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It was Labor Day weekend of 1988. We had tickets to attend a concert at an outdoor venue. The drive was a few hours so we bought a package through the radio station and we were going by bus. INXS was the headline act but we were bigger fans of Cheap Trick, an opener.

Kelly and I were twenty-eight then. Kelly was dressed for the times and the concert. On top, she wore a short black tube top covered in black sequins. On the bottom, she wore a short black leather mini skirt. Although I was never a fan, she wore black combat boots as they were in style. In her hair, she wore a silk hair clip shaped like a rose.

Kelly’s hair was at near mythical length. She had a few inches trimmed off months ago to tidy up the bottom. But she was still a hair farmer. With her shoes on her hair hung just six inches from the ground. She rarely wore it unbraided because when she did she was constantly having to worry about where it was, who would step on it and would it get caught in a car door.

But that day she had her dishwater blond hair down and it was blowing everywhere in the breeze as folks milled around chit-chatting before it was time to board the bus. There were a few other good-looking young women in the crowd. In my opinion, Kelly had no competition. Her long legs were tanned and her 34F boobs were simply spectacular.

Kelly couldn’t help but notice when an early seventies red Corvette pulled into the parking lot. That had been Kelly’s fantasy car since high school and they always turned her head. It was a nice-looking couple who emerged. If I had to guess, they were perhaps six to ten years older than Kelly and me.

We had arrived early and milled around near the bus’s door. As soon as it was time to board we headed to the back. The very back row behind us was filled with radio station stuff and on the other side was the restroom. The Corvette couple sat in the seats across the aisle from us. I was against the window as was the girl on the other side.

In minutes Kelly and the guy were chatting away, mostly about his car. His girlfriend joined in occasionally, as did I. The beer was flowing and the three hours went by quickly. As we got close to the venue the station deejays tried to fire up our group. They had a couple of contests and gave away some station swag. Then they broke into shouts and chants to get everybody yelling.

Then the “smartass” morning deejay yelled, “Show your tits!” A bunch of guys joined in the chant. The women suddenly seemed to have their asses glued to their seats. I could see Kelly having an eye contact girl-to-girl thing with the girl across the aisle. A moment later they both jumped up. Kelly pulled down her tube top. The girl lifted her mesh shirt and her black lace bra and they both shook their tits at the deejay.

They stood for probably a three count. The deejays got an eyeful, but by the time the rest of the bus had it figured out, the girls were sitting and both laughing their asses off. Both the guy (Steve) and I had been locked on the other’s partner. Denise had a really nice set of C-cups. Steve looked shell shocked from watching Kelly’s huge tits.

He was grinning ear to ear and I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying to Kelly, but I pretty much knew without having to hear anything. The deejays copped hugs and ass grab as the girls disembarked.

We sat on the lawn pretty far back from the stage, by choice. Kelly had been squirrely the whole day. She wanted to make out and more, yet it was not exactly the place. We loved Cheap Trick. Every now and then Kelly would kiss me and swallow my tongue. It had become nighttime-dark when INXS took the stage.

Fifteen minutes into the set and Kelly pulled off her tube top. Soon after, Denise removed her bra from under her black mesh shirt. She and Steve had camped out next to us on the lawn. Other folks from our group were near but not really close.

Kelly thought maybe she could get a few more in the crowd to join her. It wasn’t to be. And it didn’t slow her down one bit. She danced the entire time.

She covered up the girls as we packed up to board the bus. The crowd on the bus was pretty pumped. Kelly was as horny as hell. She was licking my ear and nibbling on my neck. “Do you know what’s going to happen when the lights go out?” she whispered.

“Noooo…” I quietly replied.

“You’re going to fuck my little pussy.”

Well okay! Before long the lights went out, all of the beer kicked in. Combined with the long day in the sunshine and people were nodding off right and left. Kelly was rubbing my cock through my jeans and I was rock hard.

She needed my help tugging down her panties. The sides rode really high on her hips. Soon they were off. Denise had fallen asleep. Steve was copping glances the whole time and watched Kelly’s panties slide down her legs to the floor.

Kelly climbed onto my lap facing me. The skirt was a bit too tight so she had it hiked up to free her thighs. Her ass was exposed. We were making out like teenagers. She had me so hard I thought my dick would break if it wasn’t released soon. I pulled down her top and sucked and mashed her boobs and nipples.

Steve was no longer glancing. He had turned and was watching with a smile. Kelly lifted her butt up and told me to get my cock out. As soon as I did she sat on it, dropping her wet cunt into my lap. She rode around on my cock in almost a circular motion. It was just a few short minutes before Kelly moaned into my ear as she came.

With one down she used her pelvis to ride me with strokes moving toward and away from my belly. She was getting a little noisy and the guy in front of us was stirring. A nice benefit of being six-feet-four is that I can see everything going on. I lip locked Kelly to swallow her sounds.

She humped me as she humped herself to another orgasm. We slowed down for a couple of minutes. Then I started bouncing her ass up and down on my six-inch standard white boy cock. Kelly came a third time and I was ever so close. Kelly could tell by the look on my face. She hopped off my lap and dropped down next to my legs. She caught my cock in her mouth. Her hand gave me a few strokes and my ass lifted off the seat as I pumped her mouth to overflowing with a huge load.

I put my cock away. Kelly put her boobs away. She sat down in her seat. Steve was still grinning. I had all I needed to fall asleep and I did just that. Kelly was a total night owl. She wasn’t tired at all. She realized that her boots were killing her feet and she took them off. One at a time she lifted a foot onto her lap and she massaged them.

Steve turned in his seat to face her and patted his lap. Kelly nodded, turned, and lifted her feet into his lap. Steve went to work massaging her feet, calves, and legs. She had to really fight from moaning out loud. This went on for probably a half an hour.

Steve was leaning forward and moving his hands further and further up Kelly’s legs, past her knees, as he massaged them. Kelly bent her knees apart horizontally. Steve followed her lead and moved his hands to her inner thighs and massaged her soft inner thigh skin as he moved within just inches of her slit. Kelly was running with lube. Steve’s hands felt so good on her feet and legs that she was getting wetter ever inch that he moved closer to her vagina.

Kelly saw Steve’s face react when he realized she was shaved bare. Hairless was not the norm in 1988 but Kelly loved how it felt and kept her pussy trimmed nearly every day during the summer. He watched her reaction as he slipped two fingers into her very wet and very inviting hole. Steve was slowly moving his fingers inside of her, feeling all that her pussy had to offer.

Kelly used her feet to find Steve’s cock. Once she found that it was half-hard her toes and her pussy made sure he got to full hardness. They spent perhaps ten minutes getting each other unbearably wet and hard. Kelly nudged me. I grunted. “Please trade seats with Steve.”

Kelly and I stepped into the aisle. Steve slid over into my seat. Kelly sat down next to him and I sat down next to Denise. I was out again even though I kind of wanted to stay awake to watch. Steve unzipped as he moved into my seat and he tugged his jeans open to free his cock and balls. Kelly got on all fours onto her seat with her skirt pulled up to her waist.

Steve ran a few fingers through her slot, feeling her lubrication. Then he aimed his cock for her opening. On the first thrust, he was all the way in. Neither wanted to take their time. They were fucking with only one mission: to cum as quickly as possible. Kelly bit onto her hand as she came. Steve was really slapping his balls into her slit, just the way Kelly loved to be fucked. A couple of minutes later he leaned over her and whispered, “Where?”

Kelly slid forward, turned and, again, dropped to her knees. She told me later that Steve’s cock was maybe an inch or so longer than mine. And it was nice and smooth, not “veiny”, a big plus in Kelly’s book of preferences. Kelly had her nose in his pubes as he bucked and emptied his balls into her mouth.

After she had sucked Steve’s cock dry he pulled her up to his lap and tugged down her tube top. They both were in such heat to fuck he didn’t have the chance to play with her huge boobs. He made up for the lost time and suckled on her for a very long time.

I finally came to. Denise had her bare legs pulled up onto her seat and I started to slowly rub my hand over them. She slowly came around and gave me a perplexed look. Then she looked past me and saw Steve’s face buried in my wife’s chest. Denise turned and pulled me in for a kiss. We had a nice match of tongue hockey. I slid my hand under her mesh top and played with her hard nipples. I also felt up a pair of bolt-on tits for the first time. Different, but okay.

Denise was sitting in her seat on her knees facing the back of the seat. I moved a hand below her skirt and eventually found a pair of wet panties. I wiggled my fingers past the elastic, roamed through a forest of hair and found a wet slit with a tiny stream in the middle. I got her off the first time by rubbing her clit.

She had a small spasm on my hand as she came. I gave her a moment to recover and then found her G-spot and massaged that with my finger until she came again. Not only was she hairy she was also very tight. She shook harder the second time that she came. I was ready to go for more. Instead, she was pushing my hand from her twat.

“I can’t do it again. I need a few minutes.” And then a minute later, “We shouldn’t be doing this. I should be with Steve and you should be with Kelly.” Oh jeez… Here we go.

I knew it was a dead end and probably best for Steve to get his face out of Kelly’s boobs. I stood up and gave him a look. He took the hint and we swapped back to our original seats.

Soon we had arrived back at the station and folks were getting off of the bus. Steve kind of held back from Denise and slipped me a card. “If you guys would ever want to get together that would be great. Just give me a call.” He ended the sentence with a wink. I got his message.

On the drive home I mentioned what Steve had said to Kelly. I could tell by her initial reaction that she was in and wanted it to happen. I teased her that he probably wanted to fuck her on the hood of his Corvette. I also shared what happened with Denise, so that was a tad confusing. Kelly told me they had only been dating for a few months, so who knows?

Kelly and I had one more fuck in our bed before the sun rose. We were busy the following weekend but not the one after. It was mid-week when Kelly brought up Steve. “We don’t have much going on this weekend. Do you want to see if Steve and Denise want to meet for dinner?”

I called Steve. He was upfront that Denise wouldn’t be joining us. He wasn’t really sure where the two of them were at that point. He said, “I have to admit that it would be awkward being the third wheel with you two, but if you’re interested in three, it would be great to meet up.” I assured Steve that Kelly considered three to be her lucky number.

I made him promise to bring the Corvette to dinner and he did. We were at a busy place a bit out of town. Kelly had started the evening next to me in the booth. At one point she excused herself to the restroom. Upon her return, she handed me her panties. She was wearing a short plaid skirt. Not really a “schoolgirl” skirt, but along those lines. On top, she had what looked like a black dress shirt.

Soon Steve was trying to play in her pussy while not being caught by our already suspicious server. The server was a middle-aged woman who was really not much fun. Soon enough we finished dinner and drinks, paid and left. Steve said he would follow me. Kelly quickly piped in, “No, I’ll ride with you and show you the way.” Kelly noticed he had the T-tops off. Bonus!

Kelly asked how fast the car would go. Steve shared that he had gotten it up to about one hundred and forty-five. He offered to take it onto a nearby highway and open it up for her. Kelly squealed with anticipation. Between two exits he took it past one hundred and thirty. The ride was like an ox cart and noisy as hell. Kelly was so turned on she couldn’t believe it. “Oh my God I’m so fucking wet!” she screamed over the noise at Steve.

As he brought it back to highway speed, Kelly pulled off her skirt and then removed her blouse and bra. She slid low in her seat and started to masturbate. Steve would occasionally goose it. The sensation paid off as Kelly would moan loudly. Steve was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road while Kelly jerked herself off, but somehow he managed. Kelly was getting closer.

Steve got turned around and headed back for the highway. He floored it going up the on-ramp and was over one hundred by the time he got on the highway. The shaking and bouncing and the speed were all she needed. As the car sped up, so did Kelly’s hand. Kelly was screaming at the top of her lungs “OH FUUUUUCK!!!” over and over. Steve gave it one last goose before he had to hit the brakes. Kelly had a spasm as she shoved both legs onto the dashboard and sprayed her girl cum all over Steve’s white leather seats. Kelly shot at least three huge gushes.

Steve’s eyes were wide with amazement. Kelly slowly pulled her feet off the dash and slumped into her seat. She was literally drained. She eventually croaked out the directions to our house. They arrived nearly a half-hour after I had. I couldn’t help but notice they sat in the driveway for a good five minutes after pulling in.

Kelly wanted to ride the gear shift. She had done it once before and this car had her so hot she literally wanted to fuck it. Steve helped hold her ass in position as Kelly used both hands to spread her lips open to accommodate the cue-ball-shaped shift knob. She got the knob in and was sliding up and down on it. Steve grabbed her boobs and tweaked her nipples. Kelly sat completely on the gear shift. That big ball was entirely in her. She masturbated her clit as Steve played with her nipples. In just another minute Kelly had an orgasm.

Kelly crawled off the gear shift and came in the house naked. Steve followed carrying her clothes. Kelly was going on and on about the car and how she squirted all over and then she fucked the gear shift. When Kelly gets wound up she could go a hundred miles an hour. That night she was at about one thirty!

Really the only thing to do was to get naked. I stripped and sat on our couch. Kelly crawled between my legs and started sucking my cock. Steve wasn’t sure what to do next. I suggested he should also be naked and that Kelly had an opening that should be filled.

I’ve never seen a man move so fast. He was naked and had his cock in Kelly in the blink of an eye. Kelly came within moments of Steve plowing into her. A few minutes later, I suggested we change positions. I certainly didn’t want to pop my load and be done, and I’m sure Steve felt the same way. So, we changed lots and lots of positions. Sometimes we guys sat out for a turn. Pretty much every time we got Kelly off we moved.

Kelly was on her astral plane of orgasms. It was just one flowing into another. To Steve and me it seemed like she had cum maybe twenty times or so. Kelly said later that to her it felt like one continuous huge orgasm. Along the way of switching positions, I got a look at Steve’s equipment. Kelly was being kind to me. He was close to eight inches, dwarfing my six. Yet, to Kelly’s point, both cocks had her cumming and cumming.

Kelly was on her back on the couch. Her head was hanging backward off the cushion. Steve was on his knees in front of her fucking her throat. I had one foot on the floor and was sitting up as I fucked her pussy. Kelly loved being throat fucked in that position. As long as Steve would give her a few moments to gasp for air, she loved the feeling.

We had been fucking for close to an hour. I said it first, “I’m going to cum.”

Kelly shoved Steve out for a second. “Shoot it on me!” When Kelly was feeling especially slutty she wanted to see and feel and play in a guy’s cum. I let loose an enormous load of cum on Kelly. It sprayed from her hair down to her pussy.

The moment I sprayed my last, Steve pulled out and shoved his cock toward her boobs. Kelly nuzzled in and sucked on his balls. Steve was not a shooter. But he also had a huge load. He jerked his cock on her tits. He didn’t shoot more than an inch but a gallon of cum flowed from his cock onto her tits.

He stood up as soon as he emptied and helped Kelly lift her head onto the couch. She got to see how much cum we left on her. She cooed as she played in the pools and globs of splooge. Eventually, she rubbed the whole slimy combined mess onto her entire torso as though it was some sort of beauty cream.

Steve and I sat in silence as we watched Kelly play. Both of our cocks were starting to twitch. I went and grabbed beers for everyone. Kelly saw a drip trying to escape my dick and pulled me close so she could suck it off.

Kelly sat up to drink her beer. Steve was in a chair and she saw his dick was leaking too. “You guys and your leaky dicks!” she exclaimed, as she went to Steve and got on her knees to suck his cock clean. Kelly gave him some special attention and he started to stiffen. Steve’s cock stayed pretty long when he went limp.

Kelly sat back down and we talked for a bit. We turned on the TV looking for something funny to watch. Basically, we were just waiting for our cocks to recover. Steve had made some polite “I should be going comment” and Kelly made clear the night wasn’t over.

For some reason, Kelly got up and started doing a little dance. She was swaying her hips and shimmying her boobs. Steve and I were cheering her on. Then Kelly started flipping her head, throwing her hair forward on to Steve, then me. It’s hard to describe what it feels like having four and a half feet of hair tossed onto your naked body. It’s surprisingly heavy. And feels incredible as it cascades over your cock and balls.

Kelly and I played many, many kinky games with her hair over the years but around other guys, she usually had it in a braid. She could tell Steve loved it as much as I did. We were both getting hard.

She had Steve lay on the floor. She tossed her hair onto his chest and swallowed his cock. I got on the floor behind her, also on my back, pulled her beaver to my face and started eating her. Kelly was moaning from being eaten. Steve was feeling her moan on his cock and he was then also moaning. Kelly was encouraging him to play in her hair and he was rubbing it all over his chest and his balls.

Kelly got up and moved into a sixty-nine with Steve. She could see and wiggle her hair on his balls and legs as she sucked him. Steve ate her to an orgasm. Kelly hopped up and said, “The bed is more comfortable,” and pranced down the hallway.

She was in the middle of the bed on all fours with her ass in the air. I climbed up and sat with my back against the headboard. Steve got on his knees behind her and mounted her doggy-style. Kelly swallowed my cock and then pulled off and was licking my balls. She pulled me closer to her and had me lift my feet in the air. She was tonguing my butt and licking me from that hole to the one at the tip of my cock.

Steve was fucking her relatively slowly but brought her to orgasm after ten minutes or so. Steve asked if we could swap. Who could blame him! Steve wasn’t shy. He was on his back with his legs in the air. Kelly had her elbows on the mattress and her hands were spreading Steve’s crack as wide as she could get him. She was tongue-fucking his butt and sucking his balls. Steve was stroking his cock.

They were both moaning so loudly, the whole scene had me going. I kept going faster and faster and was slamming the hell out of Kelly’s twat. She let out a scream as she came. I locked onto her hips and pumped what I had into her pussy. As soon as I slumped back, Steve got out of the bed and came around to her backside. I slid over and he pumped his cock into her. In just a couple of minutes, he let loose with his load.

He left his cock in her until it was fully deflated. He pulled a six-inch long limp dick from her hole and then immediately Steve maneuvered under Kelly and pushed her to sit on his face. I watched, slack-jawed, as he ate our combined loads out of her pussy. It took a moment for Kelly to catch up. “Oh, you nasty fucking boy. You nasty, nasty boy.” Soon Kelly had her hands around Steve’s head as she rode his face, bucking herself back and forth, to a squirting orgasm. “Eat my cum too you nasty boy!”

I could see Steve doing his best to catch her entire load while trying to not drown. Kelly slowly rolled off of his face. Steve looked like a freshly glazed donut!

It was way after bar time and Steve gave Kelly a huge hug and thanked her for the incredible night. She thanked him for the Corvette ride, being able to fuck his car, and his cock, in that order. Steve and I shook hands and said goodnight and thanked each other for making it a fun night. I walked him to the door and heard Kelly get in the shower.

I was asleep by the time she came to bed.


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