You have been threatening me for months that you were going to find a REAL man with a huge cock & a hairy chest to please you, especially after the last previous love making attempts on my part were so disastrous.

The day has finally arrived. You demanded that I watch you obtain ready in the bathroom for your night of pleasure with your lover. You shaved your pussy & your legs, & made up your face to perfection. You gave me a leering look as you applied your lipstick. I asked, meekly, if you were going to suck his huge cock. ‘What do you think?’, you say.

You smile & open your handbag & I gasp, seeing a packet of Magnum condoms inside. ‘Yes. He has a 10 inch cock’, you say. I lover my head in shame, knowing my cock is only 6 inches. ‘I hope he will at least Wear one of the condoms’, I say quietly. You tell me that he Probably will.

When you arrive home at 1 AM, your makeup is in disarray & your hair is mussed. You look at me & I can tell that your clothes are wet with sweat & your body smells of sweat & sex. Your lipstick is smeared, & I know that you have been naughty. I can tell right away that your wisp of black satin panties are covered with cum, when you take off your skirt.

‘He didn’t fuck you without the rubber, did he?’ I stammer. ‘Yes, he did’, you say. ‘You know how I hate condoms,’ you say with a look like I should have known better.

You tell me that it is my job to clean you out, & I meekly lie down on the bed facing up.

You remove your cum-stained panties & I can tell that your pussy is red from use, & dripping with semen.

I can tell that your ass is moreover dripping semen & you order me to suck it all out. I open my mouth & commence to lick your lover’s cream out of you & you smile, knowing that you have absolute control over me, as you sit on my face with your BBW ass.

If I am very lucky I will obtain to fuck you afterward, if I do a satisfactory job of cleaning you with my tongue.

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