The summer began and quickly became a ‘party summer.’ I was crashing at my friend’s beach house for two whole months of drinking, girls and weed. From the start, I had been drinking. I had already killed more rum than I would ever admit to. The beach house was filled with pyramids of beer cans and probably permanently scented with the delicious scent of reefer.

I was fucking girls by the dozens. Most of them had been blonde and big titted. I was struggling to remember their names. It was probably best not to have any repeats. I continued my quest of trying to fuck a new one whenever the opportunity presented itself. It seemed there was a never ending supply of sluts at the parties my best friend, Steve, threw every night. If heaven existed this was it.

I hadn’t been awake long but the sun shining into my room got me up. I let out a loud yawn before slowly crawling out of bed and stretching. I stumbled into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. I took out a beer and quickly cracked it open, chugging it down fast.
“Breakfast of Champions,” I said out loud to myself before burping loudly and crushing the can. I tossed it to the floor carelessly.

I heard the TV snap on in the living room. The sound of the Dragon Ball Z theme was playing, I walked into the living room to find Steve, Greg, and Leo sitting on the couch and passing a bong back and forth. “Wanna hit this bro?” asked Steve. Obviously, I never said no to a bong hit. I walked over and sat next to them. I took a deep hit. I held it in for a moment than breathed it out with only a slight bit of coughing which, of course, made them laugh.

“You are such a fucking light weight, Adam,” Leo said with a bit of a chuckle.

It didn’t take long for it to hit leaving me with a big dumb grin on my face. I only sat and watched a few minutes of DBZ before dragging my deflating body off the couch to return to my room for a pair of swim trunks. They had tacos and cats on them. My ex-girlfriend bought them for me and they only slightly made me miss her.

I looked at myself in the mirror for a moment. My blond hair was growing out some and I needed a shave. I didn’t bother combing my hair because in the next few minutes it would be wet with salt water and probably full of sand.

I grabbed my surfboard on the way out. My feet burned as soon as they touched the sand but I had gotten used to it in the two weeks I had been there. I looked up at the blazing sun and the blue sky. It was a perfect day in paradise.

I ran down to the water and jumped on my surfboard. I began paddling out with my arms until I found my first promising wave. Carefully I stood up and began riding it harder than I rode my ex-girlfriend’s mom, but it quickly ended. It had me back on the beach muttering, “bummer.”

I decided to go out farther. I began paddling faster until I was farther out than I was probably supposed to be. ‘Fuck it,’ I thought. I was feeling pretty good right about then. The weed was obviously still in full effect. I lost track of how far I was going.

I saw what looked to be a dolphin jump out of the water. Then a big wave came my way faster than I realized. Quickly I stood up again and began riding it, but only for a moment because, suddenly, something swam under me and threw me off my board into the water. ”Oh, fuck,” I screamed as I flipped over and landed head first onto my board. There was a thud and then everything went blurry.

I don’t know how long I was out but when I opened my eyes again I was lying inside a small cavern in shallow water. My head rested on a rock and was aching.

‘How did I get here?’ I wondered as I looked around. I thought I had explored all the little caves and inlets hereabouts but this one wasn’t familiar. For one thing, there was a fucking skull just sitting and chilling in the corner. I’d have definitely noticed that before.

I felt myself shiver a little. Before I could start wondering more about the skull I heard a small whisper, like a voice that seemed to be coming from right next to me.

“You almost died out there.”

I turned to see a… mermaid? I found myself blinking hard trying to get the salt water out of my eyes because I knew I was definitely not seeing a fucking mermaid. Those things existed only in Disney movies and books. Clearly, that hit on the head and the massive bong hit earlier was fucking with me but no matter how much I blinked my eyes she still stayed sitting on the rock with her tail dangling in the shallow pool.

” What the actual fuck are you?” I found myself asking her.

” I’m a mermaid, obviously,” she said before flicking her tail in the water again with, maybe, a bit of annoyance.

” Oh, that’s good. I was worried you were a talking dolphin or the weed getting to me.”

Her eyes narrowed. “That’s not a nice way to show appreciation to the one who saved your life.”

I hung my head for a moment feeling a bit guilty. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I have never seen a mermaid before.” I stared again and took her in.

She had long black hair and piercing blue eyes. When I got to her boobs I noticed that they were not covered with seashells but were just out in the open. They weren’t huge boobs but not small either. I’d wager to guess that if she was to find an under the sea Victoria’s Secret she would buy a size 36C. And if her boobs were any bigger I imagined it would be hard for her to swim. She would probably sink down to the bottom of the ocean and drown.

Wait, no, she couldn’t drown because mermaids could breathe underwater. I was completely lost in this idea for a minute before continuing to allow my eyes to explore what I had never thought was possible. She had curvy mermaid hips that then turned into a long glimmering tail covered in iridescent blue scales.

” I know, I know. You have never seen a mermaid before,” she said with a bit of a laugh.

I felt myself blushing. I had been staring for a while. “Get it out of your system,” she said.

I continued looking, almost unable to peel my eyes away from her, which was probably a normal reaction.

She suddenly moved off the rock and into the water with a plop splash. For a minute I thought she was going to just abandon me there and swim off to do whatever it was mermaids did with their afternoon. Instead, she swam over until she was next to me.

She was even more beautiful up close. In fact, she was exquisite. She made ‘The Little Mermaid’ look generic. Her eyes seemed to be staring right into my soul as if searching for something.

She gently ran her soft hand across my face, lightly caressing, and without even realizing it I had wrapped my arms tightly around her and began kissing. Hard and deep, my passionate tongue sliding into her mouth in search of hers. Our tongues meeting and twirling together. I was kissing her with a mad passionate frenzy that was unfamiliar to me. I moved my hands up and down her body. My fingertips pressing against her hips, her breasts pressed into my chest which only furthered my need. I couldn’t believe what had come over me.

I felt the bulge in my trunks growing rapidly. I was ready for her but then suddenly I wondered if mermaids had vaginas. I began to get worried. She broke the kiss and looked at me and as if she had been able to read my mind, she took my hand, locked eyes with me, and guided it down her tail. She stopped at the upper middle portion. 

I moved my hand a minute and, to my surprise, I felt my fingers slide between her scales as she began to open up. She was warm and wet inside. My fingers begin to curl inside of her and pump in and out causing her to let out a soft moan of pleasure. I couldn’t believe I was finger fucking a mermaid. After a few more minutes of sliding my fingers in and out of her hot cunt, her fingers had moved over my trunks and she began rubbing my cock through them.

“I need to feel your cock deep inside of me,” she said, her voice lustful. I pulled my fingers out of her and tugged down my trunks. I was completely ass naked in this cave of wonder.

I positioned my hard throbbing cock and aimed for her slit. I pushed myself into her incredibly tight crevice. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before. It was tight and clung to my cock like a hungry vice. Slowly, I began thrusting in and out of her. My arms pressed her down, holding her in the shallow water, as I found my rhythm. Her pussy was tightening and pulsing around me as I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth. I began sucking, my tongue flicking it. I could feel it harden in my mouth.

I put my hands on her curvy hips and began moving her up and down on my cock. She moaned louder, her cries of joy echoing inside the cave. She was trembling in my arms, shaking, her cunt pulsating as she began to cum on my cock. She came thick creamy cum all over me.

I could feel my cock tightening and throbbing harder and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. Then she spoke and what she said sent me completely off the edge. “Fill my mermaid cunt full of your cum.” I let out a loud grunt as I began to shoot my hot thick cum flooding inside of her. It seemed like forever before I stopped cumming. She must have drained me. My balls felt shriveled and they ached.

I fell back breathless with her on top of me. My head was on some gravel but I didn’t care how uncomfortable it was. She laid in my arms as we tried to catch our breath. I was feeling a wave of exhaustion come over me. I blinked hard and looked around the cave. My eyes fell back on the skull.

“Who’s that?” I asked. 

She smiled and said, “That was my last.” I felt my heart jump into my throat and then she laughed, hard. “Just kidding! That was some surfer who didn’t get as lucky as you did.”

“Wow,” I said. “Why would you joke about that?”

“Why not?” came her answer.

I shook my head in confusion. “But why is his skull here?”

“Because I like to collect things.”

This was going to be one summer I’d never forget. 



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