It can be tough, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

By Kayla Balserak

If you ask my husband about his job, he’ll likely resemble a two year-old telling you he flies fighter jets.

In the military, specifically the Air Force, fighter pilots stereotypically seem slightly immature and completely obsessed with what they do.

They are a “bro network” and above all, family men.

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The fighter pilot culture is rich with tradition, too.

The strange fighter pilot ways might not make sense to most people, but they make sense to them.

They take their job of protecting the skies seriously, which is why they don’t take life itself too seriously.

There isn’t a single word to describe what being a pilot’s wife is like.

Perhaps the top five would be – thrilling, scary, fun, unpredictable, and bittersweet.

However, I wouldn’t change this lifestyle for the world.

Being a fighter pilot’s wife has introduced me to so many opportunities and brought so many amazing people into my life and my husband isn’t even halfway to retirement!

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