My name is Roxanne and I am a Domme. Several months ago, I met  another Mistress and made her my sub. It has been awhile since I have been in touch with Ashley and have decided to take her with me to an event I was planning to vend at. I send her a text.

Beep. Hello, pet. I have a new adventure for you. We will be going away for a week. I am vending at a camping event and I want you there with me. I will send you the dates and information you will need and you must make whatever arrangements you have to and be ready for me to pick you up.

I send you the information about what you need to bring. I tell you to plan on being naked for most of the time we are there. I explain I will be vending paddles, floggers and other fetish items I make and that you will be my model as well as using you to demonstrate the products on. I also inform you that there are a number of classes and other events happening that I feel you will enjoy.

The day arrives and we meet at the prearranged place. I throw your bag into the back of the van and smile as I see you have followed my instructions and are wearing just a halter top and short skirt. I kiss you as you get into the passenger seat, then walk around and get into the driver’s seat. I hand you a collar and instruct you to put it on and tell you to pull your skirt up so your pussy is exposed.

“Hello, pet. Are you ready for camp?”

“Yes, Mistress. Are all those tubs your products?”

“Yes; products, display racks, and our booth.”

As we drive, I tell you to play with yourself, but not make yourself cum. After awhile, I point to a bag on the floor and tell you to take the barrel clamps out, take off your halter top and put them on your nipples. I glance over as you put them on and instruct you to tighten them a bit. Then I have you pull out a butt plug and have you to lay over the seat with your ass facing me. I pour some lube into your crack and work it in with my fingers, fucking you and stretching you open. Once I feel you starting to respond, I take the butt plug and ease it in. I slap your ass a few times, leaving a couple of hand prints as you yelp at the unexpected pain. I point to the bag again and ask you to find a dildo you like and to start fucking yourself with it, still not cumming.

The drive is going to take several hours, so I have you stop periodically. At one point as we near the camp, I have you lie across your seat again with your ass facing me and use one of the dildo’s to fuck you. As you moan in pleasure, I fuck you harder and finally tell you that you have been a good pet and as a reward, you may cum when you are ready. I have you play with your clit, and soon I feel the tension in your body as you explode.

“Fuuuck! Thank you, Mistress.”

“You are welcome, kitten.”

In another thirty minutes, we reach the camp gate; I hand you a rubber mask I made that will hide your identity just in case we run into someone that might know you. After adjusting it, I pull up to the gate where a man greets me by name. I hand him our IDs and he checks us both in, opening up the gate for us to pass through. I pull up to an area and park the van, then we walk over to a tent to register, where I introduce you as my pet and that you will be helping me. I see you shudder as I call you that. We receive our badges, which must be worn at all times, as well as wrist bands that allow our photos to be taken by the camp photographers. No other cameras are permitted, and cell phone camera lenses must be taped over.

I watch as you take it all in and smile, knowing some of the experiences I have in mind for you and everything you will see and do over the course of the next five days. We finish registering and go back to the van. A staff member in a golf cart leads us to the site where we will set up the booth I use to vend my products. The van will serve as our sleeping quarters, so I park it on the site where it will remain. As soon as it is in place, I remove my top and have you remove your skirt. I return your look of “Here?” with a stern look of my own and tell you that you will remain naked for the duration of camp. Only if the weather turns too cool with you be allowed some cover.

“I did tell you that I expected you to be naked most or all of camp.”

“Yes, Mistress… Sorry.”

After using sunscreen on both of us, we set about getting the booth up, the display racks assembled and the products organized. Though camp does not begin officially until the next day, I prefer to arrive the day before so I am ready first thing in the morning. And because so many people arrive a day early, they have begun to schedule a few activities this first evening. Also, the food vendors have food available for lunch and dinner today, and breakfast is available the remainder of camp.

“Let’s go get some lunch before we finish getting the products out.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I attach a leash to your collar and we head over to the pavilion where the food vendors are located. I point out the showers, restrooms, pool and hot tub. Camp is an all-inclusive place, I explain, tolerant of all genders and activities. I warn you that sex is permitted anywhere except the pool and hot tub, and the only rule about being naked is to carry a small towel to sit on the tables and benches around camp, as well as the taxis if you are.

As you look around, you see others, men and women, walking around naked or with revealing clothing. Some are obviously subs, while some are just feeling free. Directly next to our site is another vendor, and the male is dressed in sheer women’s lingerie, where his semi-erect cock can clearly be seen. No one seems to be paying any special attention to your nakedness, and I see you start to relax.

We get lunch and find a table in the pavilion, where several people stop by to say hi to me. I introduce you as my pet and tell them, they may address you as Kit if they choose. When we are done, we return to the booth and set about putting the product out on the display racks, tables and around the booth. When we finish getting everything in the booth set up, we get the air mattress ready in the van; I see the look on your face as we do, and know what you want.

“All in good time, my pet. I promise you will get what you want and more this week.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

After preparing the van for sleeping, we add a tarp between the van and the booth for shade and a place to sit. I have a small grill where we can do a bit of cooking if we choose, as I have brought a few things along for that. I set up a small table and several chairs as well around the fire pit. When the truck with firewood comes around, I will get some should we want to start a bonfire in the evenings. It has been a long hot day, and I suggest we spend some time in the pool to cool off before dinner. There is a meet and greet tonight and I also want to show you the rest of the camp before it gets dark.

We grab a couple of towels and walk across the road to the showers and the pool. After rinsing off at the outdoor showers, we jump into the pool. There are already a number of people there, and several of them greet me. I also get a number of questions as to what your role will be during camp, and I explain that I have a number of things in mind, but am open to suggestions.

We spend about a half hour cooling off, then head back to the van after drying off. I put my shorts back on and then attach your leash to your collar. We walk over to the large field where the dungeon tent is set up along one edge. There are also a couple of smaller tents where some of the classes will be held and other activities take place over the week. I show you where the small camp store is located, and where ice can be purchased. We spend a bit of time in the dungeon watching a demonstration on whip cracking. As we wander about the rest of the camp, I point out different pieces of equipment, and other areas you need to know.

Finally, we head back to the pavilion where dinner is being served. They have several options and I let you select what you want, while I get the dinner special. While we are waiting, I walk back over to the van and grab the events schedule. I look through the schedule and highlight the events we will attend. I am also teaching a class and doing a demo as well. On the way back, we stop at the construction gnomes area and remind them of the piece of equipment I have arranged to have set up next to the booth. They assure me it will be delivered first thing in the morning.

One of them asks about you and I explain that you are my new pet and will be assisting me this week. When asked if you will be available to try out products on, I wink and smile at you, then state that you will be multitasking throughout the week. I see you blush behind your mask and turn to the side, hoping no one else sees. I can tell from the look on your face that you still cannot fully understand how you have come to find yourself in the position you are in.

I have checked you out. I know of your reputation as a Mistress and your pride in that position, and the respect you command. And I respect that and will do everything in my power to maintain your anonymity. At least you have no tattoos or other markings that anyone that knows you well would be able to use to identify you, thus allowing your photo to be taken here at camp. Though I don’t know everyone here at camp, the ones I have checked into do not appear to know you, but there are nearly five hundred people here from all over the states, so there is always a chance.

We have a bit of time to kill before the meet and greet around the campfire tonight in the staff area. I tell you my nipples are in need of some attention. You quickly lean in and take one in your mouth and start sucking. I moan as I lean back and close my eyes, enjoying the feelings you are causing. Your hands massage both breasts as your mouth moves back and forth between them. I can tell you are enjoying the reactions as my nipples harden at your touch.

I feel your teeth grab one nipple and tug and moan louder as I rock back and forth. I let you continue for awhile, then finally stop you.

“The meet and greet should be starting soon, pet. Get me a beer from the cooler and whatever you want to drink, and grab the veggie tray in there as well.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I grab a chair, attach your leash and we head for the staff area. There is already a small crowd around the bonfire and I find a spot for my chair. I point out where to put the food, then walk around and say hi to people I know, and introduce myself to some new staffers. A number of people ask me if I am the vendor selling the items made from recycled materials and say how nice it is to have at least one green vendor amongst the group. I mention that I am usually the only green vendor at most events I do.

We stay at the fire for an hour or so, then head back to the booth. I see that the piece of equipment I had requested was delivered while we were at the fire… a multi-purpose spanking table which will be perfect to demo my products as well as use by passers-by. Different pieces of equipment are set up in various locations other than just in the dungeon and are for all to use. I expect that you will be spending some time on that table as well throughout the week.

By now, the people that are arriving a day early are here and probably set up, so it is possible we might catch a few customers wandering around and doing an early check of things. I unzip my pants and slip a dildo into the harness I am wearing, then sit down in my chair in the booth. I signal you to come sit in my lap facing out. After adding a bit of lube to the tip, I guide it into your ass as you lower yourself down.

I smile, knowing that no one can see the strap-on and that I will be fucking you and only we will know. I warn you that you must stop and be still if someone walks by or comes into the booth. I get into a nice slow rhythm fucking your ass and occasionally squeezing a tit.

I hear you moaning softly and whisper “fuck” as I gently stroke your hole, feel the warmth of your skin as you rub against my tits, making my nipples harden again. I know tonight will be a first for us. The first time we will spend the night together; the first time we can truly satisfy each other since I first saw you and made you mine.

A couple I know comes into the booth, Master Jack and his sub, Sarah.

“New pet, Roxanne?”

“Yes, several months now, and she is a good little pet. She will be a great addition to my sales and my demos. This is her first time at camp, but I have had her to one of the dungeons where she was put through some training.”

“I heard about that. I heard she did quite well. So she will be available for various activities here at camp?”

“Yes, I have several adventures in store for her.

“I see you have some new small floggers. Sarah loves the one we bought last time. May I try out one of the new ones on your pet?”

“Of course.”

I pull your arms back making your tits stick out. Jack proceeds to lay numerous strokes across your chest, and soon thin red streaks begin to appear. I thrust my hips upward with each stroke and smile as you suck in your breath each time. After a dozen strokes, Sarah whispers something to Jack.

“Roxy, you know how much Sarah likes sucking on tits, and how much I like fucking her ass.  Unfortunately, anal is not one of her favorite things, so I made her a deal for camp. I told her she could suck as many tits as she could find willing to let her, but for every time, I get to fuck her ass, or watch someone else fuck her ass while she sucks my dick.”

“Sounds like a fair trade to me.”

“She wants to know if she can make your pet’s tits feel better.”

“Would you like that, my pet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I nod to Sarah and let go of your arms. Sarah bends over and starts sucking on one of your tits as one hand reaches between your legs. You gasp as two fingers penetrate your pussy. I am certain she feels the dildo in your ass as she finger fucks you. I work into the same rhythm fucking your ass.

“She is driving my tits crazy, Mistress.”

“I can feel that, kitten. And I suspect she will be around for more. I don’t think she is going to be able to sit much this camp if she keeps it up. And you may end up in my lap a lot.”

I can feel you struggling not to cum and finally whisper that it is okay. I increase the pace as Sarah increases hers, and soon feel your body tense, then explode. While the three of us are engaged, Jack is using a paddle on Sarah’s ass. We both continue for another minute until your shuddering stops.

Sarah stands up and turns to Jack, who points to the table. She walks over obediently and bends over, waiting for Jack to decide what he will do. Another Master we both know from one of the dungeons is passing by. Tom is tall, dark-skinned and known for the size of his cock and his prowess in using it. Jack stops him, takes him aside and talks to him for a minute; he looks at me and asks if you would be available to get him hard.

I nod and he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. You gasp at the size it is already, but open your mouth and place both hands around it, stroking it and taking it deep into your mouth. I start fucking your ass again slowly. You soon have him hard, and he walks up behind Sarah, wets his fingers and pushes two of them into her ass, stretching her open, then removes them and pushes the head of his cock against her hole. You see her wince a little as he does.

He slowly works his cock inside her, using saliva to ease the way. Jack moves to her head, and takes out his cock and is soon hard and fucking her mouth vigorously. Once Tom has his cock fully up Sarah’s ass, he begins fucking her in earnest as well. His balls slap against her pussy with each stroke. Her entire body is shoved forward as Jack times his thrusts to get his cock deep down her throat. I see you watch as the two men fuck opposite ends of her, and each one finally cums inside her. Though she swallows as fast as she can, some still dribbles out, and when she stands up, cum drips down the back of her legs.

“Thank you, Master.”

Both men tuck their cocks back into their pants and zip up. Jack thanks me for the use of my pet and assures me he will be back for more, as well as seeing her at some of the events. It has been a long day and I suggest we shower and then go to bed. I know you have been looking forward to this night since I told you we were going to camp. We close up the flaps on the booth, grab our shower gear and head for the showers. I ask if you want to sit in the hot tub for a bit before heading to bed, but you shake your head no.

We walk the short distance back to the van and climb in, closing the door behind us. I reach over and remove the mask you have had on all day and gently brush the hair off your forehead, then kiss you on the lips. Our bodies melt together, our hands and mouths desperate for each other. We soon end up in a 69 position, fingers and tongues exploring and probing, mimicking moves of the other until we both reach several amazing climaxes. Sated, we turn and spoon, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

to be continued…



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