It had been a very long, very frustrating day. The real estate market had crashed in our area and I couldn’t give away a house lately. I had been showing prospective buyers houses all day, but with the news lately talking about the housing bubble bursting and all the banks that had screwed people over on their mortgages, everyone was leery of getting into the housing market.

Sellers couldn’t sell because buyers wouldn’t buy. And real estate agents like myself were taking it up the ass because without doing any sales on either end either as a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent, we were the ones who got the worst of it.

I should stop here and give you a little background…

My name is Rebecca Martin and I am a thirty-four-year-old real estate agent for a local realty company. My husband, Robert, and I have been married for almost thirteen years now, but this story happened a few years ago. Robert is a corporate lawyer for a major law firm in the area where we live.

With us both working, we needed someone to help around the house–I usually came home so tired of showing houses and running here there and yonder that I didn’t feel like doing a bunch of cleaning and cooking.

So Robert hired Maria, a twenty-eight-year-old Hispanic woman to serve as our housekeeper/maid to clean and cook the meals and generally help in running the house. She was wonderful and took such a load off my shoulders.

Together Robert and I made a very good living and with Maria’s help, things were going well for us. That is until the housing bubble burst back in 2010 or so. That’s when a lot of things changed for us…

My feet were killing me by the time I got home that day. All I wanted to do is slip into the tub with some soft music and hard liquor and relax. But my plans would quickly change as soon as I walked in the door.

I parked the car in the garage as I normally do. I thought it was odd that Robert, my husband, was home so soon–usually, he comes home a couple of hours after I do; I usually get home around 4:00 and Robert doesn’t get home until 6:00 and sometimes later.

So to see his car in the garage so early was unusual. But I was too tired and too fed up with the day to give it much thought. All I had on my mind was getting out of these business clothes and into our large soaker tub and relax.

I climbed the stairs to our bedroom and as I got to the top of the stairs, I heard strange sounds coming from our bedroom… sounds I immediately identified as the moaning and crying of sex! I crept closer to the door wanting to find out what the hell was going on and as I approached I heard a sound that would soon change my entire life.

I heard Maria, our maid, demand, “Yes! That’s it, Sir! Fuck me, fuck your naughty slut maid!”

I froze where I stood. Who was she talking to? Robert’s car was in the garage and now someone was fucking our maid–I didn’t want to do the math!

My husband and Maria? He had never cheated on me before! He loves me, I know he loves me!

I knew that our love life wasn’t as hot and exciting as it once was, but we had both been very busy with our jobs… me trying to make it in a very tough real estate market and him as a corporate lawyer working some big cases lately. We didn’t have much time for sex and when we did, we were usually too tired for it anyway.

I could only hear Maria’s voice so I couldn’t be absolutely sure who else was in there with her. I mean the clues were all there, even though I didn’t like what they added up to. But I still held out the slightest glimmer of hope that it was someone else. It couldn’t be my Robert–it just couldn’t!

Even though every fiber of my being was telling me not to investigate this–that I wouldn’t like what I would find–I had to see for myself. I needed confirmation one way or another. If it was Robert, I would have to find a way to deal with it. And if it wasn’t, I could breathe again.

I slowly and quietly tiptoed up to the door which was closed down to about a six-inch-wide crack that I could peek through. What I saw through that crack confirmed my worst suspicions. There, laying on his back on the bed, was my husband. He was naked laying so that he could have seen me had he looked over towards the door.

But he wasn’t and he was far too deep in his own lustful passions to notice me even if he was. Straddling him and riding him cowboy style was our Maria. She had her rather large tits pushed into his face where he was happily licking and sucking at the creamy melons, much to her pleasure and delight.

As Maria rode my husband and ground her ass down onto his hard cock, moaning and telling him how much she was enjoying it, I stared at them like a deer in headlights.

“Oh, God, I love fucking your big, hard, fat cock, baby!” she moaned.

I gasped at the nasty talk that was coming out of the otherwise polite, demure servant girl. The reality that this mid-twenty-something woman was naked and fucking my husband like this stunned me. I couldn’t look away even as the pangs of jealousy coursed through me.

“Fuck Maria, your pussy is so tight and so hot!” he moaned up at her.

I couldn’t believe I was standing outside OUR bedroom, watching MY husband fuck another woman in OUR bed! And what’s worse, is I was getting turned on by it!

My pussy betrayed me, making my panties damp, and before I even knew I was doing it, I had lifted up my skirt, and put my fingers inside my panties, thankful I always wore thigh high stockings.

I noticed that Maria was wearing thigh high stockings too, which was a pretty odd considering maids didn’t normally wear any type of nylons.

“Harder, baby, really ream your naughty maid’s cunt,” Maria demanded.

Forgetting briefly that this woman was fucking my cheating husband, I wished I had a better angle so I could see his cock.

Then Maria turned to look my way and definitely saw me. She grinned shamelessly as she caught me watching them.

I froze, my hand stuffed in my panties.

Knowing now that she had an audience, Maria moaned, even as she looked directly at me, “Oh yes, Sir, pound your naughty maid’s tight cunt with your big fat cock! Fuck me, Sir! Fuck me hard, like you know I love it!”

I should have turned and left, or at the very least stormed into the room and confronted him, yet I felt as if my feet were nailed to the floor. I couldn’t move and I didn’t want to stay. I was spellbound, hypnotized by the seductive scene unfolding in front of me. 

As painful as it was to watch my husband cheating on me with this servant slut, I was fascinated by this show at the same time. Before I realized what I was doing, I had resumed rubbing myself as I watched my husband fuck Maria hard and deep making her moan and whimper and cry out her pleasure. God, I wished it was me making those noises!

Maria smiled at me as she asked, “Do you love fucking your little slut maid, Sir? Do you like how hot and tight and wet my filthy little cunt is for you?”

My Richard answered with a grunt, “Fuck, yes. I love your tight cunt, my little slut.”

Maria moaned, “And I love how your big fat cock feels deep in my dirty cunt too! I wish you could fuck me like this every day!”

I couldn’t believe their conversation. I couldn’t believe how hot it was making me. I couldn’t believe Maria was having this conversation while staring at me.

I kept watching, I kept listening, and I kept touching myself as my husband fucked Maria while I was watching them both.

Maria moaned, a big smile on her face, “Do you want to cum all over your slut-maid’s face, Sir?”

“Fuck, yes!” he grunted. “Get on your knees and get ready for a full load of cum all over your pretty face, my slut!”

Maria slid off the bed and down on her knees on the floor, positioning herself at an angle I could see (clearly she did this on purpose just for my benefit), but where Richard couldn’t see me.

Richard got off the bed and began pumping his cock… I had almost forgotten that long, thick, juicy cock!

I stared at it with lust. It had been some time since I got a proper fucking by that big cock. As I stared at it, I completely blocked out the fact that he was my husband, I just saw a big cock… a cock I wanted!

“Come all over my slut face, Sir! Please let me have your sweet cum!” Maria said, her mouth wide open as she glanced back at me.

“You want my cum, slut?” he asked, wanting her to beg while he furiously beat his meat.

“Yes, baby, please! Please shoot your cum all over my whore face! Feed me, please, I need your cum!” Maria begged.

I was so fascinated with the scene I was watching, the dirty talk, and watching my husband’s cock piston in and out of Maria’s sloppy, drooling cunt, that I frantically rubbed my own pussy, my orgasm building rapidly.

Then, just as my husband shot the first sticky rope of his cum across our Maria’s expectant face, he grunted out his command to “Take all my cum you filthy whore maid!”. 

At that moment I also came, soaking my panties and barely keeping my skirt from getting saturated as well. My legs buckled weakly as my orgasm seemed to suck all my energy from my body. I was suddenly light-headed as the room began to spin and the most intense orgasm in memory coursed through me.

Terrified of getting caught by Richard, I quietly backed away from the door and then snuck out of the house and back to my car to compose myself. Once in my car, I just sat there, my body feeling completely spent as I tried to recover from my orgasm and the reality of what I just witnessed.

Why did watching my husband fucking another woman turn me on so much?

Why did Maria get even nastier when she saw that I was watching them?

Why was my pussy still tingling as I thought about what I had witnessed?

These, along with the more common and conventional questions one would ask in a similar situation–”How could he cheat on me?” and “How long has this been going on?”–bounced around my head as I sat there in my car for a good twenty minutes, enough time for my body to calm down from the massive orgasm I just had, for me to wrap my head around what caused that orgasm, and hopefully for them to be done with whatever they were doing.

When I had finally gathered my wits and my courage, I went back into my house and saw they were in the living room watching television.

“Hi, sweetheart. Hi, Maria,” I greeted them both cautiously, not sure if Maria had told Richard that she had caught me watching them fuck. 

“Hi, honey. How was work?” Richard said, looking up, with no hint of anything out of the ordinary.

“Hello, Ma’am,” Maria greeted me with a knowing smile that spoke volumes.

“How long before dinner, Maria?” I asked.

“I am just about to get it started Ma’am,” she replied.

“Good, I’m going to change out of these clothes then and get into something more comfortable… it’s been a hard day,” I said.

“Tough day at work, honey?” Richard asked.

I looked at Maria, smiling smugly at me. “Yeah work,” I said blankly.

I went into the bedroom to change, my head still spinning with the recent events. Maria’s cheeky silence only added to my bewilderment.

I went into the bedroom to change clothes. This was the very bedroom that I had caught those two in only a few moments ago and I could swear it still smelled of sweat and sex. It was exhilarating as well as troubling. 

Exhilarating because of the hot erotic scene I watched taking place here and troubling because my husband was the star of the show! I changed into the around-the-house sweatpants and oversized t-shirt I normally wear when we are settled at home in the evening and as I came out of the bedroom, I went into the kitchen for a bottle of water.

Maria was in the kitchen preparing the salad makings at the sink when I walked past her to the refrigerator. As I stood there looking for my water bottle, I heard her footsteps coming up behind me.

I froze, completely nervous.

She came up behind me at the fridge and I prayed she wasn’t going to mention anything about spying on them in the bedroom.

Suddenly, I felt a hand reach around me and slip under the elastic waistband of my sweatpants, going directly to my pussy.

I gasped in shock as she whispered, “Your panties are still very wet, Ma’am.” Her use of the word “Ma’am” sounded very condescending this time.

“Maria!” I protested, even though I didn’t actually attempt to physically stop this sudden molestation.

“Don’t move,” she ordered, as she rubbed my swollen clit over my panties.

This was even more shocking than what I had witnessed, and yet had me equally aroused.

“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked in a demanding tone.

My mind was reeling as I stammered, “I-I-I don’t know.”

“Your cunt says you did,” she growled lustily.

“Maria, please,” I whimpered, “What if Richard caught us?”

“Then you’d better be quiet, hadn’t you?” she said, continuing to rub my excited pussy.

“Please,” I said again, less convincingly now.

“Please what, Becky? Please let you eat my cunt? Is that what you are asking? You want to eat my cunt?” She questioned. But before I could formulate an answer, she asked, “So are you wet because you want to eat my cunt, or because you watched your husband fuck me like you wished he would fuck you?”

I didn’t answer her questions for a couple of reasons. First off, I didn’t have an answer; I didn’t know myself which one it was or if it was a combination of the two. I had never eaten pussy before, although I had fantasized about it and wondered what it would be like. And she did have a nice looking cunt from what I saw of it. 

The thought of going down on this hot little Mexican slut was oddly appealing. And watching my husband fuck this woman like that was very arousing… my pussy still tingled at the thought of it. 

The other reason I hadn’t yet answered her questions was that her fingers strumming my leaking pussy was making it very hard to think straight!

“You know, Becky, your husband has a really great cock and he knows what to do with it!” Maria continued, “It’s so big and fat and it feels so incredible when he is deep inside my tight pussy, stretching me and filling me up so full! Oh, God, I love the way he fucks!”

She kept rubbing my pussy as she talked making me hotter and wetter.

I involuntarily moaned at her description as well as her fingers.

“And God, I didn’t know I was such a slut, but then your husband ordered me to give it up to him one day and, well, once he plowed my cunt hole I was completely hooked!” she explained, continuing to tease my pussy.

“Oh God,” I moaned, my second orgasm in half an hour rising quickly.

“Do you take it in the ass, Becky?” she asked. The pleasure she was giving me by playing with my pussy prevented me from answering her right away. I was pinned against the refrigerator door, my eyes closed, her hand down my sweatpants, and my hands clawing the door behind me as I felt my orgasm getting dangerously close.

“Answer me!” she ordered.

I stammered, shocked at the way this servant girl was talking to me, as she fingered my clit roughly, “N-N-No.”

“That’s what he said about you. He said you only liked it missionary style and that you weren’t very adventurous or experimental. He said you were kinda boring in bed!” she laughed. “Why I’ll bet you don’t even give him blowjobs, do you? Girl, you don’t know what you’re missing–getting a man to cum using your mouth is the best feeling ever! And your husband’s cum is soo delicious!” she added.

I know I should have been terribly hurt by what she had said. Having your husband tell another woman you are boring in bed is probably the worst thing a woman can hear. But after witnessing the two of them in action and now having her fingers playing in my slobbering pussy, I was too turned on and aroused to even care about that.

“Well, it’s too bad you will never feel the way his fat juicy cock feels as he stuffs your mouth so full all you can do is moan around it, or the feel of his warm salty cum as it slides down your throat when he cums in your mouth. 

“You’ll never know the absolute heaven of having his hard thick cock stretching your asshole till you swear he’ll rip you open and knowing that you are woman enough to take all of it and still pleasure him. 

“You won’t know the taste of his ass as you rim him or the indescribable feeling of him pleasuring you with his tongue in return. But I have felt all this and frankly, I want more!” she said.

“Ohhh…,” I moaned as she described the things she and he had shared. I was so envious of her!

Suddenly, she pushed me down to my knees on the floor and then, as I watched, she hiked up her uniform skirt.

“See my sweet juicy pussy? See how all my honey is dripping out? Your husband loves the taste of my sweet pussy. Would you like a taste, Becky?” she asked.

“I-I-I…” I gulped. I was mesmerized by the glistening bald cunt only inches from me. I could smell her musky scent and I have to admit, it had my mouth watering.

Maria grabbed my hair, pulling my face to her crotch. “Eat my pussy,” she demanded.

I was completely at her whim. I hesitated for only a couple of seconds before I leaned forward and licked the pussy in front of me.

Shame and hunger crashed together inside me. I was shamed at submitting myself to serving a servant, six years younger than myself, a woman that only a short while ago took her orders from me, now giving them instead. 

Ordered to eat this housekeeper’s pussy in the kitchen while my husband is in the other room. The same pussy that only a few minutes ago had my husband’s cock buried in it.

And yet it was that very idea – submitting myself to eating the maid’s pussy, the maid my husband had just fucked – that was driving a strange new hunger and lust that overwhelmed me now. 

For some unknown reason, I needed to obey this woman. I didn’t understand it; under any other circumstance, this would be appalling to me. But now it seemed to consume me and take control of me… overriding common sense, decency, and any social hierarchy.

And once the sweet taste of her pussy hit my tongue, I found I liked it; I wanted more and I began lapping greedily at the slit that produced it.

I never knew that a pussy could taste so delicious!

“That’s it, baby, lick it just like that!” she moaned, “You are doing wonderfully for your first time!”

I didn’t answer her; I just kept licking, forgetting I was a respected real estate agent, the wife of a prominent corporate lawyer, and something of a socialite in the upper crust of our community. I also set aside the fact that this was the “other woman” whom my husband was cheating on me with. 

Suddenly she pushed me away and smiled as if she could see my hunger, “That’s just a sample, Becky. But don’t worry, I’m not selfish with my cunt. If you want more though, you will have to earn it!”

“Earn it? How do I earn it?” I asked.

“Take tomorrow afternoon off and come home. We will talk about it then,” Maria said. Before I could say anything, although I’m not sure what I would have said, she straightened up her uniform and walked away leaving me alone on my knees on the kitchen floor with pussy juice on my face.

I sat there for a few minutes with her words ringing in my ears. How was I to earn it? What did she have in mind for me? Did I even really want this?” So many questions; so few answers. I sat there on the kitchen floor until I summoned enough strength and stability back to get up and I brushed out my clothes and resumed what I was doing.

Maria continued making dinner and I took my water bottle and left for the living room without making eye contact with her. I sat at the far end of the sofa with my legs curled up and tried not to pay attention to the sounds of Maria making dinner.

Soon, it was time to eat and she went into Richard’s office to let him know. On the way to the dining room, he called me in and we sat down to eat. Dinner that night was uncomfortable for me… although I don’t think Richard caught on, I could see Maria watching me, smiling sarcastically at me when she caught me peeking at her. She had the upper hand now and she knew it.

After dinner, Maria retired to her room and I stayed in the living room. My thoughts were still on what had transpired that day and on what would happen tomorrow. While she hadn’t directly ordered me to come home from work, I was afraid of what she might do if I didn’t…

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