It was late morning by the time Paulo returned. He had already been to the yacht and stocked up and had also brought some more shopping back for the house. We had both showered and dressed; Sue had put on a floral summer dress over a new bikini she had bought for herself at the airport.

Sue had mentioned to Paulo that last time we came out here I had taken in a sea fishing trip and he had kindly bought a rod and tackle for me as well as some bait. I offered to pay for it all but he would have none of it. “There are usually lots of Bass about where we are going,” he told me. “Maybe you can catch us some for the barbeque.”

“And what are we going to do while Rick is fishing?” she asked him with a smile.

He laughed. “We’ll be doing some fishing under the duvet.”

“I take it that you have a big rod for the job?” Sue asked.

Paulo laughed. “I have and I’ll be letting you use it as well,” he answered. “That’s if you can handle a big one.”

It was Sue’s turn to laugh. “Oh, I think I can handle a big one now.”

I watched their interaction with interest. The way they talked; the way they kissed and touched and laughed like a long established couple. They seemed to be getting more comfortable with each other each passing day. It was painful to watch in some respects but it was also sexually exciting. Watching your wife not only kiss another man at will but also fondle him, took cuckolding to another level. And then there was the way she allowed him to touch her.

Sue made no attempt to stop him lifting the hem of her dress to look and see what she was wearing underneath and complimenting her as he touched her. Finally, there was the humiliation of Paulo looking at me as he withdrew his hand and allowed her dress to fall back into place. It was the look that told me that my wife belonged to him. He could touch her at will and do anything he wanted to her and I was powerless to stop him. Perhaps Sue had been right in her analysis of him. Deep down inside Paulo was an insecure man and all this compensated for losing the love of his life to another man.

We set off a short while later. Paulo took his BMW 5X and I sat in the back while he and Sue sat in the front. Sometimes I was part of their conversation but most of the time they talked amongst themselves. From time to time there was laughter and there was also touching. Sue’s hand resting a lot of the time on Paulo’s upper thigh; not actually touching his bulge but close enough to make her presence felt. Paulo had quite a big bulge and as exciting as I knew it was to be in that situation, it would also be quite painful in its confinement.

I wondered how long it would be before he would be relieved of that pain. How long it would be before Sue would find herself on her back on top of the bed in the yacht, lifting her bottom for him to pull down her yellow and white polka dot bikini bottoms?

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Sue. She was looking at me and smiling. “Penny for them,” she said.

I smiled back and looked away.

“Something dirty, was it?” she asked still smiling.

I couldn’t look at her. Paulo was looking at me through the rear-view mirror. “Come on tell us, Rick,” she said. “Please tell us. I want to know what’s going through that dirty mind of yours as well.”

I thought for a moment and then told them what I was wondering. They both laughed. “Those bikini bottoms are coming off the moment I get the chance, Rick,” Paulo told me. “Sue’s got a damn good fucking coming her way.”

I smiled.

“Does that answer your question, Rick?” Asked Sue.

I nodded still smiling.

“And you’ll be cleaning her up afterwards Rick,” Paulo told me. “Every last drop of my cum from her cunt.”

Sue was looking at me and smiling. “I’m looking forward to that.”

It was funny. I remembered a conversation that we had about that many years ago – the use of the word cunt. She thought it was crude and vulgar and she was pleased that I referred to her sex as pussy. She was happy with that terminology but now Paulo was using that vulgar term and she didn’t mind. So much seemed to have changed over the last few days.


The yacht had been moved from its berth and Paulo explained that he had filled up with diesel. Paulo spent some time showing us how to put the lifejackets on gave us a few tips on safety. The forecast was good but he wanted us prepared for any eventuality before he eased her out of the marina into the open sea.

Sue slipped out of her dress and opened a bottle of champagne before settling down on the sun deck. Paulo warned us about the effects of the sun out in the open sea and so Sue and I rubbed lotion into one another. She had already removed her bikini top and it gave me ample opportunity to enjoy making sure that her breasts were well protected. I suggested that she pull down her bottoms but Paulo interjected. “Leave that to me, Rick,” he cut in. “I’ll take care of that area.”

I looked at Sue and she was smiling. “Best let Paulo take care of things down there.”

I was wearing loose fitting shorts and when it came to my turn she tugged them down over my thighs and paid particular attention to my erection. “Take care of the uncut bits,” Paulo turned and shouted.

Sue smiled. She was already taking care of the foreskin over the tip of my cock to my satisfaction and I was hoping that she might take me all the way to an orgasm but alas, she decided to tease me and left me high and dry. We sunbathed for a while and then Paulo called me up to the bridge. He needed to go to the bathroom and he asked me to take over for a few minutes. I was pretty nervous. He went through the vast array of instruments, dials and controls but I couldn’t really take it all in. He made it sound easy as he showed me but it’s always easy when you know how.

The first thing I did was cut the speed a little. I am not all that keen on fast speed anyway and driving on roads is much easier. You can see where you’re going and your pathway is signposted and bordered, unlike the sea. I did have a moment of joy when a tourist boat approached at a manageable distance between us. There I was on the bridge with Sue sunbathing on the deck behind me as they were passing. The tourists on board started taking photos and some waived; for a moment it felt as if I was living the dream, my own yacht with a trophy wife sunbathing.

Paulo returned soon afterwards and asked me how it was going. I told him that we were still afloat so I must be doing okay. He laughed before pointing at the navigation monitor. “Just keep on this course,” he told me. “We’re about twenty minutes away.”

I panicked. “You want me to continue,” I said with alarm.

He laughed and patted my shoulder. “You’ll do fine, Rick. Just keep it on that line,” he said as he began to walk away.

“W… where are you going?” I asked.

He smiled. “Where do you think, Rick?”

“Y… you’re going off with… “

“I’m taking Sue down to the cabin for a fuck,” he cut in.

Sue looked up as he approached and then reached up to take his hand. She smiled at me as she kissed him and groped him and then walked away with him, hand in hand. I swivelled back around and adjusted the wheel slightly to keep on course and sat nervously praying that no other vessels would come my way.

I was left alone for almost fifteen minutes. I felt the movement coming from below as they fucked. I heard their cries and moans and then silence fell. Paulo came up alone and took over the controls telling me that Sue was waiting for me. “She’ll take care of that for you,” he said looking down at the protrusion in my shorts.

“Enjoy,” he said with a smile as I walked away.

Sue was lying on her back with her head propped up on pillows and hands behind her head. She smiled as I closed the door behind me and then raised her knees and opened her legs. I was seeing the now familiar sight of her moist pink cunt lips with a thick white creamy fluid oozing from her opening. It was Paulo’s cum, fresh and still very warm.

“Better catch it all before it messes up the duvet,” was all she said as I stood there staring.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled the short distance up between her legs. As my tongue reached out and touched her she moved her hands and rested them on the back of my head with a sigh. “That’s it darling,” she said softly. “Clean up another man’s cum from your wife’s cunt.”

I brought my hands up to prise open her thighs wider and began to feast. This had always been the highlight of my fantasy, cleaning up after another man had fucked her. There was just something so exciting about it that was hard to pinpoint. It wasn’t just the taste of their mingled love juices neither was it just the fact that it was another man’s cum, it was also because she had allowed another man inside her to enjoy her and cum inside her. Cumming inside a woman was a privilege allowed by her to someone special. Paulo was special to her and I was being usurped.

I made her cum over and over again as I cleaned every drop. She screamed, she writhed and she wriggled and she dug her fingers into my head and pulled on my hair. I was pleased that she enjoyed it but I also suspected that her enjoyment was not just because of the work of my tongue but also because of the fact that it was Paulo’s cum inside her. I made a mental note to ask her, next time we talked.

The sensing of the yacht engines slowing down and coming to a halt interrupted what I was hoping to be release. Sue leapt off the bed and went into the bathroom and I went up on deck to find that we had indeed arrived at the Benagil caves. Paulo had come to a stop a couple of hundred yards away from the large entrance. There were a number of boats close up them and there were a couple of large tour boats taking priority.

“We’ll wait until there’s more room before we go to the mouth,” Paulo said as Sue appeared wearing her bikini bottoms.

I noticed some males for the other boats looking in our direction. Perhaps it was because she was topless. Paulo put his arm around her. “All cleaned up now?” he asked with a smile.

She kissed him. “Yes, hubby did a good job.”

He looked at me and smiled once again. “I’m sure there’ll be more later.”

“Would you like me to prepare some lunch?” she asked Paulo.

“Why not,” he responded. “We’ll be a while yet. Then we can go off and find a quiet spot to have a nap while Rick does some fishing.”

Sue smiled at me as she went past. “Sounds good to me.”

While Sue was preparing lunch, I took some photographs of the caves. Paulo said it was okay to take one of him at the wheel and then we changed places. It was then that Sue joined us to tell us lunch was ready. I was about to take one of her but thought better of it because she wasn’t wearing a top Sue however insisted that I take one of her at the wheel too. “It won’t be shown to anyone else,” she said.

I hesitated for a moment and then took a couple of her. Paulo said he would take a couple of Sue and I together and I agreed. With my arm around her waist and smiling he snapped away then he handed me back the camera. “I don’t suppose that you would take one of me and Sue together would you?”

I shook my head and started to speak but Sue interrupted. “Go on Rick,” she insisted. “Nobody else will see them.”

I was still hesitant but she had already pulled him to her side and put her arm around him. I stood back and took a photo. Paulo than put his arm around her too and I took another couple of photos. Then Sue turned and kissed him but I didn’t take one. “Come on, Rick, take it,” she ordered.

Reluctantly I took a couple of her kissing him and then Paulo took her in his arms and started to kiss her. It was a lover’s kiss and his hands rested on her waist. I took four pictures. Sue took the camera from me and looked at the screenshots of the photographs taken before showing them to Paulo. “They look good,” he told her.

Sue handed the camera back to me. “Shall we go downstairs to the bedroom and take a couple?”

I stood there, mouth agape.

“No one else is ever going to see them,” she said seriously.

“What, you mean you two doing it?” I asked.

“No,” she responded. “Just a couple of us standing naked together. If that’s okay with Paulo?”

Paulo smiled. It’s fine by me,” he said as he kissed her. “In fact, I’d be quite willing to do a porno with you.”

Sue shook her head. “Not sure about that,” she responded thoughtfully.

“I have a friend who can do a professional movie,” he informed her. “He would give you the memory stick of it and delete his original.”

Sue looked at me and saw from my reaction that I was horrified at the idea.

“It would be yours for posterity,” he said with a smile.

Sue reached for his hand. “No. Just a couple of us naked will do,” she said tugging him away.

Inside the bedroom, she took off her bikini bottoms and then proceeded to strip Paulo. Once he was naked, she took him to the side of the bed and turned and kissed him. “Shoot away, Rick,” she told me,

I got them into focus and took a couple of shots of them naked and kissing and then Sue dropped her hand and took hold of his erection. By now I was aroused by the sight of them together in this way and I clicked away. There were shots of Paulo touching her too and then there was a final one of Sue on her knees facing his erection. There was no contact but the implication was clear. The smile on her face told its own story but that would be for no one else’s to see.

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