Lust. The pure unadulterated lust that has your pussy perspiring.

That particular craving was so intense the moment I saw her dimpled alabaster face framed by body waved black hair. And then she smiled; the curve of her red lips and sparkle in her green eyes infectious, her genuine warmth bubbling to the surface.

She looked across the room. Her eyes met mine, held them for a second and then she hurriedly looked away, startled. I asked my nearest friend and he told me her name was Meg, and that she was a writer specializing in science fiction. Which seemed adorably consistent with her librarian style glasses.

Another surreptitious glance in my direction and she bit her bottom lip. She knew, knew I was staring, and knew what that meant. She had seen the hunger in my eyes and realised she was who I wanted to feast on.

My craving for her intensified when I dragged my eyes from her face. The sparkle on her finger matched the sparkle in her eyes. That diamond; she was another’s.

She chatted, she laughed, playing the cocktail party game to perfection. Except when she couldn’t resist another glance in my direction. Was I so bold as to keep staring at her, she seemed to be asking?

I was.

I circled the room, cat-like, the arc I travelled spiralled inwards. In towards my prey, my stealth unnoticed; except by her. She glanced, she knew; and then glanced again, unable to think, a doe caught in the headlights of my desire.

Reaching her blind side, that side away from her conversation, my face closed in on her ear. My tongue snaked out and licked her ear lobe. She was startled, recovered well, and we both knew I had gotten away with an intimacy.

I whispered, “Resistance is useless.”

She got it; she giggled.

Eyes turned to her but I had already stepped away. No trace of our contact remained. Except for the small piece of paper I had tucked into her pocket. It read, ‘Tomorrow, anytime. Apartment 101, 69 Ocean Boulevard. Annie.’

This morning, I am still naked, having showered, wondering what to wear for her. The early morning ring of the doorbell startles me. Opening the door, her eyes travel up my naked body. Her right hand takes her left hand and she twirls her engagement ring, nervously.

Taking her left hand, my lips brush the back of her hand. The cold touch of the diamond, given to her by another, further stokes my desire for her. The door closes behind her and she stares at me, biting her bottom lip. She steps back, I step forward. She steps back again, now nowhere to go as her back presses against the door.

Her cropped cardigan enticing, her midriff exposed and the outline of her braless breasts visible. Her pearl more successfully locked away in her tight jeans.

Eyes lock, my hands snake out, grab the cardigan and pull it asunder; buttons popping open, exposing her reddish nipples, already hard and pointing up. She sighs; eyes close, her head rolls back to the door exposing her neck. Biting the nape of her neck, marking her, I feel like a vampire wanting her infected by a lust that lives forever.

Licking her nipples. Suckling, savouring her taste. Her whimpers musical. Teeth grazing her nipples, soft bites. Her whimpers guttural.

Unzipping her jeans, sliding my hand into her knickers. Cupping her mound, a finger sliding between her lips. Into her silken wetness.

She watches me suck that finger into my mouth, tasting her. Impatient now, she pushes her jeans and knickers down her legs with a cute shimmy of her hips, before kicking them off. Falling to my knees in front of her lasered pussy, the molasses-like scent of her arousal is overpoweringly intoxicating.

A slow lick, with my flat tongue over her perineum, pushing up through the folds of her now soaking pussy and then flicking her clit with my tongue now moist with her juices. Her hands grasp my head, smearing my face with her honey as she pushes me into her.

Again, and again, my tongue rasps up through her pussy as her whimpers turn into moans. And when I take her clit between my lips and gently suck, the grinding of her hips into me is accompanied by a scream of, “Yessss…”

Two fingers curl into her wet velvet pussy, as I continue to suckle her clit. And as they find her sensitive spot, she bucks her hips into my face, pulls roughly on my hair and explodes in a panting screaming orgasm.

Sliding down the wall, she sits just staring at me, her breath ragged. I desperately need her and I sit back, my back against the couch and spread my legs. She gazes at my shaved pussy, glistening I realise as I can feel my love dew on my thighs.

She crawls over, dips her head and I feel her curled tongue push into my needy pussy. Her tongue is magical switching between penetrating my pussy and licking my clit. Staccato tongue fucking. Sensual lapping. Intense clit flicking. I am giddy with the sensory overload.

Her swirling magical tongue conjures up a rush from deep in my core, and, with hands on her head, I grind my pussy into her face and, unusually quickly, come with a bloodthirsty scream.

As I recover my breath, she watches me with a dimpled smile. I smirk back, we both now know how remarkably delicious we are together. Meg leans in and our lips meet. Our first kiss is so tongue-swirlingly intimate as we taste each other on our lips.

Then she breaks the kiss, giggles gorgeously, saying, “I just came over to say I am too busy to catch up today.”

I laugh, and ask, “Tomorrow?”

“Free all day,” she says, as she hurriedly dresses, and then, following our second kiss, redolent with anticipation for tomorrow, the door slams behind her.



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