Wedding themes don’t have to be boring.

Choosing your wedding reception theme and decorations doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be a great way for you to infuse your personality into your big day and make planing fun. 

Every girl wants her wedding to be a dream day, with beautiful, meaningful wedding decorations that reflect a sense of style and that are important to the couple.

The start of your marriage should be something magical and beautiful and wholly you — so how do you pick a wedding theme idea (or wedding reception ideas), and figure out how to decorate and bring your wedding reception to life?

Getting married is a big undertaking; you’ve got the man, so now you need to pick everything else, from wedding table decorations to the meal you’ll be having and what song you’ll be dancing to.

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The most wonderful thing about weddings is there are no set rules. It’s your day and you can make it as unique and original as you like, whether you hire a wedding planner or choose to use DIY wedding decorations!

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