There are no take-backs in life.

On July 8th, our zodiac signs will experience two transits that will affect our relationships and love horoscope: Venus sextile Uranus, with Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus, and Mercury conjunct Mars, with both Mercury in Leo and Mars in Leo.

In the coming week, these transits in astrology could have long-lasting effects, especially if we act before thinking. Venus sextile Uranus will be responsible for sudden and unexpected changes within our relationships, while Mercury conjunct Mars will increase our frustration and chance at doing something we may later come to regret.

This is the last aspect between Venus and Uranus for this year, and the second of three conjunctions between Mercury and Mars. So while a situation within a relationship will peak around this time, it’s likely we won’t actually see the resolution until September.

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Venus in Cancer is focused on the home and family, while Uranus in Taurus is more concerned with our sense of stability and the foundations that we build everything else around in our lives. Together, they represent a change not just within an intimate part of our lives, but also within the structures that support our dreams and deepest desires.

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