It’s quite an honor.

Your future spouse isn’t the only one who gets to pop the question. After you get engaged, you’ll pop a question as well and ask someone extremely important in your life to do a very crucial wedding job: be your maid of honor.

Sure, you can just call her and ask, but what’s the fun in that? Make the moment extra memorable with special gifts and props to mark the proposal (and make it ready for Instagram). Once you ask her, “will you be my maid of honor?” she’s sure to say yes and help you prepare for holy matrimony.

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1. A silly and cute card

If you’re hoping to be cheeky, this card is essential. Suggests Kylie Carlson of The International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning“You can combine it with a beautiful box full of all of her favorite things from lip gloss, wine and sheet masks. The possibilities are endless.”

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