Once back at home, standing before the mirror with the blouse and skirt ready to be put on, mom exclaimed, “Shoes, Michael, we forgot to get shoes! We need to rush back for shoes and nylons! I was so upset at how you treated Bonnie, I forgot you need shoes and nylons.”

I’d worn tennis shoes to Macy’s and with them on, we went to a Kenny’s shoe store with my girl’s makeup face, me terrified of being outed. Led by mom, the salesman simply assumed I was a girl. First, mom had me try on shoes with three-inch high heels.

After a few awkward steps in them and the salesman’s gawking look, she sent him scurrying to get white flats with straps.


Satisfied with my walking in those, she bought them and the pumps with the reasoning I simply needed practice walking in high heels. I wore the white flats with a pair of white girl’s socks out of Kenny’s with my tennis shoes in the box the flats came in, a tight fit.

Instead of turning home we went back to Macy’s and met Jill, mom’s lingerie sales lady friend.

On meeting her, mom exclaimed, “Jill, Michael is going to dress up as a woman for Halloween. I need some assistance. He needs a training bra, garter belt, nylons and a control panty. We’re in a bit of a rush.”

We weren’t in a rush but I think mom worried I’d change my mind.

“Wonderful, I see he’s got makeup and is wearing girl’s flats. It’s about time!”

We followed her as she quickly chose a garter belt, nylons and a white control panty of my size.


She had to go to the girl’s section for the training bra. I didn’t understand the need for the control panty, I wasn’t fat anywhere but kept silent to rush our departure. With a cash payment, we left for home. Jill asked for a picture once I was, “properly dressed.”

At home, before I undressed, mom handed me the control panty and told me to put it on in the bathroom. She answered my objection to doing so.

“We don’t want Sprout ruining everything. Put it on and let’s keep Sprout under control. You can wear one of your panties over it.”

I went into the bathroom, hurriedly undressed and put the control panty on. It was tight and compressed both Sprout and my testicles. I looked in the mirror. There was a smooth arch between my legs, like a girl’s. Sprout, excited, tried to rise up but was held in check by the control panty. It didn’t like being held in captivity.

Out of the bathroom, mom looked at my crotch. She could tell Sprout was attempting to rise up. She got behind me and lifted the control panty as high as the elastic and my crotch allowed. Sprout and testicles were squished up into my scrotum.


Satisfied, she wrapped the garter belt above my hips and hooked it in the back. She opened the nylons package and showed me how to roll one up in my hands and instructed me to carefully insert a foot all the way in, to keep my toenails turned in to avoid a run and then pull it up to the dangling garter belt attachments.

I’d sneakily tried on her nylons in the past when hung in the bathroom to dry. I was more adept than she expected. Once rolled and pulled up, with deft hands, she attached the nylons to the dangling garter belt tabs.

This was the first time I’d worn nylons held in place by a garter belt. The static electric swish experienced when my legs touched one another felt better than wearing panties. With the nylons on, Sprout was trying to get out of control but was constrained. I realized the need for the control panty.

Pulling open a panty drawer, I picked out white lace panties to go with the shoes, blouse and bra and put it on. Sprout’s erection attempts were no longer noticeable. My crotch appeared as a smooth arch between my legs in the mirror

Mom guided the bra into my arms and hooked the back. The training bra was padded to add hope to a young girl wearing it giving me nub-like breasts.


I pulled on a white slip and for the first time, the lace bodice area blossomed into little mounds. Mom stopped me before I tried to put the skirt and blouse on.

“Michael, we need to check your makeup again. Always check your makeup before you put a dress or blouse on.”

She led me to her makeup table and reapplied forehead and cheek base which had worn off due to my inexperience of keeping hands from touching my face. My lipstick was smeared a little but she said to wait until I put the blouse and skirt on to avoid their getting marred by lipstick.

Satisfied, she had me put on the skirt and blouse, then adjusted them. I was surprised how high up the waist a skirt is worn. I went to put my girl’s flats on but mom instead had me put on the high heels. With my toes wedged into the front of the shoes and the straps secured around my ankles, I stood up. I was almost five-feet-five inches but tottered. I loved the sudden increase in elevation but not the instability. Mom insisted I walk about in them until I could handle the stairs up and down.

It didn’t talk long for my feet to hurt but mom said it was part of being feminized and to tough girl it out. Soon my ankles were killing me. Even though I enjoyed the extra height, I had to sit frequently to let my ankles rest. After a couple of hours, despite my feet and ankles aching, I no longer stumbled or tottered.  Once mom was convinced I could handle the stairs, she told me to take the shoes off. It was a relief to unstrap the high heels and slip into the flats and again see the world from my actual height.

Wearing the blouse and skirt, we sat and talked. She gave pointers on how not to walk too fast, to semi-cross feet when walking and to lean back erect when walking and to keep my knees together and not cross my legs, when sitting.

She concluded by lecturing me to never mention my dressing as a girl to dad which was unnecessary. I’d be too embarrassed to tell anyone, especially him.

I took off the skirt and blouse and hung my new acquisitions in the closet with my nightgowns. Getting undressed provided a feeling of freedom. The training bra, slip shoe straps, garter belt, nylons and especially the control panty confined me into feminine lace and limited my movements. Sprout was happy to be freed from his scrotum cage. Last, she showed how to remove my makeup with the use of facial cream and tissue paper.

With just panties on gave a relaxing feel of freedom of movement from the constraints when dressed up female. Without makeup, I was free to touch my face. I was glad to be out of the constraints of dressing as a girl but the realization I had done so was sexually arousing. In bed, I used a pillow to rub Sprout to sleep.

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