“Hello, Breanna? This is Mrs. Duncan. Would you be able to babysit for us on Friday night? It’s Tom and I’s anniversary and he’s taking me out for dinner and dancing. It’s been a long time since we went dancing and I’m really looking forward to it!” she said.

“Sure, Mrs. Duncan, I’d be happy to! Sally and Bobby are great kids and we always have a lot of fun. It sounds like an exciting night for you too! What time do you want me to be there?” Breanna said.

“If you could be here around 6:30 that would be great. Our dinner reservations are for 7:30 so that would give us enough time to get to the restaurant,” she said.

“That’s fine. I’ll be there, Mrs. Duncan,” Breanna said.

“Oh good! Thank you, sweetie, I am so looking forward to Friday night! I’ll see you then!” she said, then hung up.

Breanna Clarke had babysat for the Duncan many times and she really did enjoy their kids, Sally and Bobby. Sally was six years old and just getting into the tea party scene, and Bobby was only four so he was still comfortable playing along with his sister. He hadn’t gotten too macho for a little tea and cookies yet! 

And the Duncans were quite fond of Breanna as well. They trusted her to take care of their two young kids and felt very comfortable with her in charge. So Breanna marked on her calendar to be at the Duncan’s at 6:30 on Friday.

The Duncans lived a couple of blocks away, and she would usually cut through the alley and through a vacant lot to get to their house. And at that hour, the sun was still high enough in the sky to light the way for her. Coming back home though, she would have to take the long way and stay on the sidewalk under the streetlights if she walked home. 

Friday came and Breanna showed up right on time at the Duncan’s house. “Okay Breanna, here is our cell phone number. We should be back sometime around 1:00 am at the latest – I don’t think poor Tom can’t take much more dancing than that!” she giggled. 

“Men just don’t know how important a night of dancing is to us girls!” Breanna said.

“I know, right?” Mrs. Duncan said. “Oh well, I’ll take what I can get!” she said. 

Then the Duncans left for their night out and Breanna turned to the kids. They had their obligatory tea party with water for tea, but real cookies (which the kids thought was just great!) After the tea party was finished, the three of them sat on the couch and Sally brought her favorite book “The Cat In The Hat” for Breanna to read.

“Sally, haven’t I read this to you like a hundred times already? Are you sure you wouldn’t want me to read another book?” Breanna said.

“I like this one!” she said. Breanna sighed and opened the book and Sally sat down on one side of her, with Bobby taking the other side. She began reading the old story and showing Bobby the pictures which were what he liked most anyway.

Before long it was 8:30 and time for the kid’s bath. First in the bath was Sally. She could pretty much do everything herself, except washing her hair. She needed help doing that because she hated to get soap in her eyes. 

After Sally was out and dried off Breanna sent her to her room to put on her nightgown while she got Bobby in the tub. While Bobby was soaking, Breanna made a phone call.

“Hello Jimmy, it’s Breanna. Hey, I’m babysitting at the Duncan’s tonight… want to come over and keep me company? I’m going to be putting the kids to bed in about a half hour and they won’t be back until 1:00 am or so.

“Sure, he said, “I’ll come over around 9:00 and wait outside until you come to the door – that way I’ll know the kids are in bed.”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon!” she said and hung up. She hurried up and got Bobby bathed and in his pajamas, and then got them off to bed, kissing each of them on the forehead. Then she hurried downstairs to let her boyfriend Jimmy inside.

Once inside, Jimmy sat down on the couch while Breanna got a couple of sodas out of the fridge for them. Mrs. Duncan always left sodas and snacks for her when she babysat because she knew that Breanna had eaten dinner early to come babysit and she would probably get hungry before she went home.

Breanna came back and sat down with Jimmy on the sofa and tried to find something to watch on TV. But TV wasn’t what Jimmy had in mind when he came over. He began with soft kisses on her neck, knowing that Breanna could never resist when he kissed her softly on the neck. 

“Jimmyyy…” she moaned in half-hearted protest. “We can’t, baby! I’m supposed to be babysitting!”

“You are babysitting! It’s just that the kids are in bed!” he said. He kissed her neck again and nibbled on her earlobe.

“Oh God, Jimmy! You know what that does to me…” she moaned again.

He knew exactly what it did. But he wanted to hear it from her. “No, baby,” he kissed her again, Tell me what it does to you.”

“Oh God! Oh Jimmy, you make me crazy, honey!” she said. 

Suddenly he got up and took Breanna by the hand taking her back down the hallway to the master bedroom. “Jimmy we can’t! This is the Duncans’ bedroom! The Duncans’ bed!” she said.

“Don’t worry…. this is probably the most action it has seen since the kids were born! Besides we won’t make a mess. We’ll just smooth out the sheets and blankets when we’re done,” he said.

“I don’t know Jimmy… the Duncans are pretty good people – I have been babysitting for them for years. You aren’t even supposed to be here! I would hate to make them mad and lose them – they pay really good and it’s fun to watch Sally and Bobby,” she said.

Breanna still didn’t seem convinced so Jimmy got behind her and began kissing her neck again. This time though he added another component – he wrapped his arms around her waist and as he kissed and nibbled on her, his hands slid under her t-shirt and up to her tits.

He pushed her bra up over her full, ripe tits and began pawing her, mauling her firm, fleshy globes, squeezing them together and sinking his fingers into the meaty melons. 

Breanna didn’t stand a chance against his touch. She loved Jimmy and was always eager to have sex with him. And even though she knew she was “on the job”, she crumbled as he fueled her passion fires with his kisses and his hands on her.

“Ohhh, God Jimmy… I want you so much…” she moaned her knees weak and wobbly. She could feel her pussy getting wet already and her mind was clouding over with her desire for him.

He smiled and began to take his clothes off. “But you got to promise not to make a mess – I can’t have the Duncan’s know anything about this!” she said. He nodded as he took off his pants.

The two giggled and laughed as they jumped into bed and before long their heavy petting had gotten much more serious. 

“Get up on your knees, I want to fuck that tight pussy from behind tonight!” Jimmy said. She loved it when he mounted her like this. It made her feel submissive and she loved when he took control. “Yes, Jimmy take me! Make me your slut, your whore! Fuck my slut pussy and take what you want from me!” she cried. 

Jimmy grabbed his cock and thrust deeply into her, causing Breanna to gasp aloud. “Oh Fuck, Yes! Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck your slut whore hard! Give me all that delicious cock!” she cried out. He reached up and grabbed hold of her dark brown hair and hauled her head back using it to pull her back onto his hard cock. 

He fucked her hard and deep just the way she liked it. With his free hand, he reached around her and his fingers toyed with her throbbing clit, adding even more electrical sensations to what his cock was already doing to her.

The making out in the living room had already warmed her up and his pounding her wet, hungry pussy was taking its toll on her senses. It wasn’t long before Breanna had reached her crest and Jimmy, who was horny before he even came over that night, was right behind her.

“Oh God, Jimmy! I’m going to cum, baby! Please make me cum! Please!” she pleaded.

With a loud groan, Jimmy exploded inside her, his cock filling her pussy with his sweet, creamy spunk. The instant she felt his hot cum splash against her pussy walls, it triggered her own tremendous orgasm and she bit down on the pillow to keep from screaming out and possibly waking the children.

She clawed at the sheets and balled them up in her hands as the tidal wave washed over her and engulfed her. Pussy juice mixed with his cum leaked out around Jimmy’s pistoning cock and stained the sheets under them but they didn’t notice, so wrapped up in their own orgasmic pleasure. 

Finally as the last waves raced through her, Breanna fell exhausted onto the bed, with Jimmy falling on top of her then rolling to the side. Both lay there panting as they tried to recover.

They had only been laying there for a couple of moments when Breanna’s cell phone rang. She quickly picked it up thinking it was the Duncan’s calling to see how things were going, but instead of a phone call, it was a text:

I know what you have been doing, it said.

Breanna didn’t recognize the number who it was from so she thought it was either a wrong number or someone trying to pull a joke. She showed it to Jimmy, but they both dismissed it. 

“Oh Jimmy, we made a mess! I need to get these into the wash right away!” Breanna said. Before they even got dressed, they stripped the sheets off the bed. Fortunately, none of the blankets got soiled so Breanna snuck the sheets into the laundry room down the hall and put them in the washing machine. She went back to the bedroom to get dressed when she got another text from the same strange number.

I wonder if the Duncans would appreciate you fucking on their bed, it said. 

Now Breanna was scared. “Jimmy! Somebody knows what we did!” she said, panicking. She showed the text to him and Jimmy got up to look out the windows. But he didn’t see anything. 

“I don’t see anyone, Breanna. Someone must just be playing you. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you get more texts,” he said, trying to keep Breanna from freaking out.

“Well someone has a sick sense of humor then!’ she said. They went back out into the living room to wait for the wash to be done. They still had some time before the Duncan’s would be home and Breanna hoped to have the bed remade by their return.

Around 12:30 Jimmy left so he wouldn’t be there when the Duncans got home. The sheets had dried and the Jimmy had helped her make the bed before he left. Breanna was just sitting on the couch waiting for them to come home when she got another text.

I have a video of you and Jimmy. Meet me at Hancock Park by the statue of Peter Hancock at 12:00 tomorrow. Come alone. If you don’t show or if you don’t come alone, I will put the video online and send a link to the Duncans and your parents. I’m sure they would love to know what goes on when you “babysit”!

Breanna was beside herself! She called Jimmy up as soon as she got the last text and told him about it. “I don’t like it, honey… I don’t want you going there alone – there’s no telling what this creep may try to do!” he said.

“But I have to, Jimmy! You heard what the text said… If I don’t show up and alone, they will put the video online and show the Duncans and my parents. I will lose the job babysitting, and you know how my dad feels about you! And then there are all the kids at school. I’m sure word will get out and all the kids at school will be giving me a hard time, too. I’ll be lucky if I can stay in the same town if this gets out!” she said.

“Well, when you go there tomorrow, I want you to have your cellphone on and have it set to speakerphone. That way I’ll be able to hear everything that goes on. I won’t be there, but I will be very close by. If you get into trouble I will be right there,” he said.

“Thank you, Jimmy. That makes me feel better. I don’t know who this could be or what they want, but I guess I will find out tomorrow!” she said.

That night Breanna didn’t get any sleep at all. She ran the whole evening through her mind over and over and she thought of everyone she could possibly think of that might have something against her.

She couldn’t come up with anyone who was mad at her or would want to get even for something. She was well-liked by everyone. She didn’t have any money–her folks were just average working people so many couldn’t be it. She was at a loss.

The next day she went to Hancock Park just as she was instructed. As he had told her, Jimmy was in his car with his cell on and Breanna had hers set on speakerphone. “Can you hear me, Jimmy?” she said as she walked to the statue.

“I hear you fine, hon. Be careful… I’m not far away,” he said. Breanna went up to the statue as she had been told and waited there. No one else was around and then suddenly she got a text from the mystery person.

Take your cell phone out of your pocket. Hold it up so I can see it and put it on the bench. Then walk towards the old elm tree.

Breanna panicked–this was her lifeline! There would be no way to call Jimmy if she needed help! But she had little choice. She took her phone out of her pocket and held it up, turning around so whoever was watching would see it. Then she set it down on the bench in plain view and walked over to the elm tree. 

She stood at the tree as a hooded figure walked up to her phone and picked it up. The figure then began walking towards her.

Breanna stood there trembling as the figure got closer.

She started making careful observations and mental notes in case she had to describe them to police later. This person was about her same height, dressed all in black with a black hooded sweatshirt. They wore sneakers and walked with their head down and their hands in their pockets. 

It wasn’t until the figure got close to Breanna they pulled their hands from their pockets and took off their hood.

“Jessica? W-What is… I don’t understand… it’s YOU?” Breanna asked incredulously.

“Don’t be such a fool, Breanna. You know I have wanted you for a long time. Who was there when Bradley broke your heart? I was–I put you back together. And who was it that helped you when your grandmother died? I did. 

“After Bradley dumped you we had a wonderful time together. And I remember how you and I made beautiful, magical love together. It was the most wonderfully satisfying and fulfilling time of my life. I had finally found my one special person. But then that fucker Jimmy came along and got your head all messed up with boys again!

“And I was sent back to being just a good friend at the back of the pack once more. Hell, I wasn’t even invited to go with the group when you went to the lake or when you guys all went to the movies or anything. No, I was the weird lesbo chick that no one wanted to hang around with!

“Well, now it’s time for a little justice for the weird lesbo chick. I have something on you now… something very big and something very damaging. And with it I am going to get a little payback for my broken heart,” Jessica said.

“W-what are you going to do?” Breanna asked, scared of her former girlfriend. She knew all too well that Jessica had a terrible temper and was a vengeful bitch when she was pissed off. She had seen the hell she put Bradley through when he broke up with Breanna.

Some perky blonde cheerleader bimbo had caught his eye with her bouncy hair and even bouncier tits and ass. And he fell for her giggling, hair-flipping act, dumping Breanna in the process. Well, Jessica came unglued and by the time she was finished, the cheerleader had moved to a different school and Bradley never spoke to Breanna again.

Now Breanna didn’t think Jessica would do anything to hurt her–after all, she did say she still wanted her. But she wasn’t so sure about Jimmy. It was a sure bet that Jimmy was in the way and Breanna was afraid for that. Jimmy was a star football player for the high school they all went to and both he and Breanna would be seniors this coming year there. She had hopes that he would take her to their Senior Prom next year, just as he had taken her to the Junior Prom this past school year. 

It would be awful if Jessica did something to make him have to change schools–or worse, leave town! He would be leaving for college after high school anyway–he planned on taking a year off between, but then he’d already been accepted on a football scholarship to a college in Texas where football is life.

Still, Breanna wanted these last couple years with him… all of them had grown up going to school together and she wanted them all to graduate together. And it wasn’t Breanna’s fault that Jessica preferred girls!

“Relax, Breanna, I’m not going to do anything to hurt you. I do still love you. And I know that if I tell you to break up with Jimmy, you’ll just sneak around and see him anyway. I know you too well. Besides, I know that Jimmy knows about the texts and if you broke up with him, he would just snoop around until he found out what was going on and try to stop me.

“So I’m going to let you have your little prick. But you, my dear, are going to suddenly become bisexual… you can have your Jimmy, but you are also going to be my playtoy as well,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Breanna asked.

“You are going to be on call, Breanna. Anytime I want to go out with you and do something or anytime I want to get together for sex, you will make yourself available to me. You are going to be my sex slave, my own personal slut – you seem to like being a slut and a whore if memory serves… at least that’s what you told Jimmy last night in the Duncan’s bed! So you are going to be mine. You will serve me and service me whenever I desire it. 

“Now I know you have a job and I won’t interfere with that. I may come by the coffee shop from time to time to visit you but it will be strictly above board and no one will know our little arrangement. And as I said, I will allow you to see Jimmy so he doesn’t get suspicious and start nosing around. But there will be times, I’m sure, that he will want to see you, but I will too, and I will have priority. You will just have to tell him you are busy,” Jessica said.

“How long will I have to do this?” Breanna asked.

“Until I feel I have exacted my due justice. You really hurt me, using me like that, Breanna. I really thought we had something special and that we were soul mates–made for each other. I helped you through your hard times… held your hand when you needed it and your tears when you needed to cry. 

“And as soon as the hurt was over, as soon as I had put you back on your feet, you find the first cock to come along and it’s bye bye Jessica! I didn’t even get a goodbye kiss! Well, I am going to get that kiss now–and a whole lot more too!” Jessica said.

“Jessica, I am really very sorry I hurt you. I never meant to, believe me. And I really do appreciate your helping me get over Bradley… I’m sorry I have neglected you or made you feel you didn’t belong with our group. You are as much a part of the gang as anyone else, no matter what your sexual orientation is,” Breanna said.

“I wish I could believe that Breanna, but history has shown otherwise. Now here’s the deal. I have made three copies of the videotape I have of you and Jimmy. I have a copy stashed safely away and two of my best lesbian friends–people you don’t know and who don’t even live in this town–have a copy. These are people I depended on and who helped me get over you and your group when I needed them. 

But unlike you, I didn’t just abandon them without so much as a howdy-do. I still see them quite often and they are in full agreement with what I’m doing. They have been instructed that if anything was to happen to me, or on my word, the tapes would be published online to YouTube, Facebook, and any other place they thought it would get exposure. 

Both of my girls are very computer savvy too and so I know the video will be seen by a LOT of people. You and Jimmy will be famous… or infamous whichever the case may be!” Jessica said, smiling broadly.

“Jessica, please… I know we treated you like shit and I wish we could take it all back and do it over the right way. But we can’t. Please Jess, please don’t do this. It isn’t the way we should be–you shouldn’t have to blackmail me to get me to like you… or love you,” Breanna said.

“You’re right about that. But such is the case. Now another thing… I know that you told Jimmy about these texts and I know he is going to wonder what is going on. Actually, I’m a little surprised he hasn’t come busting in here like the Lone Ranger come to save you from whatever evil he thinks you are being subjected to. 

“But you are NOT to tell him anything about this. Make up some excuse he’ll buy off on, but do not tell him about me or about any of our arrangement. If he gets wind of it and I find out, you will be on Youtube and Facebook and you will lose your precious Jimmy–not to mention what your name will be around town! 

“You see, I have nothing to lose–I am already a nobody, an outcast, one of the unwashed. I am what you scrape off your shoes when you walk through the dog park. So this won’t affect me.

“I am perfectly fine with moving to another town–I have friends there who will accept me and appreciate me anyway. But you, my pretty, popular, girl-next-door are another matter. So no telling the boyfriend in hopes he will rescue you!” Jessica said, smiling evilly.


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