Ode to a Courtesan

How much I wish that you were mine alone,

But sadly I must share you with others,

Just one more among your many lovers.

Not for you of course the life of the streets;

Your debauchery is much more refined,

Living a life of pampered luxury,

The mistress of rich and powerful men,

A modern day courtesan free to choose

Whom you will permit to enjoy your flesh.

Long ago you realised your power,

The power bestowed by beauty and charm,

A demure look hiding a steady purpose,

Coupled with an insatiable libido,

Your pleasure in sex unhampered by love.


Soon I will be enfolded in your arms,

For my appointed night of hot desire

Losing myself in your willing body,

Your nakedness displayed for my delight,

Spreading your thighs to reveal to my sight

The delicious beauty of your pussy,

Your lips engorged and waiting to receive

And enfold my rampant and throbbing cock

Deep into the velvet warmth of your cunt,

Fucking with an harmonious rhythm,

Until we cum in mutual rapture

Your moans and cries sweet music in my ears

As I spend my seed in exquisite joy

High on the peak of divine ecstasy.


On other nights you will take other men

On the same journey to sexual bliss,

Sometimes two or even three at a time,

Your whole being consumed and enraptured

By multiple orgasms of sweet delight.

But no one man can ever satisfy

The height and depth of your concupiscence,

And though I wish that you were mine alone,

I must be content for now with my lot,

And accept that I must share your body.

Of all your lovers I truly believe

I alone have captured your heart and soul

And that one day we will be united,

Growing old together in simple joy.

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