The Cuckold’s Comeuppance: The Secret Revenge of Walter Mitty



The soon to be ex Mrs. Miller was at lunch with her lawyer.

“Bob, what the hell is taking that god damned judge so long?”

“Relax Carol. You know this is the divorce and criminal trial of the century. The judge did say she’d have a decision today. It’s not even noon.”

“Listen, mother-fucker, you said my name wouldn’t be dragged through the mud.”

“I’m a lawyer and I told you that Ben is probably behind it. Remember that there was only a limited gag order on this case.”

Carol would have none of his feeble attempts at placation.

“I’ve read the papers and yeah, he’s getting the shit end. However, my agent isn’t happy and I’m not happy.”

“What does mister sit on my ass and collect ten percent say? I could lose a movie role, the modeling company said that they might have to curtail my public exposure. Then my new line of lingerie I’m launching will be delayed if not scuttled.”

“That doesn’t sound that bad. Wait a year or so and this will all be forgotten.”

“What if the DVD’s come out, ass-hole? They’re under protection now but once the trial is over?”

“I’ll motion to keep them sealed and out of public view as part of the divorce settlement. That way both you and Ben will need to approve any release. Their exposure will negatively impact your earning potential and therefore your lifestyle.”

“How do you think it’ll go? This is your area of expertise.”

“The divorce will be granted, you might have to pay alimony as your income is about six times what Ben’s is. As for his counter criminal complaint. The judge did hammer you about where you got your information, safe words, and refusing Ben’s request to see a marriage counselor. Why did you do that to him?”

”I only did the same as what he was watching on line.”

”Carol, remember a movie from years ago where the lady set her husbands car on fire for cheating on her?”

”Yeah, what a great fucking idea.”

”For a movie, maybe but in real life that’s illegal and it might cost you in court.”

Bob’s phone buzzed and a text appeared, VERDICT’S IN.

“Time to go, a decision has been reached.”




The court was packed, more press than people in the gallery. This was a gossipers dream and the press was eating it up. Ben Miller, sci-fi and fantasy author, 46 years-old, but other than his three best sellers, he was an average guy vs. Carol Timelli Miller. The 38 year-old centerfold/model, and pin-up girl for sexy vs. her negligent husband. Mr. No sex. It involved cheating, cuckolding, BDSM, and several other things. Both sides had asked for a judge trial and now the world was waiting as Judge Mary Farnsdale walked into the court.

“Let’s get on with this. Mr. Miller, is your team ready for my decision?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Mrs. Miller, is your team ready for my decision?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Good. everyone may be seated.”

Judge Fransdale opened her laptop and moved some papers around.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the attention this case has attracted hasn’t escaped the court’s notice. Such notoriety hasn’t affected the court’s duty or responsibility. I consulted previous decisions and people who are considered experts or knowledgeable bodies in their fields.

On the joint divorce that’s been filled, it’s granted. As they were married for seven years and there is verifiable evidence of Mrs. Miller’s unfaithfulness, with her husband’s knowledge but no evidence of consent. That there is no corresponding evidence of Mr. Miller ever being unfaithful. His watching of legal pornography isn’t considered cheating by the state. Mrs. Miller will be allowed to chose the lake house or their residence as hers. There were no children of this union so the only other matter is that of spousal support. Neither party owes the other any support. As for communal property, that will be a 50-50 split with accommodation to be made by both sides for personal requests. Neither sides future income will be considered for spousal support as well. The court will allow six months for this to be concluded or the court will intervene.”

The judge took a drink of water.

“Next is the criminal complaint. Miller vs. Miller. This was a little more difficult to decide. BDSM and cuckolding,  to many are weird or unusual but are legal activities when agreed to by consenting adults. That was the issue before the court, what makes it consenting? Does joint discussion? Watching it in person? Does watching it in an online video grant permission in real life? I asked several members of the BDSM community. I checked online sites and one thing was clear-safe words are always available and part of the relationship involved. and yet many times they aren’t used, especially among experienced participants. When they aren’t discussed or available, these experts said that ‘stop’ and ‘no’ become the default safe-words.

I watched the tapes multiple times and never did I hear the mention or offer of safe-words by Mrs. Miller.  It was common knowledge to Mrs. Miller that her husband was a diabetic and suffered from erectile dysfunction, that qualifies Mr. Miller as being afflicted with a disability. A movie, like many stories is a work of fiction…art and not subject to the same law as real life.

I’m holding my decision in this case in abeyance until the divorce has been finalized. I will say that multiple counts of second-degree unlawful restraint and violations Article 245.11 of the State Penal Code: Sado-Masochistic Abuse, both being class A misdemeanors, are a possible outcome. Each of which is punishable by one year of jail time or three years of probation and up to a one thousand dollar fine. Mr. Miller has sent the court an addendum offer for the divorce. This addendum is non-negotiable, you either agree or refuse.”


 Later than night, in Bob’s office, Carol and Bob were going over the offer.

“He wants to market all seven DVDs of what happened, to the public for sale. Something about ownership and actions. The first quarter million goes to him for his legal expenses, after that it’s sixty percent for him and forty percent for you. In effect, agreeing to this removes the criminal complaint. All you’ll have left is the sealed divorce agreement. You refuse the addendum and you’re back in court for multiple class A misdemeanors.” 

“I hate that they’ll be in the public. Does my name have to be attached to it?”

“Maybe not. You could use a stage name, Remember that Stormy Daniels wasn’t her real name. A good search would discover it but most people don’t do that.”

  “The split isn’t fair yet this doesn’t alter the divorce agreement. What’s your opinion?”

“You’d be a fool to refuse it. You’d be looking at say ten years of jail time followed by another ten of probation and 20k in fines. Not to mention a public record. “


EPILOGUE-Three months later


The lady was writhing in pleasure, sweat cascading from her body as her lips screamed praise to the gods and goddesses of love about her orgasm. She’d later swear that she might have seen a few appear, smiling and nodding their heads in approval. Her lovers head firmly planted between her legs with a finger up her anus. Her hips bucked and her back arched. Her hands pulled the man’s head into her pussy as she climaxed multiple times.

He kissed her belly and caressed her sides as she descended from the heights of Icarus.

“Ben, oh my god, that was as close to earth shattering as I’ve ever been. Shortly you’ll get another session of improving your E.D. I’ve a question for you?”

“Go ahead and ask, love.”

“Why did you offer Carol a get out of jail free card?”

“I never wanted her to go to jail. I wanted her to feel the pain I did, pay for it and own her actions. Sales of the first DVD have passed two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars, so my legal expenses have been paid. I’ve heard she’s had at least two offers for triple X porn movies. The two guys and one lady she fucked in front from of me, are all going through divorce. Now, what about us, the future Mary Farnsdale Miller?”

“I’m still smitten, our wedding plans are almost set. Amazing how we met over a year ago and fell in love. We never had our first date until two and a half months ago. All those stories we shared on Lush as we began our journey into love.”

“I’m confused dear. All those stories? You only joined three months ago.”

“Well, not technically.”

“When your fiance’ is a judge, not technically is a loaded answer. Please explain.” as Ben leaned on his side, his left arm supporting his head and his right hand caressing her breasts. Mary had done the same. She kissed him and ran her fingers over his cock.

“I was using my sisters account for a year, Vestal.”

“Wait, you were Vestal? Uh, dear, am I in trouble? Vestal is married. She-you said they were

“Silly man, my sister is. I had to keep the act up so you wouldn’t know who I was. Besides, ‘Savinien’ or should I say Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac.”


“Shh, love. I fell for you, quite literally sight unseen. Your stories were so real, so full of caring, romance, and sensuality. You listened as well as you wrote. We PMed about many things besides sex. I’m not looking for a Harlequin cover model. I was looking for a partner and I found one. Now, on your back so I can work on improving that cock you have. Last I checked you were six inches and lasted about five minutes.”

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