He was standing just a few feet away from her house concealed by the trees. He quickly dialed her phone number on his cell.

The phone rang.  


I raced from the bathroom to the living room with my pink bathrobe hastily tied. My curiosity got the better of me. I checked my caller ID to see who was calling me before I answered it. ‘Hmmm,’ I thought, ‘the unknown caller is showing up.’ I couldn’t decide whether I should just let the phone ring or answer it. The decision wasn’t hard to make. My inquisitive nature won out over my paranoid mind.

“Hello!” I said suspiciously.  

“Well, hello there, angel,” said a soft husky male voice.  

Just with the sound of his voice, my heart was starting to beat a little faster. I honestly didn’t know if I should be curious, a little scared, or start to panic. But my mind wouldn’t be satisfied until I knew for sure. I gave in to my curiosity once again and in a calm voice I asked him, “Who is this?”  

When he spoke again, I noticed that he had a nice deep voice and he sounded surprised when I asked him that.

“Angel. Angel. Angel. Don’t tell me that after all this time of entertaining me you don’t know who I am. That’s a real shame, angel.”

Then it hit me that this guy on the phone was the one who had been watching me. My peeping Tom. So I decided to give him that name.  

“Tom,” I said breathlessly.  

He gave an amused chuckle. “Yeah, sweetheart, I guess you can call me that.”  

Before I even had a chance to say anything else he said, “Oh, by the way, thanks for letting me watch you earlier. I really enjoyed the show.”  

Now that really took me off guard. I was speechless. But I managed to say thanks just the same. After getting myself back to my senses I was still interested in knowing about him.  

I finally got the courage to ask him. “Ok, before we go any further I want to know who you are. What do you look like, and where are you hiding?” I now realized that this was getting to be a bit frustrating. I was finally getting tired of this game.  

“Ok, angel, calm down. I was just getting to that,” he crooned. “In fact, I thought it was time we came face to face with each other.”  

This guy was full of surprises today. I thought, ‘Oh.  

Using that husky tone he said, “To answer your first question, we already established that my name is Tom. For questions two and three, I’m coming to that now. But I wanted you to do something for me first. I see you are a bit skeptical and that’s ok. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. What I wanted you to do was go to your kitchen and open your curtains.” That’s all he said.

That sounded easy enough. Taking my phone with me, I went into the kitchen and opened the curtains to the big window. If it wasn’t for my outside light, I wouldn’t be able to see anything at all. But right then, all I could see was trees. Then, suddenly, there was movement somewhere in the trees. It was something that caught my eye to the right. It seemed like a glimmer of something. I looked in the direction to where a path from my driveway leads into the woods.  

Very slowly, there was a shape moving towards me. At first, he looked like an apparition who was taking its time taking shape. Then, before I knew it was there, he was in my driveway looking up at me. I nearly dropped the phone.

What a sight he was. I couldn’t really tell how tall he was due to where I was standing. But I couldn’t help staring at his face. His features had a sharp look with a nose like a hawk. There was enough light to see the color of his eyes. So blue and hypnotic. He also had dark hair that seemed to have a mind of its own. His body was enough to make me hungry for him. I could feel myself getting a bit too warm now.  


With the phone in his hand, he looked up at her through the window. The light on over the stove really illuminated her body through her thin bathrobe. It was leaving nothing to his imagination. As always, he was getting a hard-on just by looking at her.

“Angel, now that you know what I look like do you still want to continue our conversation?” he said, still looking at her.  

She couldn’t think of anything else, much less speak, so she just nodded a ‘yes’ to continue with their conversation.

“Ok, now this is what I want you to do next. Take the chair that is right next to you and sit down with your legs spread wide apart,” he said.  


Without saying a word, I did as he said. When I sat down my bathrobe was open enough for him to see my breasts. That tingling I felt inside of me had awakened. I slowly rocked my body in tune to the music playing in the background.

Watching me very carefully he said, “Angel, I don’t want you to say anything but only feel, ok?” Letting the feeling get stronger, I nodded.

“You know, angel, you are a very desirable woman and very captivating.” He was using that soft hypnotic tone in his voice. “The first thing I want you to do is to undo your robe and let it slide from your delectable body.”  

I untied my robe as he requested. It felt good to have it off. Feeling the cool air against my skin had already made my nipples become pointed.  

Still using that tone he continued, “Angel, I have always watched you especially when you are showering. And I have enjoyed seeing you touch yourself. Will you do that for me now, letting me see you open yourself up? I know you are not shy about it. I know just how in tune you are with your body.”

I let my hands caress my neck and then my full breasts, pinching my nipples until they become fully erect. I thought, ‘It’s funny, considering the song just now playing was I Touch Myself.’ I let my left-hand travel down over my stomach to the space in between my legs. My right hand was still fondling my breasts.

With the phone in between my shoulder and ear, I could hear him whispering, telling me how irresistible I looked when I touched myself. Imagining him, hearing his voice telling me what to do, was making me very hot. My finger found my clitoris bringing that tingling sensation throughout my body, causing my breathing to become harder. I arched my back off of the chair to get more of that feeling.  


Outside he was watching her perform for him. This show was even better than the one earlier. This time she was aware of him and this was hot! Feeling his jeans getting tight he unzipped them and took out his hard penis. With his hand, he started to stroke slowly to make it last.  

“Angel. I now want you to put your finger inside yourself. Pretend that it’s my hot shaft gently penetrating your moist, hot channel.”

Hearing that, she opened her shapely legs up, even more. He saw her insert one finger. Then, after a couple of thrusts, she inserted another and, finally, she added a third finger. The look on her face was one of pleasure. The kind of pleasure a sensual woman who knows how to satisfy herself will get. He liked that.

“Angel. How does that feel?” he asked curiously.  

“Mmm, very good. I feel an orgasm coming,” she cooed in a sultry voice.

“Yes… that’s it, Angel, keep stroking your pussy like that.” His voice became nearer to a whisper.

He watched her intently as she obeyed his request. She took her creamy fingers out of her wet pussy, smiled seductively, and she traced her index finger around her lips. Then slowly licked her fingers one by one, sucking on each fingertip as she would if she was sucking his member. Once done her fingers went back to her pussy again, this time to climax.

He groaned, feeling tortured in watching her like that, knowing that he was going to climax soon anyway. He wanted to wait until they both did together. He gave his manhood a few more hard strokes as he heard her starting to give a throaty moan. ‘This must be it,’ he thought.  

As he was watching her he saw her body start to tense up as if she was soon going to climax. Holding on to his control he waited until he heard her scream of release. Then he watched her tremble with desire as he, too, reached his peak, his seed spilling forth on the grass.  


I didn’t know what came over me. But it sure felt good. Without saying a word, I went over to the window to see if he was still there. To my surprise, I saw that he was. As he was getting himself back to normal, I waited for him to speak.  

He looked up and saw me standing there, fully exposed to him. His breath seemed to be caught in his throat. Putting his phone to his ear he said, “What an enchanting vision. Angel, that was spectacular. We have to do this again. Only I want to be inside you.”

I thought to myself, ‘I can’t believe it. He wants to do this again. He seems to have a way with me that no one could ever reach.’ Having thought it over, knowing I like to have a challenge, he seemed to be offering one.  

Getting my thoughts back I told him, “Next time when we are together, you won’t be the one being in control.”

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