Brenda had been confused by Terri’s response and she thought for sure she would come back up to the room with her. But then…

After spending a delightful evening with Terri, the concierge at the hotel that I was staying at in London, I was all ready for her to come back to my room and to see what might happen next. I had flirted with Terri all night and she had kissed me on the lips in the car on the way back to the hotel from the restaurant.


When she told me goodbye downstairs in the lobby, I was both confused and disappointed. I thought we had hit it off pretty well and was fairly certain that Terri would come back to the room with me. The only thing I could surmise was that Terri had gotten cold feet or maybe felt guilty about fooling around without her husband. Nonetheless, I was extremely disappointed and wondered whether I had said or done too much that might have scared Terri off.


As I got to my room, I went inside, took my sandals off and opened my laptop to do a quick check for personal emails that might need to be returned this evening. I was still puzzled by what had happened with Terri to make her change her mind about coming up to my room. I decided not to think about it any longer and hoped that it did not change the level of service that I was accustomed to receiving here at the hotel.


I was reading and returning emails when there was a very faint knocking at the door. I got up and went to the door and asked who was there.


“It’s Terri,” she said, practically whispering.


I opened the door to find Terri standing there holding a bottle of wine with two glasses. She was now wearing a tee shirt and was obviously braless as I could plainly see her breasts through the material of the shirt. I opened the door and let her in, and she walked down to the table at the end of my bed.


“I did not want anyone to know I was here, which is why I knocked so softly,” she said.


“When you made your comments about me leaving in the morning, I thought something had changed and you had decided not to come up here,” I told her.


“No, I just did not want anyone to know my plan, acting as if nothing happened and that we had just enjoyed dinner together,” Terri told me. “How about if we open this bottle of wine and carry on with our previous conversation?” she said.


Terri got two glasses, opened the bottle of wine and we sat in the two chairs that were in the room facing each other. As we chatted, I would cross and un-cross my legs, and every time I did, Terri would look between my legs to see if she could see anything. I still was not wearing panties and I wanted to tease her.


She asked me about my past experiences with women and did I have a regular lady that I “spent time with” for sexual purposes. I was completely candid and honest with her and told her how I had become bisexual. We were down to our last half glass of wine, when I suggested that we take a shower.


“You mean like both of us in the shower together, washing each other?” she asked me.


“Sure,” I said. “It will be an easy way for us to get comfortable being naked in front of each other,” I told her. “After we shower, we can come back and get into bed together and see what you want to do,” I suggested.


I could tell that Terri was a bit nervous about my suggestion as she almost missed the table when she put her wine glass down. I suggested that she go into the bathroom, disrobe, put on a bathrobe and wait for me, and I would be in shortly. I told her to start the water in the shower on the temperature that she liked, and I would turn down the bed.


I got up and walked over to her, put my hand on her head and said, “We can do as much or as little as you are comfortable with tonight. If all we do is shower and then sleep in the same bed together, that will be wonderful, alright?” I asked.


She took my hand in hers and said, “Thank you. I am sure this will be a night I will never forget,” as she got up and moved towards the bathroom.


I heard her turn on the shower as I went over to turn the bed down and put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. I then unbuttoned my sundress and let it slide down my body. My nipples were hard, and I was looking forward to seeing Terri naked, at the very least, and being close to her. I put my robe on and headed to the bathroom.


As I entered the bathroom, Terri was standing next to the vanity, one hand resting on the vanity and one hand on her hip. She was completely nude and was a vision to behold. Terri had what most people would call “apple-shaped” breasts, with dark nipples that were visibly excited. She had a taut body with toned legs. Her pubic hair was trimmed short, with just a small amount above her clit.


Terri had a smile on her face and said, “Shall we?”


I walked over to the shower to open the door and I could feel Terri’s eyes on my body. I am sure she was checking me out, just as I had checked her out. I opened the door to the shower and pulled my robe off. I stepped inside and waited for Terri to join me.


As she stepped in the shower, she pulled the shower door closed and turned towards me. My back was to the showerhead and I noticed that she liked a warm/hot shower, much the same as I do. I reached out my hand to take hers, looked her straight in the eyes and smiled. I moved close to her and took her in my arms to give her a hug.


As our breasts touched each other for the first time, Terri moaned, and I took that to be a positive signal. With that, I ran my hand across her cheek and leaned in to kiss her. I immediately felt very turned on and kissed her softly, letting my tongue brush across her lips.


She drew closer to me and let her hands rest on my back as we continued to kiss. I opened my lips a bit to see if she would give me her tongue and sure enough, she began to move her tongue inside my mouth. One of her hands moved down to my butt and she began to rub my butt. We were fully French kissing now and I could tell that Terri was getting very turned on. After a couple of minutes, I broke the kiss and moved back from her a bit.


“Well, Terri, what was it like kissing another female?” I asked her, with a mischievous grin on my face.


“Oh, Brenda, it was so tender and gentle. When my husband and I kiss, it is rarely a French kiss, and often just a preamble to other things. This was a sexual act unto itself and felt so wonderfully delicious,” she said with a wonderful smile on her face.


With that, I took the shower gel that I had brought with me on the trip and squirted some into my hand.


“Just relax and let me do this, then if you want, you can return the favor,” I told her.


“Is that lavender?” she asked.


“It is. It’s my favorite scent and I just love how it makes me feel and smell,” I told her.


I rubbed my hands together and told her to turn around, as I wanted to wash her back first. I did not want to move too fast and wanted her to get comfortable with having my hands on her body. I began rubbing the gel onto her body, soaping her up. Washing her shoulders, down her spine to the top of her butt, I had her good and soapy. I could tell that Terri was enjoying it as she was leaning back into me as I washed her.


I squirted more gel into my hands and moved to the front of her shoulders and down her arms to her hands and fingers. I brought my hands under her arms and then slowly moved them across her breasts. She quite audibly moaned, and I felt her legs go weak for a moment. I had to hold her to keep her from falling. She got her balance again and I continued to ‘wash’ her breasts with my soapy hands.


Terri’s breasts felt so good in my hands as she was just slightly larger than me with very prominent nipples. I stopped to put more gel on my hands and began working my way down her chest and onto her stomach. I rubbed and washed her tummy, not going too low yet, then slowly moved to her hips and then back around to her rear.


I began to rub her butt and was working the gel into her skin. Her whole body began to smell of the lavender, which only turned me on that much more. I got more gel on my hands and asked her to turn around and face me.


Upon doing so, she closed her eyes and smiled, while I moved down to her feet and rubbed the gel between her toes and then began working my way up her legs. Her legs felt so smooth beneath my hands and I wondered whether she had shaved before coming to my room that evening. As I got to the tops of her legs, it put me at eye level with her crotch. I could see that her lips were swollen, and her clit was slightly poking out from its hood.


I stood up and asked Terri if it was alright if I continued. She just moaned in response, so I got more gel on my hands and began rubbing her butt again, but now dipping my hand into the crack of her butt and massaging the gel between her cheeks. Again, Terri became a bit unsteady on her feet and I had to stop for a moment. I told her to change places with me and to put her hands on the faucet handles and just relax.


I washed her butt and her rear opening with gentleness, sliding my fingers up and down her crack and gently pressing on her opening. I reached around and slid my hand through the small tuft of hair that she had and rubbed her soft lips. As she was facing the shower, the water rinsed her faster than I could apply the gel, so I re-directed the showerhead to the side a bit.


Taking more gel into my hands, I moved back to her pussy and began to rub along the inside of her thighs, across her lips and over her clit. As I could feel the water again washing the gel from my hands, I began to rub her lips more intently and would slip my finger gently between them. Terri’s eyes were shut, and she was holding on to the faucet handles as if her life depended on it.


I took one hand and put in on her breast, while the other hand began touching, probing and playing with her pussy. Her pussy opened so nicely for me to manipulate, and her nipple was as hard as a rock. I also began kissing her neck as I rubbed her.


“This is what it is like to have sex with a woman, Terri,” I whispered in her ear. “Don’t hold back. When you feel it coming, just let it wash over you and enjoy it,” I told her.


I began to rub her clit while massaging her nipple between my fingers. I gently bit the lobe of her ear and she began to tense up. I was alternating fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit now and I could tell she was getting close. Terri’s breathing was becoming ragged and her knees were bending and straightening.


Finally, I concentrated all my effort on pulling on her nipple with one hand and pressing my index finger on her clit, moving it about. This sent Terri over the edge. She gasped and then cried out as her orgasm washed over her. I released the pressure on her clit but continued to rub her gently until she had calmed down and relaxed.


Terri turned and looked at me and then kissed me, immediately forcing her tongue inside of my mouth, French kissing me like a woman possessed. She continued to fuck my mouth with her tongue while hugging me tightly against her body. Finally, she released me, and our lips parted. Terri rinsed the remainder of the soap off her skin as I watched her hands moving all over her body.


“Oh my gosh, Brenda,” she began, “That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I thought I was going to pass out, it was so intense,” Terri continued. “All those feelings—your finger playing with my pussy, playing with my nipples, kissing my neck, and I could feel your breasts and nipples pushing into my back,” she said. “It was sensory overload for sure, but oh, so pleasurable.”


“Trust me, I enjoyed doing it to you as much as you enjoyed having it done,” I told Terri. “The water will be getting cool before long so let’s finish up and move to the bed, if you like,” I suggested.


“That would be great, but I want to at least wash you, if not pleasure you,” Terri said. “I don’t know quite how to make you feel like you made me feel, but I want to wash you and put my hands on your body,” Terri responded.


Terri put shower gel in her hands and began to wash me. She did not linger anywhere, except my breasts and those got cleaner than any other part of me. Terri tentatively washed my pussy and my butt but did little to try and extend her touching to a point of pleasuring me. When she finished washing, she put me under the shower and ran her hands over my body, rinsing me until the soap was gone. Again, Terri did not linger on any one part of my body, but rather made sure the soap was rinsed completely.


I turned the water off and we stepped out of the shower. I handed her a towel and grabbed one for myself. As I began to dry myself off, Terri indicated that she wanted to dry me. I put my towel down and let her use the towel in her hand as she began to pat me dry. She dried me everywhere but my breast and between my legs.


As she finished drying my breasts, she gave each nipple a short but very delightful kiss. She then crouched before me and began drying my legs. As she got to the tops of my legs, I could tell that she was staring at me with great interest.


“You know, I have never seen a pussy up close before,” she said. “Quite often, my husband trims and shaves my hair down there so I never really look at myself, and certainly have never seen anyone else’s pussy,” Terri said. “Yours is beautiful and I love how it looks without any hair,” she continued, while finishing drying my legs and running the towel over my pussy and between the cheeks of my butt.


As she finished drying me, I reached down and touched myself, pulling my lips apart a bit so she could look closer and see my inner lips and clit. She reached up and gently touched my clit and I thought someone had zapped me with a taser. She touched me on just the right spot, and even though she had just dried me off, I was lubricating, and my juices were oozing out of me.


“Thank you for letting me see you. Perhaps I will touch and explore you once we get to bed,” Terri said.


Terri dried herself off while I blew my hair dry. Terri also used the hairdryer to quickly dry her hair and then put on a robe, but left it untied. I told her I was comfortable with her seeing me and was going to walk to the bed naked. Terri then slipped her robe off as well, took my hand, and we started for the bed.


As we got to the bed, Terri went to one side and I to the other, and we got in under the covers. I had turned all the lights out in the room except for one lamp that was on a table across the room from the bed. It created a nice soft glow in the room, where you could see things, but not very clearly.


“Are you comfortable being in bed with me naked?” I asked Terri.


“After what you did to me in the shower, are you kidding?” she replied. “I never knew that a woman could get such pleasure from another woman, and I am still abuzz from that orgasm in the shower, Brenda,” Terri told me.


“Well, come over closer and let’s just snuggle for a while,” I told her. “I know when I have big orgasms like that, I am just completely wiped out for a bit,” I said. “We can just rest here under the covers, holding each other close.”


I slid over closer to Terri and she met me in the middle of the bed. I put my arms around her and pulled her close and she somewhat tentatively put her arms around me as well.


“Mmmmm, this feels nice,” I whispered. “Your body feels so good next to me. I am going to enjoy sleeping with you tonight,” I told her. “Would you want to take a quick nap, then wake up later so I can pleasure you some more?” I asked her.


“That would be lovely, but before we go to sleep, may I give you a kiss to thank you again for inviting me here tonight and for what you did to me in the shower?” Terri asked me.


“Of course, Terri. I want you to feel comfortable around me and to be able to do whatever you want,” I answered her.


With that, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. I responded by softening my lips and letting her kiss me. As she found my lips, she gently let her tongue slip from her mouth, and she began licking my lips as she kissed me. I took my left hand and put it behind her head and pulled her closer to me. I pursed my lips a bit and let her tongue slip between them and into my mouth. The kiss was much like the one in the shower, but perhaps a bit gentler.


I continued to let her kiss me, enjoying her tongue as it explored the inside of my mouth. Terri also seemed to enjoy our tongues touching one another and I made a point of letting my tongue follow hers inside of my mouth. Normally, I am a closed eye kisser, but I opened my eyes to see Terri looking at me as we continued to kiss.


After what must have been five to ten minutes, she pulled her tongue from my mouth but continued to kiss my lips. Suddenly, I felt her hand reach out for my breast. Her touch was so gentle, I could hardly feel it. It was surely a matter of inexperience and maybe even fear of touching another woman’s breast in a sexual manner.


As we continued to kiss each other’s lips, I took my hand and put in on hers as it pressed to my breast. I pulled back from our kiss, looked her in the eyes and said, “Your hand on my breast feels so good. Please take your time and continue to touch me. You will see how excited you make me and how aroused I will become,” I told her.


I pulled my hand away and put it on her hip, letting her hand stay on my breast. Terri stopped kissing me and gently nudged me onto my back. When fully laying on my back, I kept my arms at my side and just let her have me for whatever she wanted.


Terri continued touching my breast, alternating between her whole hand and just her fingers. She began rolling my nipple between her fingers and she could immediately tell how excited I was, as my nipple had become very erect and hard. She continued to explore, only touching the one breast but seemingly having fun touching me. I moaned gently to further provide evidence to her that what she was doing was driving me crazy.


I closed my eyes and just laid there, basking in the heat of the moment as this woman who had never had any sort of physical contact with another woman explored my breast. Terri obviously knew the kinds of things that she enjoyed when her husband touched her breasts, or perhaps how she touched her own breast when she masturbated.


My eyes had been closed, but I opened them to notice that Terri was now leaning over me, exploring me with her eyes as much as her hand and fingers. She must have been enjoying what she was doing, because I heard her moan softly as she was playing with my nipples.


I could sense that I was going to be able to orgasm just from Terri playing with my breasts and I continued to let her explore me. Just as I began that wonderful fall off the orgasm cliff and the freight train began its trek up my spine, I suddenly felt lips grazing my nipple. This new feeling hit me at the most opportune time and I quite audibly gasped as my orgasm began to wash over my body. Sensing that I was cumming, Terri took my nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it.


She was pinching my nipple between her lips and the feeling was indescribable. I called out Terri’s name loudly and told her to keep doing what she was doing. Terri was now rolling my nipple around between her lips and this extra sensory pleasure kept my orgasm continually driving me insane with pleasure.


As my orgasm finally began to wane, Terri released my nipple from between her lips and moved up to kiss me, her hand returning to my breast and holding it as we kissed. I was going to slip my tongue into her mouth this time, but Terri was having none of that as she quickly got her tongue back inside my mouth, again exploring it with her tongue.


As she finished the kiss and pulled back, she continued to hover over me, looking me in the eyes. I looked up at her with an expression of supreme satisfaction. I put my arms around her and pulled her into a hug on top of me, my mouth very close to her ear. “No woman has ever made me orgasm like that before and I can’t even begin to tell you how intense that was,” I told her.


“I really don’t know what came over me, but as we were kissing, I just got more and more turned on,” Terri said. After staring at your breasts all evening, at the restaurant, and then in the shower, I just wanted to touch them to see how they felt in my hand,” Terri continued. “Once I had your beautiful breast in my hand, my hand just had a mind of its own and did what it wanted. I am so glad that it felt good to you and that I was able to give you an orgasm,” she said.


We continued to hold each other close, feeling our breasts mashed against each other. Terri was lying in a manner where one of her legs was sort of laying between my legs and I was sure she could tell how wet I was there.


“Would you mind if we slept for a bit?” she asked me. “After everything that has happened this evening, I am a bit wiped out and I could use a bit of a catnap,” she said. “When one of us wakes up during the night, we can continue with my education with whatever you are interested in doing,” Terri suggested.


“Why don’t you turn around and we can spoon, and I will put my arm around you while we nap,” I said. Terri rolled over away from me and I snuggled up behind her, putting my arm over her and finding her breasts, taking one gently into my hand. “Thank you, Terri, for being here and spending the night with me,” I told her as I closed my eyes for a quick nap.


I woke up in the middle of the night and found that I had turned over and that now Terri had her arm around me with her hand resting on my breast. I raised my head off the pillow and looked at the clock next to the bed and it said it was 3 am. I rolled over to face Terri and softly kissed her lips. Evidently, that was enough to wake her, as she opened her eyes and looked at me.


“What time is it?” she asked.


“It’s 3:00,” I told her.


“Mmmmm, how lovely to wake up and find myself in bed with you,” Terri said.


“I couldn’t agree more. For someone that has never had any sexual experience with another woman, you seem to have discovered an enjoyment for it,” I told her.


“It’s you, Brenda. You are such a beautiful and sexy woman; I just could not resist touching you the way I did. Then to have you respond the way you were responding was just so delightful,” she gushed.


“Well, how about if you lay back and let me have some fun with you now and show you just how delightful it can be to let a woman have sex with you,” I told Terri.


With that, she leaned into me, gave me a quick kiss on the tip of my nose and then laid back. She threw the covers off, and then leaned over and turned on the lamp that was on the nightstand on her side of the bed.


“I want to watch you and watch what you do to me to fully enjoy it,” Terri said.



I leaned down and kissed her, my tongue darting in and out of her mouth. After finishing our kiss, I moved to her ears, carefully licking the outside and gently nibbling on the lobe. I blew in her ear lightly and kissed it.


When I finished with her ear, I moved to her neck. I began kissing her neck in different places, looking for those spots that would elicit some response from her. I found a spot that got a moan out of Terri and I spent a bit of extra time there, kissing and licking. Before leaving her neck, I found another soft spot on the side of her neck and began to bite and suck on her neck. I didn’t bite or suck hard enough that it would leave a mark, but hard enough that she pulled her knees up in response to what I was doing.


When I was finished licking her neck, I made sure my tongue had plenty of saliva on it and then began dragging it around on her chest, leaving a saliva trail. I purposely tried to avoid her breasts as much as possible and concentrated on her upper chest between her breasts.


After spending a few minutes leaving saliva all over Terri’s chest, I moved to one of her breasts and began licking it. I was licking the side of her breast and quickly found it was a ticklish spot for Terri. Consequently, I spent more time licking other areas of her breasts, gently kissing them and again leaving saliva in my wake. I did move to the side of her breast from time to time, only to get a squirming reaction to my move.


When I felt my tongue go dry, I moved to her nipple, which by now was quite hard. Her entire areolae had puffed up somewhat, making a wonderful target for my mouth. I began gently licking her nipple and as my tongue had not rehydrated, it probably felt a bit rough moving across her nipple. I found that she loved this as she began moaning and put one of her hands on the back of my head.


As she did so, I began gently sucking her nipple, gradually increasing the force with which I was sucking. I then began to change my tactics back and forth, licking, sucking, and even gently biting her nipple, which I found also excited her.


“Oh my God, Brenda, you are driving me crazy,” she said.


I told her to just relax and orgasm when the mood struck her, as there would be time for many more. I moved my hand to her other breast and was gently caressing it as I continued to mouth the first breast. By now, I had left enough saliva on one of her breasts that it had a bit of a sheen to it in the light from the lamp.


I moved back to sucking and nibbling on her nipple, while manipulating her other nipple between my fingers. Terri’s back began to arch, and I thought I might be getting her close to an orgasm. I tried different levels of nibbling and sucking on her nipple to find that one thing that would send her over the edge.


It was her other nipple that made her cum—the one my fingers were playing with. I was gently sucking on her nipple but had begun to pinch the other one, gradually harder to see where her pain limit was. She began to moan, and her moans got louder. I felt her tense and knew it was time. I felt her grab the sheet and grip it hard, and as she did, I bit down on the nipple I was sucking.


She cried out, and at first, I thought I had hurt her, but quickly realized she was cumming as her entire body went tense and then slack. Her back had come up off the bed and as it came back down, she uttered a grunt that was almost primal. I asked her if she was alright and all she could do was nod for a moment.


“I have got to teach my husband that trick with the nipples. I never realized how a bit of pain could make me feel so good. You bit and pinched with just enough force to fully get my attention, but not enough to hurt me. Damn, that felt good,” Terri said.


“Sweetie, we are only beginning, as I have much of your body yet to explore,” I told her.


As she relaxed back on the bed, I started in again, this time licking, sucking, and gently nibbling my way around her abdomen. When I got to her belly button, I spent a lot of time there using my tongue and simulating a fucking motion in and out of her button. I deposited as much saliva as her navel would hold inside of her and then ‘splashed’ around in the juice with my tongue.


I continued to spend time with her navel, while maneuvering myself between her legs, putting my hands on her hips. As I continued to fuck her belly button with my tongue, I used the tips of my fingers and my nails to drag along the skin of her hips. Once again, she began moaning and I could feel her begin to tense.


I finally finished with her navel, but instead of continuing south, down her body, I skipped straight to her feet. Her feet were small and wide, not slim and dainty as some of the other women I have been with have had. Nonetheless, they were very smooth, top and bottom and it was obvious that she took care of them.


I moved my hand and fingers around them, making sure she was not ticklish and not touching her in a way that might tickle her. I caressed her ankles and let my nails rub along the tops of her feet. I could not resist and bent over and put one of her big toes in my mouth. Terri immediately tried to pull her foot away, but I had a good grip and she failed in getting her foot away from me.


I pulled my mouth off her toe and asked, “Was that ticklish, Terri?”


“No, when you first put it in your mouth, I was so shocked that was just my first reaction. Please don’t stop,” she explained.


I just smiled at her, raised her foot to my mouth and began sucking on her big toe again. I sucked on it much the way I might give oral sex to a man, moving the toe in and out and running my tongue all over it. I lodged the toe in my cheek and let my tongue slip out of my mouth so that I could lick that soft spot between her toes.


This got an immediate response from Terri as she moved her other leg away from the one I had, spreading herself open to my gaze. I continued licking between her toes and underneath the big toe and Terri continued to moan the entire time. She was obviously enjoying it, but I could tell I was not getting her close to an orgasm, so I moved on and began to kiss my way up her leg.


Her leg was completely slack in my hand and she let me move it however I wanted. Her other leg was still splayed out to the side, which gave me a wonderful view between her legs. Even in the restricted light, I could tell that Terri’s pussy was delightful and I was going to enjoy it when I finally arrived there.


I continued to lick and kiss my way up her leg, very slowly. I stopped and spent time licking her calf, engaging in a few playful bites. I continued upward and spent time licking her knee. I knew that for many people, behind the knee was an erogenous zone and I wanted her to have to wait for me to get there with my tongue. I snuck a peek at her while licking her knee and she had her eyes closed and was clenching the sheets.


I also had a peek between her legs. Her lips were distended, and I could see a hint of moisture between her legs. As I continued to play with her knee, she instinctively raised her other leg so that it was bent much the same way that the one I was licking was bent. This had the effect of rolling her crotch forward a bit and I could see just a hint of her little rosebud, hidden below her pussy.


I wondered how Terri would react when I played with her there, in addition to what I would be doing to her pussy. I moved my fingers to the back of her knee and drug my nails across the soft skin behind her knee. I then raised her leg high, keeping the knee bent to not mess with her hamstring but to offer me access to the area behind her knee.


This had the effect of opening her up completely and I could hear Terri moaning softly as my lips moved to that tender spot behind her knee. My mouth was well lubricated again, and I was able to drag a very wet tongue back and forth across that space. Terri’s moans became more audible. I was holding her leg by the foot in one hand and her thigh with the other hand, massaging her as I licked.


I moved away from the back of her knee, letting her leg relax and come down a bit as I moved to the lower part of her thigh. As might be expected of someone that is on their feet a lot and walks a lot, Terri’s legs were quite toned. While the skin was smooth, it was by no means soft or flabby, even in her thigh area. I began dragging my tongue across the upper part of her leg, both inside her thigh and on top.


I managed to keep my tongue quite wet and I thoroughly enjoyed licking her, leaving a saliva trail behind as I roamed every inch of this part of her leg. I moved higher, reaching the front part of her hips, finding that hollow spot where the leg was connected to the hip. I began kissing and nibbling at this area and Terri’s reactions became markedly more pronounced.


There was a sharp intake of breath and I felt one of her hands on my head as I continued to spend attention in this area. I began moving from one hip to the other, dragging my tongue just north of her pubic area and spending time on both hips. My hands were under Terri, not gripping, just holding her butt.


Terri began twisting from side to side and I was not sure if I was tickling her or if she was just in a heightened state from all the licking. As I continued, I would move down one leg a bit, move up and then move across her pubic area to the other leg. I did this several times until I felt Terri’s hand exert a bit of pressure on my head, urging me further down.


“How are you doing?” I asked, as I raised myself up from her hips.


“Oh God, don’t stop, don’t ever stop,” she uttered, her breath sounding rather ragged.


I put my head between her legs and began licking and biting the inside of her thighs. I was in the home stretch and her garden of Eden was open before me. As I continued to tease her by playing with the inside of her thighs, I took time to admire Terri’s pussy. It was nicely trimmed and there was no hair on her labia. Obviously, her husband was doing a great job at keeping her trimmed and neat.


By now, her labia were well engorged and slightly open. The lips were dark in color and there was a drop of moisture suspended at the opening to her pussy. It looked like a small pearl and made for an incredibly erotic scene before me. Her clit appeared to be of average size and was slightly distended, barely peeking from the hood protecting it.


I moved higher on her thighs, and just before I reached her pussy with my tongue, I stopped and pressed a finger against that drop of moisture. Terri gasped and I knew she was close as I continued to touch her dewy drop. I pulled my finger back slightly and her dew followed me, turning into a short string of Terri juice.


This time, I continued to move upward with my tongue, but again, instead of touching her pussy, I moved to that area between her pussy and her leg. I ran a very slick and wet tongue along that area, up and above her clit and then down the other side. I wanted to tease Terri to the point where once I did touch her pussy with my tongue, she would be there.


Once again, I felt Terri’s hand in my hair, and this time she was gripping and pulling on it a bit. Fortunately, I have short hair so there was not much for her to grab and she could only have a slight grip on it. She was moaning louder now, and I could tell I was having my desired effect on her.


Finally, after countless laps around her pussy, but never touching it, I moved my face back ever so slightly and let my tongue just barely drag across her lips. When I got to the top of her pussy, I moved down and did the same thing, almost creating a feather touch with my tongue across her pussy lips.


This was the last straw for Terri. She arched her back off the bed again and her thighs squeezed in tight on me. I kept my grip on her thighs so that I could continue, and she could not put me in a deathlock. I continued to lightly drag my tongue across her lips as she continued to cum. Her back was almost suspended in the air as Terri gasped and moaned.


As her back finally relaxed and hit the bed again, I felt her whole body go limp beneath me. I chose that moment to tighten up my tongue and plunge it into her pussy. As I did so, Terri moaned so loudly I was glad my room was configured where there really was not anyone close that could hear. It appeared as if Terri went straight from one orgasm to the next as my tongue invaded her pussy for the first time. I continued to lick her pussy and to savor her taste.


“Brenda, Brenda, Brenda!” Terri called out.


I stopped and pulled my tongue from her pussy and lifted so I could see her face. “Are you okay?” I asked.


“God damn it, don’t take your tongue out of me. It feels so fucking good,” she cried out.


“I was just checking,” I said, laughing the whole time I said it.


I moved my face between her legs again and began fucking her with my tongue. I made sure to avoid her clit for right now as I had other plans first. Terri was lubricating freely now and between my salivating tongue and her own juices, her pussy was soaked. Her juices were seeping out of her and running down to the crack of her butt.


As I continued to lick her delightful pussy, I pulled one of my hands from under her. I pulled it up close to me and began licking with even more intensity. I was plunging my tongue as far into her pussy as I could and then pulling back, licking her pussy from top to bottom. As I continued to enjoy her, Terri was beginning to climb that mountain again and I was ready to try a new trigger.


I was moaning myself, into her pussy, as I continued my oral assault on her. As Terri began tensing again, signaling that another climax was near, I got ready. As she began making noise, I knew she was close and pressed my index finger against the opening to her butt, while beginning to move my mouth from side to side on her lips, changing the sensation she was feeling. As my finger continued to press just on the outside of her ass, I could sense that she was getting ready to cum again.


Her noises were quite guttural in nature and she was gasping for breath. When her back came off the bed again, letting me know she had begun to cum, it also changed the angle that my finger pressed against her butt. The opening spread and my finger almost literally plunged into her butt as my tongue moved back inside her pussy. Terri’s ass clamped down on my finger and I just held it there and continued to lick through her orgasm.


Again, as Terri began to come down from another strong orgasm, her back fell back to the bed, her butt relaxed, and she let out a long breath of air. I did not move my finger out of her butt—rather, I began moving it back and forth slowly, while also moving my mouth up and letting my tongue lightly play across her clit.


It was the feather touch again, but this time on her clit, and I could tell it was driving Terri crazy. I did this intentionally, to draw attention away from the fact that my finger was slowly moving in and out of her butt. I was not sure how she would react to my finger and wanted her to get used to it with something more pleasurable distracting her. I had no idea whether she and her husband engaged in any kind of anal play.


Terri was breathing fast and I thought she might be on her way to another orgasm due to what I was doing to her clit. After a couple of minutes of only using the feather touch on her clit, I stopped so the only sensation would be my finger in her butt. I had turned my finger around and was moving it in and out, but also crooking the finger with a ‘come here’ action to turn her on to the sensation.


Even after I stopped licking her clit, she continued to breathe rapidly. I looked up and she was massaging her breasts as I played with her. I began using longer strokes into her butt, probing deeper, and every time that I pulled back, I would crook my finger before straightening it and plunging it back inside. I was watching her, and it was obvious that she was enjoying the sensation.


I was enjoying watching her as I finger-fucked her butt, but also wanted to get back to working on her orally. I pulled my finger out of her butt, put my hand back under her and moved my head back between her legs.


It was time for me to work on her clit, and by the looks of how distended it was, Terri was ready for me to work on it. I began licking her clit, very softly, but then gradually increased the pressure. She began moaning and I knew I might get her to orgasm a couple of times off her clit. I took my other hand and moved a finger to her pussy and found that she was soaked.


The juices were practically running out of her and my finger played between her lips and in her dewy pocket. I continued to lick her, varying the pressure until I moved my lips to her clit and began to suck on her clit with just my lips. Terri began to tense, and I knew it was about to happen again.


I continued to use just my lips to suck on her clit, rolling the nub between my lips much the way one does with a nipple. Once again, the same gasping for breath, the back arching off the bed and her whole body tensing up as another orgasm took over her body. My finger was deep in her pussy and I was twisting it around inside of her, trying to enhance her pleasure.


As she relaxed again, and her breathing became a bit more normal, I moved down to lick her pussy a bit to let her relax more fully. We had not said anything to each other in quite some time, but the last few times were a desperate conversation imploring me to continue what I was doing.


After licking her pussy for a few minutes, I moved back to her clit and began licking it again. In addition to licking her, I was also trapping her clit between my teeth and lips and was flicking it, causing her to jump every time I did it. I knew I was on to something that felt good, so I continued, flicking her clit and causing her to jump like a grasshopper every time I did it.


I could see over her pubic mound that Terri had her fingers on her nipples, and it looked like she was rolling them around between her fingers. Her eyes were closed, and she had an enormous smile on her face. I continued to flick her clit for a few minutes and then went back to licking it again. As I felt her pleasure begin to build once again, I moved my finger out of her pussy and slid it back inside her butt.


When I had my finger firmly embedded deep in her butt, Terri let out a long, loud moan. Her body began to tense once again, and I knew I had her one more time. I wanted this to be an especially strong orgasm and knew what I was going to do to help her. I was fucking her butt with my finger and sucking on her clit as she began that same old climb up orgasm mountain.


I had played with her enough now that I knew how she reacted and how her climax would build and build until she finally had her orgasm. I was enjoying playing with her butt and made a mental note to bring toys with me the next time I came to London so that I could try out a few things with Terri to see if she liked them.


Her breathing was ragged again, and I could tell her back was about to come off the bed again, so I got ready. I was going to try to time this just right and if I got it right, this would be the most intense orgasm of the night. Just as I sensed her back raising up from the bed, I switched from sucking her clit to getting it between my teeth and biting her clit gently but firmly.


It worked. As Terri cried out and then began yelling, “Fuck,” almost at the top of her lungs, her butt clenched down on my finger so hard I thought she was going to break it. Suddenly I noticed my neck was wet. Terri was growling and I could not believe she could keep her back arched up off the bed so long. I kept the pressure of my teeth on her clit until I felt her begin to finally relax and I let go.


As her back finally settled on to the bed again, her butt relaxed, and I was able to slide my finger from her ass. I moved my face away from her pussy and looked down to see that the sheets were soaked. My neck and the top of my chest were wet as well. Evidently, Terri had cum so hard that she squirted.


I looked up at her and she looked like a ragdoll. Her arms were splayed out to the side, her eyes were closed, and she was almost panting.


“Are you okay?” I asked.


She did not answer right away, and I thought maybe she had passed out, but then I saw a smile creep across her face and her eyes opened. I moved up and laid down next to her.


“Are you out of your mind?” Terri asked me, I hoped in jest.


“Why do you say that?” I asked her.


“How many orgasms was that, and what was that last one? I had my eyes closed and literally saw stars as that last orgasm hit. I feel like I have just run a marathon and I am not even a jogger,” Terri said.


“Well, I tell you, I had so much fun playing with you. Your body is so responsive, and you are more beautiful naked than you are dressed up. I hope that you found your first experience with another woman to be satisfactory,” I said, smiling broadly.


Terri grabbed her pillow out from under her head and swung it at me. “My husband has never ever made me orgasm like that. I have never even made myself orgasm like that. Plus, so many! When my husband and I have sex, which isn’t often, we both have one orgasm and that’s about it. This experience was out of this world and now I am very sorry that you are leaving us in what must be a few hours,” Terri said.


We embraced in a tight hug and I told her, “Terri, you know I will be back to London soon and you know that I am going to stay here at this hotel. What happens between us the next time I am here will be entirely up to you. I had a wonderful time with you while here this week, both in and out of bed. You are a lot of fun to be around and I hope you can spend some time with me the next time I am here.”


“When is your flight leaving today?” Terri asked me.


“I can leave most anytime and thought I would head to the airport right after lunch,” I told her.


“It’s 6 am now, so why don’t we get some sleep together before I head back to my room and you get ready for your trip home,” Terri said.


“That is a great idea and I would love to feel us curled up together as we sleep,” I said.


I leaned over to set the alarm for noon and when I turned back around, Terri was already snoozing. I backed up to her, grabbed her arm, and put it around me.


When the alarm went off six hours later, we both woke up and smiled when we realized we were still in bed with each other. Terri got up and began to get dressed, while I slipped on a robe.


“Shall I send up breakfast for you?” she asked.


“That would be great, but let’s make it lunch since it is already noon. I am going to take a quick shower and get dressed. I will pack after I eat and then I can head to the airport for my flight home,” I told her.


Terri walked over to me and I wrapped my arms around her for a hug, putting her arms inside of my robe as she hugged me.


“Thank you, Brenda, for opening my eyes and making me see and feel that there can be something more. I love my husband and will never leave him, but when you are in London, I hope we can get together and spend time together again,” Terri said.


“I think that would be wonderful, Terri. I would enjoy spending time with you again and if that also means we spend time in bed together then that would be wonderful as well,” I told her.


“Take your time getting ready and I will have lunch sent up in about an hour. I am going to shower as well and get dressed. Since I am here at the hotel, I will take care of some paperwork and then go home early, since this is really a day off for me. Besides, I want to have sex with my husband and see if we might try some new things,” Terri said with a wink of an eye.


Terri walked to the door, turned, blew me a kiss and walked out. I took my shower, got dressed and began to pack until lunch arrived. I ate, finished packing and then called for a bellboy to come and get my bags. After the bags left, I called downstairs and asked them to have a car ready for me.


One last check around the room and I headed down to the lobby. When I got there, I saw Terri, sitting at her desk, talking on the phone. I walked over to Terri’s desk, just as she got off the phone. I was standing to the side of her desk and she swung around in her chair to speak to me.


“I hope your stay with us was enjoyable, Ms. Alexander, and that you got all of your work done while you were here,” she said. I also want to thank you for asking me to dinner as it was nice to get to know you, not as a guest of the hotel, but as a person. I hope you have a wonderful flight home and that you will come back to London soon,” Terri said.


With that, she spread her legs and smiled at me. I looked down and saw that she was not wearing panties and that her pussy was very clear to see.


“Thank you, Terri. It was a very successful trip and I cannot wait to come back and do it all again,” I told her.


I turned and walked out the front door with the biggest smile I have had on my face in quite some time.

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