As I stepped into my condo and shut the door behind me, I could hear the limo pulling away. Leaning my body against the front door, I slowly slid down until my ass hit the floor, my legs straight out in front of me. I took a deep breath, thinking back over the past several hours, my hand going to my newly acquired collar. ‘I did it! I now belong to Daniel,’ I thought as the realization started to set in. I knew that I needed to get up and get a shower because my face was starting to itch and feel like I had been wearing the same foundation wear for a couple of days, but instead, my mind started to replay the last scene between myself and my Master.

As if it had a mind of its own, my right hand, which had been resting on my thigh, started to make its way toward my pussy. My fingers began to tease my clit, my mind imagining it was his tongue and how good it would feel too finally cum. As my orgasm started to build I could hear in the background my cell phone going off in my clutch.

I ignored it figuring whoever was calling could call back, that my impending orgasm was more important. No sooner than it quit ringing it started back again. After the third time, I found I could no longer concentrate on satisfying myself so I retrieved my clutch beside me and yanked out my cell phone.

Punching the button to answer it on the fourth ring, I said angrily, “You are interrupting my playtime so this better be fucking important.”

“Such language out of a pretty mouth,” said a deep voice on the other end. “And what did I tell you about playing and making yourself cum?”

“You told me not to, Master.”

“Then why are you playing with your clit?” he asked with a hint of anger in his voice. “I do not like to be lied to.”

“I am not lying, Master,” I quickly said, hoping he had not caught that remake about interrupting my playtime when I had answered the phone.

“You… are… lying.” Daniel spat out. “I see where your hand is.”

Automatically I snatched my hand back, laying it on my thigh, looking around the foyer for a camera but could not see any so I started to relax. ‘He is just trying to throw me off and get me to admit what I was doing,’ I thought to myself.

“My pet, look all you want but you will not see any cameras. Jerome is too smart to put them where you can see them.”

I slowly got to my feet, carrying my dress and clutch in one hand and my phone in the other making my way to the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Daniel asked.

“I am not going anywhere. I am still here in my bedroom getting ready to get a shower, Daniel.”

“Bitch, your ass is mine and if you think that spanking you received in the limo hurt you are in for a rude awakening,” Daniel warned. “Right now you are lying again because I see you making your way down the hallway to the shower, I presume.”

Oh fuck, there are cameras around my condo,’ I thought, realizing that I might be in deep trouble.

“I see by your posture that you realize I am telling the truth, so get your shower and get your ass in bed,” Daniel told me and then he hung up. “And remember it is Master now.”

When I got in my bedroom, I tossed my dress in the laundry basket, my clutch, and phone on the dresser, and my shoes in the closet. Padding barefoot I went in and turned on the shower as hot as I could stand it. Once in the shower, I quickly scrubbed myself clean and washed my hair. I gave a quick look around the bathroom, wondering if there was a camera in there but figured there was no place to hide one. I also figured that the opaque shower door would give me some protection from being seen if there really was a camera somewhere.

As horny as I was, I knew it would not take long for me to cum so I got busy. I shoved two fingers in my pussy with my thumb rubbing against my clit. Soon I could feel my orgasm building so I braced myself against the front of the shower with one hand while my other hand worked feverously to make me cum. I began to take deep breaths as my body started to tremble. I gave out a cry as I started to cum, my juices flowing down my hand, dripping onto the shower floor. My legs felt weak and I collapsed to the shower floor. After a few minutes, I stood up on shaky legs and turned off the water, confident that I had not been seen.

Getting out of the shower, I dried off and walked to my bed, pulling back the covers and climbing in naked. I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.


Daniel, who had watched the entire episode, from the back of the limo on the small television there, just shook his head. He could see that he had his work cut out for him, leaving him to wonder if he had moved too fast in giving her his collar…but he did like a challenge.


On Saturday morning as I was busy cleaning my condo in anticipation of the night ahead, I heard my front doorbell ring. ‘Shit,’ I muttered to myself, ‘all I need is old Ms. Foster paying a visit and wanting to chat over coffee and cookies she brought.’

When I answered the door I saw Jerome standing there with a package in his hand. I looked around to see if the limo was parked out front but all I saw was a motorcycle.

“Ms. Zelina, Daniel wanted you to have this and he said to open it and follow the instructions exactly… and he also said he will be watching to make sure you do.”

I looked at him and laughed saying, “Right, whatever you say.”

Jerome just gave me his usual smirk, handed me the package, and headed down toward the motorcycle. I watched him get on and peal out of there. Taking the package, I set it on the entrance table and went to finish cleaning the kitchen before opening it. I had no idea what time he was going to arrive so I quickly took my shower and padded naked down to the entrance hall to get my package.

I took it back to the bedroom and slowly opened it. Inside was a pair of red lacy bikini panties and a small flesh colored silicone piece with a hump in the middle. I had no idea what it was so I looked for instructions. When I pulled them out all it said was, ‘Put those panties on with the vibrator inside,’ I thought he was pulling my leg. I did not know much about vibrators but my roommate in college had one and I remember her turning it on and this one had no button to turn it on.

When I looked at the panties closer I saw was nothing in the back except for a small string that I knew would fit in the crack of my butt, which I figure would be uncomfortable. Once I had them on I put in the piece like he had said and waited but nothing was happening. ‘This is ridiculous. He is just playing a joke on me. I am just going to remove it.’

Just as I pulled the lacy front of my panties out so I could reach down and get it, I heard a buzzing sound and felt an immense pressure on my clit. It was so hard that I had to stand on one leg, my other leg and arms seemed to clench up with the sheer pleasurable feeling coursing through my body.

At that time the doorbell pealed. I was not even sure my legs would support me, much less carry me to the door. I slowly made my way to the door and as I opened it I got a small buzz, almost making me cum.

Seeing my flushed face when I opened the door, Daniel gave me a slight smile. “Is somebody’s pussy having problems?”

“No, Master,” I replied focusing my eyes downward as I leaned on the doorframe.

After Daniel came in and took a seat on the couch he said, “Get me a beer now, Zelina.”

As I turned away to go to the kitchen I felt a soft continual buzz start against my clit, sending me closer to an orgasm. I grabbed Daniel a beer and carried it back into him on wobbly legs.

“I take it that you like the vibrating panty clit stroker,” Daniel commented as he turned it up a bit, loving the look on her face. “Bring those tits over here.”

I hurried over and kneeled down between his knees. He took his beer and poured some on my tits, letting it dribble down toward my clit. Grabbing my nipple, he pulled me toward him, sucking my nipple hard while turning up the vibrator, causing me to moan as I soared toward a much-needed orgasm. And then he stopped, pushing me away gently. He drank some more of his beer and stood up. It was at this time I noticed that he had another box in his hand.

He crooked his finger at me indicating that I was to follow him but when I went to stand up, he said, “Crawl like the bitch you are,” as he attached a leash to my collar, walking me as he would a dog.

Once in the bedroom, Daniel unhooked the leash and hung it on the doorknob. He looked around and then took out his phone, walking out of the room. Not knowing what he wanted me to do I just sat there on my heels, patiently waiting.

Daniel had left the vibrator on low and I found that if I sat a certain way my clit got more attention. I kept wiggling around on it as my juices started to flow, my breathing becoming heavier. Suddenly the vibrator became silent, leaving me hanging again.

“Fuck,” I muttered in frustration

“I saw what you were doing and I told you no cumming until I said so.” Daniel hollered out from the living room. “And keep your hands out of the front of your panties too.”

After an hour, I heard the doorbell ring and I automatically jumped up, grabbing my robe, slipping it on, and heading out to answer it but Daniel beat me to it. Jerome and two other men came through the door, carrying a four poster headboard and footboard taking it into the bedroom. They came back out a little bit later carrying my old ones. Once they left, Daniel turned his attention back to me, putting his cell phone on the coffee table.

“What in the hell do you think you are doing, Zelina?” he asked angrily. “I think it is time you understand what that collar means and who the Master is,” grabbing me by the arm and taking me to the bedroom. “Strip and stand at the front of the footboard.”

I slipped off my robe, leaving my panties on, wondering what he was going to do. I soon found out as he put the box he was carrying on the bed, opening it and taking out two sets of handcuffs and a cat-of-nine-tails but could not see if there was anything else in the box. Seeing those things my eyes became as big as saucers. Daniel quickly handcuffed my wrist to the posts, bending me slightly forward. Reaching back he yanked my panties down, the vibrator falling to the floor.

“Zelina, I warned you not to cum…”

“But I didn’t,” I interrupted.

For my disobedience I felt the first strike of the cat-of-nine-tails on my ass, causing me to give out a little shriek and then it was followed by two more.

“You accepted my collar, thus making you my submissive. You will obey me, not back talk me, nor interrupt me.” Daniel instructed as leaned down and bit me on my ass, trailing a finger up the crack of my ass. “As I was saying, you did cum in the shower two nights ago and you were just trying to cum. I also told you that the spanking you received in the limo was nothing compared to what you are about to receive,” and with that, he brought it down on my ass several times in rapid succession.

Stopping he walked around to the box and pulled out a riding crop, going back around to my ass. I felt him stroking it gently and then the sting of the riding crop on my ass and the top of both thighs, stopping to drag the tip of it down my back. And then he delivered three more to my ass and thighs.

“Are you ready to admit you lied, Zelina?”

Trying not to cry, I said softly, “Yes, I lied, Master.”

“Are you ready to cum?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Well, too bad. It is not time,” as his hand contacted several times hard on my ass.

Moving to the bed, he put the box on the floor, putting his instruments inside. After pulling the covers off the bed, Daniel released me and pointed to the bed. I immediately lay down, my stinging ass being aggravated by the bed. Grabbing the handcuffs, he handcuffed my hands and feet to the bedposts, leaving me spread-eagled.

Straddling me, he started to work on my nipples, sucking hard and lightly biting the nipples. Climbing off me, he quickly stripped, leaving his clothes in a heap on the floor. Leaning over he retrieved something from the box.

“These will look good attached to your nipples,” Daniel told me as he fastened on a pair of nipple clamps.

At first, it hurt but then it started to turn me on. Daniel got back on the bed, this time straddling my body so his cock was against my lips. Leaning forward, bracing his hands on the headboard, he pushed his cock against my lips, indicating that I was to suck him. As his cock slipped between my lips, I started to lick and suck as he fucked my mouth. Soon he pushed in farther and began to fuck my mouth deep and hard. I started to taste his precum and knew he would shoot soon, so I mentally prepared myself but then he pulled out.

Giving the chain connecting the two nipple clamps a slight tug, Daniel started to make his way down my body kissing and licking every inch that he could reach but when he reached my pussy he avoided it as he continued down one thigh and up the other. Getting up, he got a small vibrator from his box of toys, turning it on so he could rub the outer edges of my pussy with. By this time I was wiggling on the bed, straining against my restraints, needing to cum.

When I started to breathe heavily, he stopped for a moment and removed the vibrator, laying it to the side. Then he positioned himself between my legs, his tongue lapping at my clit, two fingers working their way inside my pussy, pushing against my barrier, my juices soon flowing down his fingers.

As I reached the peak, I was waiting for him to stop but he continued until I could hold back no longer, screaming as I came hard, my thighs clenching as much as they could, trapping his head between them as I covered his face and mouth with my juices. It was so strong that every nerve ending in my body seemed to be on fire, my nipples extra sensitive, lights flashing behind my closed eyelids. Slowly I released the grip I had on his head but he was not finished. I soon felt another one building as he continued sucking my clit, now using the vibrator on me instead of his fingers. Although it seemed impossible, I soon exploded again, this one just as powerful as the last.

Finally, he sat up and leaned forward, kissing me hard, the taste of me on his lips as his tongue slipped inside, mating frantically with mine. Coming up for a breath Daniel just sat there and looked at me, tugging at the chain.

“You are a virgin, right?” Daniel asked as he reached for a condom out of the box he had put on my nightstand. Tearing it open he sheathed himself quickly and then unfastened my legs.


“First time it is going to hurt but then nothing but pleasure,” he said as he put my legs over his shoulders, bending me almost in half to give him access to my wet dripping pussy.

As he positioned his cock near my opening Daniel said, “Relax,” as he pushed all the way in.

I felt my barrier tear, slight pain, and then nothing but fullness. Giving me a moment to get accustomed to his thick cock, he began to slowly move in and out, getting faster, harder, and deeper with each stroke, his thumb rubbing my clit. To my surprise, I felt another orgasm building.

Rubbing my clit harder, I started to shutter as he suddenly stiffened and unloaded his sperm, setting off another orgasm. After several more thrust, he let my legs fall to the bed, collapsing on top of me, and then he slowly pulled out. Removing the condom, Daniel tied it off and took it to the bathroom to dispose of it.

“That, my pet, is lesson number two. Soon as I recover we will move on to lesson three and take care of that other virgin hole… or should I give that pleasure to Jerome?”

I instinctively clutched my ass together, thinking of how it would hurt to have a cock up there, especially one as big as Jerome’s. Daniel looked at me and just chuckled.

“And for your information, you just had a small taste of your punishment,” as he unfastened my hands and walked out of the room, leaving me there wondering what was happening next. I was so worn out that I felt myself drifting off to sleep, unaware that Daniel had come back into the room, talking on the phone, ending the call with, “See you soon, Jerome.”

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