Use all that hot, sizzling energy to create a little personalized love magic!

Depending on your zodiac sign, there are a lot of different options for how to celebrate the magic of the summer solstice this year. If you know your astrological birth chart, then it can help you discover the best way to embrace the expansive, light-filled energy of summer.

In the summer, the sun is at its peak, nature’s bursting with life, and you get to play outdoors in the brightest, warmest, longest days of the year. The longest day of the year is the first day of the summer solstice, which in the northern hemisphere, at least, officially starts on the summer solstice when the sun moves into the zodiac sign of Cancer.

When is the summer solstice? This year that occurs on June 21, but it can happen anytime between June 20-22.

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Scientifically speaking, the summer solstice begins when the sun crosses the Tropic of Cancer at a latitude of 23°N and the Earth’s tilt toward the sun is at its maximum. So at noon, the sun will be at its highest point in the sky for the whole year, and sunset will be the latest it ever is, too.

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