I didn’t realize I might have had something unusual about me until an orgasm hit me halfway through . . . OK, I think I need to spell it out a little better. You see, I like to exercise, but it was always running, weight work, and yoga for flexibility. I was in excellent shape and I knew it. But I hurt myself. Well, that’s not the whole story, but it’s enough. I hurt my knee doing something stupid and had to lay off anything strenuous for several weeks.

I don’t know how you are about exercising, but dedicated gym rats like myself get off on it. It’s not sexual, but the endorphins released are similar. When we can’t do it, we go through something close to withdrawal. But I did want to get back into it, so I listened to my doctor and didn’t even try yoga. I found myself staring at my running shoes and day-dreaming of the miles I was missing. A few of my friends tried to keep me busy, but I was jonesing without the rush of a hard workout. My girlfriend nearly had to sit on me . . . which can be a good thing, but I think even she was climbing the walls with me after a while.

Final-fucking-ly the Doc hooked me up with a physical therapist. Normally she would have touched most of my buttons, even Gabby, my girlfriend, commented on it. Chani was gorgeous, in incredible shape and sexy as fuck, but all I was interested in was getting back on the road. She seemed to understand more than most and after a while came up with a suggestion. An e-bike!

I know what you are thinking, how the hell do you get any exercise on a bike that does the work for you? Turns out not to be the case. Oh, mile-for-mile you get more exercise on a regular bike, but on an e-bike with pedal-assist, you can pedal with a minimum of effort. It would let me put miles on the road, exercise and slowly strengthen the knee and also gave Gabby a break from watching me paw at the walls.

So, I borrowed one from the PT. She explained how it worked and told me to start with the highest level of pedal-assist and just take it around the block. It felt wonderful! I was moving at almost 18 miles-per-hour the pedals rotating like I was moving at a snail’s pace with little resistance. It was freedom and hardly any pain. When I got back she checked out my knee and told me to slowly ramp up the distance and after hitting 10 miles, lower the pedal-assist to slowly make the knee stronger. She said, “Do it right and you’ll be running in another six weeks.”

I really did my best to listen to her, but I truly was going insane. So after renting an e-bike, which was covered by my insurance, I put 5 miles on it just heading home. The very next day, I decided to test the range of the battery. It was supposed to be good for 25-30 miles using the high pedal-assist, so I plotted out a 20 miles track using back roads and a trail I loved to run on. It fucking felt magnificent! I was free, my legs were working, and I was moving along faster than I could run. It took a couple of short stops to get the seat adjusted right, but after a few minutes, I was flying high!

At about the five-mile point, something strange happened, I orgasmed. I came while pedaling. There was a slight vibe from the electric motor and the shape of the bicycle seat hit me in a few tender spots. I almost crashed when it hit me suddenly. I stopped and looked down at myself and realized I had soaked through my shorts and left a wet streak on the leather seat. I was leaking all over the place while riding. I wasn’t even wearing one of those fancy bike shorts with the padding, I was in my normal running shorts and between the friction and the freedom, I actually orgasmed all over the seat. It felt surprisingly good! I mean I loved a good cum as much as the next girl, but I never got into masturbation — well, not myself anyway. I came really, really hard.

I thought it was a one-time thing, but as I rode more, I realized how turned on it was making me. I was getting excited just pedaling and the bike seat was hitting me. A few miles later, I came again. By the time I made it back home, I think I set a record. Luckily, Gabby wasn’t home so she didn’t see what a mess I was. She would have realized it right away and teased me unmercifully for months.

Well, that’s how it started, my kink. Even after my knee was declared better, I kept riding. Not the e-bike, but broke out my old Diamondback and came during a quickie road test. I did get myself a pair of those fancy shorts. Gabby liked how they made my ass look, but I liked the padding because it showed less. Also being black, the only way you could tell is if you stuck your nose practically in my groin and sniffed. Riding was the only thing. If I found myself in the garage, I could just stroke the seat and get all worked up. I was both embarrassed and excited about it. No, I didn’t tell Gabby, but I think she appreciated the side effect. I seemed to be always horny lately.

Like any kink, your . . . interest . . . expands over time. Yes, it started with my e-bike and regular bike, but I found myself drawn to other seats. I started using the different gym equipment, but only the ones with seats. The exercise bikes, the rowing machines, any equipment with a bike-type seat would get me going and if I was careful, I could cum in a room full of people and no one was the wiser.

But even that wasn’t enough. My kink expanded to not just a seat, but a recently used seat. I discovered this accidentally. One day the gym was crowded and all the equipment I liked was in use. I saw a girl getting off one of the Pelton’s and I guess she forgot a towel. The rule was when you got done, wipe the equipment off for the next person. I was in too much of a rush and got right on. It was still warm and I realized damp with that sexy girl’s sweat. I thought maybe she shared my kink and came all over it. That thought was like a lightning bolt and I nearly came harder than ever.

The slickness of her sweat joining the slickness of my juices in a minute. I was turning into a sick bitch, I mean who gets off on a dirty bike seat? Apparently, I did. One thought was bothering me, I’d gone from one seat to many and any that a girl just got done using was the ultimate! Where could my kink go next?

I found out! One evening I was the last one in the machine room. This lovely little girl just finished a serious work out on a stationary bike. She just walked out and I couldn’t resist. I went to her bike and rubbed the seat. It was still wet. I leaned down and sniffed, OMG, she smelled amazing. I was just about the hop on when I realized I wasn’t alone. She had gone to get her towel and came back in to wipe the seat off. I was fucking busted!

She was standing there staring at me while I rubbed the horn of the seat with one hand while the other was pressed against my pussy. There was no way to explain it away. She would have to be brain-dead not to realize what I was doing. She paused without saying anything, then she dropped her shorts, pulled off a pair of knickers and held them out to me.

“Hold these!”

Not knowing what to do, I took her shorts and panties. She climbed on the bike, straddling it backward. She held herself steady by the back of the seat and put her pussy right on it. She started rubbing herself on the seat, it was incredible. She was wet, wet with both sweat and being turned on herself. Her scent was sweet and salty. I stepped closer and she grabbed my shoulder. In a few minutes I watched her orgasm beautifully. Her head bowed as if she was concentrating, then suddenly she threw her head back and cried out. Her hand clenched my shoulder tight, but I barely felt it. She fell back against the handlebars and then did the incredible. She squirted all over the seat. I was hypnotized as her juices dripped off the leather seat. I was nearly to orgasm myself just watching her. She took several deep breaths and recovered, then getting off the bike. She took her clothes from my hand and walked back toward the door.


I look around, sorta guiltily, but also more fucking turned on than ever. I strip off my shorts and panties and climb on. I almost slide off, it’s so wet. I start pedaling lightly and the motion combined with the slickness had me quickly near cumming. I fell forward as I started, I was hyperventilating like I had just run a marathon. As I orgasmed, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t think. I came back mentally hanging over the bikes control panel, but something was off.

Before I was mentally all the way back, I felt hands on my hips, pulling me back. I was in no shape to resist. As I moved back, something pushed up into my pussy. I fell back against a soft female form and heard her voice again in my ear.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave you all alone, did you?”

I just groaned as she filled me.

“Hold the fuck on, this is an ‘E-ticket’ ride.”




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