At ten minutes, Beth had another climax, this one making her tremble and shake. She no longer had the strength to support herself and collapsed on her chest on the bed.

Charlie rolled Beth over on her back before he walked around the bed. As Charlie passed Lexi behind the camera, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her along beside him. When Charlie reached Beth’s head, he instructed Lexi to get on her knees over Beth and bent her over until her mouth was just inches from Beth’s sex before he shoved his cock into his wife. “I wasn’t finished,” he said as he slapped his wife’s ass.

As he thrust in and out of his wife’s pussy, Beth looked up to see Charlie’s balls rubbing across her face. The smell of sex was heavy in her nostrils now, but she was too tired to do anything but watch.

It only took Charlie another three minutes to reach his orgasm. He slammed his cock deep into Lexi’s pussy and fired his semen into her. He waited until his cock began to shrink before slowly pulling out. The tip of his used cock touched Beth’s nose as his semen began to run out of his wife’s opening and flow down onto Beth’s face.

Charlie grabbed the camera to get a close up of Beth’s cum covered mouth. Without warning, Lexi appeared in the camera shot as she came in to kiss Beth and lick her face. Turning to the camera, Charlie could see Lexi’s face looked like Beth’s. Both women smiled at the camera.

Hitting the button on the camera to turn it off, Charlie put the camera back on the tripod. “Let’s get something to eat and then we can run this film through the large TV in the family room. We might be inspired to do it all again.”


Two weeks later the camera was used again, but Charlie and Bob knew nothing about it. Beth had invited the women from their club to spend some time together in the pool while their husbands played golf.

When the women arrived, they were all prepared to get in the pool naked. Once again, Beth served drinks. This time everyone was perfectly relaxed and comfortable with the others and the surroundings.

Once they had drinks in their hands, Lexi proposed a toast to “the hottest women in town.”

They cheered and touched their glasses together. Lexi turned to Amy. “Tell us about your sex life since our club meeting.”

Amy took a long swallow and grinned. “Someone taught my Jake some new tricks. He’s just been continuously horny since we were together. We’ve had sex every night since then. Even when I was in my period.”

“I’ve always enjoyed sex when I was flowing,” Donna admitted, “But I’ve never told anyone before.”

“Jake came home from work,” Amy explained. “He started kissing my neck and feeling my breasts. I told him I was sorry, but I’d started my period that morning. He just pulled me into our bathroom, turned on the shower and told me to get naked.”

“That’s an easy way to handle it,” Beth opined. “The mess just washes down the drain.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Lexi asked.

“It was fucking amazing,” Amy laughed. “I had never had sex in my period before, but it will never slow me down again.”

“My husband has been up my ass,” Donna said with a grin. “He was really taken with the demonstration Lexi put on.” Holding up her glass to Lexi, Donna said, “So let me give thanks to you, girl. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the best sex of my life.”

“We’ve had some interesting times, too,” Beth announced. “First we took our husbands to the new adult movie theater. We had lots of fun inside, but as we were leaving, we met a stunning woman who invited us to join her and her date at her apartment. She lives in a new high-rise place downtown. We went there and had a great time. Our husbands had her, and we got her date.”

“So, instead of three couples, you had two threesomes?” Donna asked.

“Right,” Lexi confirmed. “Our guy was very handsome and was he ever hung?”

“Oh my,” Donna swooned. “You just met these people and minutes later fucked them?”

“That’s exactly what happened,” Beth replied. “The woman is rich, beautiful and single. With your permission, we’ll invite her to a club meeting.”

“So, then we’d have one threesome every round?” Amy asked. “Wouldn’t it be super fun?”

“We wouldn’t invite her unless everyone agreed to it,” Lexi added.

Donna turned to Beth. “You said it was the first thing you did. What else do you have to tell us?”

“Two weeks ago my Bob was out of town, and I went over to visit Lexi and Charlie,” Beth explained.

“Here we go,” Amy laughed. “Another threesome.”

“Exactly,” Beth said with a smile. “But when I got there Charlie was sitting in a chair holding a video camera. Lexi undressed me and went down on me while Charlie filmed it. After that, we moved into the bedroom and just fucked and sucked like crazy people while the camera captured everything.”

“You made your own porn?” Donna asked excitedly.

“We certainly did,” Lexi replied. “If you like, we’ll show you some of it this afternoon. If you like it, we can show it at the next club meeting. It might get the men all wound up and stiff.”

“I want to see it!” Amy demanded.

“We’ll show it to you inside,” Lexi explained. “You may get as heated up as my Charlie and need some special attention.”

Donna looked puzzled. “If you two are having sex in between club meetings are you only going to want to fuck our husbands?”

“Oh Donna, don’t worry about it. If I had to have sex with Beth’s Bob every day, I wouldn’t be unhappy. As I think you know, Bob knows how to keep you entertained.”

“That’s the truth,” Amy confessed. “Your two husbands were nothing short of great. And besides being sexy and knowledgeable, they’re both adorable guys. I’m not going to object to having sex with them every time we have a club meeting. I consider it a bonus.”

Beth made a suggestion. “After we’ve made the round of homes, we might want to think about inviting another couple. I personally think six couples would be ideal. With six there would be enough men so we would never have to be with our own husbands.”

“Are you going to invite your new friend to our next meeting?” Donna asked.

“I will if you’d like me to, but it’s your decision,” Lexi told them.

“I’m all in favor of it,” Amy announced.

Donna seemed to blush. “I think it would be a lot of fun. Then we might be able to have some girl-on-girl action. You three know I like eating pussy, but I don’t want to do it when my husband might see.”

“I’m getting excited now,” Amy admitted. “Let’s go inside and watch your homemade porn.”

Lexi connected the camera to Bob’s large TV screen and turned it on. She smiled when she saw three lovely, naked women sitting around the room ready to watch.

“The sound quality is pretty good, but I can tell you what was said if you can’t make it out,” Lexi told them as she sat beside Donna.

Donna and Amy watched in breathless silence as they watched the people on the TV screen. When Beth put the lube on her finger and pushed it up Charlie’s ass, Amy almost screamed.

When Charlie rose up and fired copious amounts of semen all over his wife’s chest, Amy shouted, “Oh my god! Oh my god!”

Beth and Lexi both laughed and looked to see how Donna was reacting. They both noticed Donna’s eyes were glued to the screen. She was unconsciously rolling one of her nipples with her fingers.

“Incredible,” Amy shouted as she turned toward Lexi. “Does he always cum so much?”

“About half as much,” Lexi replied. “But that’s what happens when you massage the prostate. The man will cum like a horse.”

“I’ve never even considered putting a finger in Jake’s ass, but I will now,” Amy said as she turned back to the screen. “It must feel fantastic to the man.”

“It felt pretty good to me, too,” Lexi confessed. “I’ve always been excited by hot cum on my skin.”

“Do you ever get it on your face?” Donna inquired.

“Just keep watching the film,” Lexi laughed. “Charlie got totally turned on in the last half of the film.”

Lexi positioned herself behind Donna, letting her new friend lean back against her chest while they watched the movie. When the film showed the part where Lexi was rubbing her sex on her husband’s mouth, Lexi took one of Donna’s breasts in one hand while the other found its way between the woman’s legs.

Seeing what was going on, Beth did the same thing with Amy.

When the film ended, both Amy and Donna had been delighted with the film and enjoyed a nice orgasm.

“Maybe we should do this at the next club meeting. The women could all sit with a different man and watch,” Beth suggested. “I’d love to see this film again, and it would be even better if I could feel a hot cock against my back while it was running.”

“You can have it against your back,” Amy laughed. “I’ll take mine inside. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to ride Charlie’s big cock while watching him entertain two sexy women.”

“Beth and I have made a film we’ll share with the group,” Lexi told them. “Now it’s your turn to make a film for us.”

“It needs to be at least ten minutes long,” Beth added.

Donna and Amy looked at each other, their eyes wide in excitement. After a second Amy asked, “You want me to make a film with my husband or with Donna?”

“Either one,” Lexi replied. “But if it’s girl-girl it should be fifteen minutes long.”

“What do you think?” Amy asked Donna.

“I’d make one with you,” Donna said with an embarrassed look on her face. “I’d make one with you and Jake too.”

“We’ll work it out,” Amy said to Lexi and Beth. “Let’s use your film at the next club meeting, and we’ll make one for the following time.”

After the girl’s party ended, Donna and Amy were walking together to their cars. “I’ve got a different idea for the film. I could send Kendal over and make a video of you fucking both of them.”

“And you’d hold the camera?” Amy asked.

“Sure. Why not?”



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