Trussed in nylon and lace, I followed Mom out of the house to her car. My heels clicked on the concrete, a pleasing sound reminding me of my altered persona. Standing next to mom’s 914 Porsche, not the real Porsche she wanted, I reached down and opened the door. Careful not to let anything touch my facial makeup, I bent down, sat in the bucket seat and swung my nylon encased legs in. The heels caught on the door jam forcing me to raise my knees up. The static electricity of the nylon swish against nylon confirmed, I was in female attire. Finally seated, my legs crossed, I buckled up.

It was strange to be out in female costume in the open. Well not in costume, dressed in female attire with facial makeup. At stop lights, those in cars next to ours saw two females riding in a 914 Porsche, one dressed in costume as Wonder Woman, the other, a girl not in a costume, on Halloween Night.

The Shalimar perfume enshrouded me, a constant reminder I was a girl, not a boy. We drove to a Holiday Inn Hotel where the party was to be held in its ballroom. It was obviously much bigger than Mom inferred. In the parking lot, I hesitated to get out. Fear of exposure outside of the car and then in the light of the lobby made me think I’d be ridiculed. Mom, standing next to my door motioned me out. I opened the door, carefully swung my legs out together as she instructed and moved my head out under the ceiling, careful not to mess my hair perm. With feet and head out, I stood up as a girl, Sprout securely tucked out of the way with the control panty. I reached back in the car and got my black purse and hung it on my shoulder.

Mom knew I was nervous and assured me I’d just be seen as a girl, nothing more. She wrapped her Wonder Women cape around her and led the way with a reminder for me to cross my legs a little when walking. The tapping of my heels on the pavement, the swish of nylons, the embrace of perfume and my purse as a shield gave a level of unexpected confidence. I was just a girl. Up the steps and into the glare of the lobby, Mom in her costume turned a few heads but none noticed me except for a leer by a teenage boy which disconcerted me. I enjoyed being female but not attracting interest by males as such.

The lady at the front desk smiled at us and motioned the direction of where the party was. We walked down the corridor with my heels now silent on the carpeted floor to an opened double door which emanated music from within. Past the door, the lights were subdued providing a level of anonymity. It was a much larger crowd than I’d expected but one which knew Mom. We were soon surrounded by women in costumes and masks making a fuss with Mom and my being there as a girl. The constant refrain was how wonderful I looked, what a cute girl I was and how they loved my outfit and makeup.

Then it happened. A woman came over to us, greeted Mom and kissed her, not on the cheeks but an embrace on the lips. Suddenly, I knew why Mom was not allowed to bring her dates home as part of the divorce decree. The thought raced into and through my mind in an instant of recognition. It was something I didn’t expect.

“Mom’s lesbian!”

Now it was Mom’s turn to be taken aback with embarrassment. Breaking apart but still holding hands she turned to me and announced.

“Michael, I want to introduce you to someone very special to me. A wonderful person, please say hi to Judy.”

Judy was a few inches taller than Mom and dressed in a male tuxedo. Her hair was cropped short and she wore an eye mask, the kind like Zorro wore.

“Hi, I’m Michael.”

“Oh Michael, I’ve heard so much about you and now I finally get to meet you! You’re more beautiful than your mom says!”

She let go of Mom’s hands and hugged me, really hugged me. I leaned my head back to avoid my face makeup becoming smudged. Breaking free, she still held me by the shoulders as if not to let me get away. She took one hand and put it under my chin and turned my face up for a close look.

“Such a beautiful face. Did you know I’m a doctor? There’re many things I can do to help you. Please ask your mom to come see me at my office so we can talk.”

Mom, intervened.

“Judy, let’s let things move along as they go.  We don’t want to rush things.”

“Of course not, but he’s changing, so we don’t have an eternity, do we? Let’s introduce Michael to Carlos. I’m sure they would like to know one another.”

By now a gaggle of women in various costumes surrounded me. They all knew one another and I recognized Bonnie from Macy’s Cosmetics Counter. Scanning the room, I soon noticed Cindy, Bridget, and Carol from the beauty shop and Mary and Linda from the department store lingerie sections.  The costumes they wore matched popular or comic characters and it was evident each had an innuendo or tinge of gender bending. Some were dressed in ultrafeminine attire, suggestive of street walkers while others were like Judy the doctor, bent as feminine males.

Seeing the others, all of my apprehensions dissipated. I was now properly dressed and became to flout my feminine attire.

We went to see Carlos, another center of attention. He was with his mother, a woman dressed in a very feminine Mexican costume as a Senorita. Carlos, instead was dressed simply as a woman in a red sequin mini dress, with high heels and long flowing black hair. He was older and definitely more female, undressed than me.

There was no competition, he was stunning looking as a woman, not a girl. He was three years older and friendly.

Judy introduced us, “Michael, this is Carlos! He’s a patient of mine. What do you think, isn’t he gorgeous?”

I looked at Judy, a doctor and understood what she meant by saying she could help me. She could help me to look more like Carlos.

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