Dianne brings a new dimension to being a personal assistant for Natalie.

My name is Natalie, I am an executive in a large organisation.

Sally, my PA (Personal Assistant) and I were the best of friends and had a great working arrangement. She had been with me for over two years and knew all my little secrets.

Sally had married just before she became my PA and a few months ago told me that she was pregnant. Pam, the HR manager came to my office and told me Sally had tendered her application for maternity leave, which I was aware of.

Pam then asked me if there was anybody that I might like to select from within the company to replace Sally. She wanted to have a woman that was conversant with the way we operated, and not have to train a recruit. I, too, did not want a new employee to have to train to work with me.

I told Pam, “I will think about it and get back to you within a day or so.”

She said, “No more than a couple of days. I need time to arrange any transfer’s before Sally leaves.”

There was one girl I had noticed that might have all the attributes that I required. Dianne was working as a clerk in one of the accounting groups and had often come to me to get invoices approved and discuss some budget matters. She and I had become very friendly when she visited my office. There was something between us that just ‘clicked’. She was about the same age as Sally and not married. We always had a short and polite discussion about something or other that was topical at the time.

During one of our discussions, Dianne had mentioned that the men in the office have a word for me; “Snowflake,” and asked, “why?”

I laughed. “I am aware of that, and that I am referred to as ‘Miss Frigid’, behind my back. I don’t have a lot of time for some of their sexist comments.”

Dianne smiled, “Men!!” Was all she said in a derogatory tone.

I believed I had found the right woman to replace Sally.


The next day I called Pam and asked her to come to my office and discuss Dianne with me. I told her Dianne had impressed me in the short time I have been dealing with her. There was something about her that intrigued me.

I believed that she could pick up the reigns from Sally and learn how to run my office in the way I liked it to be run. I was often out of the office and I needed to have a PA who could handle the day to day matters without having to refer to me all the time.

Pam’s attitude was; “If you are happy then I am happy, honestly I think she has a lot to learn but I can’t think of anybody better. Nobody has approached me asking to be Sally’s replacement. I think a few of the girls are a bit scared of you.”

Coincidently, Dianne rang while Pam was there to see if she could discuss a part of my budget with me. I told her to come around in twenty minutes.

I told Pam I would confirm my decision within the hour, and she left.

Dianne came around and after I had finished my discussion with her, I took the opportunity to discuss my thoughts with her regarding being Sally’s replacement.

I said, “There is something I want to discuss. Take a chair.”

I told her, “Sally is leaving for obvious reasons, and I am looking for her replacement. If you are interested, I will raise it with the office manager.”

She said, “I would be honoured.”

After Dianne had left, I called Sally into my office and told her that I had spoken to Dianne. I also told her of my feelings toward Dianne and sought her opinion about being Sally’s replacement. I wanted her to confirm my decision as she would know if Dianne was a good choice.

When I mentioned her name, she told me, “I don’t know her very well, but she seems to be respected and I have heard nothing about her from any of the other girls that would be an impediment to her getting the job. I believe she has worked as a secretary for a solicitor before coming here and is regarded as being very competent. I would be happy to work with her and if she is your choice, she would be mine as well.”

That made me happy. I rang Pam and told her to begin proceedings to have Dianne appointed to the position.

Pam said, “I will put the wheels in motion. Let me know if anything changes.”

That afternoon I rang Dianne and asked her to pop around before she left the building as I would like to have a chat with her.

Dianne arrived as most of the staff were leaving to go home so there was only the two of us left in the office.

I had arranged with the catering staff to bring some coffee and cake to my office so we could have something to eat in a casual atmosphere during our discussion. I wanted her to see how I operated with people I liked and respected.

When she arrived, I shut the door of my office, just in case somebody came back unexpectedly.

After we had made ourselves comfortable, I said, “You are probably wondering what is going on?”

Dianne just smiled and said, “Yes.”

I came straight to the point. “I think I have mentioned that Sally is leaving, for obvious reasons I have to replace her. I mentioned earlier that I was thinking of having you take her place. Pam, Sally and I have discussed it and the job is yours if you want it. I have been impressed with what I have seen of you and I have decided to offer you the position. I have asked Pam to arrange it. Oh, there will be an increase in salary as well.”

“Oh Gosh, thank you. I am surprised. You really want me to work with you?” Dianne replied.

“That I do. I have been asked to select a girl from within the department and you and I have been getting along nicely and I want you to accept the position. I believe we can work together extremely well. I think that Sally could bring you up to speed in the two weeks she has left. I am sure she will show you all you need to know. You can take over from her without too much difficulty. The only problem you will have to put up with is that you will be working with ‘Miss Snowflake or Miss Frigid.’”

She laughed and said, “I am sure I can warm to that.”

The following morning, I called Pam and confirmed Dianne had accepted the position.

“She will start with you on Monday, good choice,” Pam told me, there was nothing more to say.

I informed Sally and she was happy that she would have time to show her ‘the ropes’ as she put it.

From that moment on I was more than happy and on Monday, Dianne started with Sally and it seemed everything was going to be fine. Sally soon had her doing much of the work that she was required to do and began to train her in the way I like things done. I knew I could be somewhat difficult at times. Sally had learned to cope, and now Dianne would have to. She would soon learn ‘Miss Snowflake’ or ‘Miss Frigid’ did have a soft side for people she respected. She would have to earn it though.



Dianne learned fast. In the almost two weeks she had spent with Sally, she had picked up the way I liked things done very quickly. Each time she came into the office I got a lovely smile. It didn’t matter what the climate was like as far as work was concerned, she was always pleasant and appeared calm and in control.

Sally came to me a few days before she was due to finish and told me that Dianne was amazing. She would be an even better PA than she was, she felt. There was something about her that she liked. “There is one thing though”, Sally mentioned, “She is rather cool toward the guys. She is attractive and they play up to her, but she puts them down very nicely and quickly. You won’t have any problems there. If I may say so, she is not unlike you in that way,” Sally concluded.

Miss Frigid or Miss Snowflake were going to get along brilliantly with Dianne it seemed. I wondered how long it would be before she got a ‘reputation’ as I do.

On Friday afternoon, there was a farewell and a baby shower for Sally. The whole office had finished early and we met and had a rather pleasant social afternoon. The office manager organised the party and the food and the liquor were well catered for. It was good to see how much Sally was respected and that Dianne had settled in and had also been accepted as my PA, in a very respectful way. I was extremely pleased with everything I saw.

Dianne stayed until the end, as I had done. I had my eye on her most of the time to ensure she had the right demeanour for social events. She would have to attend a few with me. I had noticed her knock back a few offers to carry on after the party finished. It was obvious she was there for me should I want anything, not too close but always there should I need anything. The more I saw of her the more I liked her.



Three weeks later I had to attend a conference, our company was a major contributor and sponsor. I was extremely busy in the weeks beforehand ensuring everything was covered and in hand. Dianne was amazing and an extremely good organiser. She was almost a jump ahead of me on a few occasions.

It was normal for me to take my PA when I was travelling. I needed somebody to handle the little things I always liked to make sure was under control.

Dianne had learned from Sally what the travel arrangements were that I insisted upon. My preferences for the airline, the hotel chain etcetera, rooms and limousines. I insisted she travelled Business Class and sat beside me. She had to arrange to be in an adjoining room beside me, should I need anything done in a hurry.

Everything went well and Dianne soon realised what needed to be done, my way, and had it under control. For a twenty-two-year-old girl, she had the ability and head on her of a much older woman. Sally had only been a year older than Dianne, but like Sally, Dianne was a little older and wiser, it seemed than her age indicated.

We had adjoining rooms in the hotel which meant I could move between the rooms or call her if necessary. The doors were always kept shut between us, but not locked, for our individual privacy. The first evening I wanted a document and as I had done many times with Sally, I just walked into the room without knocking.

I had my head down and after I was well into Dianne’s room, I heard her gasp.


I looked up to find she was naked and from what I know about women, she was masturbating or had been before my unannounced entry.

When I was working with Sally she was always dressed until she went to bed and apart from ringing her husband every evening, there was nothing to consider before I walked into her room. She never went to bed before me and always said good night before the door was shut for the night.

This was a different situation with Dianne, obviously.

Dianne quickly stopped what she was doing and grabbed a gown and just stood there with it in front of her covering her nudity. She made no attempt to put it on.

“Oh shit,” she exclaimed again. “I am sorry.”

I was somewhat taken back and said “Oh, it should be me that is sorry. I should have knocked or called before I came in.”

Dianne stood there virtually stunned and bewildered.

“Don’t worry about it,“ I said.” I just want this document; can you get it and bring it into me when you are ready. There is no hurry I won’t be going to bed for about an hour.”

I deliberately made no comment or observation about her naked state and what she was doing before I came in.

Silently, I was smiling and there were butterflies in my tummy. I had caught her in the act. I knew now she was a sexy woman and liked doing what women liked to do personally and privately occasionally. She was no different from me.

I went back to my room smiling. This had changed everything.

From now on Dianne being my ‘personal’ assistant would have a completely different connotation.

I decided that I would undress and just put on a gown before she returned. I was going to let her know she was not the only woman who enjoyed being a woman and doing things women do to themselves.

Dianne knocked on the door just as I was putting the robe on. It was a hotel gown and had no buttons. I had not tied the belt around my waist and was only holding it closed.

“Come in,” I called.

Dianne entered and she was so flushed in the face with embarrassment. Her gown was on and tied securely around the waist.

As she came to give me the document, I deliberately let the belt drop. My gown opened to reveal my naked body beneath. There was a sort of gasp as she saw all I possessed, and she looked away.

She was somewhat shocked again and embarrassed once more. I went to her, took the document from her and put it on the table, I then put my arms around her and hugged her.

She stood there somewhat stiffly and then I put my head on her shoulders and whispered,

“You and I are no different. I think we are going to get along far better than we ever realised.”

I felt her body relax a little.

“Don’t worry about that, I do it all the time. It seems you will learn a lot more about me than Sally ever knew, otherwise she would have warned you. I am a lesbian.”

I took my head off her shoulder and took each of her hands into mine. I looked straight into her eyes.

“It won’t bother me if you are straight. I just want you to know a woman’s naked body is a thing of beauty to me. I have noticed that you show little interest in men. I want you to know I will have no problems with you if you tell me you don’t want to be like me.”

Without another word, I let my gown slide off my shoulders.

A moment later hers was there beside mine. There were now two naked women facing each other. Not a word had been said, none were needed.

I went toward her with outstretched arms. She didn’t move or retreat. It seemed obvious she was not going to refuse a hug that I was about to give her. I wanted to hold her against me, to feel her naked flesh pressed to mine. She was young and beautiful.

I put my head on her shoulder and I spoke softly and passionately to her.

“Please don’t let this upset you. If you want to go back to your room, you will hear nothing more about this from me. You will continue to work for me for as long as you want to. I only ask that you respect my orientation and never mention it to anybody.”

She said nothing but I could feel her use her arms to pull herself to me even closer than we had been.

The next few minutes were amazing. Two naked women were silently embracing as only highly aroused naked women could. Our bodies now pressed hard against each other as our lips and tongues were caressing as only lovers do.

As we caressed each other, our pubic regions were grinding against each other like women who enjoy sex can. Our breasts were also squashed against each other and as close as our lips were. Our arms were wrapped around each other gripping each other in a way that we both did not want to end.

“I love you,” Dianne said.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “That was sudden.”

“No, from the first time I walked into your office it was love at first sight. I could not say or do anything as I had no idea you and I are alike. There is the age difference, as well as our position. I would go home at night and cry with the frustration of not being able to say anything. I believed it would be the end of my working with you,” she said with tears streaming down her face.

I too had admired her body as well but had suppressed the feelings I had. I am like most lesbians; one must keep it inside you. As Dianne had mentioned, our position in the office and age difference had to be considered. There is no way I would have recognised the feelings she had for me.

The effect of us being lovers or even friends in the office would not be tolerated.

All these things flashed through my mind as my hands began to feel for her breasts and fondle the rather petite bundles of firm flesh that I love to feel and play with. I have the same feelings when somebody is doing it to me.

The desire to enjoy her sexually overwhelmed all my other considerations.

I sat on a chair and drew her to me She spread her legs and sat on my lap facing me and we kissed. It was a wonderful and emotional feeling.

I was thinking, this girl is younger than me, but she is enjoying our relationship as I would with another woman my own age.

After a few more minutes of passionate kissing, I decided now was the time. She had not refused or objected to anything I had initiated with her. She told me she loved me. Maybe I was beginning to feel my passion for her might also be love. I stood up and held her tightly to me and slowly pushed her back toward the bed. As her legs touched the bedside, I took her hands and gently lowered her body back onto the bed.

She immediately positioned herself straight out on the bed. I lowered myself to her to again kiss and press my body to hers in the way that women lovers do. Her actions indicated to me that this was not the first time Dianne had shared a bed with somebody.

She spread her legs and I positioned myself above her and positioned my small patch of hair over hers and pressing my clitoris against hers. I could soon feel the moisture on the lips of my vagina. It wasn’t long before we were both quite damp as a result of our actions.

“You are wonderful,” I told her.

“I am so happy,” Dianne said. “I have dedicated myself to you at work and made sure I gave you no indication of how I felt in your presence. I just wanted to please you in that way and not allow myself to let you know how I felt otherwise. You have no idea how hard it was.”

“Well, you have now. You now know I feel the same way. I admit I never considered you to be a potential lover, but I have admired your beauty and deportment. I must admit I had wondered why you were so cold in a way toward the men in the office. I believed or hoped it was because you were working for me and respected the seniority and position. Now I know and am so happy for the real reason.”

I was now ready to take her to the next level and I sat up beside her on the bed. I placed one hand between her legs and found the entrance to her body that every woman desire to be filled, one way or another.

Her body arched slightly as she lifted her bum from the bed to ease my fingers further into her and found that she was well lubricated for what I had in mind for her. Her backside returned to the bed and she spread her legs even wider to accept what I was giving her. I could now detect the musky scent of her vaginal fluids. I took my fingers from within her and licked them.

She just lay there which allowed me to pursue my pleasure from her tasty morsel. I was using my fingers to massage her G spot and provide the pleasure as a man can do with his penis when he is within that part of a woman. I have experienced and enjoyed that part of a man in there, on more than a few occasions, but not lately. My love has only been for another woman for some time.

Dianne lay there allowing me to take my pleasure from her. Whether she was doing this for her own pleasure or to please her ‘boss’ I had no idea, but we were both having a lovely time.

Dianne was now completely relaxed and had quickly adapted to my attention to her body.

“Can I do something for you?” she asked.

“What would you like to do to me?” I replied.

Without a word, she pulled me down to be beside her. She kissed me gently and then rose up and over me and kissed my breasts as she manoeuvred herself so that she was on top of me. She began by kissing my neck. Then moved her hands to my head and gently rubbing my temple and ears in a way that sent shivers of excitement down my body as her head moved down over my breasts.

She knew where my erogenous zones lay. This girl was no novice, it seemed.

Then slowly, she began to lick and kiss my breasts. She gently bit each nipple. That really touched a nerve that I enjoy. Then she kissed me down to my tummy and belly button, rubbing her tongue around the depression and giving me a nice feeling between my legs. She knew what she was doing.

As she moved further down her hands left my head and then began to tweak my nipples and fondle my breasts.

Then she looked up at me and our eyes met. That always gives me an amazing feeling. We continued to look into the eyes of each other until she reached the small patch of hair I maintain above my vagina. She rubbed her face into it and immediately went straight down between my legs and began to lick me as I spread my legs to accept her attention to my vagina.

I had often been with another woman, but Dianne was something special I was learning. She was no novice. There was a way about her, and she had no inhibitions. She was very familiar with the way women like to be treated sexually.

I opened my legs as far as I could and raised them slightly which gave her far better access to me. Her tongue was licking the soft and highly sensitive area between the perineum to my clitoris.

It was then I knew she was an expert. She used one finger and inserted it into my vagina then back out and ran it around the circumference of my ass hole. Then slowly and gently slid it into me there and began to rub it around, rimming me there as she returned her tongue to my slit and then up to and around my clitoris. Her other hand was then bought into play and she used two fingers to gently squeeze my clit from within its sheath and licked it.

I could bear it no longer and I screamed, “Oh sweet Jesus, fuck me, I am cumming. Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard,” I cried.

She knew exactly what to do. She found my clit again and squeezed it from its sheath and then sucked it between her lips and then rubbed it between them. I came with a rush I could not control. The feeling of my orgasm was amazing. I was shaking and jumping about, and Dianne was working so hard to maintain her pressure and position on my clit. Her finger was now inside my ass and the sensation of both of my orifices being expertly massaged drove me to the heights of one amazing orgasm and without doubt one of the better ones of my life.

Once Dianne realised I had reached the height of my pleasure and could take no more, she sat up. This left me to gasp for breath and try and relax and allow my body to recover from one of the most physical experiences of my life.

The sight of her naked body and her perfect breasts kneeling beside me and smiling down at me gave me a feeling of absolute pleasure. I could have told her I loved her then and there but something within me held that back.

This was the first time I had done anything with her, she was my personal assistant and at least ten years younger than I was. I had known her less than two months and we had made love as only women can… once.

After I had recovered, and all my senses were back almost to normal other than I could still feel that tingle of the sensation in one’s vagina when you have had an orgasm such as I had just enjoyed. I have been with other women, none as young as Dianne and never reached the height of sexual arousal as I had just endured. How could I repay her? She had just seduced her boss in a way that nobody could possibly imagine, least of all, me.

She sat there looking down at me, waiting for me to say something.

“You and I are going to have to have a serious discussion, young lady. I don’t know how we are going to work together if you keep doing things like that to me,” I said.

“I hope that that doesn’t mean our relationship will be coming to an end at the conclusion of this conference,” Dianne said.

She was looking down at me letting me know she was serious and that she had hoped I would have been more forthcoming in expressing my satisfaction for what she had done. There was a look of disappointment in her eyes.

“No, no, my darling, you and I are going to be even closer. I just don’t know how to say it now. I want to say I love you, but that would be premature. No other woman has given me so much satisfaction as you just did. You and I are going to have to have a very serious discussion about our future relationship.”

I hoped I said that in a way that might reassure her, but also let her know that our position at the moment was fraught with the danger of causing some problems in the way I wanted to live with her and work with her at the same time.

“Now forget all that and kiss me,“ I said.

Dianne slid down and lay beside me and we held each other close and we kissed, the kiss that only lovers know how.

After a few minutes, I began to make a move toward returning the pleasure she had just given me. I got up on my arms beside her and she looked up at me with questioning eyes. I could read her mind.

‘What is she going to do?’

I left her in no doubt within seconds.

I kissed her nipples and then I slid down and got myself into a position that would leave no doubt in her mind. I was going to lick her and give her an orgasm as good as the one she just gave me.

Dianne said nothing but lay there, allowing me to take control. I believed she was thinking that as she was my junior and assistant, that I would be the dominant person in the relationship, and I would use her as I pleased. There was an age difference besides the employer/employee situation. I needed to reassure her that in the bedroom we were equal and that as lovers there was no relationship other than we were lovers. Outside the bedroom, our lives would be completely different.

In the bedroom, our bodies were there to be enjoyed by one and the other in ways that we would have no restriction. Our business lives were to be left outside the door.

I would leave that discussion until after I had given her an experience I hoped she would enjoy as much as I had enjoyed her treatment of me.

I proceeded to go down on her and without saying anything and begin to give her everything she had given me.

It was not unusual for me to enjoy sex with other women, usually women around my own age. She was my junior by a little more than ten years but in no way that distant as far as providing me with sexual pleasure.

I could not admit it openly to her at this moment, but I had fallen in love with her. It had not quite been love at first sight but certainly, love at first bite. The way she had bitten my nipples and labia were signs of passion that I enjoyed and loved. She and I would be perfect lovers.

I looked closely at her vaginal area. Like me, she had removed all the hair from around her vulva and had left a small patch of hair above her slit like mine. Her cunt lips were all concealed within her vulva.

I proceeded to lick her slit and insert a finger or two into her. It took a few minutes before I felt her body relax and begin to respond to my attention. I looked up at her occasionally from down between her legs and could see her fingering her nipples as I licked and sucked on her vagina. I had a penchant for biting the labia and pulling them as far as I could with my teeth, and I was doing that to her. Obviously, she had not had that happen before and after a minute or so I heard her say,

“I love that.”

From that moment on she relaxed totally and between the two of us we engaged in a sexual enjoyment that was obviously being enjoyed by both of us. We were enjoying being together silently. I gave her the best of my ability with other women and she began to really get animated and it wasn’t long before I heard her say:

“I want to cum.”

I then proceeded to lather her vagina in every possible way I could with my fingers, lips and tongue. My head was working overtime between her legs and I put my hands up and tweaked each of her nipples. That was all she needed, and she began to moan and grunt with the pleasure of each spasm of her orgasm.

It was lovely to see and hear her cum. She was a woman in every way and did not behave as I have seen some behave when they are having sex with another woman. Some become a bit slutty, Dianne loved and enjoyed her orgasm in a way that I respected her. She enjoyed her orgasm and had cum making the most minimal of sounds but those she had made were obvious sounds of extreme pleasure.

We lay together and we talked a little bit about how we had really found each other and that I had been surprised. Dianne admitted she had been curious about me and my demeanour in the office, and the fact the men didn’t really like me.

I asked her if she had ever had a relationship with a man, after all, she was attractive.

“I had a few boyfriends and had lived with one for a while. He humiliated me and insisted I give him oral sex almost every day and swallow his semen. When I refused a couple of times, he got angry and I didn’t like that. He also insisted on anal sex which I didn’t enjoy either. After a couple of months, I refused to let him have sex with me. I could take it no longer and he threw me out. I spent two nights in a motel.”

“Men can be bastards at times. I have had a couple of rather dominant males in my life. I know how it can be,” I told her.

Dianne asked, “Are you are bi, as well?”

“More lesbian now than bi. I have found a few women that can be rather entertaining in bed,” I said with a giggle. “Tell me more?” I asked.

“Another girl living alone in the office I was working in, took me in for as long as it took me to find another apartment on my own. She was bisexual and I found she was interesting. But apart from masturbating one night together, nothing else happened between us.”

“This is interesting, go on,”

“When I got my apartment, another single woman living opposite approached me one evening to go out to a restaurant for a meal with her. I did, and she too was bisexual. Like me, she had lived with a guy who was much older and then found out she wasn’t the only woman he was sleeping with when she contracted an STI. Then she and I had an affair for a while and I rather enjoyed what we did together. She showed me how nice having sex with another woman can be and I rather enjoyed it after the experience I had with that boyfriend.”

After Dianne had told me this, I cuddled her again and before long we were touching and feeling each other again.

The chemistry was working the two of us were just enjoying the pleasure of two naked women who enjoy sex together. Kissing, touching, and more kissing. Hands were wandering from vagina to mouth to nipples and breasts.

Gradually the passion built up and words were unnecessary, and she moved over me. It was obvious that she was positioning herself for us to perform a sixty-nine together.

I was not resisting and if anything, encouraging her to keep going.

“Do you mind if we do it like this?” she asked.

“Is the Pope a Catholic?” I replied.

“What?” she questioned.

“Forget it, just keep going. I want to enjoy it with you,” I responded as I attached my mouth to the magnificent vagina above me that was now spread open to allow my tongue and lips to massage the beautiful taste of her.

Dianne was also performing perfectly and giving me absolute pleasure. I was enjoying every lick of her tongue. From the little sounds and the way, she was using her fingers and tongue, it was obvious this was not her first experience. Doing what she was in the way she was doing it indicated to me it was not the first or even second attempt to achieve satisfaction with me orally.

“You do that perfectly,” I told her.

She didn’t reply in words but by inserting two fingers into me and spreading my vagina widely open and then licked along the length of my slit. It felt amazing. She was amazing.

Two minutes later, I came. My body shook and shivered with the sensation that was pulsating through me. My orgasm was as good as any I had ever achieved. This was now becoming a habit with her. Dianne was the perfect lover.

After I came, I then devoted myself to giving her the same pleasure.

It was only a minute or two later her body began to wriggle and shake over mine. She pressed her cunt down onto my mouth and I was able to get my tongue well and truly into her. My lips were able to massage her clit at the same time.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I heard her say, ”You are amazing,” as her thighs and legs shivered and shook, and her legs opened and closed around my head.

It was possibly the most physical of orgasms that I had experienced with any woman. I could not believe that I could be so happy and lucky. The chance of finding her masturbating as I had, had to lead me to have one of the most amazing and enjoyable experiences with any woman I had ever achieved. I hoped she had enjoyed it as much.

After that experience, we returned to lay beside each other.

It soon became evident she was getting sleepy as she had cuddled into me.

“I should go back to my bed,” she said rather dreamily.

“I would like you to stay with me tonight, would you mind?”

“Mmmmmmm,” she said as she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I was going to have the best company I have ever had in bed and it was going to last all night.


The next morning when I woke, she was not in my bed. The door was closed between the rooms.

I went to the door and opened it and put my head around the door, not knowing what to expect.

“Good morning, ma’am,” I heard, and noticed a sly smile.

There was a fully dressed woman sitting at the laptop, busy working.

“I believe we have our first meeting at ten. I believe I have everything covered,” she said.

There was not one word of recognition or acknowledgement of what had occurred between us the previous evening. Then I got that look and the smile that said it all. Words were not necessary.

“Arrange the hotel limousine for nine-thirty,” I instructed.

It was business as usual. I knew I had not made the wrong decision in appointing Dianne as my PA.

There was one job she would be completing for me during the day. A visit to a sex store to buy a Feeldoe. I had a definite need for one now. Dianne now has another task to fulfil. To fuck me as a man would fuck me and I would return the pleasure for her.

I knew that after we had dinner together, I would not be sleeping alone. Tonight would be the right time to inform her that I loved her as she loved me and we were going to be lovers.

I would dictate the rules of engagement. After that, it would be up to her to comply, and provide satisfaction in the bedroom, with the same competency and efficiency as she does to prepare me for the boardroom.

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