Daddy’s Girl
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This reflects a point in my life where I’ve given myself to HIM. Nurturing, exploring, and devouring our innermost desires.

By chance, we met on a sunny spring day
Lurking in the corridors by chance
That one message passed in the room
His desires for me increasing dramatically that day

Each day to follow, with his perfect girl
Nurtured by his love and desires
Sensing passionate aches of love and lust for one another
Such a perfect world he’s delivered

When Daddy asked me to be “his girl”
I accepted his offer, willing to be trained in his world
That world bright and never bleak
Spiking triumphs and tribulations as our world caught fire

His hands so strong, yet gentle
Cupping my wrists, with my new leather restraints
His hand on my shoulder, hot breaths in my ear
Hissing, “You’re Daddy’s Whore!”

Lifting my sheer black nightie over my bare thighs
The firmness of his hand pressed against my silky curves
One hand lifting and resting on my bare ass
Spank, spank, spank! Reddening my sultry cheek

“You’re Daddy’s girl, do you hear that my perfect whore?”

“Yes Daddy,” as I whimpered.

His urgent kisses so passionate and deep
Urgently circling my tongue and sucking
Drawing in the heat of pent up desires
While tracing my perfectly aligned ass to his fat cock

“Now, baby girl, daddy’s not going to hurt you.”

Nodding my head approvingly.

Pressing his fat defined head against my virgin ass
Spreading me open, entered me deep
In and out as he stretched my tight ass around his thick length
Piston-like thrusts as he drove deeper

Grabbing my throat
Burrowing balls deep
His hips slapping against my smooth silky thighs
Pummeling deeper, driving his cock home

His balls emptying within the depths of my stretched ass
Grunting, as he dumped his final load in his baby girl that night

“Oh, baby girl, will you be mine?
I fucking adore you, my dirty whore.
I want to touch your soul, deeper than you will ever know.”

My words echoed against his supple lips, mimicking, “yes, daddy.


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