Lunch was relaxed and leisurely. Seafood, salad and sandwiches washed down with champagne. We looked over the screenshots taken a couple of times. Paulo suggested taking some of Sue and him fucking but she shook her head. “I would feel safer doing a movie and having the memory stick afterwards,” she told him.

Paulo nodded his agreement to that and told us that he had done four so far with visiting couples and that two of them had left him with copies. “Sometimes I’ll view them over again and again.”

I asked him if he still saw the couples and he shook his head. “They were just interested in a one-off holiday cuckolding. A lot of people don’t take to this on a regular basis.”

“Why do you think that is?” I asked him.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe it’s because of this kind of intense cuckolding,” he answered. “Most couples prefer someone closer to home meeting up a couple of times a month or so, but this is a week or two-week stretch at a time. It suits me and I enjoy it but not everyone feels the same way.”

Sue smiled. “It is quite intense,” she agreed. “Rick and I said that yesterday.”

“And are you enjoying it?”

She smiled again and looked at me. “It takes a bit of getting used to all this fucking,” she answered. “Like most married couples we do the average couple of times a week so I’ve already used up two months worth of shagging.”

Paulo and I laughed. “And the holiday has only just started,” he said still laughing. “You’re going to be quite exhausted by the time your holiday is over.”

She laughed. “It will be a pleasant kind of exhaustion though,” she responded. “I am enjoying all this constant shagging. It’s nice having a guy constantly wanting to fuck you.”

“You don’t feel used then?”

She smiled at him. “Hell no,” she exclaimed. “I came out with the intention of being constantly used for sex.”

Paulo laughed. “Well, I’m glad of that. I wouldn’t want you going back home feeling bad about yourself.”

“I can’t see that happening.”

“How about you, Rick?” he turned and asked. “You probably had the same idea when you wanted Sue to cuckold you – a guy taking your place in her bed every now and again.”

I nodded in agreement.

“But I have virtually taken your place in her life and I’m shagging her at will.”

I was aroused again. “I… I’m getting used to it,” I answered. “It is a holiday after all and life’s normal routines go by the wayside during times like these. In a couple of week’s time, it will be back to the daily grind and all this will become a fond distant memory.”

“Would you want to bring her back again?”

I looked at Sue to gauge her response

“Of course it would be her decision wouldn’t it Rick?”

Sue turned away and changed the subject by asking if she could see the films he had of the other couples. Paulo shook his head. “It would be a breach of their privacy,” he told her. “What I do with cuckold couples stays between us.”

“I understand,” she told him before asking about the person taking the movie. “The guy filming us is not going to expect anything sexually from me is he?”

Paulo smiled. “Well he’s as red-blooded as I am,” he said. “But that’s up to you. He wouldn’t insist on it but he would be extremely grateful for a reward for all his hard work.”

Sue laughed. “Hard work!”

Paulo laughed. “As I said, he’s a red-blooded male.”

She was still smiling and I could tell that she was giving it some serious thought. “Did the other wives reward him?”

Paulo nodded. “One gave him a blow job but the other three gave him the full works,” he revealed. “Actually, I filmed him with two of them. He’s from Nigeria by the way and he’s quite big down there.”

“Bigger than you?” she asked.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out about.”

Sue laughed and then looked at me. I already knew what she was thinking. I knew that she wanted to do a movie with Paulo and I also knew that I wouldn’t refuse her either. I had seen quite a few porno clips over the years; other men’s wives and girlfriends getting fucked. Quite a few of them being actually filmed by their husband or boyfriend and I had fantasised about me filming Sue with someone else as well.

“Well?” Sue asked.

I nodded. “If you want to,” I responded.

“And the reward part?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “That’s down to you too.”

“I’ll decide on that at the time,” she said as she turned to Paulo. “And you would be okay with Simon and me fucking?”

He nodded. “I love watching black on white couples fucking and you would be no exception. I’m sure that you would enjoy it too.”

“I would even do the filming of you and Paulo and you and Philip if I had a decent enough movie camera,” I said.

Sue turned back to me with a smile. “Filming your wife being fucked by other men hey?”

I nodded.

“Actually,” Paulo said cutting in, “Philip prefers to film without the husband’s presence. He was filming a couple a few years back and the husband flipped his lid during its making and a fight broke out. He had his camera equipment smashed.”

“Rick’s not going to flip his lid though. You’ve seen what he’s like for yourself.”

Paulo turned to her. “I know and I agree, but Philip has always declined even though it didn’t happen with one of my couples.”

Sue turned to me. “Sorry, darling,” she shrugged.

“That’s okay,” I replied. “As long as I get to see it afterwards.”

She reached across and stroked my thigh. “You’ll get to see it okay,” she smiled. “I’ll make sure you get a regular viewing of being cuckolded.”

I shifted in my seat. My erection was making things uncomfortable now. Sue noticed my discomfort and reached over and touched me. “Sorry, I was meant to give you some relief wasn’t I?”

I nodded.

“Well we’ll sort something out later,” she told me as she gave me a squeeze before turning around in the direction of the caves.

“Looks like a few boats have left now,” she said to Paulo. “Shall we take a look at them and then we can take Rick fishing.”

Paulo smiled. “You mean take you to a quiet spot where we can fuck while Rick is fishing.”

She laughed. Paulo got up and went to the bridge. A few minutes later, we weaved our way to the mouth of the cave and I picked up my camera again. I took quite a few pictures, making sure that the photos of Paulo and Sue were far down the back of the memory card. When another larger tourist boat arrived, we decided that it was time to leave.

Paulo sat alone at the wheel while Sue and I lay on our backs, side by side on our sun loungers. I reached over and rested my hand on her tummy for a few moments before venturing down to the waistband of her bikini bottoms. “Looking forward to sleeping with Paulo again?” I asked her quietly.

She smiled. “Of course,” she responded, “but I’m also a bit nervous.”


She nodded. “He’s going to introduce me to anal sex this afternoon.”

“I see,” I told her. “When did he tell you this?”

“This morning just before he left.”

“I hope he’s gentle with you. He’s very big you know.”

She laughed. “He’s promised to take it slowly just like he did the first time we fucked.”

I remembered her telling me about their first time together in his hotel room and the way that he had taken his penetration slowly. It made me horny just thinking about it once again. I slipped my fingers inside her bikini bottoms and found her smooth sex. She sighed as I gently slipped them over her clitty and to her opening. She was wet with excitement and a flood of wetness greeted my fingers as I slipped deep inside her.

“Make me cum,” she whispered.

My fingers began to move back and forth rubbing against her clitty as well as penetrating her and this brought her to spread her legs wider with her feet resting on the ground. And all the while Paulo stared out to sea concentrating on piloting us, oblivious to me finger fucking his girlfriend. For some reason, I was finding delight in stealing my wife back from him for a few precious moments of secret bliss. Sue came, stifling the sounds of her climax with the back of her hand. Afterwards, she leaned over and kissed me with a huge thank you.

The yacht began to slow down soon after and I looked up to see Paulo coming to a stop close to a cliff face. After dropping anchor he joined us. “Why don’t you slip into bed?” he told Sue. “I’ll come and join you in a few minutes.

Sue stood up and kissed him. “I’ll be naked and ready for you,” she replied giving his bulge a gentle squeeze.

Once again I found myself getting aroused at the sexual interaction between them and I began to wonder if this really would be just a one-off cuckolding experience. They were getting closer and more comfortable with each other moreover I was getting sucked further and further into their cuckolding of me. It was becoming more and more arousing and intoxicating. It was becoming like a drug and I was getting hooked. I was finding myself thinking ahead of the future and contemplating what some may consider the unthinkable, sharing my wife with another man on a permanent basis.

I knew they existed. Ménage a Trois relationships were not uncommon and it wasn’t just one woman shared by two men either. There were cases of two women sharing one man and then there were also polyamorous relationships too. Human relationships can be quite complex and are not as straightforward as we are led to believe.

And I was beginning to now see that Sue’s needs were not as simple as I had previously thought. She was changing. Her role as a homemaker and mother was over now. I was witnessing the passing of that phase of her life; it was vanishing before my very eyes and my concern now was my position in the next phase of her life. I looked at Paulo and wondered if he was going to be a part of that phase too, or was all this just a passing blip. Was all this just the unlocking of her sexuality?

Paulo pushed the rod into my hands. He had set it all up for me while my mind wandered. “Just a case of baiting the hook now,” he said with a smile.

We went through the bait preparation and hooking up as he told me about his youth and his passion for fishing. “I used to do a lot of Tuna and Swordfish fishing years ago,” he told me. “I must get back to it, I miss those days.”

I cast into the waters and Paulo brought me a deck chair to sit on. He stood with me in silence for a short while and then patted me on the shoulder. “Well, I’m off to join Sue now,” he said with a smile.

I looked at him. “Go easy on her,” I found myself saying. “She’s never done it that way before.”

He nodded. “I know, she told me,” he replied. “I was gentle with her the first time. I always am. I know most wives are not used to someone of my size so I am gentle. I’m not a brute with women and it’s not in anyone’s interest to hurt them the first time.”

I nodded in silence.

“And it’s the same for men too,” he told me.

He startled me. He smiled. “Nothing to be worried about Rick,” he said reassuringly. “I have come across the odd cuckolded husband who is bisexual and it’s not unusual for them to be curious about what it feels like for their wives. And as in all things cuckolding I like them to get the fullest possible experiences.”

I watched him walk away. I was gobsmacked. Suddenly I felt a tug on the line and my reel started to scream. I had hooked my first fish as a cuckolded husband.

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