When I Belonged to You

Those who knew me in the old days here will know who this is for…

I saw your picture the other day
It made me think of you, of us, of when
It was a long time ago
We were lovers then and every moment was exciting
I belonged to you in so many ways
Yet you belonged to me too

I’ve spent time lately
Reliving those moments through poems and stories
Mine, of course
Since yours have ceased to exist here
Now they only live in my memory
And make me think of you

Sometimes we do the right thing
For all the right reasons
And the end result is meant
But still the actions cause moments of pain
Knowing what I gave up
What I absolutely had to give up
To let you move on and grow

I wonder if you realize
That it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done
Belonging to you
And then letting you go
But I’d do everything exactly the same
Still it’s hard without you

If life were different 
And I could have found a way to be 
In two places at once
And give both of you what you needed
And be assured you wouldn’t be lonely
You’d still be mine

I saw your picture the other day
Your smile told me everything I need to know
I’m grateful for every memory
Every poem and every story
Every moment of pain and pleasure
When I belonged to you.

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