Yes, that was one perverted weekend. I fucked my daughter and her best friend Darci, all while my wife watched and masturbated. I must admit it was the best sex I thought I would ever have. Yeah right. What transpired that weekend changed the life of this forty-four-year-old man and the sex was just the beginning. Me, my wife Valorie, my sixteen-year-old daughter Blair and yes, her best friend sixteen-year-old Darci looked at each other very differently now and the stage was set for a new lifestyle.




Later that summer, sitting around the pool, Valorie and I watched the girls swim and play. I asked Valorie if she had met the new people that just move in down the street.

“Yes,” she said. “Turns out the wife is widowed and she has a son who I think is the same age as the girls, sixteen. I really don’t know her but have seen her a few times at the grocery store. She seems very nice and is kind of sexy.”

I asked Valorie to explain kind of sexy as I felt my dick began to stir. Valorie said, “She dresses very sexy has a nice body and is toned like she might do yoga or dance.”

My interest was beginning to bulge in my shorts.

Valorie said, “Maybe we should introduce ourselves to them upon your return from your business trip?”

“Valorie, you really want to fuck her son, don’t you? I mean, it would be very hot to watch you get pounded by a young stud. It’s only fair, since you let me have Darci all the time. Besides you said you want to be a MILF and that seems to be a place to start,” I teasingly taunted her.

“Well I haven’t met him yet and he might not measure up to my standards in the size department. I do want to have a teen try his best to satisfy this insatiable drive I have for virgin cock,” Valorie stated without reservation.

Then Valorie glanced at my tenting trunks and said, “Don’t let those to little nymphos see that dick getting hard, I want it all to myself tonight, got it!”

That was okay by me as both of those nymphos we created had worn me out most every night last week. All that was running through my mind was Darci. Oh, sweet little Darci.

Valorie had her night alone with me and my, that woman found every way she could do drain me of all my cum. My only reprieve was a trip I had planned for a week to a client. I never thought I would ever say enough sex. A week off would do me good. I am sure the girls would be just fine in my absence.




Valorie made it a point to go and introduce her and the girls to the new neighbors before I returned. First attempt, no one was home so Valorie left a note and welcome basket. She returned home and waited for a call from the new people. Around 8 pm the phone rang, and it was Kaylee.

She was just in her thirties, widowed and raising her son from her deceased husband. Before the conversation became to drab, Valorie perked up and asked if Kaylee and her son with like to join for an impromptu pool party. Kaylee was shy at first, then asked if she could maybe just meet for coffee and get to know each other that way.

Valorie said, “sure, what ever makes you comfortable.”

They ordered coffee and Danish and chatted. It didn’t take long for Valorie to pry into Kaylee’s sex life. Kaylee explained her husband was killed in an offshore drilling rig and that she and Kevin were pretty much set for life. She has a few male friends with benefits and then blushing said some were female.

“I can’t believe I told you that!” Kaylee sheepishly spoke.

Valorie quickly comforted her to let her know that everyone in Valorie’s family understood the importance of healthy sex and had no closed doors in the home.

“You mean you all have sex together?” Kaylee asked with a slightly shocked face.

“Well no one is forced to, and it is all casual, and it has really brought our family together,” Valorie commented trying to cool the moment down.

“Come to think of it, Kevin has been spending a lot of time in his room and I catch him with an erection quite often. I have just tried to ignore it, but he is very well hung that I find myself fantasizing about him when I masturbate,” Kaylee confessed.

Valorie was squirming in her chair, getting so hot thinking that she might get to suck this woman’s pussy and who knows, fuck the son. Kaylee was getting very comfortable with Valorie, that she said she needed to tell her something but was afraid it would end the beginning of a good friendship. Valorie reassured Kaylee that there wasn’t much that could do that if she knew Valorie and all her kinks. They both reached out, touched hands and laughed.

Kaylee said, “I had been seeing Morgan, a veteran who just back from Afghanistan. He is so hot and has had almost no sex for months. We clicked the first night. I took him home with me thinking it was late and Kevin should be sound asleep. God, it was hot sex, noisy sex, nasty sex the kind I needed for such a long time. We laid there on the bed no covers just getting ready for round two when I saw Kevin. He was standing in the darkened doorway, in a t-shirt and boxers. His dick was sticking out of the fly opening of his boxers and hand wrapped tightly around the humongous shaft. I was in shock. Then Morgan told Kevin to come on in, telling him, ‘you are old enough to learn just what to do.’”

Kaylee continued, “Kevin walked straight to the side of the bed and watched as Morgan pushed his dick back in my soaking pussy. Kevin got really close so he could see Morgan’s dick go in and out of me, his mom’s pussy. I was beyond control and told Kevin to take all his clothes off and get on the bed. It was time for him to learn how to fuck a girl. Kevin had a dick that must have been ten inches long and seven-and-a-half-inches thick. Morgan stopped fucking me and told me to look at how big my son’s dick was.”

Kaylee then explained how Morgan pulled out and said, “I have to see that monster buried in your pussy, Kaylee. Let him fuck you while I watch.” Kaylee went on to say, “I wasted no time in stuffing all of Kevin’s dick in me as far as I could. Kevin pumped in and out and finally managed to push it all the way in.”

“’Damn, boy. that is one huge cock you have there,’” Kaylee exclaimed that Morgan had said as he admired Kevin’s dick. Then she continued to explain what happened after that.

Kaylee explained in a voice like Morgan, “’Let me show you what really feels good.’”

She said, “Morgan laid on his back on the bed, head hanging over the end. He guided me on all fours just a top of him in a full sixty-nine. Morgan’s final direction was to Kevin. Kevin was to fuck me doggie style while Morgan licked my clit. More than once, Morgan would pull Kevin out and suck him to get him wet and put him back in my pussy. Kevin was loading up getting ready to cum when Morgan pulled him out and sucked Kevin all the way to orgasm.

Kevin rolled off me onto his back and Morgan cleaned him up with his tongue. Kevin without hesitation asked Morgan if he could do that to him. Morgan smiled and laid on his back and I watched in shock as my little Kevin licked, sucked and swallowed Morgan’s dick and sperm. I was in heaven. Fucked by both son and friend and now son introduced to bisexual.”

Kaylee finished, flushed face and all. Valorie was soaking wet when Kaylee finished her story. Kaylee was beet red and felt ashamed. Valorie reassured her once again and told her that we have all have sex together all the time and there was nothing wrong with it as long as no one was forced to do something they didn’t want to. Kaylee smiled and Valorie leaned in and gave her a short kiss. Kaylee looked around the coffee shop to see if anyone was looking and once she was sure no one was, she leaned over and gave Valorie a real girl kiss and winked.

Valorie said, “Let’s all get together sometime and have a pool party.”

Kaylee agreed and they made plans for the weekend once I got home.




When I got home from my trip, Valorie told me she had met the new neighbors down the street and filled me in on all the details Kaylee told her at the coffee shop earlier in the week. I was rock hard and ready to strip and fuck Valorie right then and there. She told me, Kaylee, Kevin, her sixteen-year-old son, and her lover, Morgan would be joining us for an evening swim and drinks.

Valorie and I jumped in the shower and made passionate love, fucking hard and before cumming, Valorie squeezed me off and spoke in a sultry voice, “Jordan, you best save all this cum for our new friends!”

“Damn it Valorie, I must cum, this is torture. I haven’t cum in two days! I was saving it all for you and the girls when I got home!”

“Now, now horn dog don’t tell me you didn’t jack off in two days. I know better than that because I could hear you last night on the phone, breathing hard and bumbling the receiver around as you pounded your dick while I told you how good Blair’s tongue felt in my pussy!”

“Valorie, really. Blair was licking you last night. I knew it. You are addicted to those two nymphomaniacs we have created.”

Valorie stepped out of the shower and looked back over her shoulder and winked. There I stood, water cascading over my throbbing cock. I’d better get fucked hard tonight by someone or I am going to explode, I thought.

I was dressing when I heard Blair come in and Valorie told her we were having company tonight. “Oh, great Mom, who is it?” Blair quizzed.

I quickly finished putting on a polo shirt and cargo shorts, commando, of course, then met them in the kitchen as the conversation continued. Valorie was dressed in a flowered sundress that buttoned up the front and had a collared halter neck. The oversized collar formed a deep V in the front to the top button with her back exposed down very low, just covering her beautiful butt. I walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek as she told Blair to freshen up and prepare for a pool party.

I had a sneaky suspicion that Valorie was naked under that dress. I put steaks in the marinade and pre-baked the potatoes as Valorie tossed a salad. We had everything ready to grill and enjoy drinks so our guests could get to know us better as dinner simmered on the grill.

Blair gleefully bounced into the kitchen dressed in a bikini top and sarong wrap. Oh my, she looked hot and ready for fun.

“Dad, may I invite Darci over tonight? I understand if you say no as this is the first time we are to meet the neighbors, but Darci and I already know Kevin. He is trying out for cheerleading and has been to one practice already. So, he probably already knows Darci. Ok, dad, please? “

“Sure, tell her to come ready for a pool party,” I said winking at her.




Our guests arrive on time and Kaylee was dressed like she was on the hunt. She wore a nearly transparent tank top with spaghetti straps and her strapless bikini top clearly visible. Her jean skirt zipped from the bottom and I imagined her bikini bottoms matched the top and were hopefully as revealing.

Kevin had a t-shirt and multi-colored board shorts, much like surfers wore. Morgan was dressed very similar like me, maybe not commando but perhaps a Speedo under the cargo shorts. I could only imagine.

Darci had told Blair she had to have dinner at home but would show up later. We all did the normal introductions and get to know ya stuff. Morgan and I went to the grill and put on the steaks, while Valorie, Blair and Kaylee made drinks and set the patio table. Morgan and I drank, grilled and make small talk as the steaks cooked.

I noticed Valorie had unbuttoned several buttons starting at the hem of her summer dress and nearly to the waist. Damn sexy, I thought to myself as I caught Morgan glancing several times while she sat at the clear glass-topped patio table crossing and uncrossing her legs.

I managed to see she caught Kevin’s full attention as he sat very close to her at the table. He adjusted his board shorts many times as he attempted to hide his growing attraction to her. Morgan and I joined all at the table and made dinner disappear quite quickly. Everyone complimented on the good food and I asked if anyone needed a drink refill.

I stood and Kaylee was quick to say, “Let me help you Jordan.”

We went indoors and left Valorie and Morgan alone at the table as I noticed Blair and Kevin went to the pool. Kaylee stood next to me; her hips touched my thighs as her hand reached around my side. She placed her hand just above my hip and her thumb slide under my polo shirt.

“Jordan, I am so glad we all could get together. I have looked forward to meeting you and Blair since I first met Valorie. I already feel as if we are very good friends and have only just met.”

I dropped the ice tongs into the sink as her hand snaked into the waistband of my cargo shorts. My dick was already semi-hard from seeing Valorie expose herself to Morgan already had me going. Her hand made its way deep inside and I know she knew I was naked beneath the shorts. I turned to her and put both hands on her tiny waist and drew her into me. Her lips were shining wet and glistened in the light. I kissed her and she met my kiss with a deep tongue as she sucked my tongue inside her tasty mouth.

Her other hand reached for my other hip and slid inside the waistband. My shorts were very loose at the waist and it took no effort for her hands to cup my butt cheeks. The only thing that held my shorts up… my now fully erect dick and it wasn’t long before it was peering over the top button of my cargo shorts.

“My, what have we here, Jordan? No underwear? You are a naughty boy aren’t you Jordan,” Kaylee said in a sexy voice that would have made any man cum in his pants.

She pushed hard and my shorts fell to the floor. I raised her up and sat her on the island countertop and unzipped her skirt. My thumbs pushed into the waistband of her bikini bottom and yanked them to her knees. Her pussy was shaved all but for a landing strip which was neatly trimmed. I pulled her thighs high and forced her knees to her chin as her bottoms fell to the floor. Kaylee was now totally exposed to me and I wasted no time as my tongue lapped her slit.




Outside Valorie and Morgan teased each other, or should I say Valorie did all the teasing. Morgan watched Valorie uncross her legs and spread them enough to let him know she was not wearing panties. She stared at him as his eyes were glued to the transparent glass top that gave him an unobstructed view. Valorie had quite the view herself and she saw Morgan’s dick as it peeked between his waistband and shirt hem. She saw droplets of pre-cum as it formed in his pee slit.

“Like what you see, Morgan? I know I like what bit of your dick is showing and do want to see more. Take it out for me. Let me look, Morgan,” Valorie teased.

Morgan looked to see where the kids were as he pushed his hands to the top of his shorts and unbuttoned, then unzipped them. His dick sprang up freed from its constraints and Valorie gasped. Morgan once again looked to see if the kids were watching.

“Don’t mind them, Morgan, I’m sure they have both seen dicks before. Look how wet I am, Morgan,” Valorie said as she splayed her legs over the armrests of her chair and gave Morgan a full view of her drenched pussy.

“I love watching a man jack off. Jack off for me, Morgan. Stand up and let me see you jack off.”

Morgan had his back to the pool as he stood up and let his shorts drop to his ankles. His dick fully exposed, Morgan pushed his thumbs into the waist of his Speedo and slide it to his mid-thigh. Valorie was in full view of Blair and Kevin as they stood in the shallow end watching Morgan’s tight bare ass, but not able to see his fully erect dick.

“Go on, Morgan. Do it, let me see you jack off. I bet you would love to fuck Blair with that cock, wouldn’t you? Blair loves to watch her dad jack off. It makes her pussy so wet, Morgan,” Valorie said as her fingers slid in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

Morgan began to stroke his dick as Valorie continued to excite him with her words.

“Morgan, I want to watch you fuck Blair and I want to fuck Kevin while you watch. That’s so hot, think about that, Morgan. You want to don’t you?”

“Oh god yes, Valorie, I would love to fuck that tight teen pussy,” Said Morgan as he shivered, and his voice cracked.

Morgan hadn’t noticed that Blair and Kevin were out of the pool standing behind him and heard it all. Kevin’s board shorts were tented and strained to contain his huge dick.

Blair reached out and touched Morgan’s shoulder, “Let me watch too. I want to see your dick, Mr. M.”

Morgan, shocked but not missing a stroke turned and said to Kevin, “Come on boy, show Valorie your magnificent dick.”

Then Morgan grabbed Blair’s wrist and pulled her to him.

“Yes, Kevin come here and let me see your dick. I want to kiss it. OK?” Valorie squealed.

Kevin pushed his board shorts to the patio deck, and his dick stood at full mast, rock hard and pulsed. Valorie pulled him to her by his dick and locked her lips around the mushroom head. Blair untied her bikini bottoms and jumped into Morgan’s arms. Morgan picked her up by her thighs and lifted her onto his cock. She locked her legs around his waist and slammed her pussy down on him balls deep. Morgan stood there fucking Blair as Valorie stood and moved Kevin to a chaise lounge.

Kevin lay on his back and Valorie straddled him as she attempted to sink his dick deep in her pussy. She squealed as his size stretched her vulva almost to her max. She eased it in inch by inch until she had taken it all, then she picked up the pace and rode him hard.




I pulled Kaylee close to the edge of the countertop and raised her legs higher and pushed them farther apart exposing her tiny rosebud ass. I licked her clit, her labia lips and rimmed her rosebud as it pulsated with each touch of my tongue. Her eyes were closed, and she hunched my face like she was fucking a Sybian. Kaylee arched her back and I felt her clit harden as she squirted my face with her woman cum juice.

“Damn that’s hot, girl! I never had Valorie do that before with just my tongue,” I exclaimed as her juices covered my face and soaked my polo shirt.

“Fuck me, Jordan. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard right here. I want your cock deep in my pussy.” Kaylee begged.

I stood and plunged my dick deep into her pussy. We fucked hard for a good ten minutes. Darci must have slipped inside because I had no idea she stood just in the doorway. Kaylee turned her head and saw Darci.

Kaylee grabbed my shoulders and shouted. “Oh, god, who is that standing in the doorway?”

“Oh, hi Darci, this is our neighbor from down the street, Kaylee. Kaylee, meet Darci. She is Blair’s best friend and don’t worry, she loves to play with all of us, if you know what I mean. Sometimes she calls me daddy, like sugar daddy.”

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Kaylee, or what do you want me to call you?” Darci softly said as she winked at me.

“Well, how about you just call me Aunty or Aunt Kaylee,” Kaylee responded.

“OK, Aunty. Daddy where is Blair? Darci asked.

“She is outside with her mom,

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