“Sean, don’t.”


“You look fine.”


“I look great, but that’s beside the point. Grown women don’t wear schoolgirl skirts out in public.”


“Some do.”


“Yeah, missing the point.” I sighed, bracing myself for an old topic, “Your brother shouldn’t see me like this. He’s …”


Sean dug in his heels, “He’s what? I don’t care if he sees your legs, you’ve got great legs. I’m proud of my wife’s legs.”


“It’s a sex outfit, Sean, we’re supposed to be making out at our spot, not going on a social call. My mother shouldn’t see me like this. No one at work should see me like this, and your brother absolutely shouldn’t see me like this. It screams at the very least, ‘Think about this the next time you jack off!’”


Sean grinned wickedly, “Bet your dad would like to see you like that.”


“Dad’s illness is not what we’re talking about right now. Jake’s been leching after me for years now and this isn’t going to help. Now, either go to our spot, or turn around.”


He ignored me, shouting over the open-window roar of the traffic, “I kinda like the idea of Jake seeing you in your cute little schoolgirl outfit, jacking off, thinking about you.” His fist pumped up and down between the steering wheel and his pants. He shot a sidelong glance, “Doesn’t make you hot? Everything naughty makes you hot.”


“No, he’s a pig. And even if he wasn’t a pig, which he is, there are definite boundaries, Sean. Family can’t know about our freaky sex life. Slutty schoolgirl outfits send messages, and it’s not the right one. He’s your brother. Do you know how bad it would be if Jake started thinking he should do me a favor cuz you can’t satisfy me?”


His smile grew wider. “I think it’s hot to imagine you being such a nympho that you’d even do somebody you can’t stand.”


I shook off the exasperation. “Besides, we talked about this. We’re trying to stop, remember? I’m trying to stop and this just makes it harder. Plus,” I leaned in, pleading, “he’ll know if he sees me like this.”


He rolled his eyes, “He’ll know what-what can he tell?” His hand waved wildly in the air, “He’ll know my sexy wife has a schoolgirl outfit and that we probably have great sex. We’re married, Maya, it’s okay for other people to know we have great sex.”


Exhausted, I slumped down, “I’m telling you, he can tell. Guys like Jake can smell it; just one false move and he’ll know.”


I sat up, “Look, right now we’re golden; we can do what we want cuz anybody who knows is sworn to secrecy. I can go on pretending I’m a cotton candy wife, like now, or I can go back to secretly sucking cock because everyone else only sees the cotton candy.”


Sean didn’t catch my enthusiasm, my head flopped back against the rest, “And showing up in a schoolgirl outfit, a blatantly sexy schoolgirl outfit is a bad move. Definitely not cotton candy.”


His condescending smile sickened me. “What will he know?”


I pushed my sunglasses back up, “He’ll know I do…” lowering my voice, “I’ve done other men.”


“Makin’ me hot,” he mumbled.


“Stop it. Makes me sick, thinking of him knowing.”


“It’s our marriage, we can do what we want.”


I poked the palm of my other hand, “But other people can’t know about it. Other people can’t know I’ve fucked other men or that you get off on it; it’s bad Sean, very bad! Even Brian can’t know my husband’s okay with it.”


“Only because it’d ruin half the ‘naughtiness-excitement-factor.’ I figured it was Brian; he seems like a guy who loves bangin’ other people’s wives.”


I closed my eyes wearily, “You’ve known it was Brian for months, it’s not like you didn’t know.” My finger traced the crooked logic in the air, “You knew, and I knew you knew; why say his name? It felt dirtier that way.”


Sean tried humor, “I might like you moaning another guy’s name.”


“Fine, I’ll let it slip next time you suck my nipples the same way he does.”




I sighed before launching in again, “And yes, we all love the naughtiness of me allegedly cheating. You like me cheating, I like me cheating, and Brian definitely likes ‘satisfying’ other people’s frustrated wives. But that’s not it. If people think other people know or are okay with it, they talk; they start telling secrets and that’s not okay. Brian needs to keep his mouth shut; he’s married! Kids, the man has children! And I’d get fired if John knew we had sex at work. My mom would cry every day if she knew I even thought about other men, let alone let them touch me.” I turned to watch the scenery, “She probably thinks we only do it missionary.”


Sean’s jaw tightened. “You look hot,” he pouted, “I want him to see you.”


I exhaled, “Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


He seemed genuinely surprised, “You’ll do it?”


My fingers clawed the air, “Whatever you want, Sean. But the ‘going back to being a good girl’ clause you so adamantly begged for is off the table. Do this and you can forget about having any say-so in what I do.”


“Just because of this?”


I lost it, “You knew! I warned you when we started this that if I started … this I wouldn’t be able to stop, and you knew that. Then you changed your mind and I did stop, for you, for us. Now you want me to parade half-naked with my nipples on display in this flimsy blouse. Well, it’s gonna get me going again, even if I can’t stand him, and it’s not something I can just turn on and off. I told you that!”


I folded my arms, “You begged me to screw around, remember? I resisted for years and you begged!” The last word landed like a punch in the face. 


“You wanted it too,” he snarled.


I considered tearing my hair out, “Yes, I wanted it, of course I wanted it! What woman wouldn’t want a carte blanche sex pass? But we both knew I’d lose control and you said me ‘losing control’ made you hot. You wanted me to ‘lose control’. Now, I either grit my teeth and continue being the good little wife to ‘help our marriage,’ like we agreed three months ago, or I go back to being a secret slut, only worse. Your choice, cuz normal, un-freaky girls do not let their brother-in-law’s see them in porno-rated schoolgirl outfits that barely cover their ass. Especially brothers-in-law that only watch gangbang porn every night in their creepy dens.”


More scenery passed, before my finger went up in the air again. “By the way, I’m not telling you when I do it anymore; I’ll fuck who and when I want. You’re my husband and you have a right to know I’m doing it, fair deal, but that’s all. No more details. I cheat for real this time.”


“You mean ‘if’ I make you do this?”


My turn to roll my eyes, “Yesss, ’if’ you make me do this.”


His jaw muscles pulsed even more. I knew that look; the look that meant his cock was doing all the thinking. The argument had only made him hotter.


He pulled over, tossing his head, “What panties do you have on?”


My left eyebrow arched up. “Sheer white.”


He nodded.




“Just cuz.”


“’ Cuz’ why, you want him to see my panties now?”


“I was just thinkin’.”


“You mean your cock was just thinkin’. I just told you why he can’t know, or even look.”


He sighed, “I… was just thinkin’ that when we look at his new car – we’re going over to see his new car, by the way – that you always have trouble getting in and out without a show.”


My mouth dropped, “These are completely sheer; your favorites.”


His face said, ‘so what.’ “I know,” he whined.


I blinked, “That means he’ll see pussy.”


He grinned, “I know.”


“So, we’re still doing this?”


He shook his head innocently like the previous five minutes hadn’t happened, “Yeah?”


“So, everything I’ve said about boundaries, about keeping things ‘not too close to home’ doesn’t mean anything to you. You’re perfectly fine with pushing me at your brother? He’s a grown pervert, Sean; he’s not into playing fantasy games. Have you not realized that grown men hop on me the minute I hike my skirt? These are men, Sean, men with real sex drives, and frustrations. Why do you think I don’t tell you everything that happens to me?”


“You don’t tell me everything?”


“No, because it would hurt your feelings. ‘Men’ think that any guy who can’t satisfy his own wife is less than.”


“Less than what?”


“Less than a man, Sean. They don’t think much of you for either not knowing it’s going on, or not caring, or even that I’m out there looking for it at all.”


“What’s he gonna say? He saw your pussy by accident, that’s all.”


“Sean, my nipples are showing in this blouse. Your brother will be looking at my brown, probably erect nipples, not to mention you want me to splay pussy right in front of him. He’s not dense, he’ll know I know my nipples are out there. He won’t think it’s ‘accidental’ that he’s seeing me mostly nude. And he won’t think twice about stepping up since you don’t seem to care who knows what my wet pussy looks like. You want Jake calling me every time you leave town?”


“Don’t be dramatic.”


“I’m not being dramatic.” I turned away as he angled the car back into traffic, “Just lettin’ my sweetie know what’s about to happen.”


He sighed. I didn’t turn back to see him shake his head in disgust.


I huffed a breath. “Fine then, you won’t be upset when I tell you that someone close to you has always wanted what you have, and I’ve never followed up on it cuz it would be uncomfortable or embarrassing in so many ways if you found out – or knew.”


He pondered this in silence. Then, “knew what?”


“That he only stays around because he has hopes.”


“Not gonna tell me?”




“Then why are you telling me?”


“It’s fair to let you know he’s not out of bounds anymore. If you don’t believe in being careful with my rep, with who sees my cunny, I don’t see why I should worry about what your pals are thinkin’ about you.”


He scoffed, “What’re you gonna do?” His ego and cock were definitely getting the best of him.


First, my mouth dropped open. Then, closing it, I lifted my skirt to check out the satin-clad territory in question, “I’m gonna fuck the hell outta one of your best buds and I’ll make sure you never know which one.”


It was probably enough, but I didn’t feel like stopping, “Maybe more than one, it’s not like your friends don’t look at me, and I’ve wanted this for a long, long time. And apparently, you haven’t figured out how many men hit on me daily, or that a woman on the prowl can pretty much have whatever she wants. It’s not gonna be hard to get your friend to ride me, Sean.”


“You could do that?” As if he didn’t believe all the stories I’d told him over the past two years. The boy was thick.


“I will do that.”




I dropped my hem, “Yeah, fine.”


I bit my lip. Might as well try one last thing, “You could just turn the car around, ya know, and I’ll keep taking care of you, like always. Just yours again, remember?” I waited for a response. “Or is,” I lifted my skirt once more, “this not sexy enough for you anymore?”


His eyes shifted to admire his favorite picnic site.


He softened, “I just – want other men to know how great I have it, how sexy you are.”


I touched his arm, “I know.”

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