I got a call at work one day from my wife, Karen. “Honey come straight home from work, I have a surprise for you!” she said, mysteriously. It was my birthday and as much as it sucked having to work on my birthday, it was a necessary evil. But her phone call and the idea that she had a surprise at home for me made the day brighten up considerably.

I finished my work for the day and headed straight home as requested. It normally took me about thirty minutes to get home, but I was able to slip out a few minutes early. Luck on my side and I beat most of the rush hour traffic so I got home a little earlier than I usually did. All that afternoon I had been thinking about this surprise she had waiting for me, and I was excited to see what she had been up to.

My Karen is an amazing woman. She is beautiful inside and out, She is every bit a lady; classy and intelligent, she is at home at an elegant dinner party or intimate dinner with just her and me. She can discuss and debate current events with anyone and has very strong opinions of her own.

In the bedroom, she is just as amazing. She is sexy and beautiful with a playful, mischievous side that I simply adore. She is adventuresome and curious–she is up for anything that sounds fun. I love her avante-garde nature, and we have tried a number of kinks and sexual fantasies and enjoyed them all.

It was this sexy, playful side that I was counting on as I drove home that day. I couldn’t imagine what she had in mind when she said she had a surprise for me. All I knew was that I was sure to enjoy it!

I made it home in record time and as I entered the house, I called out as I often do when she isn’t at the door to greet me. “Honey, I’m home!” but I got no answer.

Setting my briefcase down and hanging up my overcoat, I began looking through the house for her. I knew she was home–she had told me to come straight home. I passed by the living room, peeking inside. No Karen. I went and looked in the kitchen, but no one was there either. I looked in the den and the laundry room.

“Are you upstairs?” I hollered up the stairs. I heard the faint sound of someone upstairs, so I started heading towards the bedroom. 

That naughty little minx! I thought to myself as I climbed the stairs. What has she been up to now?  

I walked down the hall and just as I reached for the door, I heard a woman giggling. I knew that I had found the right room now. I opened to door to a pitch black room. As I flicked on the light, I got the surprise she had been talking about!

“SURPRISE!!” Happy birthday, honey!” she said, with a huge grin on her face.

There, sitting on the bed, was Karen and another woman–both of them in very sexy lingerie! Between them was a chocolate-iced birthday cake with the words “Happy Birthday, Baby” written on it and two bikini-clad girl figurines on top.

“Honey, this is Shannon, one of the girls I work with at the office. She is like my best friend at work, and I have told her so much about you that she has been wanting to meet you. And since it is your birthday and I have told her what a stud you are, she has agreed to come and play with us–we are your birthday presents!” she explained.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!

Karen continued, “You and I have talked about having a threesome a number of times, but we never really knew anyone who would want to do it with us. Well, I told Shannon here about some of the games we play and what we wanted to do.

“Seeing how excited she got about the idea, I asked if she would like to help celebrate your birthday with this threesome. She said she would love to help celebrate your birthday and pay with us. She is a kinky little slut and likes all the things we like to do!”

I stood there, dumbfounded as I looked at the two lovelies sitting pretty on my bed. I couldn’t believe my luck! My Karen is enough beauty for any two men, with her long blonde hair and deep sapphire blue eyes. She has a completely smoking hot body, but her favorite attribute (and mine) are her mountainous tits!

Sitting right next to her was Shannon, every bit as beautiful although a couple of years younger I guessed. She, too, was any man’s dream girl, with a figure that would stop traffic. She had long mid-back length dark brown hair and soft brown eyes. And as luck would have it, she had a great rack as well! I was going to have a wonderful birthday!

I smiled and said, “Wow, honey, I love my surprise!”

“Well the night is only just beginning baby,” she said as she kissed me, “It’s going to be even better.”  I kissed my sweet Karen’s lips, slow and deep. While we kissed, she slowly unbuttoned my shirt, sliding her hands inside to play over my chest. After that, I kissed Shannon as well.

Karen looked at me seductively and said, “Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. But if you’re really hungry, baby, we might have time for an appetizer… or two!” 

Karen and I kissed again as she slowly took off my shirt. Then she sat me in the bedroom chair. “You just sit in this chair here birthday boy and watch!” Karen said giggling. 

Shannon joined Karen right in front of me, both gorgeous women standing there in skimpy lingerie and both looking so fucking hot!

But that was just the beginning! As I watched, the two girls began slowly undressing each other, kissing and licking and playing with each other as they revealed themselves to each other and to me. Lips found each other; hands found other places. There were mewls and whispers and soft moans. It was like one of my favorite porn movies just jumped off the screen to play itself out right in front of me!

Karen and Shannon got into each other so much I almost thought they forgot I was watching! Once they had shed their clothes, they climbed up into bed and began necking and kissing, licking each other’s tits and humping each other’s legs.

As I watched Shannon and Karen making out, I had to shift positions on the chair several times as my growing and hardening cock was making it quite uncomfortable to sit still.

Then Karen took off her bra, the last remnant of clothes either of them wore. She turned and kissed Shannon again as their naked tits rubbed together and hard nipples battled one another. Then the girls turned to me.

“Okay, birthday boy it’s your turn… let’s see what you brought to the party!” Karen said with a mischievous smile. I looked at the two naked beauties waiting for me. My beautiful Karen with her blue eyes and blond hair, and her brown-eyed brunette friend Shannon–both of them had rocking bodies that would make any men’s magazine centerfold jealous!

Karen sat there smiling, her blue eyes twinkling… she knew what she was in for and was going to enjoy our little romp. I didn’t have to worry about her. So my eyes turned to our guest, Shannon, who had never been with either of us.

She sat there also, but her look was more eager anticipation and curiosity. She bit her lip anxiously as I undressed. She and I hadn’t met until that afternoon, but she had heard rumors and gossip about me. Now it was time to see if all that talk was just that… talk. Or if there was some truth to the “legend”!

They watched as I took off my clothes, both girls eyes fixed on me. And I played it up a little too, teasing and taking my time. Karen, of course, knew what was under my shirt and pants. And apparently, she had talked me up into some kind of Greek god or something because Shannon looked at me with almost awed wonder as I undressed.

I was almost afraid to finish for fear she would find me mortal after all! Oh, I kept myself in pretty good shape–I went to the gym at least twice a week and most weeks three times. I had a decent body… I mean I was no bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I wasn’t Tom Arnold either!

When I had gotten down to my boxers, I heard both girls give a soft moan. Seeing them making out like that had given me quite a nice bulge, and now both girls got a better idea of “what I brought to the party”. I walked up to Shannon.

“I’m sure Karen has told you all about me–about how I am in bed and how I’m hung like an Army mule or something. Does reality stack up to her claim?” I joked.

She blushed shyly but didn’t answer.

“Give me your hand,” I said and I placed her hand on my cock bulge. 

Once she saw that it was all right, she began to wrap her hand around it and giggled a little when it twitched in response. I could see by Shannon’s quiet uncertainty that she wasn’t quite sure of her place in this threesome, and I got the impression she was as new to the idea as we were.

But Karen and I had the advantage that we were a couple–she, on the other hand, was the new one in this arrangement. So to make her feel more relaxed and welcome, I moved onto the bed and took her in my arms, kissing her deeply as I slowly lowered her to the bed.

Karen, seeing the action had begun in earnest, wisely moved my birthday cake off the bed and onto the dresser so we wouldn’t accidentally mess it up in our passioned fervor. Then she joined me in making Shannon feel comfortable with us by taking up a position on the other side where she could access one of Shannon’s ample and very eager tits. We were both licking and sucking and chewing on her hard nipples and sweet creamy tits and Shannon was enjoying every moment of it.

“Ohhh…” Shannon moaned. She put a hand on both our heads pushing us into her bosom harder and trying to force more of her tits into our mouths. 

Karen knew that I enjoyed playing with her pussy and she knew that would be one of the things I wanted to do with Shannon as well. But Karen knew her a lot better than me, and I figured Shannon would be more comfortable with her Karen’s hand down there at first, so I just concentrated on her tit and let Karen do the preliminary recon duties.

As I feasted happily on Shannon’s sensitive tit and the tasty nugget atop it, Karen’s hand slowly slid down Shannon’s quivering stomach. Karen had been at the mercy of my teasing enough times to learn that slow but steady drives a woman crazy! So she employed the same tactic to our guest with similar results. Just about the time that Karen’s hand crossed the navel threshold, Shannon realized what was happening. 

Her hips began impatiently thrusting upwards and her moans took on a pleading desperate nature. They weren’t words, yet we all knew what she meant. Both Karen and I raised our heads slightly and looked at each other smiling wickedly before resuming our work.

Karen ran her hand over Shannon’s dark fur patch, neatly trimmed into a small upside down triangle with the point starting just above her clit. It was small enough that with her panties or bikini bottoms on, you wouldn’t be able to see it, and the fur was cut short enough that it wasn’t exceptionally bushy.

Karen was similarly sheared, however, I had been trying to coax her into shaving her pussy completely. But I didn’t mind–as long as I wasn’t spitting out hairs when I went down on them, they could do whatever they wanted (to a point) with their pussy hair!

“Ooh, Honey, our little girl is so wet!” Karen said as her fingers split her pussy lips and she pressed a couple of long slender fingers deep into Shannon’s hungry hole. 

Shannon really came alive after that. The combination of tongues and fingers and dirty talk set her off, and she began squirming and writhing on the bed between us, moaning as her lust fire raged now. Our “welcome” had taken hold fully and Shannon was now part of our sex adventure.

Leaving Karen to continue fingering our new friend and getting her ready for the games to get even hotter, I slipped off the bed and as Shannon watched intensely, I dropped my boxers and let her see for the first time the cock that would soon be buried in her eager cunt.

“Oh my God, John!” she gasped when she saw my cock, hard and erect, pointing at her. “Oh, bring that thing over here so I can see it!”

I took a step forward and she reached out to touch my cock. She looked up at me as if asking permission, and then when I didn’t say anything, she wrapped her hand around the shaft, feeling its girth and the power contained inside.

“Oh, John! Karen was right when she said you were… endowed!” she said. “I hope I’ll get the chance to see what you can do with that beast!”

“I think that can be arranged,” I said, “If you like you can start right now!” 

“Mmm… I love sucking a big, fat cock!” she said, and she moved around to where she could lay on her back with her head draped over the edge of the mattress. Karen followed her and once she was in position between Shannon’s spread legs, she replaced her fingers with her mouth and tongue, wanting to taste Shannon as she sucked on me.

Shannon wasn’t kidding when she said she loved sucking cock either–she wolfed my cock down like she was starving and grabbed the back of my legs, pulling me still deeper into her warm, wet mouth. Since she couldn’t bob her head given the position she was in, I did the thrusting, moving slowly and carefully at first.

I didn’t know her abilities and I didn’t want to go too far or too fast for her. She used her tongue, swirling it over my cock as her lips sealed tightly around it–she felt incredible! Her hands moved up the backs of my legs to my ass and she grabbed my asscheeks, squeezing them and scratching them with her long red fingernails.

The moans and sounds she made as Karen ate her pussy made vibrations in my cock that I almost couldn’t endure. She was squirming and trying to concentrate on what she was doing, but Karen’s insistent licking and lapping were very distracting for her!  

After a few wonderful moments in Shannon’s hot mouth, she popped me out and pushed her head further between my legs. She began licking my nutsack and took each of my heavy balls into her mouth, one at a time, to give them their share of loving. As the cum inside them began to simmer, she licked and sucked each of my nuts, making sure they were properly cared for before pulling them out with a popping sound.

Before she went back to sucking my cock, however, she made sure she spent a couple of moments licking the super-sensitive area behind my sack, my perineum. Karen knew how much I loved her rimjobs–it was one of my favorite things to give and receive. And maybe she confided that to Shannon, I don’t know. But either way, Shannon quickly learned through my loud groan of satisfaction–which only made her lick all the more enthusiastically.

With her head nested firmly between my legs, Shannon’s firm, ripe, double-d’s were placed in the perfect position for me to play with. I grabbed one in each hand, spreading my fingers as wide as I could and putting my palm directly over her rock-hard nipples. Then I curled my fingers into the soft, creamy flesh and squeezed. I received a moan of appreciation and encouragement as I began mauling her tits with my hands. 

I moved from pawing and groping her abundant tits to concentrating on her nipples. Karen had told me a bit about Shannon as well and I knew she was “playful” to put it nicely. So I wanted to see just how “playful” she liked it. I took hold of her nipples, hefting the huge mounds up and stretching her tits until I heard a muffled whimper from her.

I twisted her nipples as I held them up which brought a moan from her. She arched her back slightly, trying to relieve some of the pressure, but I just raised my hands with her. I let go of her nipples and she dropped back on the bed. I slapped her tits a couple of times and then backed up so I could see her face.

“Fuck my face, John! Oh, please fuck my face! I love it when a man shoves his cock down my throat. It makes me feel so slutty! Please give me that big fat cock!” Shannon cried. 

I smiled… yeah, Shannon would make an excellent playmate for Karen and me! Feeling more comfortable now that I knew we were all playing the same game, I smacked her cheek a couple of times with moderate force. I wanted to make it sting a bit without knocking out a filling! 

“Open that cockhole then and let’s see how you do with a cock down your throat!” I said. Immediately her mouth dropped open and she stretched her neck to accept my cock. 

So focused was Shannon on getting my cock down her throat, she didn’t even notice that Karen had stopped licking her slobbering cunt and had moved across the bed to get something from her nightstand drawer. She came back with one of her favorite toys–her Hitachi Wand.

“Here John, use this on her… you know what it does to me!” Karen said. She handed me the plugged-in toy, then got back down between Shannon’s legs and resumed her licking. Once she had gotten started again, I clicked the wand on and pushed the buzzing head against Shannon’s engorged clit.

It was as if she had lain on a live electrical line then. Shannon screamed around my cock, pitching and rolling around and clamping her legs around Karen’s head. A quick slap across the tits with my free hand opened her legs back up, but it didn’t do anything to calm her struggles against the buzzing hell at her clit.

Karen licked and lapped up as much of the juices her friend’s pussy was so generously putting forth as she could while I kept on fucking her mouth, pushing my cock deep down her throat almost to the point where her nose pressed against my nutsack. I held her there, feeling the tightness of her throat muscles around my cock until I could see she needed a breath. 

Then I pulled back to hear her choking and gasping for breath. Her drool was pouring from her mouth almost as much as her juices were from her pussy. I took a moment in between breaths to smear her saliva all over her face, messing up her makeup and making her look more like a Picasso painting than the beautiful woman who greeted me a little while ago.

All the activity and the different sensations had a cumulative effect on Shannon and finally, it got to be too much for her to resist. As I facefucked her again, she pushed me back gasping for air.

“I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum! Please make me cum! Make me cum please!” she whimpered.

Karen obliged her by shoving two long slender fingers into her slobbering slit while she licked her and the Wand did its evil work. The introduction of Karen’s fingers was the tipping point and Shannon exploded with a flood of fresh juice which my Karen licked up furiously. 

Shannon bucked and pitched wildly as her orgasm wracked her body. It seemed like it took forever (and I’m sure it seemed like that to her) before her orgasm calmed and she returned to us. She was panting like a dog on a hot day and covered in a glistening sheen of sweat. Her face looked like a jigsaw puzzle someone put in a blender and her hair was a sweat-soaked matted mess. But God was she beautiful!

I lay in the bed between my two lovelies holding them both until Shannon was fully back. I was perfectly content right there, but Karen reminded us that dinner was close to being ready and she “didn’t go to all this trouble to let it burn”. So with only a few grumbles, we got out of bed and Shannon rushed to the bathroom to at least fix her face and look presentable for dinner. There was no sense in showering yet – we still had a lot of fucking sucking and sweating to do!

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