Sometimes life is freaking TOUGH.

Bad relationships don’t happen all at once, they creep up on us. If they were bad in the beginning, no one would ever do it. And usually, people leave their bad relationships when they realize they aren’t getting treated right, or that their partnership isn’t serving their personal interests.

So, why do we stay in toxic relationships long after it dawns on us that it’s time to go? Rather than trying to learn how to move on, start over, heal, and find a healthy relationship, we refuse to leave and think we can fix things for good.

But here are three reasons why leaving a toxic relationship is a lot harder than it sounds:

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1. You feel like you’ve put in too much time to give up now.

Once we start a relationship and put in the effort to keep it going, stopping feels like we’re losing our investment. The realization that we’ve wasted months or years of our life staying with the wrong person is often too much for us to come to terms with.

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