POV: Sandra

“The library?” I asked, walking out the door. “How kinky, Pete? I just hope you’re studying and not using your time to think about your hot mom,” I muttered before a pause as I kept walking. “Oh, who am I kidding? I always want my handsome son thinking of me. I’m good whether we’re just cuddling on the couch watching TV or you’re fucking me from behind. There’s nothing wrong with it when the sex is consequential. Holy shit,” I moaned, prior to stopping, leaning against the wall and feeling my crotch. “My pussy is getting soaked just thinking about it, son. I hope you’re alone in the library; I think I might need some mother/son bonding time alone,” I giggled before resuming my walk to the library.

I smiled the whole time, but it surely got bigger and bigger on every step. Even with my eyes open, I was still able to manage to envision Pete and me doing it. I felt my slit dripping a bit, but I still didn’t attract attention to myself, even with students passing me in both directions.

After a five minute walk, I made it to the door. I strolled in there like I owned the joint, and immediately glanced around to find Pete. I didn’t instantly see him, so I looked around for a moment.

“Oh, I knew my wet snatch could find your hard cock,” I whispered as I saw him from behind. “Wait, do I see his shoulder moving?” I chuckled, moving closer to him.

I tiptoed as slowly as I could and did my best not to make a sound.

“Yes, Mom, I love you,” I heard him moan.

I couldn’t help, but to cheese. ‘My son is jacking off thinking of me in public. That is wrong, Pete, but yet very hot, though. At least you don’t have your cock out; your hand is only in your shorts and its moving rather quickly too. If anyone sees you, they’ll certainly know your misdeeds. They can’t see inside your head, but you’re whispering, so they’ll know you have a thing for your mother. You better be careful, Pete, but don’t worry, I’ll never judge you,’ I thought before I calmly stopped right behind him.

“Yes, Mom, make me cum again. I want to shoot your butt, and submerge it.”

“Oh, you kinky young man, you want to shoot your seed on your mom’s ass? It’s sick enough to want to spread your cum on me at all, but onto my behind? Wow, I’m stunned,” I laughed faintly.

I couldn’t just stop him or let him know I was there. I checked the perimeter and saw no one around to see either of us, so I decided to let my right hand under my skirt and into my panties. I kept a lid on myself too, so I didn’t give myself away.

Although, as I felt my wet twat, I had chills surge throughout my body and I made myself jiggle a bit too. I couldn’t see Pete’s cock, but plainly saw some pubes and his wrist moving also. So, my juice leaked out and off my hand too.

“I love you, Pete. Maybe I’m your mom and shouldn’t love you the way I do, but I don’t care, you’re the hung man that’s there for me through thick and thin. I don’t need your father anymore; I have you for physical and mental purposes. I love giving you head, it’s just the easiest, yet nearly sexiest way to show affection, don’t you think?” I whispered.

I didn’t get an answer, but I didn’t need one. As I witnessed my son actually masturbating thinking of me, I felt such pride and joy that I just never thought I ever would. I brought my skirt up so my underwear would show, and just waited for him to notice me.

I had no idea how long he’d take, but I was more than willing to wait. I licked my lips so much; I didn’t have actually to move it for it to go along my lips. They seemed to be a roller coaster that just let my tongue go on and on for a while.

“And you’re a gusty young man too; you’re not even looking around to make sure no one sees you. You’re just jacking off in public, don’t you think someone might come along sooner or later, and freak out?” I mumbled, angling my head down slightly.

Again, he didn’t answer, but he did slant his head back even further. His eyes remained closed though, so he had no idea I was there. Needless to say, as I knew he could discover I was there in just a second, I vibrated more and breathed heavily too.

‘You have one handsome face, Pete, and are you bringing out your member?’

Then I bit down my bottom lip, but backed away a bit. Then I just had to move and glance down at his crotch again. As my eyes set down on his hand covered dick, I twitched back and forth a couple of times.

‘There is that wood, is it petrified wood so nothing could cut through it? You’re stroking it rather quickly, so are you about to cum? Will you let your horny mother see it, even if you stain the wood on the bottom end of the table? Don’t worry; I won’t turn you in for that. I’ll cheer you on actually, and maybe my mouth and pussy could make you shoot a little more and drench the table. We both know you’d like that,’ I thought before I rechecked the perimeter.

I looked at him after a few more seconds and cheesed. “You only live once,” I murmured before I evicted my hand from my panties and brought both to my top.

I took it off and then undid my skirt as well. That instantly fell and left me in my bra and panties. Little did Pete know, he had quite a sight to see just to his left, but I surely wasn’t about to make a sound to pull him out of his mind.

As I had a better look at his member, I had to place my hand back into my underwear and continue pleasing myself. I already felt sweat flowing down all over my body, but as most of my skin got into the light, I nearly felt like I was in a sauna.

I had only rubbed my twat for the most part going back and forth, but then I had to allow a couple of fingers dig into it a bit. Needless to say, that had me moaning, but it seemed that Pete trapped himself in his own world.

“I know you have to be getting close, and I want that seed on me, but I won’t disturb your flow, son. I want you to do it authentically. What better way is there? You’re alone with yourself, but with the real idea of me. So, you are cheating on me, with me, so to speak, but I’ll forgive you.”

I watched in silence for another couple of minutes as I didn’t speak, we didn’t hear footsteps or anything else other than breathing and the sounds from his cock.

Then he angled his head back all the way and opened his mouth. “Yes, Mom, you’re making me shoot now,” he moaned, wiggling around.

My eyes glued themselves to his prick, and I had to look down even further to ensure I saw the white stuff erupt. I wasn’t viewing the chair, but I saw the legs come off the floor a couple of times as I saw his seed sully the bottom end of the table.

“Yes, yes, yes, my sexy son, pretend the table is my ass,” I whispered.

I could only figure he did as I observed him deliver three shots to the table which all splashed, but it went everywhere, including his shorts and shoes. Although, he didn’t seem to mind, he just let his seed out and maintained a bright smile the whole time too.

“Holy shit, Mom, you’re dazzling in every sense of the word.”

“Thank you, son.”

“Mom!” he shrieked, falling off his chair.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Pete,” I giggled somewhat, coming to him. “I didn’t mean for you to fall,” I made clear, hugging him. “I love you so damn much,” I stated before kissing him. “You’re incredibly handsome by the way, jacking off in the library where anyone could see you.”

“Mom, you scared me; why are in just your undergarments?”

“I’ll refer you back to my last statement; you’re stroking your johnson in public.”

“You’re not going to give me shit for it, are you?”

“Dude,” I said, bringing us both up. “I’m your mom, I’ll never ever judge you, plus I’m cheating on my husband with my son, so I can’t. I love you, Pete, I’d never do that to you,” I told him, encasing my arms around him. “You’re all I got now; maybe your dad doesn’t know that you and I have been seeing each other, but you’re still my everything. I’d never risk losing you; I promise you that,” I declared before kissing him and grabbing his rod. “I might be your hot mom that you screw, but I could not be more attracted to you now. I saw you jerking off thinking of me, and it certainly showed you in another whole new light. I’ve already experienced you in ways I never thought I would, but you just amazed me, though, son. I know we’ve never been able to sleep together, but I hope we get to in due time. I want to hold you in my arms at night when we’re nude just under a blanket. Maybe give you a blow job in the middle of the night, and then you could cum on my ass if you desired. I got London to make a move on you, so that made me do the same with Joe, and well, you know the rest.”

“That’s hot, Mom,” he moaned, checking out my rack.

“Dude, I’m your mom, but we’re having sex,” I reminded him, stealing his hands and placing them on my jugs. “You may feel my melons, son, it is alright by your mommy,” I made clear, covering his hands with mine. “By the way, I bought this dark pink bra and panty set for tonight. I was hoping to find you in your dorm room, but Joe told me you were here, and he was already fucking his mom.”

“Did they at least stay in the shower or do it in his room?”

“Well, they were in the shower when I caught them, but they could have moved. More to my point, would you fancy having sex with your mom in the library? Do you have any seed left after that masturbation session? Would the risk of getting caught make it hotter?” I pondered, grabbing his rod. “I don’t mean to be pushy, but we’re both horny, and I need my fix of my son’s schlong. I might be a junky, so you can’t deny me, can you?”

“You’re some kind of woman, Mom.”

“I know,” I added, stroking his member. “And your dick seems to like the idea too. How about you come up on the chair and let your sexy mom do an oral favor?”

“In here, though?”

“I can hide underneath the table if you’d like, son.”

“Fuck me, may I kiss you first?”

“Pete, even if we weren’t having sex, I’d let you kiss me all you wanted,” I replied before a pause. “Hell, if you asked me for a blow job before that night, I would have done it for you. Maybe we’d talk a little bit first, but I would’ve done it for you because I love you,” I declared before putting my clothes under the table.

Then I slowly rose up on my knees and brought my hands to my back.

“No,” he objected, transporting his hands over there. “Allow your lustful son to do the work,” he said, undoing my bra. “Fuck me, every time I undo your bra, it puts my relationship with you in perspective: we’re having an affair, Mom. There is no downgrading or spinning it differently, we’re having an affair, no ‘if,’ ‘and’ or ‘buts’ about it,” he stated, tossing it under the table.

“And there is no one person, man or woman I’d ever want to do it with than you, Pete,” I made clear, lowering my head to his dick. “Now if anyone comes in, I can hide under the table, fair enough?” 

“Yes, Mom, do whatever you want to do, I’ll allow it because you’re a virus affecting me in different ways I never thought impossible. I never thought I could ever be sexually attracted to you, let alone love you this way, but you made it happen. Holy shit, you’re the sexiest angel in the world, and you have the softest hands, period. Everything about you is perfect, and I can’t possibly think of one thing you could do be a better mom or woman in general. You’re sweet, and sexy, a diabolical combination.”

“Pete, do you want me to give you head, or would you like to keep praising me?”

“Can’t both happen?” he asked, sitting down.

“Of course, my dapper son, just keep an eye out, I’m not even sure I’d want Joe and London to see us have sex, let alone any other perv that might be on this campus.”

“Okay, Mom, I love you.”

“I love you too, Pete,” I responded, leaning towards him. “Way the fuck more than I could ever tell you,” I mentioned before kissing him and coming back down.

I brought the head to my cheek and wiped the precum on it. That made him jiggle a bit so he couldn’t keep his eyes on me. That didn’t matter though, and after a moment, I brought his dick back and slowly moved my lips towards the head.

“Some call incest sick, but if that’s true, they better quarantine London, Joe, you and me and throw away the key. We’ll be okay; we can keep each other company, can’t we?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“May I just make one request, son?” I asked, coming towards him again.

“What, Mom?”

“Sometimes things are so good can lead to something bad, will you just promise me no matter what happens, that you’ll always love me as your mom?”

“Yes, I swear.”

“I’m serious, Pete, I will never forgive myself if I lose you. That would kill me, and I can’t let that happen,” I fretted, wiping away a couple of tears.

“Don’t cry, Mom,” he told me, encasing his arms around me. “You’ll never lose me. Even if I get you pregnant, and we have to come out to dad, I’ll stand by you and raise our baby with you too. You mean everything to me too.”

I smiled and leaned away after a minute. “Do you mean that?”


“Not that I’m looking for you to knock me up, but that’s music to my ears that you’re that committed to me,” I explained before kissing him and lowering myself to his wood.

I took it right into my mouth and went all the way down too. Evidently, I felt the chills throughout my body before, but as soon as my lips came in contact with his pubes, I surely felt like the best mother in the world.

“Holy shit, you’re undeniably wonderful. Let me feel those lips go back and forth, pretty please. I love you; I love you, I love you, Sandra,” he moaned, placing his hands on my head.

Although, I let his dick right back out. “Hey, buster, my name is ‘Mom,’ got it?”

He pushed back the chair somewhat and tugged me up with him. “I’m sorry, Mom, you’re just yanking me into all new sexual territory. It won’t happen again,” he made clear before kissing me. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Don’t worry, Pete,” I consoled him before pecking his cheek. “I think our relationship is ironclad now, but my name is now and always will be ‘Mom,’ okay?”

“I understand, Mom,” he mumbled, placing his palms on my cheeks. “Dad definitely doesn’t deserve you.”

“I know, but let’s not dwell on that idiot, and bond a little more as mother and son,” I suggested before kissing him again and lowering myself back to his dick.

I pulled the chair back towards the table so I could hide under it, and took his rod back into my mouth. I couldn’t tell if he was watching to ensure no one saw us, but I couldn’t care less at that moment.

I allowed my lips to sink all the way back down again, so his entire schlong took shelter in my mouth yet again. I gagged just a tad, but I was sure he didn’t notice. I felt his hands come atop my head, and he began caressing it.

Even as I had his member in that place in my mouth, I still managed to move my face back and forth, creating another sensation for it. Judging from the movement from his hands, I gathered that he loved it.

“I almost wish you had a pecker, Mom, so you could find out just how great it feels to get it sucked, especially from a family member. Even if you already had one, I’d suck on it for you, just because I love you that much. Maybe that would make me gay somewhat, but I’d still do it for you.”

I grinned as much as I could and grabbed onto the base of his schlong. ‘Wow, I hit the jackpot with him,’ I thought before I began letting my lips thrust ever so slowly.

Obviously, I had limited space to do so under that table, but I still had him loving my oral pleasure. I only made roughly one-inch thrusts for the time being, but I was I’d get him to cum sooner rather than later.

“Holy shit, you have the softest lips in the world. They could woo any man or woman, I swear. I’d impregnate you just to feel them on my lips for the rest of my life. If you let me feel them on my johnson too, I promise I’ll be in your corner forever. You have me hooked already, but keep the bait coming.”

I giggled somewhat, but failed to stop sucking. I already felt a lot of sweat falling on my body, but yet, he gave me so much adrenaline, I felt like I could fuck him for hours. Even as I had been blowing him for a couple of minutes, it felt like a lifetime.

As we officially had sex for the first time in public, I felt him become so much more than a son, or even a boyfriend; he seemed to be a lifeline for me. I couldn’t fathom losing him even for one second; I surely knew that I was going to fight like hell to keep him if it came to that.

I tried my best to peek at him by angling my head back, but I still couldn’t see past his belly button. I had to moan badly somewhat; I felt the excellent vibe deflate just a tad at the thought that I couldn’t see his face as I performed oral sex on him.

I let his member out. “Is there anyone out there?”

I didn’t hear anything back for ten seconds. “No, its a ghost town out here.”

“Oh, fuck it,” I whined, pushing the chair.

I climbed out from under the table, but he remained in the chair. “What’s wrong, Mom? Do you want to stop?”

“Fuck no,” I answered, taking his member in both hands. “If I’m going to please my son, I want to do it right, and if no one is in here with us, then I will,” I told him before I took his cock back into my mouth.

“I will not argue with you, Mom, you’re assuredly always right,” he moaned, viewing my face and placing his hands on my head. “I can’t think this is wrong, because you’ve made your investment in this with me. I’m helping you commit adultery, but fuck dad. Screw him, fuck him, to hell with him, and I might fuck you right in front of him to showboat. He has missed out, and now I can’t feel bad for him at all.”

I cheesed as much as I could at that rant while keeping my lips moving rather slowly. We looked right at each other, and our eyes said everything, even though our words had already. I surely felt even more connected to Pete after those words.

‘You might be going through some intense passion right now, but I love you for it. Give your cheating MILF mom your seed, Pete.’

I wanted to keep looking at his face as I sucked his wood, but yet, I found myself acting out and having it drop from my mouth. “You’re one scorned son now, aren’t you?” I pondered, bringing his dick right in between my jugs. “I really said ‘Fuck him.’ that night when I proposed to London that we bone each other’s sons. I was fed up, but I’m so glad that both of us went through with it,” I explained, wrapping my arms around his dick and them. “Little did I know that would lead to me titty fucking you in this library. I didn’t see it coming, but now, as it is happening, I do not hate it.”

“Me either, Mom, they almost feel better than your lips.”

“No kidding? Is that really true, or am I just your little blue pill to make you love every single inch of my body? You don’t have to butter me up, son. I already love you more than any mother should, and I’m waiting for your cum. Don’t you want to give it to me here in the library?”

“Yes, Mom. I want you to have all the seed you can possibly handle. Your lips might be wet and soft, but your tits are even softer and bigger too. I’d have to be blind not to notice that you have big melons, Mom. A few months ago, I just never thought I’d love them as much as I do now. You’re using them in the sexiest way possible.”

“Yes, and I feel your precum on my upper chest and neck. Dare I ask: does your mommy have it, can she woo you to make you shoot your load all over my hooters? Are you happy fucking your mom, and making her happy? You know she needs a dick to suck or seek shelter inside her twat too, so you make sure to keep your mommy happy. That’s beyond commendable, and you’re getting laid and making your mom love you so much more in the process.”

“I know, Mom, I can’t say it enough, I love you, and want nothing more than for you to be happy. I’ll get into your panties in the school library if you fancy.”

We smiled at each other again, but I had to move towards him to kiss him. He gladly did it and even placed

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